tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRedemption Ch. 02

Redemption Ch. 02


Six Months Later....

What a dump, I think to myself. The little bungalow house isn't much to look at from the outside. I quickly pick the lock and look inside. Her presence screams at me. The little homey touches she put into the place. She did the same thing with my house. It took me forever to erase every last trace of her existence from my home. It took just as long for the private detective to trace her to this little Midwestern town. I turn around and walk quickly out of the house. I jump into my Jag and head to the restaurant she works. A little greasy spoon place in the middle of town. I watch from the sidewalk to determine which section is hers. I see her face appear but the rest of her body is obscured by tables. The PI was able to track her down. I only asked for addresses I didn't ask for pregnancy confirmation. I go to sit and prepare myself for one last confrontation. It's bad enough the bitch stole my money. If she was lying about being pregnant....

I sit down and grab a menu as I see her turn my way. I hear a heavy sigh, them her sweet voice sweeps over my body. I slowly lower the menu and see her clearly for the first time in months.

"Please don't cause a scene," she begs me.

I stare at her expanded belly as her hand rubs across it. I shake my head then order lunch.

"Jay, please," she begins.

"I will be back to pick you up when you are off work. We have some unfinished business," I growls back at her.

The fucking cunt! I barely contain my anger. It's obvious she wasn't lying about being pregnant, but that doesn't mean it is mine. I need a plan. I quickly make a couple calls. I'll have to take the cunt back home with me. We will get a DNA test done quickly. I'll make the bitch pay no matter what. She was supposed to be on birth control. The fucking slut was going to try trapping me.

The day crawled by. Finally the end of her shift came. I watched her walk out the door and look around hoping I wouldn't be there. Her shoulders slumped as soon as she spied me leaning against the Jag.

The Jag is pretty low slung so I had to help her into the passenger seat. A bolt of electricity shot up my arm as soon as I touched her hand. She looked up at me startled as I glared down at her. I jumped into the driver's seat and sped down the road.

We pulled up to her house. As much as I didn't want to touch her again, I had to help her out of the car. This time I was ready for the physical reaction of my body touching hers. I followed her to the door aware of her reluctance to allow me into the shabby dwelling.

"Would you like a drink," she whispered.

"What I would like is all the money you stole from me," I growled.

"Please Jay, I know you want to hurt me, but please don't hurt the baby. I have two thousand saved. I was saving it for when the baby comes. I won't be able to works for a little while. I swear I will pay you back after that," she begged.

"You will give me the $2000 you saved and then you will return home with me. We will have a DNA test. If the baby is mine, you will stay with me until it is born. You will do anything and everything I request of you without question or complaint. After the birth, I will give you enough money to get you started somewhere far away from me. I do not want to ever hear from you or it again. I do not want my name on the birth certificate. You will tell it nothing of me so that it may hunt me down at a later date. If the baby is not mine, you will stay until you have worked off your debt and then walk away with nothing. Is that clear?"

She sat cowering staring up at me with those big green eyes. There was no defiance, no fight in them like before the cabin incident. She silently shook her head and then stared at the floor.

"When do we leave," she asked.

I couldn't keep my hands off her any longer. I knew she was probably tired, but I didn't care. I scooped her up and carried her to the bedroom.

"Jay what are you doing?" she asks.

I cover her mouth with mine cutting off her question. It has been so long since I tasted her. At first her mouth is tight and uninviting but soon she softens against me. Her arms encircle my neck pulling me closer. Oh it would be so easy to take her right here and now, make her feel like the whore she is, but I have to control myself a little longer.

I see the pain and shame in her eyes as I pull away. Why don't you just smack her around a little to add to her pain, the little voice snickers. It isn't about physical pain, I argue back with myself. It's about teaching her to keep to her place and not take others for a ride. Yeah right the little voice laughs.

"Start packing" I growl. "We leave tomorrow. You and I will sleep here together. You go nowhere without me. You will not be out of my sight do you understand me? We will rent a truck in the morning. This will all be added to what you owe."

"Yes I understand," she whispers. "Jay please, I am sorry. I," a slap across the face cuts off her apology.

She silently walks to the closet and pulls out the shoe box of money and hand it to me. I grab it and start counting. I watch as she pulls out an old battered suitcase. She begins packing the few clothes she has as well as a few baby items.

"Jay, you don't need to hire a truck. The furniture can stay. I just have this suitcase." she says

I grab the battered suitcase. This was it? She was gone six months. She has a little over $2000 in the shoebox. Why did she not take some of it and buy some decent clothes for herself? She's rubbing the cheek I slapped. My hand burns from the contact. I just want to get the hell out of here find out if the bastard is mine and then walk the fuck away. I don't need to be reminded that I loved her at one time. I don't need to be reminded of what was lost.

I throw the suitcase in the trunk. Out of habit, I open the passenger door and wait impatiently for her. She slowly walks out of the house still refusing to look up. I help her into the car, then sped down the road.

After a couple hours, I gave her a sideways glance. She is so beautiful. The sweet, peaceful look on her face as she sleeps brings back the early days. She was a whore on the streets. She told me she never did anything, that I was the first guy she ever tried to pick up and I actually believe her. There was still the sense of innocence about her. I was completely taken in by her. The first time I watched her with another woman should have given it away. As soon as their lips touched, their tongues intertwined, she melted. Her mouth went quickly to the other girl's ample tits. She licked, sucked and tugged on those hard nipples until I thought my cock would explode from watching. Dee looked up at me, seeing my hand wrapped around my cock, pumping gave her further encouragement. She dropped her head and began devouring the girl's pussy.

I stomped on my mental brakes. My erection pushes uncomfortably against my jeans. Spying a hotel vacancy sign, I swing into the parking lot. Leaving Dee sleeping in the car, I quickly check into a room. After parking and checking out the room, I walk back out to the car. Intending to shake the bitch awake, I surprise myself by cradling her sleeping body in my arms and carry her I reach down and caress her tits. She moans as she arches her body to deepen the contact.

My self-control breaks. I hastily undress then grab her shabby shirt and with one hard tug, it rips away from her body.

"What the..." Dee springs awake. "Jay, what are you doing?"

"Sssshhhh, don't say a word." I demand.

She has to be six months pregnant but is barely showing. My erection grows as I continue to stare down at her. My mouth covers one pert nipple. I hear her breath catch in her throat. Then I feel her hands in my hair.

"Jay, please!" Dee begs.

As much as I want to hold back I can't. I take my rock hard cock and slowly enter her hot pussy. She's wet and ready for me. Her hips raise to meet my every thrust. My mouth covers her. My tongue invades her mouth. Our coupling is fast and frantic. Too soon I feel my orgasm building. I look into her eyes as I spill my seed inside her. I ease myself off her, lay down next to her and gather her into my arms. We fall into a deep sleep both sated for the time being.

The sun breaks through the curtains. I look down at her am speechless. The sight of her nude body excites me still. My hand itches to rub her swollen belly, to connect with my child. She is frightened, and rightly so. I have been a complete beast to her. How do I make it up to her?

"Are you hungry?" I ask. She doesn't answer right away. I can see it in her eyes. She weighs her answer, trying to chose the one she thinks will please me. She starts to shake her head no. "I know you must be starved, so don't lie to me."

"OK, I am a little hungry. I have some tips from my shift. It will be enough to pay for us both," she babbles.

I sigh deeply. The self-hatred grows stronger. Heer she stood 6 months pregnant, starving and she's worried about owing me more money. I have been an utter bastard. She turns to grab some clothes, the towel slips. I see her back and I swear violently.

I see her flinch at my outburst. I want to kick myself. I also want to reach out and smooth away all the scars that whip left. And is that a bruise on her cheek? I am a complete and total asshole. Someone should just string me up, I think to myself. I know I don't deserve her and I know if I tried telling her now that I'll never hurt her again, she won't believe me. I need to start small and earn at least her trust again.

"Don't worry about it. I have to eat too. Just keep your money," I reply gruffly. I watch as she shakily stuffs the money into her suitcase. She quickly dresses in a cute maternity dress that is threadbare.

"Those clothes won't do. Before we leave today, we will buy more suitable outfits for you."

I see her calculating the costs of new clothes along with what she took from me. Her head drops.

Six hours later we pull into my drive. She hesitates before following me to the door. I can't blame her for not trusting me. I open the door and usher her in. She stands on the landing. She automatically heads toward my playroom.

"Do not enter that room." I order her. "You are to sleep in my bed, next to me every single night."

"Are you going to tie me to your bed instead then? It will be a little more comfortable for me, thank you," she replies.

She is so beautiful, I think to myself. Even with the wariness in her eyes, her beauty overwhelms me. I lead her into the en suite bathroom. I fill the tub with warm water, bath salts.

"Just relax for a while," I tell her.

I go into the bedroom and prepare the bed for her. She looks so tired. I know if I try to sleep in the same bed tonight she will be too tense to get any rest. I carry my things to the guest room next door. I call for Chinese food, ordering all her favorites before I head back to the bathroom.

"Come to me honey," I whisper holding out a towel for her. Her eyes fly open, fear emanating from them.

I dry her off gently then carry her off to bed. Sliding her beneath the sheets, I cover her, kiss her forehead and walk out of the room. When the Chinese food arrives, I carry a tray into her. She is sound asleep. I slip out of the room without waking her. I decide to hit the rack myself.

Hours later I am awakened by noise from my bedroom next door. Thinking Dee is awake, I go to see if I can get her anything. As I open the door however, I see Dee sucking George's cock as tears stream down her face.

"What the fuck is going on in here?" I scream. George turns to explain and I punch him in the mouth. He spits blood from his mouth as he stands.

"What the hell? I thought she was back to pay you back," George explains.

"Get the fuck out of here," I reply.

I look at Dee and she is curled up in a ball crying.

"I'm sorry," she says.

I walk over to her, gather her in my arms. As I comfort her, I feel myself grow hard. She begins kissing my neck. "Please make love to me," she whispers in my ear.

I slowly kiss her, Her arms wrap around my neck pulling me down to her tits. God I missed her body. Pregnancy has made her tits fuller, heavier. She sucks in a breath as I capture one of her nipples. I raise up to look into her eyes. What I see stops me dead in my tracks. Naked fear, not passion is in her eyes. With a curse I stand up.

I stomp into the office and whip open my safe. After taking out $5000 I walk into the bedroom. She has gotten dressed in my absence. She quickly turns when she hears me walking in the room.

"I'm sorry, Jay," she says. "I thought you wanted to, um, well I mean I...Jay, what do you want me to do? When I saw George, I assumed you sent him in here as part of my payment to you. When you got mad, I thought maybe it was because you wanted me yourself."

"I want you to take this money and go," I say offering her the cash. "Just go."

"I don't understand," I whisper. "you said I had to pay you back, that I had to stay here. Don't you even want to know if she's yours?"

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