tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRed Rock Canyon Ch. 06

Red Rock Canyon Ch. 06


Red Rock Canyon ~Ch 6~ "The Magnum Man"


The fun and games couldn't help but continue outside the tent. After Paige and Rex listened to the muffled sounds coming from the tent for more than an hour as they tried not to let it get to them. They tried not to look at the shadows that rose from the sides of the tent in the glow of the lantern light. They decided to take turns reading to each other from the naughty novel that Shelby had brought along for the trip. But that coupled with the moans and slapping sounds coming from inside the tent only intensified both their desires.

Rex wanted to see just how much Paige really did like the occasional girl to go along with the regular guys in here life—so he pulled out his new issue of Playboy and began to thumb through the glossy pages of perfectly tanned and primped flesh and hair.

Paige leaned in over Rex's shoulder, letting the warmth of her breath tickle his neck as she talked. "I prefer Penthouse," she said. "These pictures are a little too tame for me, and well, the girl-girl shots always look a bit, I don't know, faked or forced..."

"Hmm," Rex replied. "Another thing we have in common," with a chuckle as he threw down the Playboy magazine and picked up the Penthouse. Flipping through the first few pages they saw two girls in a sixty-nine.

"I did that with Shelby." Paige bragged.

"And a whole lot more!"

"Like what?" Rex prodded.

"I'm not telling. Maybe if you hang around for a while you'll get to find out for yourself one of these days!" Paige continued.

As Rex continued to flip the glossy pages they came upon the standard formula of girl blows Mr. huge-cock pictures.

"So, Mr. 'Magnum'...is it as big as his?" Paige asked with sarcasm wrapped in a bit of intrigue.

"Don't know, I'm not a comparing kinda guy..." Rex replied.

"Oh... I see..." Paige giggled.

"Okay, that's it. No giggling. You want to know so badly you come over here and we'll find out." Rex replied with a sexy grin.

"After all, you can DO that can't you?" He continued to coax.

"That what? That. You mean suck you dry there Mr. 'Magnum' Man? You bet your ass I can!" Paige answered as she knelt in front of him.

She began to unfasten his jeans and let her hands make their way south as Rex began to moan out in approval of her gentle but effective touch.


Shelby and Chad awoke to hear muffled moans and giggles from outside their tent. Familiar sounds like the ones that they'd made earlier in the evening.

"So, is Rex REALLY a Magnum man? I mean is he really that big?" Shelby asked Chad.

"What makes you think I would know?" Chad replied.

"Well, you are best friends, and you were college roommates and frat brothers...I just thought that you'd have seen 'IT' at some point." Shelby pointed out.

"Yeah, well, we pee side by side at the urinals too. But it's like a guys' biggest rule...you don't ever look down or to the side...only straight ahead."

"Oh, I see." Shelby said in a deflating sigh.

"But, if you really want to know I think you'll be able to judge for yourself here any minute now."

"What, you mean peek at Rex and Paige—together?"

"Why not, you've already been with Paige, so it's not like your violating her or anything, and guys like Rex, they love to show off anyway." Chad laughed.

"I don't know..." Shelby replied shyly.

"Oh, come on. It'll be fun, and it will make it okay for me to look with you...I couldn't do that by myself. But I have to admit I am curious about how big he really is. And I am definitely all for seeing your gorgeous best friend naked—what guy wouldn't want to get to see you both—the only thing better would be to see and have you two together all at once." Chad admitted.

"Oh what the hell. You only live once right! After all they are both extremely attractive people it can't be anything but good watching." Shelby decided.

"As are we..." Chad chuckled.

"Besides, it's no worse than watching a porn flick...it's just live this time." Chad agreed as on their bellies the two slid up to the back widow flap of the tent to watch Paige as she unleashed the monster that truly was Rex in all his glory—overly abundant glory at that.

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