tagNonHumanRedemption Ch. 04

Redemption Ch. 04


Anna groaned and rolled over feeling a little woozy. She'd been asleep, but according to her internal clock which was much more reliable now that she was a vampire, it was still in the middle of the night. She stretched on the bed smiling as she inhaled Cael's scent on the sheets. She liked his smell, and though she'd never admit it to his face, she liked it when she smelled like him, too. What she didn't like was that whenever any teensy thing went wrong, he flipped out. She'd only been in his mansion for one night and she'd managed to set him off and send Kieran and half the staff scurrying around in tizzy.

"You're thinking very loudly, Angel," he called to her through the door.

She swore.

He chuckled a little darkly and walked in the bedroom.

She glared at him irritably. While she lay in bed naked as the day she was born, he stood before her impeccably dressed and well-groomed. She vaguely remembered him carrying her to the bedroom after her disturbing vision. Stripping her down was part of that ordeal, and even then she remembered protesting to him that it was unnecessary.

"I don't think having a vision is any reason to take my clothes off," she scolded.

He arched a brow and his jade eyes caressed her naked body as if memorizing every curve. There was a possessive glint to his eyes, and something else...

"I like you better without clothes," he replied simply.

"Oh yes. Splendid idea. Let me waltz around your mansion naked from now on. Your people would probably like the show and, hell, it should save you the hassle of stripping me every chance you get," she replied.

She admitted to herself that she really wasn't that irritated with him, but she knew that even the idea of other people seeing her naked would irritate him. She kept her smile to herself, though as his lips hardened and the possessive stare grew even more intense.

"You're playing with fire, Angel," he growled.

"Jealous much?" she teased.

He growled in response.

"Whatever," she scoffed at his jealous display. "You wouldn't want to mess up your suit."

His eyes grew heated. "No?"

She could hear the menace, that sound in his voice that made him sound much more a predator than a man. It sent a shiver of anticipation down her spine. She paused on that thought. Cael had never been anything but gentle with her, but she could see the potential, the raw desire, the craving for control. She imagined that he could be extremely dominant in the bedroom; not just holding her hands above her head as he made love to her, but aggressively ...dominant.

At that thought, she froze cold. She could sense it coming on this time, but she was still helpless to stop it. The image of a red-haired woman begging not to be dominated by a vampire in the bedroom penetrated through her thoughts. She could feel it; the fear, the terror, the pain of being invaded when you didn't want to. The feelings were still too close, too real for her. When the red-haired girl screamed in her visions, Anna screamed in her nightmares. James Bradford had her by the hair, her hands bound by duct tape...

She whimpered in distress.

"Anna," Cael whispered to her gently.

His beautiful voice sliced through the vision like lightning, stopping the downward spiral into dark memories. She clung to that melodic, love-filled voice like a life preserver. When she felt control over the nightmare, she took a deep breath and bowed her head. She was sweating and panting and her hands were shaking.

"Anna," Cael whispered again. He took one of her hands in his and kissed her fingers. "You've got to learn control. Otherwise this gift is going to destroy you."

"It's just this one," she whispered. "I stared Paola in the face almost every time I looked in the mirror and I didn't go crazy like this. It's just this one vision," she repeated shaking her head over and over again, trying to fight the dark claws of her torturous memories that had somehow managed to mix themselves with the vision.

"Bradford is dead, Anna," he whispered.

"It wasn't really about Bradford," she said. "I can't explain it. It's like this girl is part of my soul. She's screaming my screams, begging with my words, pleading with my whimpers. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm there or if she's there. It's like she can pull me with her, like her spirit is hanging onto mine." Her voice softened. "And if I let her go..." she swallowed, "it's like I'll be abandoning my own soul."

Cael sighed. "I'm sorry, Anna. I'm sorry this is the gift my blood gave you. All I've ever wanted to do was protect you from any more pain. From the moment I heard you cry in that vault, I swore to myself I'd protect you with all my power. I've only managed to break my promise over and over again."

"Have you ever thought that maybe there is a reason I've been given this gift?" she asked quietly. "Maybe it's because I'm supposed to do something about these things, and with you at my back I can chase them down."

"You are doing absolutely NO chasing," he said emphatically. "You are my Little One, and now you're a queen. You can't just go traipsing off into oblivion every time you get a vision. Anna, you've got responsibilities, just like me."

She stood up angrily and stared at him for a moment in defiance. Without a word she walked away, pulled the red satin robe off the hook in the bathroom, and wrapped it around her naked body. "It's my first night," she reminded him acidly. "Right now I'm just some girl you're fucking. No one gives a shit about who I am."

He growled at that. "You're going to have to work on your vocabulary. Where you learned to curse like that is beyond me."

"I worked for a shipping company, remember?"

"I'm not letting you out to chase your nightmares, Anna," he said firmly.

She could feel it: that irrational little part of her that always managed to get her in trouble. Unlike that rational voice that seemed to take care of her, this little voice was all fiery devilishness.

"You won't let me?" she snapped her voice rising. "How dare you! You can't just tell me what to do!"

"Actually I can. You're a vampire, I'm a king, and you're my Little One on top of it. I have every right to command you."

She glared at him.

He stared back, his jade eyes glittered commandingly. It was definitely the stare of a man used to power and control; pure arrogance and self-assurance, and it infuriated her.

"If that's how it's going to be between us, I don't want any of it," she snarled stubbornly.

"Oh?" he retorted. "Then walk out the door, Anna. I believe we've played this game before. You can't leave me."

She bared her fangs at him and hissed irritably. Deep down she knew she was being difficult, but she hated that arrogant, commanding, possessive glint in his eyes. When she was weak and sickly and human, it was so much easier to stand, but now that she was strong...

To her surprise he chuckled softly. "Did you really just hiss at me, Anna?"

"Yeah," she retorted. "You're pissing me off."

"And you're irritating me."

"I have to help her, Cael. I have to."

He sighed and pulled her in his embrace from behind. As much as she wanted to struggle and pull away to be stubborn, she didn't. The moment he touched her, the real reason she was furious came back into focus; she was frightened.

Cael's presence banished the darkness. His arms steadied her when she was so afraid of being sucked away by her alarming powers. It reminded her of the time when she was a kid and her parents had taken the family to Niagara Falls. She took one look over the edge and felt a sucking feeling as though the water was pulling her down into the endless fog and foam towards death. Only her mother's sure embrace seemed to keep the roaring water and the misty chasm from reaching up and pulling her down.

"Let's make a deal my angel," he whispered in her ear.

Anna moaned. That sexy voice turned her insides to mush; the tone was so melodious and yet so raw and hungry that she couldn't help herself.

"I will promise to set up a group of people to investigate your visions for you. You get what you can from the visions, and they'll investigate based on the information you give them." He squeezed her even closer. "I won't lose you again, Anna. You must understand. I won't live through losing you again. If something happened to you I'd walk out into the sun and wait until it shreds my power away and kills me – it would probably only take a day. But one day of agony is bearable in comparison to the life I'd have to live without you."

She shivered. She couldn't imagine a world without him. A world without Cael. Even the thought brought tears to her eyes. He was right. She'd kill herself if she lost him.

"Okay," she finally admitted. "I get it. I do the dreaming, your people do the walking."

He smiled, flashing the tips of his fangs. "Then it's a deal."

"Good," she said, trying to pull away from his possessive embrace.

He didn't let her move an inch. Instead, he leaned back down and kissed her by the ear.

"I want you," he whispered.

She froze. Again? While one part of her was definitely feeling stubborn still, another part of her purred in contentment.

"Don't you still have things to do?" she asked pretending to be slightly exasperated. She was sure she didn't fool him at all. "You're all dressed up still." She turned around in his arms to look up at him and froze.

GOD! His jade eyes were literally scorching.

"The good thing about suits," he replied, his voice deep and sexy, "is that they come off very easily."

"Well then, let me see if I know how to work these 'suit' thingies."

His eyes seared into her hungrily. Take off your robe, he demanded in her mind.

She stared up at him and grinned mischievously, pulling it about her frame tightly. He growled a little at that.

"I guess I start right here," she said slowly unbuttoning his suit jacket. She could feel his nod, though she didn't look at him. Her fingers were slightly nervous. He looked much more important to her today, not like her Cael that she'd known from their vault and the trip across country. Not the same Cael that had ravished her so fully just as the sun set. This was King Cael...

King Cael... well, that just sounded weird.

"One of the many reasons I go by Alexander," he chuckled.

She smiled up at him. "It kinda sounded like King Kong... it had the alliteration thing going for it and all."

"Mmmm," he agreed. "Isn't that the story of the giant ape?"

She giggled. "Yeah."

"I remember it now. Classic film. Kieran and I went, when was it? In the thirties, I think. Those motion pictures were quite the rave back then."

Anna caught the cockily arched brow only a second before he grabbed her. She squealed in surprise as he tossed her over his shoulder. Then he gave her rear a loud slap. She screeched and struggled, but Cael easily restrained her, chuckling.

"Yes," he laughed. "There's something about males being able to overpower their females that I rather like."

He set her down on the bed gently, though and followed her down covering her with his god-like body. Even in a suit he was incredible, and his smell...

"You like this," he teased sniffing the slight musk of her arousal in the air.

Anna blushed and then stared him in the eyes defiantly. "Yeah, so do you," she said staring at the stiff bulge in his pants.

"Oh there's no doubt my Anna," he replied. He suckled on her ear, nipping at the flesh, while his hands nimbly untied the sash of the robe and pulled it apart baring her body to his hungry eyes. "Your body is goddess material," he whispered as he licked from her ear down her neck, "made to be worshipped."

Her heart pounded. His mouth was right there, oh GOD, he needed to bite her, now!

He chuckled at that. She wondered indignantly when she'd get good enough to pick his thoughts from his head.

"When you're older," he said. "Right now, you're so young that all your thoughts are a scream in your head. There's still so much that's new and surprising to you." He growled a little and nuzzled her neck again. "Now," he chuckled huskily, "I believe I was about to make my damsel in distress do some screaming."

He didn't take his clothes off. He tortured her with his fingers, his tongue, rediscovering every little sensitive spot on her body and finding a few more. Anna was a whimpering mass of need, a slave to his talented hands and mouth. He drove her higher and higher, but never let that spring that coiled inside of her release. Finally, he pulled away and stood.

"Don't you dare leave me like this Cael," she snarled helplessly.

He chuckled wickedly. "You're beautiful like that. Your skin is flushed, your breasts are heaving – you really look wanton, darling."

"I'll show you fucking wanton," she cried.

He laughed, grabbed her again and threw her over his shoulder, leaving the red satin robe in the middle of the bed.

"Cael!" she screeched as he carried her out of his bedroom. "What are you doing?"

"We have a date with our dining room table, Elianna Kennan," he returned playfully. "You're on the menu."

She didn't find much time to protest after that. After all the times they'd made love, Cael had never really demonstrated his 'talents' for everything sexual. She came and came again, sobbing his name in ecstasy. She was sure the bodyguards outside his chambers could hear her, but she couldn't stop. Cael kept her rolling from climax to climax; leaning over her in his immaculate-looking suit, not a strand of his carefully styled hair was out of place. She knew she looked like a whore spread out on his table naked, sweaty, panting, and her thighs covered in her juices, but watching Cael lick his fingers made her quiver in her core once again.

"So tasty," he whispered in that sexy voice she couldn't resist. "This morning, Angel, we're going to do something you've never done."

He started shedding his clothes at last. She'd been craving to see his glorious body, but one little attempt to unbutton his shirt rendered her hands attached to the table with his power. She hadn't been able to move her arms since. She moaned in agony, even the sight of his body sent her into another fit of longing.

"We're going have sex..." he explained his voice coming in pants.

Despite herself, she rolled her eyes. Yeah. New.

"We're going to have sex the way vampire mates make love; joining bodies and blood," he ground out. His hands were shaking.

That might be interesting. She smiled at his trembling hands. At least she knew she was getting to him, too.

"Oh don't worry Little One," he growled. "I want you. I'm going to pound my cock in your tight body until you can't take me anymore."

Anna stared at his throbbing erection and licked her lips.

"Not while your fangs are so new, sweetheart," he chuckled.

He grabbed her legs and pulled her until her rear almost hung off the table. Thank God it was a stable piece of furniture. He held himself there at her entrance and coated his purple-tipped cock in the juices that covered her slick entrance growling a little to voice how that moist heat pleased him. Then without warning he slammed home knocking the wind from her lungs.

She'd never mad love to Cael like this!

He was completely unrestrained, he held her with a bruising grip, but she wanted him to hold her tighter. The sound of his skin slapping against her filled the room, and she wanted more...more! He stared at her with his fangs elongated, his jade eyes glittering with hunger and she obligingly bared her neck for him. He grabbed her tightly and suddenly slammed her back against the wall driving up into her harder. She wrapped her legs about his hips to hold on, though she knew he wouldn't drop her, and gasped as he slammed inside of her over and over again.

Then, to her surprise, he bared his neck to her.

Instinctively, as she neared climax she drew closer to him and started lathing that spot with her tongue.

"Fuck yes, Anna," he groaned.

His body shuddered in pleasure and still he drove into her until she couldn't take it, she was overwhelmed. She screamed in orgasm, her body exploding with pleasure. Instinctively she bit down on his neck and drank from him; the incredible taste of his powerful blood sent her body into absolute euphoria. She never knew true pleasure until that moment. Nothing! Nothing compared to this! Even though she drowned in blissful sensation, she was acutely aware when Cael exploded inside her and bit her neck. It sent her into another spiral of pleasure; consuming, euphoric, incredible.

They stood that way for a while; joined in body and in blood slowly feeding off one another. Cael finally mastered himself and pulled away from her neck, licking to seal the wounds. He stroked her hair and held her close, feeling the warmth from where their bodies joined her soft lips at his neck in contentment. Finally she seemed to calm, for she sipped only slightly.

"That's probably enough for now, my love," he whispered tenderly in her ear. "My blood is strong. It might make you dizzy."

She made one of those soft, contented noises that he loved so much and obligingly licked the wound closed on his neck.

"You taste like heaven," she breathed nuzzling him dreamily.

"So do you," he replied smiling fondly.

He didn't have the heart to pull out of her. Instead he carried her through his rooms back to his bed and let her lay on top of him, nestled comfortably on his chest. Cael held her close, feeling that incredible contentment he'd only known since he met her.


Mara stood in the doorway staring at the massive bed a little nervously. He was kidding about the sharing the bed thing? Right? Obviously anyone with even a smidge of common sense would know that sharing a bed after that kiss was a really bad idea. If she just wasn't so damn tired at sunrise she'd have a better argument, she was sure of it.

"You sleep in clothes?" he asked her.

She stared at him groggily.

He made a gesture to her ensemble in explanation.

"Of course I don't sleep in stuff like this," she snapped, irritable that he would think she was such an idiot. These clothes were worth more than her jeep, and would definitely be uncomfortable to sleep in.

"So do you sleep naked?" he asked arching a dark brow. Behind his teasing voice she could hear it; predatory hunger.

Oh yes, he was dark and dangerous and... What the hell was she thinking? There was NO way she was going to sleep naked with him. It was obvious where that would lead.

"Um, I think I'd prefer to sleep in something," she said as she tried to get her racing heart under control.

He chuckled. "Now you're worried about your honor. Have you even looked at yourself in the mirror, Mara? You're fading fast. I'm not about to strip you, so if you want to change, you better do it before the sun rises."

"I don't have anything to sleep in," she protested, knowing that it was a very weak excuse.

He opened an armoire and tossed her a black silk-blend cotton shirt. She felt the fabric in her fingers for a moment. Even their t-shirts were costly. She looked up to see him stripping out of his clothes, and she noticed that he was wearing one exactly like hers.

Stripping out of his clothes?

Her breath caught in her throat. He filled that tight undershirt with lean, hard muscle threatening to bulge through, and when he stripped it off...

Her heart started to pound again and her mouth went dry. Oh wow. He was amazing, tall dark and handsome amazing. His wavy black hair looked like midnight satin, he had full dark brows, exotic almond-shaped eyes that glittered like obsidian fire. Out of his business suit he looked like some pagan god, some ancient Olympian, some foreign gladiator that fought lions in the Coliseum. With those dark wicked eyes, he screamed cool, sexy danger.

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