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Red Rock Canyon Night 02


Night 2: An Evening of Fun and Games

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Rex chose Spam and pears for dinner...thinking that the baked beans would be in poor taste while spending the night with the women cooped up in the small space of the cave.

"It would have been absolutely hilarious-great fun to eat beans and drink as much beer as possible and try to blow each other out if it had been only he and his best friend Chad. But now it would definitely be out of place." He thought to himself with a chuckle.

Shelby had canned ham spread on crackers and she shared a can of fruit cocktail with Paige.

Paige had chosen Span as well. Plus the fruit cocktail she shared with Shelby-And a few of Chad's Vienna Wieners-although she giggled continuously while consuming them. Thinking to herself that she hoped to consume something else of its like that evening as well.

Chad had his wieners, some peaches and some of Shelby's crackers to go with it all. He hoped to share even more with her before the night was through.

After they each finished their dinner the foursome sat around their little fire and talked. They talked about who and what they were, students...lawyers. The types of music they liked. The foods they wish they were eating tonight instead of a bunch of junk from cans.

Eventually the conversation headed in a sexual direction and ended up in a bold and intriguing game of Truth or Dare.

"So, 'Mr. Magnum' truth or dare?" Shelby asked Rex when it was her turn to do the questioning.

"I guess I'll take a truth." Rex replied.

"Okay then, what's your type?" Shelby asked.

"Well, I like girls with nice long legs. Decent sized chest-doesn't have to be huge...but I wouldn't complain if it were. Dimples turn me on like crazy. Tight round asses and flat little tummies. Oh, and the most important thing is that they have some attitude...I'm such a smart ass and a kidder that they'd better be one too if they want to dance in the fire with me. Otherwise they just end up having hurt feelings all the time and NO ONE needs that."

"What about turn offs, Rex?" Shelby revised the line of questioning.

"Only one major one...NO Drama Queens!" Rex replied.

Shelby finished her turn and Paige began her own, but kept up with the same line of questioning.

"Will it be another truth or a dare this time?" Paige asked him.

"I'll take...another truth for two hundred Alex." Rex said in a silly game show voice.

"Blonde, Red, Brunette, which do you prefer?" Paige asked.

"I would have to say that I like Brunettes the best. Reds are okay even strawberry blondes or brown reds. Not a real Blonde guy though-that is my old buddy Chad's forte so it works out well when we go out to pick up women together. That way we are never interested in the same girls." Rex explained.

"Okay, I guess it's your turn Shelby, and I guess that means I get ask the first question. So what will it be, a truth or a dare?" Rex asked.

"Let's start with a truth I guess." Shelby replied.

"Have you ever been with another woman?" He asked.

"Wow!" Shelby replied.

"No skipping around or side stepping your real questions-just-BAM-right to the point. Well, the answer to your question is yes I have. Now, you've had your turn who's next?" She asked with a bit of coldness in her voice.

"That would be me." Chad replied.

"Have you ever been 'with' Paige?"

"Yes, I have...we have been college roommates for 4 years... and college IS a very experimental time for girls as well as guys." Shelby replied.

"Okay, it's Paige's turn to ask me her question." Shelby continued as she changed the subject.

"Okay Shelby, Truth or Dare?" Paige asked.

"It's becoming a bit of a slow night around here so let's see if I can take it up a notch...I'll take the dare." Shelby grinned.

"I dare you to go over and really lay one on young lawyer Chad there." Paige ordered.

"Gladly" Shelby said.

"I've been contemplating it for hours anyways."

With that very sentence the two rugged young lawyers new that the girls had plotted this whole Truth or Dare thing with plenty of things in mind to liven up their evening.

At the moment Paige was trying to guarantee that her best friend Shelby got a chance with Chad. She knew from the minute she meet him that he was exactly the charming type that Shelby hoped for and could never seem to find.

Shelby crossed the cave to the bolder where Chad sat. She leaned down to him and kissed him with a passion he'd never known before. Within five minutes time she was rubbing the bulge in his hiking shorts and they decided they'd take two sleeping bags and the tent. Leaving Paige and Rex to amuse one another.

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