tagHumor & SatireRed Rock Canyon Afternoon 02

Red Rock Canyon Afternoon 02


Afternoon 2~ Waiting Out the Storm

"Well I could think of a hundred thousand or so things that could be worse than being stuck in a cave with a couple of gorgeous college girls." Chad said with his charming smile.

"Okay, don't go getting any cute ideas there 'Mister Charming'." Paige retorted quickly.

"Come on inside the rest of the way. The storm is getting worse I think we should move ourselves and the tent further back into the cave." Shelby said with authority.

"AYE, AYE Captain!" Rex laughed.

"You'd better listen to her, she knows more about what we're doing here, and what we are up against with this storm than the three of us put together." Paige replied in a playful scold.

"Don't mind him, ever the joker-never the king! Chad laughed.

"What can we help you do Shelby?" He continued in a serious tone.

"Chad, you grab all the knapsacks," Shelby replied.

"And Rex you grab all the sleeping bags and drag them to the back." Paige ordered.

"Alright, sleeping bags... I can handle that." Rex replied.

"I hope I can handle one of them in a sleeping bag later too..." He thought to himself.

The two girls folded down the tent and drug it to the back of the cave were the two young men now sat on a couple of big boulders.

"Okay, we need to survey each hikers pack. Lay everything out and see what supplies we have to make it through the night on." Shelby suggested.

"Okay, I have waterproof matches, 3 cans of lentils and 3 cans of Spam left. Then just some clothes a flashlight, canteen and lantern." Paige said while riffling through the contents of her sack. As she did a lacey black thong came out attached to the flashlight handle.

"And what nice clothing it is too!" Rex added, pointing to the small pair of panties now resting by his boots.

"Oh Jeez..." Paige sighed with embarrassment. "What the hell were you packing for, it's the great outdoors...not a night out clubbing!" Shelby teased.

"Oh, shut the hell up! YOU wear them too! And it is a simple fact that when you're hiking things are gonna creep up into unwanted places...so you might as well wear something that starts there and stays there for the duration... it's a lot more comfortable than tugging at something that isn't suppose to be where it is all day!" Paige replied in her own defense.

"We're just bored-Gotta have something to talk about... guess that was the most interesting subject so far." Chad replied.

"Well, I have nabs, three cans of tuna and three cans of Vienna wieners. Along with bandages, ointment, extra socks and clothes, water and of course I have a flashlight and a lighter." He continued listing his packs supplies.

"Wieners for the WIENER-I mean winner!" Rex laughed out loud and the two girls couldn't help but join in.

"Okay, okay...I'll go next," Shelby said and began to run down her list as she removed the items from her pack and put them into the collection.

"Socks, clothes, yes thongs...although without the frills for me...a few cans of fruit, peaches and fruit cocktail and a flashlight, matches, canned meat and crackers and...a book for reading by the fire." She said shyly as a naughty novel slid its way out of her pack.

"Well, maybe you can read it to all of us, cause I think were gonna get bored in here-it's gonna be a long night with very little to do..." Chad remarked.

"Okay Rex looks like you're the last...so spill it..." Paige said.

"Well, really the same stuff as the rest of you, clothes, socks, canned meat, baked beans, a couple of cans of pears. Matches, flashlight... some late night reading..." Rex continued as Chad interrupted.

"Late night reading hunh? Looks more like late night looking than reading." Chad teased his buddy as he pointed at the latest copies of Penthouse and Playboy.

Then everything got quiet as the last remaining item slid out of Rex's pack. There on the ground in a lump on top of all his clothes lay a box of Magnum condoms.

"And pray tell...what did you think you'd use these for way out here in the middle of no where?" Shelby asked in a tease. As Rex grabbed for the box his cheeks flush with embarrassment she threw them across to Paige in an impromptu game of keep away.

"Magnum's hunh... well...someone thinks he's special!" Paige giggled as she threw them back to her best friend Shelby again.

"Maybe you can test out my theory later on tonight." Rex replied in an effort to reclaim a little dignity for himself.

The foursome decided on which food to eat that night and got the flashlights, matches and lanterns all set out in a pile before the remaining slices of daylight died out.

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