tagSci-Fi & FantasyRed Riding Hood, Revisited Ch. 01

Red Riding Hood, Revisited Ch. 01


Note: I've never liked the subtext of the Red Riding Hood story. Here's a rewrite with a better message.


In the middle of the dark wood there goes a girl in a red cape, not lost but tasting of her first disobedience, and the fruit - a peach she's taken from the basket at her side - will never now see Grandma's, though its juice goes the happier path down her chin and neck to add its sheen to the summer sweat that glistens on the freckles of her breast. And in the gloom a tall stranger, leaning against a tree and smiling cunning and sharp at her approach.

"Aren't you far from home, beautiful? But do you have a peach for me, too?"

There's a teasing lilt of Irish in his voice. She startles, stops, and looks him up and down. At first she is frightened by his boldness, but then she shakes herself a little and stands up straight.

"You're all right yourself. A bit wild and hairy, but I never minded that in a man. These peaches are for Grandma, so you'll not get one today."

Now the stranger smiles with real amusement, and bows his head to her.

"Oh but there's only one I really want, lass, and it's the sweetest of them all."

She stares into his black eyes, and smiles in spite of herself. The smell of the fruit and the dark dampness of forest soil are in her throat and she can feel the peach juice running down her chest.

"Is that so, stranger? And which peach might that be?"

Holding her gaze evenly, he steps forward a pace, taking the handle of the basket without looking and setting it down on the path. His hand goes to her cheek as he stands close in front of her, and he seems almost tender for a moment. He tilts his head slightly, but his eyes narrow suddenly with laughter and his other hand clutches her arse.

"This one, love! This tasty morsel I saw walking like a sunlight chasing through spring water."

She feels her body's pleasure at his touch, planting her feet and throwing her shoulders back to grin into his face. Her breath catches and she almost whispers to him, grinning at her own need and strength.

"Oh, but you've a quick tongue, and faster hands!"

She puts her fingers to his mouth to feel his lips, soft. He has pulled her hood back and she finds herself arching against him. Under her thin shirt her nipples rub hard against his rough chest. With a deep breath she feels her heart loud in her chest, and his musky smell all around. Intoxicated by her need she pushes her hips against him, loving his arousal and the feel of his arms.

Taking her hand from his lips she grabs the thick hair behind his head and forces her face to his, biting at his lips and sucking at his mouth, not tenderly but hard and full. His hand is inside her skirt, pulling at her buttock and pushing her closer. She wraps a leg behind him, encouraging his fingers further down and feeling a flood of wetness greet them.

"Oh!" she says, lost in sensation and happiness.

A gunshot rings through the forest and they hear the sound of several dogs. The stranger takes her face in both hands and plants a quick kiss on her lips.

"The owner of that gun has a bone to pick with me, love. I'll be off, sure, or we're both in danger of him and his hounds."

In that moment brought back to herself, she can't think or speak. Suddenly she's alone, with just his words. "I'll find you, see if I don't, now."

And then in the next moment surrounded by dogs and a round-faced man strutting forward shouting something she doesn't hear.

"What? Get your dogs off and speak sense, man!"

Some are jumping up, smelling and licking at her. Others have begun to cast about further on. The shouting man has calmed a bit and called his dogs to run on. He waves his shotgun around and says "Wolf!! You could have been hurt!"

"What do you mean, wolf?" she takes up the basket throwing a few peaches dog-trodden peaches to the ground with disgust. "There's no wolf here, damn you."

This brings the gunman up short. "Don't take that tone with me, lass! You're not safe to be on these paths alone, anything might happen!"

"Anything nearly did, till you came by. Keep your dogs from my peaches and your gun out of my sight!"

He's getting pinker by the minute, but the dogs are now some way off and their calling distracts him. With a final "Young slattern! How dare you!" he strides off, still stiff with outrage at her insolence.


An hour later she is approaching her grandma's small cabin. The woods are not thick here, and her cape is threaded through the basket, dark red beside her as the sun lights her white shirt. Something about her is different, as if having once thrown back her shoulders she has forever grasped a self possession she could not have known she lacked. It makes her graceful as she steps up to the door.

The brightness of the day has blinded her, and she's two steps inside before she sees that Grandma is not at the table or the sink - then two more to find the bundled figure in the bed. This stops her, for the bonnet and the counterpane do not obscure the hairy grinning face of her friend from the path.

"My my!" she laughs "what big eyes you have, grandma!"

"All the better to see you with, to be sure!" he answers, in a poor imitation of a squeaky granny voice.

She giggles, moving to the bedside. "And Grandma! What big hands you have!"

"All the better to cuddle you with, my dear" comes the reply.

She takes his hand and puts it to her breast, sighing with mock weakness. He slips it inside her shirt and first stroking and then pinching her nipple.

"Oh my!" she says "But what big teeth you have, grandma!"

Now she is sitting on the edge of the bed, and he has pulled aside the covers for her, revealing his naked form. His cock springs up, curving over his hairy stomach, and at the sight she giggles again.

"But love, what a big cock you have!"

He has pulled down her skirt as she leans over him, and he pulls her to him with a hand on her arse and her back. Biting at her ear he whispers "All the better to fuck you with, lover."

At this she rubs her stomach along his torso, then sits up astride his thighs and pulls her shirt off over her head. As he cups her breasts with his hands reaching up, she stops, arms caught still in the shirt above her, and says "I've not been with a man before, you must go easy till I'm steady with it."

He smiles at her, joyful at her happiness and ease. "Then, love, let me taste you slowly and we'll take our time at it, and the pain will come and go."

He sits up, turning her to lay on the bed beside him, and kisses her, gently, first one lip and then the other. Then her throat, as she arches and whimpers from the pure pleasure of skin and hair and sweat and linen, and all the smells and tastes of being just in that bed. Suddenly she can take no more, and pulls his head to her face with both hands, to suck and bite at his mouth without restraint. She wraps her legs around his thighs and tries to pull him into her, but he stops her, pushing her down almost roughly with a hand to her throat and hip, as he sucks on one breast and then the other, then licks and sucks and bites a trail down her stomach to her sex. Now she yells, full force "YES! Oh yes! THERE!" and he crouches before her, hands holding her hips and tongue first buried in her then lapping, oh so slowly up and down each side of her bud.

Without warning or thought she screams again "GODDESS!!" and a flood of juices make his tongue work wetly, sloppily, till he puts his mouth around her and pulls her sex into his mouth with sucking lips, using just the tip of his tongue to flick back and forth across her. She bucks and writhes, flinging her arms to each side and then grabbing his head and pushing it hard against her. At this he releases her from his mouth and instead plunges his tongue deeply once again, but still.

For a moment they both seem quiet, till he moves up her stomach, kissing her with small sucking movements, and putting a finger into her, slowly, then forced harder. She yells, a sharp "Ow!" and he stops, looking closely at her face.

"Are you alright, lover?"

She growls at him "No! and leans up to kiss his breast, then suddenly bites it, hard. He starts, clutching at his chest in shock, then howls

"Auuuuu!! What did you do that for?"

But she's laughing at him "Now we're even! Get that gorgeous cock of yours, I want to feel it in me!" and he laughs in return, full of her pleasure and of his, the pain forgotten. Gently he feels between them, and pushes first a bit and then more. Her eyes widen in surprise and then in comprehension as she feels herself shift and want and open to him. She pushes up against him, both of them moving slowly, softly in and out. Then they lean together and in one long long kiss explore - moving against one another, mouths together till they cannot breathe. Then apart, he stares down at her, panting, both intense but still, and he begins to pound into her, hard, while she holds his eyes - grimacing with the wonder of the moment. Harder, he goes, and harder, while her hands claw at his back, scratching deep. She calls out "Yes! Oh more!!" and then moans and thrusts against him wildly, twitching throughout her body as her sex clamps down around his and he in return pushes, pulsing, hard into her and still.

They kiss again, more softly, holding tight together, till she rolls him sideways and they push apart. He's smiling, tenderly, and she grinning widely as if containing an energy and a happiness to big to keep still.

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