tagSci-Fi & FantasyRed: The 2nd

Red: The 2nd


-Author's Note-

An edit of the original, with some grammatic corrections and an extra end-bit from where I last left off.

The entire story is incredibly long, and focuses more on character development then sex. There's a constant flow of sexual material, like public nudity and topless wrestling, but no actual sex for long intervals.

I'll be posting more chapters of this story at my best convience, since it currently isn't even half-way finished, and I'd like to keep some gap between what goes online and what gets written so I have some time for a little remodling.

Hopefully the characters will be loveable and seductive enough to attract your interest for the entire adventure.

Best wishes,


-End Author's Note-

Shene was playing at the beach with her friend, Dana. The two had a fun game where they teased the men on the beach with their scandalously cropped clothing; panties that bored on G-strings, bras several sizes too small, and those patented, teenage-brand pouts that would attract perverts for miles.

The teasing was usually very subtle, like pretending to drop something and bending over to grab it, with their almost bare rears directed at the target, then continuing on like nothing irregular had happened. Other times it was a bit more obvious, like when they were asking question, twisting their bodies in sexy and revealing poses that was a failsafe way to reduce any straight man into a stammering mess.

After the usual rounds to find new men to tease, they both met up at their pink blanket by the lake. Dana came giggling over to Shene, her marvelous rack swinging back and forth with each step. "Something good happen Dana?" she asked while she leaned back, working on tanning 80% of her body while listening to Dana's story.

Dana pushed her long brown hair behind her shoulders and began. "Well I went to ask this one guy who was helping his son make a moat, but like a big moat, you know, two feet across, six inches wide, four or so down, whatever. So I asked him about where the bath..." she stopped, uncontrollable giggles piercing her speech. "Where the bathrooms..." A second time she stopped, her hysterical titters hindered proper speech. "I get it, go on." Shene said, opening her eyes and glancing at the curvy brunette. "He fell into the moat when he saw me, and his wife got reallly mad." she said finally, flopping onto the blanket in a fit of giggles.

Shene smiled, she was sure the description didn't do the actual event justice. "Guess you had to be there." she said. "Oh, Come on! That was funny as hell! It was all... "SPLOOSH!" And his wife's jaw hit the ground. Come on, it was hilarious." Dana explained. "I'm sure it was Dana." The blue haired girl sympathized, patting her friends head.

Dana was probably a D cup, she hadn't asked, and was wearing tight black top that went down her mid-section to above her belly button. There was a tear in it though, just above her left tit that showed a tennis ball sized hole. She wore a black skirt made of the same material, split up the sides to her hip. Her bangs went too just above her eyes and her soft brown hair trailed to down to the bottom of her shoulder blades.

She sighed, relishing in the physical attention like a cat. "I wish we could do this all day." she mumbled. Shene was about to say "You can, it's a PA day at your college.", when the gears mis-clicked in her brain. She had school too. "Shit! What time's it Dana?" "Uhh, almost eight." "Double shit! Gotta run!" Shene yelled, grabbing her purse and tearing away from the beach and back to her hectic real life.

She hopped the sandbar back onto the concrete and, fumbling madly as she sped down the road, she pulled a red T-shirt from her purse. "Oh no." she moaned, taking a sharp right at the T-intersection, almost getting hit by some jerk in a Jetta. This was the shirt she was going to wear to school, and didn't want to get sand in it. Her beach shirt and school pants were back in the locker room.

Now remember that she was wearing an almost G-string bikini that might as well show her entire ass.

Jamming the shirt back into her purse, she reached into one of the side flaps and pulled out her phone, speed-dialing Dana. "Wuzzup miss tardy-pants?" she teased. "You're the tard. I forgot my clothes in locker 28, can you please grab them for me so I can pick them up at lunch?" Hysterical laughter on the other line, this was even funnier then the father falling face-first fiasco.

"Oh, OH MY GOD." Dana gasped, bursting out into a second fit of hilarity. "Your... Your bathing suit!" she spouted delightedly, and then a loud clattering noise emanated through the phone as Dana dropped it onto her purse by accident. "And I'm the tard?" she giggled, no longer sounding like laughter but more so sick to her stomach with the overwhelming comedy of Shene's predicament. "Don't you think I know that? Dear God, Mr Sun is going to flay me alive. Kevin too."

"Kev-BAHAHAHAHA!" she blared into the cell phone. Kevin was, in Shene's opinion, an obnoxious pervert who can't keep his meaty hands to himself. In his opinion, Kevin was a charming man who enjoyed the company of his female classmates. "Ugh, I'm going to have such a rotten day. Just make sure to get my stuff please." she moaned, closing the phone and slipping it back into her purse. This obviously wasn't going to be her day.

The day belonged to Rett.

Rett was a somewhat tall, wide built boy with glasses. If he lost some weight, he could've been on the football team. He wasn't fat, but somewhere between a gut and a six-pack, and had wide-set shoulders and naturally beefy arms. He had been described, by someone in grade 11, as a "nerdy brick-house."

He was in Mr Sun's Grade 12 English class, which started at eight o'clock a.m. with the rest of the school. And he, unlike Shene, was on time. "Good morning class. Today we will be beginning our Shakespear unit." the middle-aged Japanese teacher droned in an un-accented and smooth voice, taking the white and red attendance sheet from the top of the work pile. He ran down the list of names slowly, and the attractive blue head burst through the door just as he called for Yencer. Rett noticed with a shock she was wearing just a red shirt and a revealing bikini bottom, the shirt was just short enough so it couldn't cover it.

"Sorry I'm late, Mr Sun. I lost track of time." she gasped, her face lit with embarrassment. Several snickers passed through the classroom as she meekly took her seat. Mr Sun cleared his throat, deciding that she had embarrassed herself enough to bother bringing up her indecent school attire. "Shene, you know my regards toward tardiness. I'll see you back here at 3:00 p.m.." he said, slightly irritated. "Yes, sir." she mumbled.

'Poor Shene.' Rett thought, opening the English lesson on his desk. Mr Sun returned to the attendance sheet and finished reading off it, asking Cladan to deliver it to the main office. "Now as I was saying, we're starting our Shakespear unit today. The man was a literary genius, writing as many..."

Rett tuned out at this point, he usually picked up the gist of the information as it drifted in one ear before it flew out the other. His brain was a natural sponge. 'I wonder why Shene's wearing such a skimpy bikini bottom.' he thought. 'Did it on a dare. Lost a bet. Forgot her pants. Laundry day.' He ran through the possibilities, then he remembered she said she 'lost track of time', which conjured up a whole new list.

"...working on the screenplay of "Romeo and Juliet". Read Chapter 1 and then answer the questions on Page 2 of your booklet." Mr Sun finished. The book was under the chairs, and each student now reached under as well to get the thick play-write. Rett sat the spine of the book on his knee opened the cover, flipping through the pages to Chapter 1.

He buzzed through it, reading a page and a half into Chapter 2 before he realized he'd finished, and closed the book. Sliding the book back under his chair into the basket attached to the bottom of the seat, he flipped to Page 2 in his red booklet and spotted the question sheet. "1. Why is Romeo distressed at the beginning of Chapter 1?" it asked. He scribbled the answer in a legible cat-scratch. "Because his old girlfriend dumped him." Then he remembered he had to write in complete sentences, so he erased it and rewrote it.

It was a general rule that when you completed a page and no further instruction was given, you simply moved onto the next one. By the time Rett was on Page 7, Shene tapped him on the shoulder, she conveniently sat to his right. He turned his head, and was an unintended victim of her earlier game. Her shirt fit tightly over her large breasts, her spotless legs lay under her desk, her left hand was trying to stretch the shirt over her small bikini bottom. "Can you help me?" she asked, her face less blush then when she walked in, but still noticeably flushed.

"S-Sure." he stammered. "Well, I'm a bit stuck for this question here, um, Question 4 on Page 5. It asks "How do you think---" "I can read, I can read." he answered with a small grin, reading the question off her paper. "Erm... Well, you have to try and find out what kind of person Romeo is, and see how he'd react to it." he replied. "Well, I'm not really sure what he's like. I don't really understand him." "Well I don't either, but if you get the gist of what they're saying then you can translate and analyze their personality. What kind of person does Romeo strike you as?"

"Umm... He's kinda sweet." she thought about it. "So how do you think a sweet person would respond to that?" "Hmm. Thanks." She said, smiling sweetly. "No problem." He reassured, as he returned to his own lesson. His mind groaned at the mental image of Shene's hot body and her beautiful face. Rett was truthfully mortified of girls, so much that he managed to keep face in front of them, too embarrassed to risk clamming up. Of course, near naked-from-the-waist-down Shene sitting a foot away could make an exception.

He kept his poker face on when he was around girls, to reiterate, only letting his mind wander over the infinite possibilities, or simply just awing at their complexion, when they were gone. He trained his mind on his work; He could think about Shene later.

...The bell rang, and Mr Sun dismissed the class. Shene hurried to the door and turned the knob. Kevin was beside her quickly. "Hello Shene. Have fun at the beach this morning?" he asked, hugging her around the shoulders. "How do you know I didn't go to the pool?" she asked slightly accusingly, and pulling his hands off her shirt. "Because there's still sand on your butt." He admitted with a chuckle. Her cheeks turned from vague pink to vague red. "Can I get the sand off for you?" Kevin asked with helpful innocence that was blatantly fake.

She was out the door before he had even finished. "Lay off her, you're not making her life any easier." Rett admonished as he slung his backpack over her shoulder. "Whatever Matt." He dismissed, tossing his hand at him as Mr Sun left for the washroom. "It's Rett." He grumbled to himself, now the near last person in the classroom. He was about to leave, glancing back at the classroom before he began another academic endeavor, when he noticed Shene had left her purse behind.

He thought about bringing it to her, but he got teased enough in school, lugging around a purse would be a nail in the coffin. 'I wonder what's in the purse.' He thought. Girls didn't make sense to him. Well, they did, in a technical way, but he didn't really understand all the things they did. 'A cell phone, makeup, money... maybe some tampons.' He ran through the mental checklist, trying to bore himself of this concept.

Failing and hating himself, he unzipped her purse and checked inside. 'Mints. Why didn't I think of that?' he pondered as he brushed aside some Tic-Tac's. There was a small piece of paper written on it under them. It looked like it had been written on larger line paper, but cut down to the smallest required size. "Forever Gold Falcon." It said, in fancy cursive.

Oh, how it begins.

Slightly weirded out, he put the paper back in her purse and zipped it up, heading back for the door. Lucky he had finished when he did; Shene bumped into him in the hall. "Forgot my purse." she said, holding the back of her shirt down to hide her 90%-exposed ass.

Rett couldn't help staring. Just as she turned around, he averted his eyes and walked to his next class. "I'm never going to get that image out of my head." He groaned.

And for the whole day, until 3:30 p.m., he didn't. But he knew what would clear his mind of the school-related wardrobe mishap, a trip to the beach with his friend Droy.

The reason for these odd names, Rett, Droy, Shene, Cladan, Yencer and the like is that around the time of their birth, in the '20's, their parents were undergoing a second "psychedelic" phase, dreaming up unique names that were usually alterations of traditional ones. The fad died down in the late 20's and was officially deceased by the early '30's, the children born in that time now historical markings for the blip in lucid living. The MC1R outbreak coincided with the short-lived period of abstract names.

"Oh, the beach. Such a nice place. It's warm. There's lots of people out here. Ooh, hello handsome!" Droy spewed. "God." Rett muttered. Droy was gay, and he knew that Rett hated it when he acted overly-homosexual. It was sort of a running joke that you couldn't call him on. "Oh lighten up Rett. Get yourself a soda." he waved a $5 in front of his face. Rett looked up. "Don't leave without saying goodbye." he warned, grabbing the wrinkled bill and walking over to the open bar. 'Fuck soda, I want a beer.' He thought. Even though the drinking age was 19, his birthday was only a week away.

"Can I get a Heineken?" Rett asked, throwing the fiver on the counter. "Sure." the gruff man behind the counter said, in a voice like sandpaper. Ten seconds later, his fiver had manifested into a 355ml can of Heineken and two Abe's. Thankful he didn't ask for ID, Rett popped the tab and downed the refreshing alcohol. He walked down the sandy back 40, half way done his beer, he spied Rana and Mia waving at him.

Mia, a peppy black haired young thing, was leaning over Rana, a bottle of sun tan lotion in her left hand and waving with her right. Her pink bra was askew, the strap sliding down her right arm, and her jiggling masses were pressed against Rana's completely exposed butt, who was in fact wearing a thong.

Rana was lying on her belly, her bra unfastened and her arms resting on the sand and her chin, exposing a massive sideboob that made it look like she had bigger jugs then Mia. Rana's face was stunning, her beautiful brown eyes looking up at him with friendliness, her awesome grin turning his knees to Jell-O.

Meanwhile, Rett's penis almost exploded.

He crunched his Heineken and dropped it, the can still half full. "Don't fuck up." he kept repeating to himself as he walked up to the girls, applying his poker-face instinctively. "Can I help either of you?" he asked. "Yes, hi. I'm Mia, and this is my friend Rana." The girl on top said. "Hey there." Rana waved hello. "Listen, try not to freak out, but we know you read that paper. You know what it means?" "Er... Paper?" he asked. "The one in Shene's purse." Mia repeated, getting up and walking over to Rett. "Do you know what it means?"

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her warm body against his. "...No. It just said "Forever Gold Falcon.", is that some kind of game or cult or something?" he confessed. "OK Matt." she whispered in his ear. "It's Rett." he corrected, putting his right arm on her back and relishing in the tingling feeling it set through his body. "Run along now, I'm sure you and your friend will want to have a lot more fun on the beach." she said with a cute wink.

She walked back to Rana, pouring some on the lotion on her hand and rubbing it on her back. Rana sighed contentedly and let her arms go slack, resting her cheek against the sand. Rett's mind was buzzing, mainly with thoughts of "What the fuck just happened?" and "Are they lesbians?" His pants began vibrating, though not for reasons pertaining to the girls, and he fished through his pocket for the cellphone. Droy had sent him a text message. "Goodbye" it read. He had decided to run off with a potential 'friend' to the gym. "Smartass." Rett mumbled, pocketing the slim Motorola.

With Droy abandoning him and the Rana/Mia thing unnerving him, he decided to cut back home. He had achieved his initial goal though; Shene's butt was no longer the forefront of his thoughts.

...In his room, in the apartment room 1021, the top floor, his mind betrayed Mia's instructions to 'not freak out'. How the girls knew about him and the paper was disturbing. 'Stupid secret service conspiracy bullshit.' He surmised the incident. He had seen a lot of conspiracy movies and heard a lot of theories and was just too detached to give a rat's ass. The thought that this was happening to him made him irate. Looking for answers, he turned on his computer monitor and typed in "Forever Golden Falcon" into the internet search box and scanned the results.

Nothing. He cut out 'Forever'. Still, nothing significant. Blood temperature steadily rising, he typed in "Mia and Rana." The only thing of interest was a lesbian website featuring two MILF's. He switched off his monitor and stomped on the floor, taking deep breaths when most of the anger was transmitted from him and into the carpeted floor. He had a long fuse, but it set off an A-bomb. "Everything alright, Rett?" his mother asked him from below. "...Fine Mom. Just killing a spider." he lied, rubbing his forehead.

'Shower.' Rett's brain ordered. He hopped into the bathroom and locked the door, taking off his glances and clothes. He stepped into the shower and stared at his giant bush, wondering what he was going to do. It started growing about five years ago and he'd never bothered shaving; he was terrible at doing it on his face and he didn't want to accidentally slice open his cock. But it muffled the skin beneath it, making him sweat, which in turn made him itchy. And society generally frowned on scratching your groin in public. Shaking the thoughts from his brain, he turned the tap for the shower over to the HOT side and leaned his head back as the water blasted him in the face.

He wasn't very big on showers, mostly since he had to take them at seven a.m., but sometimes they were great stress relievers. He spent the next fifteen minutes bathing in the relaxing water, applying his shampoo and bodywash, finally turning off the tap at half past four. He opened the shower door slightly, grabbing the big towel and wrapping it around his waist. Outside the shower, an angel was checking herself in the mirror.

She had bright pink, almost purple, hair that a bright yellow halo hovered atop, her fingers wrapped around Colts and encased in buckled arm gloves, a red belt holding up a black skirt that showed her white panties while she leaned as she was, and a skimpy top that covered her tits with a vertical line along both the middles. She caught his eye in the mirror, it was a watered-down pink, and she turned around.

Rett didn't have enough time to wonder why she was here or who she was. Freaking out, he punched her in the face. She fell back only with the force Rett did the punch with, gravity defying her fortitude. He grabbed on of her pig tails and her left leg, throwing her to the floor and sitting on top of her. Now feeling relatively safer, he demanded "Who are you? How did you get in here?" and in a blinding flash of pink and black, he was thrown against the shower wall with a Colt pressed against his forehead.

"Quit thumping around up there!" his mother admonished. Rett saw his life flash before his eyes; his fifth birthday with a cartoon character cake, taking the training wheels off his bike, the hospital (not related to the bike), etc. The angel angrily wiped the blood from her nose. "That hurt." she informed curtly. "Please don't kill me." he requested politely. Her expression turned even sourer and he closed his eyes for the white light.

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