tagNonHumanRed vs Wolfe Ch. 07

Red vs Wolfe Ch. 07


They left the club quickly, Sasha more distraught as time pasted by. Ehrik held her close and could feel her soft body shake with tears. It was tearing him apart. He wanted to protect her and now it seemed he couldn't even do that. In his mind he saw them happy and loving, yet the reality was that it would take time before it could happen.

"Shhh baby. It will be okay," he whispered in her ear as they finally reached the hospital.

Marti was sitting outside Jeanie's room when she saw Sasha. She got up and ran toward her. The two women hugged. Tears fell from both their eyes. Sasha pulled back and looked her friend over. She wanted to make sure her friend was okay, that she was going to be alright.

"How are you?" questioned Sasha.

"I'm okay, just a few bumps and bruises. I'm more worried about Jeanie. They have her hooked up to all these machines," Marti said as she began to cry.

"I'm going to go see her and talk to the doctors," Sasha said taking Ehrik's hand in hers.

Once in the room she nearly lost it again. Her friend's body was almost unrecognizable. There were tubs coming out of her, monitors hooked up to her. Her body was swollen. Sasha let out a soft sigh and held back any more tears that would fall.

"Are a friend of Miss Walter's?" asked a doctor that walked in.

"I am. I live with her. I'm Sasha Redgrave," she said holding on to Ehrik's hand, squeezing it.

"She's in a comma right now Miss Redgrave. He body had a lot of internal bleeding. She fell into shock and the comma is a result. I'm afraid I don't know how long she'll be in it but her body will recover. It will just take time," the doctor said.

"Can she hear me if I talk to her?" Sasha asked.

"Some say that yes a comma victim can hear their visitors. I don't believe it would hurt if you talked with her at all," said the doctor.

Sasha sat down on the chair closest to the bed and took her friends hand. Ehrik was directly behind her. He watched as Sasha's heart poured forth. The depth of her caring was something he had only hoped for in a mate.

"Hey there girl, it's Sasha. I 'm here at the hospital, Ehrik's with me. You were in an accident today. I don't really know what happened to you and Marti. She doesn't remember too much. I need you to make it through. I can't loose you too. Not after what happen with my parents," she said chocking back the tears.

She was quiet for awhile just sitting there, looking at her friend. She wanted to be positive, to try and find some bright side but she couldn't. Even finding Ehrik didn't see to make anything better. She couldn't loose her friend. Not now, not when things were turning around.

"I'm going to talk to Marti, Sasha," Ehrik said and watched as his mate just nodded.

He left the room quietly not to disturb her. He wanted to know if anything caused the accident. Something deep inside him told him his brother had caused this and that it was only the beginning. He didn't want to believe but there it was, weighing on his mind.

"Marti, can I sit with you?" he asked.

"Sure," she nearly whispered.

"I want to ask you a few things, about the accident. It really has Sasha shaken up. Is that okay," he said not wanting to jump into it but ease her mind into remembering.

"I don't remember much. It was already dark. There was a fog, kind of unusual for this time of year but it was there. I slowed down, took the turn carefully but something jumped out. Something big," she said looking into his eyes.

He saw that she was nervous; the knowledge of whatever had jumped out truly scared her. "Do you recall anything about it? What it might have been?" he questioned her.

"Like I said it was dark. It was furry and large. It did the strangest thing as it passed by. I swear it howled. Like a wolf of dog or something," she said looking at her hands.

"I believe you Marti. Thank you for telling me. I want to help you all in any way I can," he said.

She nodded and watched as Jeanie's door opened and Sasha came out. Ehrik looked up at her tear streaked face and stood, taking her in his arms. It was time them went back to his building. He took Sasha and Marti home, getting them set up quickly in room. Sasha of course stayed with him. Right now he wouldn't let her out of his sight.

"I hope you don't mind. I need you near me now," he told and she smiled in answer.

She lay down on his bed, letting her eyes fall before falling into a deep sleep. She was tired, worn down from the disturbing day. He didn't make any move to stop her. Instead he moved to his balcony and opened the door. Ehrik pulled out his phone and called Viktor.

"What have you found?" he didn't hesitate to ask.

"Not too much," Vik told him and Ehrik let out a deep sigh. "We did manage to find something though. I don't think it's a good thing."

"What is it? We have to handle this quickly," Ehrik told him.

"It's hair. Well more like fur. Were fur," Viktor said.

Ehrik's head swam with questions. Deep inside, he had known. Now he was positive that it had to be his brother. His hand gripped the steel rail he was holding, his hand holding tighter threatening to bend it. This needed to stop.

"Bring back a sample and have Cassie take a look at it. Let me know what she says. I want it compared with mine," he said with strain in his voice.

"You think," Viktor spoke.

"I have a bad feeling," Ehrik said and closed his phone. He waited a moment before going back inside. He wanted the wind to help carry away his frustration before heading back to his mate. He could feel her pull, her mind. It was filled with worry and sadness. He needed to help her, to ease it.

Walking back into his room, now their room, he had to smile. Sasha looked perfect in his bed. She belonged there. He took off his shoes and slid in next to her warm body.

Sasha rolled toward him, her face very near his. Her hand moved higher resting on him, his face. The coolness from outside still evident on his skin as she ran her fingers along his cheek. She was so worn from today. She realized how much she loved the man in front of her and yet there was such sadness in her heart for her friend.

How could she be happy when Marti was hurt?

"It will be okay my heart," Ehrik told her on a whisper.

He felt her shudder, only there were no tears, only relief from her. She had been so worried, so afraid. Somehow just those words struck her and she knew she'd be okay. He could feel it radiating from her as she let go completely.

Sasha looked into his eyes, seeming to search for something. Whatever it happened to be she found and pressed her lips to his. It was a soft, sweet kiss. Ehrik could taste the innocence of it and it called to his wolf. He wanted more from her. He wanted to ease her pain, to bring her nothing but true joy.

He could feel her long, lean, slender fingers on his cheek. His skin burned with her small touch. His eyes, so blue, piercingly so, were heated by being so close to her, bore into her emerald depths. Taking in a deep, lasting breath, he inhaled her scent.

"So beautiful," he whispered just before his lips slid over hers.

The taste, her taste, was sweet and warm. Kissing her was like coming home. Sasha was everything pure, sweet, and innocent. Being around her was like gaining a piece of that. Now tasting her, filling his hands with her beauty only made it more so. Ehrik couldn't seem to get enough.

His lips opened, coaxing hers to do the same. He ran his tongue over her bottom lip and then sucked it into his mouth. He heard and felt her gasp. That sound was like a bolt of lightening to his cock. He didn't think it was possible but he wanted her even more.

His wolf, his animal, was growling inside, begging to be let loose. Ehrik could tell it wanted to taste her. No wait, that wasn't right, it wanted to devour her. He'd been so starved for his mate that he was full of need. He was close to giving in, letting his primal side have its way. This time though, it wasn't right. He wanted only to give her pleasure, to please her.

Lips moved, tasted, tempted beyond belief. Sasha's hand had moved, making its way to the back of his neck. She was lost in the feel of his hair as it moved through her fingers. It was so soft, like fine silk. Ehrik groaned deep in his throat at the contact. Her touch was delicate. It nearly drove him insane with desire.

His hands then moved down over her shoulders, the straps slipping down over her soft shoulders, baring fresh skin to his heated gaze. He couldn't keep from kissing her, letting his touch dance with hers, thrusting in and out, mimicking what his cock was aching to do.

His lips left hers making her moan out at the loss but Ehrik whispered shhh as he made his way lower. The skin he just bared calling to him. His lips moved, leaving soft kisses of devotion on her body. He pulled the fabric lower, the straps trapping her arm to her sides.

Her breasts now free from the fabric. He only stared, so perfect she was. Her body pale against his dark sheet. The way her chest rose in fell in her arousal. Her nipples puckered at the cool air. Breasts that were just the right size, they fit in his palm perfectly as finally he cupped them.

"Yes," Sasha hissed out.

That sound, that word urged him on. He moved lower on her body, his tongue running over her soft flesh. He looked up at her just before flicking her nipple. He felt her reaction, he body tighten and her hands clenching the sheets. She's so sensitive he thought.

He licked then around her left nipple, bathing the skin. He loved watching the way her body tightened, responding for him. Her right hand rubbed and rolled her other nipple, offering two different sensations to her body. Finally, to a thankful Sasha, his mouth closed over her.

Her hands gripped the sheets, her back arching. She felt as though she were burning alive. His tongue bathed her hardened nipple. It was something she had never experienced. He knew it too and continued to lavish attention on her soft skin.

Sasha's hands clenched the sheets tighter with each moment that passed. Ehrik's tongue, his lips, all drove her into such distraction. Nothing had ever felt this. No touch from anyone, limited as they were, had ever stirred like this. His mouth was warm, like fire on her cool pale skin. Her desire flared her nipple so sensitive under caress.

"Ehrik, please," she trailed off; not knowing really what it was that she wanted.

Ehrik heard her cry, it pulled at him, made him want her even more. Her nipples were hard peaks, his fingers playing her just as deliciously as his tongue. His silver eyes looked up and watched her. He saw the need so evident in her eyes and face. She was beautiful like this he thought. He also knew she would burn him alive. That would be a sweet agony he'd enjoy bearing.

He began kissing a path down her taunt stomach. He felt her responding under his torturous tongue. She was more responsive then he could have ever imagined. Her dress pooled around her hips and he smiled silently asking her to lift her hips so he could pull it down. She was left only in the cutest of panties. He savoured the sight. Most of his type had a photographic memory and he knew he'd never forget this moment.

She looked like a queen as she lay there on his bed. Her eyes full of passion. He could barely contain his beast. He wanted to be inside her, so deep. Now wasn't the time though. She needed his love and he would make sure she got it. He moved to the bed, still clothed, and Sasha gave him a strange look. She had expected him to undress.

"Not now, this moment is just for you," he whispered on a breath.

She nodded even though she didn't really understand. She was a virgin and after all had only limited knowledge. Her boyfriends had often tried to be where Ehrik was but she had never felt right giving in.

His hands moved slowly up her thighs, caress her smooth soft skin. The air, he noticed, was filled her strong scent. It was beautiful. He wanted to have her all over his skin. As he began kissing up her inner thigh he rubbed his cheek against her warmth. He couldn't help but inhale deeply, his beast smiling.

Finally he reached her lace covered mound. Ehrik knew she was dripping. His sensitive nose would forever smell it and know. He loved that. She would have him running to her whenever she was aroused. He grinned with that knowledge. He had waiting so long for that to happen.

Ehrik looked up, gave her that little wolfish grin and kissed her through the lace of her panties. Such a dainty scrap of fabric to cover such a lovely place he thought. Slowly and carefully he moved them down, he had plans to keep those panties.

Sasha's legs were open, giving him entrance, their eyes looking at each other. Her need was so evident in her gaze. He took his time leaning forward, his breath hot against her soft skin. He heard her gasp and moan, all silent pleas for more.

He couldn't wait either.

He ran has tongue along her folds, parting her. She glistened with her own sweet juices and he lapped at them like a starved man. His tongue flicked gently, moving close to her clit. He drew circles around her before nibbling. Her hips lifted, pressed against him more.

Her passion was amazing. He knew it would be strong and full. She after all was his mate. Even though a virgin he knew. She was perfect for him in every way. He began sucking, pulling her hood in his lips. She was writhing, her back arching and lifting. She was aflame and he was the cause of it. She was like a drug, his drug.

As he continued his torment, he filled her with one long finger and then another. He was stretching her, filling her, touching her where no one ever had. He was the only man to touch her there, to feel her tight sheath around his fingers. His cock jumped at the thought. He would be the first and only.

He felt that barrier, that soft membrane that had been waiting for him to breech. His beast howled for him to just do, to take what he had waited for so long. Ehrik couldn't do it; he calmed his beast as best he could, promised there would be time for that.

He curled his fingers up and began that thrusting, rubbing where she would feel it most. Her moans became pants. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her. Her body was so warm, so ready. He continued on, pressing, feeling her little body begin to tighten; moving closer to her release.

"Cum for me love. Let me so what no other man has," he whispered just before sucking hard on her clit.

She screamed his name on her lips. Just at the moment, he broke through her virgin barrier. He replaced his fingers with his tongue and let her juices flow. Her sweetness was like nothing he ever tasted, mixed with her blood as it was made him crazy.

It was difficult not to just open his pants and plunge into her. Instead he pressed a kiss into her mound, moved his large body next to her naked one and pulled her into his arms.

"I love you Ehrik," she said in the sweetest voice he'd ever heard before drifting off to sleep.

"I love you to my angel," he whispered in her hair.


"Time is upon us dear brother of mine," Draiden said as he looked out over the city. "It has been too long since I've been home but I'm coming. I'm coming with a vengeance. I've already begun taking things from you. You will know what it's like to have something and then to feel it stripped from you. This I promise you."

Draiden gripped the rail to the penthouse suite he was staying in. He lived a life of luxury now. It seemed like it was a lifetime ago that he had been locked away, hidden from his kind. His parents scared of him.

They had every right to be. He was dangerous. He was full of power that they hadn't understood. Nor had that wanted to try. He had found out though. Draiden had spent time in another land, with those like him. He harnessed his powers, controlling them.

His brother should worry.

There was a time that Draiden would have cared but the moment for that was a lifetime ago. Now he was cold. He was heartless. He would seek his revenge and not care who was hurt in the process.

His brothers new found mate he'd take for himself. He would bed her, keep her as his own. Perhaps even let his brother see what he would do before killing him. Draiden's mind was warped. He doubted there was anyone in this world that could ever make him feel again.

Little did he know life would take one of those unexpected turns...


Things have been very busy as of late. Getting sick, then moving really did a number on me. Here, though, is another chapter and a twist. I'll be sending off more soon. My mind is full of idea's. Mind you there is no editor on this chapter. I wanted to get it out since you have all been waiting.

Thanks for taking the time. Please vote. All feedback welcome.

Miss J

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