Brian Andrews pulled his leather jacket tighter around him as he stepped out of the large office building. It was only October, but the weather was already colder than it normally was this time of year. A sudden gust of wind brought a scent along with it that made him stop in his tracks, lifting his nose slightly to figure out which direction it came from. He turned abruptly to follow it, ignoring the car that had been pulled around to the front of the office for him.

"Brian? Is everything ok? You're going to be late!"

Brian turned and growled at him. "I don't care! You can tell the whole lot of them to fuck off! I'm going to go meet my mate!"

Justin, the man who had driven the car around for him, widened his eyes. His Alpha had scented his mate! He scrambled out of the car and chased after Brian. Catching up to him, he asked, "So, do you even know who you're looking for? Did you see her? Or just smell her?'

Brian glared at him, "Can you just shut up for once? I've only scented her, but I have to follow that scent until I find her. Period. You can go ahead to the meeting if you'd like."

"Oh no, I'm not going anywhere! This is too exciting. I mean we might actually get a break from you now and then if you have a mate. You know how difficult you get!" Justin grinned at his long time friend and Alpha. He loved teasing him and always told him when he started acting like a jackass.

Brian started to reply, but stopped in his tracks. Her scent was stronger now, which meant his mate was close. He moved slowly through the crowded street, so as not to take a chance walking past the mystery woman.

When he caught sight of the woman he was searching for, he nearly shifted. She was so beautiful. Long red curls hung down her back, her skin was smooth and soft looking, and her bright blue eyes were staring back at his. His wolf started pacing back and forth, demanding he claim her . Not here in the middle of the street. We have to wait. She doesn't even know what we are, yet. Patience, my friend." That didn't placate his wolf, but Brian pushed him back. He would deal with him later.


Annabelle Stevenson made her way down the sidewalk, stopping now and then to look in the shop windows when something caught her eye. She couldn't afford anything on this street, but liked to look anyways. Stopping to look at a beautiful red dress in a window, she noticed a handsome man in the reflection. Her heart stopped. He was breathtakingly gorgeous, the kind of man a woman fantasized about. And he was looking right at her.

Annabelle watched through the glass as the man's eyes went from green to a swirling gold color. Just as she'd expected. A werewolf. This might be easier than she'd thought. Turning, she smiled sweetly as she walked up to him and pulled out a card. "This is my number. Call me." She said and she started to walk away.


"Wait! What's your name?" Brian couldn't believe she'd done that. She'd actually come to him, given him her number!


"Annabelle," he muttered to himself. It suited her, he decided. He turned to find Justin staring with his mouth hanging open. He gave him a huge grin, then started for the car. "Hurry up, or you're gonna make us late."

"Alright, alright." Justin grumbled, climbing into the driver's seat.

Brian let out a sigh of relief. He could finally go home and call Annabelle. The meeting with the Alpha Directorate had lasted two and a half hours, and they still hadn't gotten any closer to getting answers or finding solutions. All any of the pack leaders had been able to find out was that someone had been using magic in the area. And not just any magic, but Cimmerian magic.

While there had been some feuds between wizards and werewolves in past centuries, everyone pretty much stayed in their own territories now. If there was ever a need to enter another's domain, you always called ahead and got permission. In the last couple months, someone had been using Cimmerian magic to lure humans, and even some werewolves to their deaths. No one seemed to be able to find out anything, as most operatives either never returned, or if they did, their brain had been so warped they couldn't even tell you their own name. Now the Directorate had been assembling once every two weeks to swap any new information they might have received. So far, it seemed that whoever was behind the attacks was covering their tracks pretty well.

Brian made his way out of the abandoned warehouse that was used to house the Directorate meetings. Now all he wanted to do was head back to the compound, call Annabelle, and get some sleep. Although he wasn't sure how much sleep his wolf would let him get. The wolf in him was restless and uneasy because he couldn't be near his mate right now. Soon. We'll be with her soon, boy. Brian tried to reassure his wolf but there was no denying him his mate. His wolf huffed at him, but retreated slightly.


Annabelle couldn't help the smile that crossed her face as she answered the phone and heard the voice of the handsome man she had given her card to. "You don't waste much time, do you?"

"Not when it comes to someone as gorgeous as you, doll," Brian replied, trying to keep his voice light. It was all he could do to not jump in his car, find out where she was, and claim her right then. The soft lilt in her voice when she had answered made his breath catch in his throat. He could listen to her talk all day.

"Well, you sure do know how to flatter a girl, mister."

"Brian." He realized he had never introduced himself earlier.

"Well, Brian, is there a particular reason you called? It is kinda getting late, you know." Annabelle decided it would be better to keep a bit of distance between them. It would be easier that way.

"Come to....I mean...I'll..uh....would you go to dinner with me?" He finally blurted out. God, what was wrong with him? Here he was one of the oldest werewolves on the planet and he was stuttering like a damn teenager.

Annabelle did her best not to laugh at him. He was so darn cute! "Yes, I'll go to dinner with you. Tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I mean, yes. Tomorrow. I'll pick you up?"

"How about I just meet you there? I've got some errands tomorrow evening anyways." They discussed the details then said their goodbyes. Annabelle was surprisingly happy after hanging up the phone. She had to remind herself not to get too involved. She was only doing her job and if she wasn't careful she'd ruin everything. And if she ruined everything....well she really didn't want to think about that.

Placing the phone on the bedside table, she lay back against the pillows. While she had to be sure not to get emotionally involved with the man, she couldn't see any reason why she couldn't at least fantasize about the gorgeous hunk. Tugging her giant t-shirt up to her waist, she gently ran her hands over her creamy white thighs. She imagined how it would feel if it were Brian's fingers sliding through her wet heat, as she began to circle her clit with one hand. With the other hand, she began to lightly pinch her nipples.

She slid two fingers in and out of her pussy as fast as she could, while thinking about sliding his cock into her mouth as he moaned with pleasure. Pressing the heel of her hand against her clit, she came hard, screaming, when she pictured Brian erupting into her mouth while she swallowed his cum. It was the most intense orgasm she'd experienced in months. She fell asleep with thoughts of Brian still in her head.


Justin knocked on the door to Brian's office as he hung up. "Judging by the smile on your face, I'd say you already called her, didn't you?" He demanded with a wide smile. Brian gave him a mock glare.

"We're going out tomorrow night. Not that it's any of your business."

"That's great. Now that we have that out of the way, Kendra has some news." He stepped aside to allow a small, dark-haired woman to enter the room.

Kendra was a beta within the pack, loyal, and independent to a fault. She had been tasked with following all leads on the recent attacks. Kendra had an unassuming air about her that made people relax around her, which was perfect for gathering information. If anyone could find out who was responsible for the attacks and use of Cimmerian magic, it would be Kendra.

Brian looked hopeful as he asked, "What did you find?"

"Not much. I've got a couple new leads though I don't know if they will end up being dead ends or not. I do know I'm being followed whenever I leave the compound. I've even started to leave at odd hours, but it's not working. "

"So, that means......" Brian ran a hand through his hair, and leaned back. He didn't even want to finish that thought.

"Someone is leaking information from our meetings," Justin finished for him.

"DAMMIT!" Brian slammed his hand on his desk. "One of the pack is helping whoever is behind this? How could I not see it? Who the hell could it be?"

Kendra lowered her eyes in submission, not wanting to cause her Alpha to lose control. He'd been on edge lately, but seemed even more so tonight, and she wanted to avoid a fight if at all possible. "I'm sorry, my Alpha, to be the one to bring you such terrible news, but I needed you to be aware of the situation."

Brian tried to present a calm front even though he was seething inside. He took a deep breath. "Thank you, Kendra. I can send Brody and Evan with you when you go out from now on."

"No," Kendra replied indignantly. "I can handle it. You just needed to know, in case something should happen, that's all. I do not need body guards!"

Brian nodded. "Alright. You can continue to go it alone. For now." Kendra smiled her thanks, then left. Brian turned to Justin, "There really isn't anything more we can do tonight so let's get some shut-eye. First thing tomorrow, we start figuring out who the hell has turned traitor."

Justin nodded, keeping silent. For all his wisecracks, he knew when to shut up. It had been a long day, what with finding the Alpha's mate, the Directorate meeting, and then Kendra's disturbing news. They all just needed to get some rest and then figure it all out tomorrow. He made his way to his room on the second level of the building.

Brian sat in his office until well past midnight, brewing over the events of the day. Part of him was looking forward to the next day, and part of him dreaded it. Just knowing that there was a member of his pack giving out information caused him great distress. He couldn't imagine who it might be, but he would damn sure find out. No one would get away with hurting his family. Finally, he gave up and headed to his suite, hoping to get some much needed rest. For now, he decided to push all thoughts of traitorous weres out of his mind. Tomorrow would be soon enough.

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