Red Riding 'Hood


I bobbed and sucked and stroked, my tongue running along a huge vein on the underside of his shaft on every pass, and I could feel him thrust a little to meet my strokes, fucking my face. It was amazing. I worked his cock like I'd never done before with anyone. I was making obscene slurping and sucking noises as I did my very best to suck his massive black dick as well as I could. Every groan and grunt my ministrations coaxed out of the massive man were like music to my ears. Big T had closed his eyes and while his hand was still in my hair there was no force behind it. He was simply letting me ferociously take his big shaft into my mouth at my own frenzied pace.

I lost track of time. I could feel the pain in my stretched lips and my cheeks from sucking so hard as well as fatigue in both hands from jacking him off so I knew I'd been sucking his cock for a while. I redoubled my efforts though, my mouth bobbing furiously and my hand jacking his dick so fast it was like a blur.

"Oh fuck yeah, just like that, oh you dirty little bitch," he moaned and, more than that, he began thrusting again. I could feel his big dick throb and swell in my mouth and knew he was close. He gave my mouth three deep thrusts before I felt his dick pulse and throb and heard a near howl escape his throat.

"Oh fuck you dirty white cocksucking slut," he moaned and I felt him pull his cock out of my throat and just leave the head in my mouth as it began firing thick ropes of hot, salty cum onto my tongue. It was an immense gush of his spunk and even though I gulped the first mouthful down there was more to come and I felt it begin to leak out of my mouth, down my chin. He pulled his dick from my mouth with an audible pop but his dick kept spurting, thick ropes of white cum splashing in my hair, over my face and coating my neck and breasts. He must have coated me with half a dozen more spurts, my hand still furiously jacking his cock as he did, before he stopped, his eruption reduced to a trickle.

I was panting loudly, huge globs of cum still on my tongue and covering every part of exposed skin I had. I could feel it running down my face as I sat on the floor, completely lost for breath. So lost, in fact, that I didn't even notice it when he reached down into his shorts.

"Say cheese, bitch," he said and groggily, I opened my eyes to see him pointing an expensive looking cell phone down at me. Before I knew what was happening I heard him take several snaps of me. I swallowed the cum in my mouth, appreciating the taste for the first time. Warm and salty, I wasn't usually a fan of the taste but there was something about this that made it taste so fucking good. So much so, in fact, than when I'd swallowed what was in my mouth I pushed some that had splattered onto my cheek into my mouth for another taste

I heard another click.

"Mmm, I bet your boyfriend is going to love that one," Big T said with a cruel chuckle.

That comment brought me back to my senses. I was done. I'd sucked him off. As per the terms of our arrangement I could leave. Unsteadily rising to my feet, I became very aware of three disturbing physical realities. The first was that Big T was still standing between me and the door and, though I was trying to make it clearly obvious that I wanted to leave, he seemed to be making a point to not be getting out of my way. That was probably because of the reality that his dick, despite the amazing eruption I'd just coaxed out of him, still seemed hard as a rock. Worst of all, I became acutely aware of just how wet I was. Soaked. I'd maybe blocked it out of my mind when I was blowing him but I could clearly feel not just the wetness but the heat that came with it. I don't know if I'd ever been so turned on in my life. It was a confusing feeling, given what had just taken place.

"I...I can go now," I said softly, desperately hoping I'd get the answer I wanted. Big T just shook his head though, his own breath a little ragged.

"Girl, if you can suck cock like that there's no way I'm letting you leave without getting a piece of that ass." he said.

I gasped again. Sucking his cock was one thing but letting him fuck me? I couldn't help but tremble at the thought.

"We had a deal," I said, my words coming out inelegantly as I'd just swallowed a lot of sticky cum.

"Bitch," he said, taking a step towards me and looking down at me coldly, "I make the rules here and I'm going to fuck you now."

He reached down and wrapped both hands around my waist, before I knew what I was doing, had lifted me up and over my shoulder. I fought him as he did, my nails digging into his back and my teeth sinking into his shoulder but if he felt it I couldn't tell. It was a short trip to his bedroom from the hall and he roughly kicked the door open as we got there and threw me down onto his oversized bed.

"Please..." I said, looking up at him as he peeled his shirt up and over his head, revealing an amazingly well defined set of pecs and abs, "I don't want this,"

"Maybe," he said roughly, "But I'm getting the sense that you might just need it. You're just a big-titted racist white bitch who might not like the fact that she needs a big black dick to make her happy."

"I don't," I protested. He reached down and grabbed at my costume and he ripped, hard. Tearing my short little red dress off of me and revealing the matching red lace bra and panties I'd worn underneath.

"You asshole!" I yelled loudly as he revealed my nakedness but, even as I did, I couldn't deny that with all the heat I was feeling the cool air felt good on my skin.

Wordlessly, he got down onto the bed beside me and I could feel it sag under his considerable weight. He began pawing at me, roughly groping my large breasts, pulling them from my slinky little demi bra and cupping them, weighing them, seemingly fascinated by their size.

"Never seen tits like these on a girl so skinny," he said before running his hands down the small of my back and cupping my ass, "And a nice fat ass to boot. You were just built for black cock."

I groaned as his touch and his words. So rough, so strong. I couldn't deny it. It did seem like our bodies were just built for sex with each other and his dirty talk was having an amazing effect on me despite knowing it shouldn't. I felt myself want to give in, to surrender to him, to just let him ravish me like an animal with my full and enthusiastic permission. But I still had that voice inside me, that of my upbringing, telling me it was wrong and that I should stop it. I felt his lips on me. Soft, full lips kissing my neck, my chest, my breasts. It was so hard to ask him to stop but I found the strength.

"Don't," I said, "My father..."

Big T stopped and looked at me coldly.

"Let's get two things straight here, bitch," he said, "First, I'm your daddy now,"

As he said that I felt his heavy hand crack down at the exposed flesh of my ass cheek, bringing a pained cry to my lips. Worse still was the way it turned my insides into jelly.

"And two, this is happening. Give me any more fight on it and I may go out and get one of Killer's spare leashes, get that collar round your neck and tie you down like the dirty little bitch in heat that you are."

As he said that I felt his hands push between my legs, cupping my mound. I groaned again.

"Yeah," he said, "Say you don't want it but wet as a fucking fire hydrant, how could that be?"

"I don't," I muttered, "I don't..."

I felt his lips on me again, sucking on my breasts, his tongue and teeth teasing my sensitive and painfully hard nipples. Any sort of sense of resistance I had was fading away, I arched my back to his mouth, letting him take more and more of me inside his hot warm mouth.

"Oh fuck," I groaned at the first bit of tenderness from him. It was a heady rush. His skill as a lover overwhelming all of whatever prejudices I had.

"Mmmm," he said, pulling off of me, "Just a little kiss or two and you're begging for it."

I groaned, embarrassed to admit just how turned on I was, how all of my protests were being completely overwhelmed by how much I wanted that big cock of his inside me. Roughly, I felt his hands on my hips, his thumbs inside the waistband of my panties, and felt him rip them off me in one strong, firm motion. He had no intention of more foreplay or taking it slow, clearly, as no sooner did I feel the first breeze on me than his hands were again on my hips, flipping me over onto my stomach.

"Do you...have a condom?" I asked, resigned to the fact that I was going to get fucked.

"No." he said coldly,pulling me up onto my hands and knees and positioning himself behind me.

"Oh fuck," I moaned as I felt him spreading my legs and the tip of that massive, rock hard cock pressing against my slick pussy lips. I wanted him so badly at this point. Still, I knew I should say something. "I'm not on the pill,"

"No shit," he said, "Something for you to think about for next time, I guess,"

He pushed into me. I groaned at just how much my pussy had to stretch to take just his head in.

"Next time," I said, half in a moan

"Yeah, girl," he said, "Don't want your boyfriend to see those pictures I took in the hall, do you?"

I moaned as he pushed further. I realized that he was right. There would be a next time if he wanted it. Again and again. I was in his control, under his power. He could fuck me whenever and wherever he wanted. As I felt his big dick push its way into me, inch by cunt filling inch, I realized it might not be that bad a fate.

He smacked my ass again, drawing another moan.

"For a small chick, your pussy sure does want it all, huh?' he groaned. I could feel my cunt squeezing around his big dick and it clearly was having an effect on him. He kept pushing inside, deeper and deeper inside me, and I felt myself feeling a sort of pleasure that I could barely describe. Full and hot, stretched to my limits but still somehow hungry for more. It was like his exquisite cock was designed to bring me pleasure.

I gripped the bedsheets tightly as I felt the big, blunt head of his cock hit my very limits, bringing a whimper from me. I grunted as he pulled back. His cock filled me so much but those prominent veins were like little spots where they pushed past my limits pressing and rubbing against me and giving me an incredibly mixture of pain and pleasure.

"Oh fuck," I moaned as he began pushing back inside

"Yeah," he grunted, "Want it now, don't you?"

"Oh god yes," I admitted

He began thrusting. Hard. Whatever gentleness had been present in his initial entry disappeared as he began ramming his dick inside me. A steady pistoning into my dripping wet cunt with a fierce rhythm. Each thrust a jolt of pleasure through me as his big shaft scraped against my clit on entry and pressed hard on my g-spot once inside.

I squealed as he banged into my, my hands gripping the sheets of his bed so tightly to mirror how my cunt was clenching around him. I could feel his thighs cracking against my ass with every thrust inside, the delightful sound of it and his bed's headboard bumping against the wall the beat of our fierce sex.

"Oh fuck me," I moaned, feeling all semblance of control slipping away from me "I love your big cock,"

He was silent, his hands tightly gripping my ass as he fucked me with a savage intensity. I was panting, moaning, screaming for more. Like I was his bitch in heat, just as he'd said. I couldn't deny what it was bringing out in me. Being fucked like that, so hard the room felt like it was shaking, it was making me feel alive in a way I'd never felt before. Not with anyone, not even my boyfriend. It was savage, animalistic. Two people who needed to fuck each other with as much intensity as they could muster. I thrust my ass back at him now, no longer simply content to be consenting but actively wanting more.

"Harder, fuck me, oh god, yes,"

"Like that, yeah," he said, "Dirty little bitch,"

I groaned. I was his dirty little bitch. Just for him. My parents, my boyfriend, they could go on thinking I was a nice girl. Straight A college student. But I knew that when I fucked Big T I was going to be his filthy little slut. There was something amazing about that. That there was this animal inside me that only he could bring out.

His big cock kept jackhammering away, filling me, hurting me in a way that I instantly craved more of.

"Fuck me, oh fuck me," I screamed,

"Yeah," he said, "This pussy belongs to me now, ain't that right"

"Yes, oh fuck yes Daddy," I moaned, "Fuck it. You own my pussy,"

He did, harder, if it was possible. I was screaming now on every thrust, he was grunting and the bed was shaking. I could feel an orgasm starting to build, seemingly coming both from my clit and from deep inside me, it felt massive and I instantly craved its release. I was slamming my hips down at his thrusting cock with every ounce of strength I had now, lost in the chase for the orgasm I was going to have.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!" I screamed as it hit me. My cunt squeezing and spasming and clenching as I felt my whole body shake and spasm and pure exquisite bliss overtake me. I collapsed on the bed, my face being crushed into his pillow as the orgasm exploded throughout my sore and sweaty body. He kept pounding. No sooner had my orgasm hit me than I felt another one building. Bigger.

"Don't stop, oh fuck, don't stop," I pleaded, "I'm going to cum again, oh fuck, please make me cum again."

He did. Another half dozen strokes and I was pushed over the edge again. I bit down hard on his pillow so as not to let loose with a scream that might wake the neighbours. This orgasm was amazing, I felt my juices gush out onto his cock as he kept pumping, churning them into nothingness with his fierce and intense strokes. I didn't even know what to do with the pleasure I was feeling. Tears were pouring down my face in bliss and my own hands were cupping and squeezing at my breasts, my fingers rolling my sensitive nipples as wave after wave of the orgasm pulsed through my body.

"Oh fuck," I barely heard Big T moan through my own soul-shaking orgasm, "I'm going to cum,"

"Don't stop," I moaned, selfishly wanting another orgasm and cursing that even his unbelievable stamina had limits.

I felt his hand grab onto both of my pigtails like they were a handle and yank me back up onto my hands and knees, the shooting bit of pain from his hair like the slap on my ass, a sweet little jolt of pain that blended so deliriously with my pleasure and a sign of just how under his control I was. His fucking was ragged now, i knew he was near his own orgasm. I kept riding back on him, chasing the building orgasm in me that felt like it might make my whole body explode.

"I'm going to cum," he said again. I pictured it. Stream after stream of his cum filling me, flooding me. So big and strong and potent, leaving me pregnant for sure. I pictured it, having his children, and I just lost it.

"Oh fuck yes," I moaned, "Knock me up, oh fuck, knock up your little slut."

"You want it?" he groaned, "Want this big load of black cum?"

"So much, Daddy" I groaned, "Knock me up, get me pregnant, I love you so much,"

That must have done it for him as well because I felt his dick pulse and twitch inside me and spurt once again. Blast after blast of his thick, hot cum spurting into me. The first feeling of it pushed me over the edge, I collapsed again, a wordless shriek on my lips, my leg began shaking uncontrollably as my body just began spasming in an orgasm that left me unable to do anything other than let its effect crash over me, gushing on him again and tiny, satisfied whimpers escaping my mouth. His dick kept pumping as he came in me, a string of barely heard obscenities on his lips as he kept filling me with his cum. I fought the urge to black out, wanting to feel more and more of the amazing, world breaking climax before it left me for good.

After filling me with what felt like a pint of cum, he collapsed as well, his massive body pressing against mine. I was still tingling, my toes still curled and my hands still gripping the sheets as I felt his hot body envelop mine, both of us panting for breath like we'd just run a marathon. We lay like that for what seemed like an hour before I felt his soft lips on the back of my neck, biting me softly before giving me a tender kiss.

"I better go let the dog in," he said. I just nodded, still lost in the unreal bliss of his fucking. I moaned in disapproval as I felt his dick slide out of me and heard his footsteps as he walked out of the room towards the front door. I regained my composure at this point somewhat, my pussy still tingling and the aftershocks of my orgasm still rippling through me as I rolled onto my back and sat up against his headboard. I heard the footsteps of his dog running through the house as well as his barking and when I looked over to his door I saw the massive dog for only a brief second before it jumped up onto the bed and began licking my face, a sad whimper on its voice. I smiled and scratched behind his ears.

"Good boy Killer, good boy," I said contentedly, patting the dog vigorously and turning his whine into a happy bark "But don't worry, Daddy wasn't hurting Mommy. Daddy was just giving Mommy the kind of rough, dirty sex that she loves, yes he was. And you don't like being in the room when Daddy fucks me so hard, no you don't."

"Can I just say that, among the many fucked up things today, you talking sexually explicit baby talk to my dog is by far the weirdest?"

I looked over to the door frame and there, with a bottle of water in his hand, was the same massive, muscular black man who'd just given me the fucking of my life. Still, there was no denying the change, Big T was gone. He was once again just Terrance, boyfriend extraordinaire.

"Weirder than calling your dick a slab of chocolate with a cream filling?" I asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"Hey, I'm reaching for material here," he said, taking a swig of the water before passing it to me, "You're the one that wanted Thug Nigga from the Hood, I don't have that shit just ready to go."

I took a drink. Cool and clean, it was a nice touch after the sweat we'd just worked up. I relaxed back on the bed, still scratching Killer behind his ears.

"Fuck me, that was amazing," I said, still feeling all tingly, "I'm starting to think that fantasy night should be more than every other week."

"I don't know," Terrance said, sitting down on the bed beside me, "There's only so much of your weird racist-slash-daddy issue shit I want to handle."

"Hey," I said, "You took the same Human Sexuality course I did. I have weird, asshole racist parents and they turned beautiful black men into the ultimate in forbidden fruit that I, sort of, fetishize. I can't help that. Exploring that within the confines of a monogamous relationship with a good, giving and game partner is healthy."

"It's still kind of messed up," he said, scratching at his head, "You can have sex with a beautiful black man every night. I don't know why I have to start talking like I'm Ice Cube circa AmeriKKKA's Most Wanted to really get you off."

"Please, like you don't like the little innocent girl who's just so amazed by your huge black dick."

"Yeah, but that shit's still mainly true," he said with a cocky smile

"Hey," I said, feeling a little defensive, "Last time it was your turn, I had to pretend to be a Republican Campaign worker and call you Mr. President as I rode you on your couch during which, by the way, you played Madden. So let's not get into which of us has the more fucked up requests on Fantasy night, OK?"

"Fair enough," he said with a grin, shrugging his shoulders, "I wasn't too rough on you, was I?"

I groaned, still feeling the delicious soreness.

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