Redemption Ch. 02


He looked into her saucer-wide eyes angrily and prepared to lash out if not physically then definitely verbally, but found himself pausing. There was something about the color of those eyes; they were a brown that was soft like a doe's eyes. He noted his hand wrapped around her slender neck...actually, it was much more slender than he expected. Even though she hadn't had a chance to clean up, yet, her scent was still slightly floral and pleasant. Despite her rough demeanor, there was something about this woman that was absolutely tantalizing to him. Sometimes he wasn't sure if he wanted to kiss her or kill her.

"Easy, boy," called the irritating voice he knew all too well. "You know Alexander hates it when you kill people in his living room."

Kieran couldn't help but to chuckle darkly as Mara's eyes widened even more and she let out a frightened whimper. "This one definitely deserves it," he said, more to get a rise out of her.

Darian chuckled.

"Where is Angel?" Alexander demanded. He didn't seem nearly as amused.

Kieran released Mara's neck with a growl, smiling as she cringed a little. "She's cleaning up. She had a pretty powerful vision and she just came out of it a few minutes ago."

Alexander nodded and rushed back into his bedroom to find her. Kieran shook his head. Alexander could surely feel from their connection that the girl was all right now. There was no need to rush. In some ways he couldn't understand how he'd become so gentle and concerned. It just wasn't like him to be so sensitive and caring. Most people thought Alexander was at least as much of an asshole as he was, but when it came to Angel, he somehow turned into Mr. Sensitive. It made Kieran want to hurl.

He's been waiting for her for almost three millennia, Darian interrupted his thoughts. Give him a break.

He's turned into a whelp,
Kieran grumbled.

Oh, I long to see the woman who finally entrances you, mused his mentor. "Speaking of women," he said aloud, turning to Mara. "I'm Darian Moiree." He took hand and brought it to his lips kissing it in the most lingering and flirtatious Old World way.

Kieran had to restrain the rumble in his chest at that one. To his surprise and anger, Mara...blushed. Didn't she see it for the game it was? Was such a cheap move enough to fluster her?

"Mara Pao..." she paused. "I guess I don't really want to take ownership of that last name anymore," she whispered almost to herself. "I guess Mara will do for now."

"Enchantè," Darian said giving her his most charming smile.

Kieran wanted to growl as she blushed again. Darian was a snake.

"I see my son forgot his manners this morning," Darian continued as he looked her up and down. "We shall have to get you some accommodations that include a nice bath with rose oil and some fluffy towels, robe and slippers." He looked at her eyes a little more closely and then took both her hands and stepped back as though to survey her form. "And definitely some clothes."

Mara stared at Darian uncertainly and then looked back at Kieran hesitantly. That's right. She knew who was really in charge of her safe-keeping. He smiled a little smugly at his friend, but Darian winked at him outrageously.

"Come on, you two," Darian continued. "We need to give Alexander and Angel some time. They're both pretty upset, and we're in the way."

Mara looked at the door to the bedroom and then nodded. "You're right. We need to get out of here."

"Of course, I'm right, dear Mara," said Darian in that annoyingly urbane tone he used when he was overly-pleased with himself. "Let's depart, shall we?"

He offered his arm to her in the most court-like fashion and once again, Mara blushed and then took it and allowed him to lead her out of Alexander's chambers.

Kieran wanted to snarl, but he decided that it would seem a little petulant in the presence of his maker. However, he didn't bother keeping the irritated sneer off his face as he followed them out of the Ancient One's rooms. Darian strolled down the hall with Mara on his arm chattering to her pleasantly, as though he was courting some girl in the Victorian age.

Mara stared at him with a slight blush on her fair cheeks and a slightly bewildered look in her eyes. Every once and a while she turned around and stared at him.

Kieran followed them like an angry storm cloud. These were the times when Darian really annoyed him. He finally managed to cow Mara into submission, and Darian had to waltz in and treat her like some lady! She wasn't a lady! Hell, she'd been an FBI agent! She could hold her own in hand-to-hand combat. She was a warrior! Yet there she was...blushing!

Kieran followed them as they turned down the hallway that led to...his apartments? What the hell was Darian thinking?

"Ah," said Darian. "Here we are." He opened the door and guided Mara inside the sumptuous rooms.

"This is lovely," Mara commented as she stared at the masculine décor. "Whose rooms are these?"

"Mine," Kieran snarled.

She started at that. "Oh."

"Now," said Darian as though he completely missed the tension between them. "Let's get some servants working on that bath!" He picked up the phone on one of the end tables and started making orders for a bath and clothes.

Mara looked uncomfortably between Kieran and Darian for a moment. "Really, Mr. Moiree," she said when he hung up again. "I don't want to intrude on Kieran's space."

"Nonsense!" Darian exclaimed. "You get cleaned up and Kieran and I will wait for you and have a drink or two."

Mara looked at Kieran. He didn't bother to hide his displeasure towards her or Darian. She gulped a little.

Then someone rapped lightly on the door.

"Come in!" Darian called in that annoying, charming voice of his.

Two maids entered with some baskets full of towels, and soaps and...ugh. Kieran didn't want to think about it. He just turned his back on the entire situation and Darian continued to give them instructions about Mara's bath and clothing. Then the ladies all went back through his bedroom and into his bathroom to get Mara 'situated.'

When the doors closed behind them he turned on Darian his eyes glittering with rage.

"What the hell are you doing? This is my space!"

"Oh quit being so possessive!" Darian chided. "You're worried that the girl is going to give you the slip, and quite frankly, so am I. This way is best. If you keep trying to intimidate her she really is going to run. Don't forget you're badgering a woman who's spent nearly her entire existence as a vampire living in absolute loathing and brutality. I remember a young boy who was the same way, and I'm still trying to break some of his more irritating habits."

Kieran snarled. "She's tougher than you think."

"I know she's tough," Darian agreed. "That's why I'm not pushing her. Think about it." He sighed and then plopped down on one of the dark leather couches. "Got anything to drink?"

Kieran shook his head and poured them both some well aged brandy.

"Alexander nearly fell apart in the council," Darian chuckled.

"I was worried he might."

"It was all I could do just to keep him there. Could you imagine what the other ancients would have thought if he just got up?"

"Do they know about Angel, yet? When Nikolas took a Little One, they gave him a break," Kieran said.

"Nikolas wasn't the great Alexander," Darian chuckled. "To his credit, he did manage to hold it together. He realized that she was having a vision, and I talked him through it a bit."

"When she's awake, she somehow becomes a participant in the vision, or so Mara says."

Darian frowned. "That's not good."

"No. That's what happened today. It seemed that abduction I told you about yesterday is going to have something to do with us at some point. Angel dreamed she was that girl."

"Just because she dreamed she was that woman doesn't mean that we'll have anything to do with it," Darian said. "I don't understand how her visions work, yet. She might be so completely out of control that everything is just random. Alexander's never shared his blood with anyone. I have no idea how that will affect her power, and I have no idea how the visions work in a woman's mind. I've never met another female dream walker."

"Why do you think that is?" Kieran mused as he peered at his brandy thoughtfully.

Darian's face grew dark. "Because I think most women are overwhelmed by the power. They think differently than we do, usually have a little more natural compassion and tenderness. Quite frankly, I think most women end up killing themselves."

Kieran stared at him for a moment at a loss for words. "Does Alexander know that?" he finally managed to ask.


"So what do we do?"

Darian sighed. "We wait. We watch. We make sure she's never alone. I'd personally like to be around her when she goes into a vision, and I know Alexander would like to be there as well. Especially these visions that come to her when she's awake; those seem to be the worst. If we can figure out what's happening to her, perhaps we can teach her to control them. Alexander seems to think she'll be a quick study. She's a smart thing, really."

Kieran shook his head sadly. "The kid never seems to get a break, does she?"

Darian shrugged. "I've known a few vampires who started out that way."

Kieran squirmed a little in his seat. His early years weren't the easiest. Sometimes he wondered what Darian had seen in him back then. He definitely wasn't like Angel. She was beautiful and clever and rather pleasant to be around. Plus, she smelled good and had a dazzling smile. As a young vampire, Kieran couldn't recall any redeeming qualities.

"You had a few," said Darian. "Sometimes it just takes patience and a little bit of gentleness to bring it out."

Kieran shook his head. "How is it possible that you can be such a devil and such a saint?"

Darian chuckled. "Practice, son."


Mara floated in the large soaking tub with her eyes closed inhaling the sweet rose-scented oils used to soften the water. She'd never taken a bath quite like this. It was heaven. She wasn't quite sure who Darian Moiree was, but she decided that he definitely knew how to please a woman. The maids had left her alone for a few moments, taking her clothes to find her a fresh set to change into when she got out of the water. The only thing that creeped her out just a little...this was Kieran's bathroom. She was languishing in the bathtub of the very vampire who made her blood boil in just about every way imaginable.

She closed her eyes and imagined what she'd do if he came in and saw her lying in this tub with the rose petals floating on the water. Those dark eyes glittered, but not with rage or irritation; this time it was desire. She imagined his strong hands caressing her skin, massaging her legs that were slick with the oils in the water. His lips worshiping her exposed skin; her shoulders, her ears, her neck- right at the jugular. A slight shiver ran down her spine at the thought.

She imagined his large body standing under the hot water in his glass shower. She could picture the suds of soap running down his muscled arms and legs and over his taught ass. Even though she was immersed in rose-scented water, the room smelled of him; his spicy cologne, his masculine soap, the smell of his flesh.

Mara moaned. How could she be so attracted to such an asshole? How was it possible that she still wanted him, even when he had her throat in his hand? Sure. She could have kicked him in the balls right then and sent him to the ground. They could have wrestled it out for a while...wrestling. Now that was hot! She shook her head irritably. She had no good reason to be attracted to him. He was rude, arrogant, irritable, and deadly...quite a combination. Most women would take one look at that dangerous and rather unapproachable package, and turn away. Most women. Maybe Paola really had fucked her up. Maybe she actually liked a certain amount of pain.

She reached between her thighs and moaned softly. This definitely wasn't pain though. She flicked her clit softly with her fingers and bit her lip to keep herself from whimpering. She imagined his dark head between her legs licking and sucking, his thick fingers questing in her depths in place of her own. Those glittering, dark eyes looked at her hungrily as he devoured her. Mara bit hard at her lip as her hips arched off the bottom of the tub. Little shockwaves of ecstasy radiated from her core, and she gasped as softly as she could as her body hummed in pleasure.

She laid her head back against the marble and chuckled in amazement at herself. She'd just gotten off because she smelled Kieran's scent in his own bathroom. She had it bad. She was definitely getting out of this place as soon as possible, or rather; she was going to get as far away from Mr. Montasse as soon as possible. There were just some things that were not a good idea. Crushing on Kieran was probably somewhere on the top 10 list.

She closed her eyes. It was time to start plotting her long overdue escape.

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