I'd met Linda at a party and she really turned me on. My dates with her until now had been enjoyable but despite her foxy, little body, she had not allowed me any real contact whatsoever. She was really uptight and I decided to give her some space. That had not really worked either.

After our fifth date, with nothing in a physical way to show for my efforts, except for a few cases of blue balls, I suggested that she really needed a way to relax. I offered to give her a massage but she declined.

"How do you relax?" she asked.

"Well, there are three ways," I explained. "One, I've suggested to you but you don't seem interested in making love. The second, I just suggested but you don't seem interested in a massage. I really think that you don't want me to touch you because you're afraid you just might end up enjoying it," I taunted her as I let her know that I was displeased with the status quo. "The third is hypnosis," I added.

"Hypnosis?" she asked. "That relaxes you?"

"Absolutely. It is one of the greatest relaxers ever invented," I said.

"How long have you been into that?" she asked.

"Oh, about 8 or 9 years. I'll hypnotize you if you like," I offered. Linda hesitated and I decided to press my luck. "Come on. It won't kill you. Just lie back on the sofa and kick off your shoes," I suggested. "I'll sit on the coffee table," I added, to reassure her that I wasn't going to lie down beside her. She gave me a suspecting look but then kicked off her shoes and lay back across the sofa. I moved to sit on the coffee table beside her.

"I want you to relax and listen carefully to the sound of my voice," I explained as I softened the tone of my voice. I first took her on a guided fantasy and then talked her though a series of relaxation exercises before moving on to real hypnosis. It took a little while for her to relax but after about 15 minutes, she went into a trance. Before bringing her out of the trance, I decided to add a post-hypnotic suggestion.

"When you awake, you will feel very relaxed and refreshed. The feeling will remain with you all day. When you hear the words 'horny, little bitch' you will go out onto the back porch and find a backpack. You will bring it inside and follow the instructions inside exactly," I suggested. I then brought her out of the trance. Linda felt relaxed and refreshed.

When I'd first met her, the thing that stood out to me was her beautiful, red hair. She had a slender body and wore a silk shirt unbuttoned to mid-chest, that allowed a glimpse of her cleavage. She did not have particularly large breasts but they fit her frame beautifully. She was sexy and seductive but scared shitless of getting involved. After several dates I could sense that she really wanted to get involved sexually but would not let herself. It had been a long time since she'd gotten laid but was too uptight to do anything about it. I'd decided that the only way she would loosen up was if she had no control of the situation. Since she would not give up control voluntarily, I put my little plan into effect. I did not want to hurt her or scare her too much.

The next day, while Linda was at work, I stopped by her house and walking around the back, left a small backpack on her porch. I called Linda around seven at her house and we began to talk. She spoke about the hypnosis and how relaxed she'd felt for the rest of the day.

"You know, I should have given you a suggestion to loosen you up a little bit about getting physical," I teased her.

"Oh, that's all you think about," she chided me.

"Listen, I've made no bones about the fact that I like you and would like to become your lover. I think you'd like that also but you won't let yourself. You know, you're just a 'horny little bitch' who won't let herself be touched," I teased her. I waited silently and Linda said good-bye and hung up the phone. She opened the back door and brought in the backpack. She opened it and read the instructions.

First she went into her bedroom and took out a very sexy teddy. Then she put up a bubble bath and while it filled, she went through the other items I'd left for her. She drew all the drapes and opening the garage door, unlocked the entrance to the kitchen. After her bath, she brushed out her flaming, red hair and putting on her teddy, she admired herself in the mirror. She looked very good. She pulled the bed away from the wall, into the middle of the room. Then she assembled the items I'd left for her on the bed and then placed a large wedge-shaped pillow in the middle of the mattress. She set up the tripod and video camera and aiming it at the bed, turned it on.

Linda picked up the two leather cuffs I'd left for her and placed one around each of her ankles. They were thick and padded with sheep's wool on the inside. Next she picked up the metal telescoping rod and pulling it open to its full length, laid it across the pillows of her bed. She attached the short chain attached to the middle of the pole to the rungs of the bed's headboard. It would not move off of the pillows. Sitting on the bed, she inserted the gag in her mouth and stretched the elastic band around the back of her neck, pulling her flaming, red hair out from under the strap. She could feel the rubber ball slip between her teeth and hold her mouth open. She then turned to face the head of the bed and attached one ankle and then the other to the rings in the ends of the pole with the clips that hung from her cuffs. She looked down at her tapering legs as they were spread wide apart on the bed. She could really feel her inner thighs stretch and she bent her knees slightly to ease the strain on her muscles. She moved her ass to the middle of the large bed and then closed another set of handcuffs I'd left her around one of her wrists. She lay back over the wedge pillow and adjusted it to fit comfortably under the middle of her back. Her shoulders were raised and her back arched over the pillow as her head hung back. She stretched her arms over her head to see that they would reach the railed footboard. She then reached over for the blindfold and put it in place. Then once again she stretched her arms up over her head, slid the chain of the handcuffs around the railing of the footboard and then snapped the cuff around her other wrist. She was ready.

I knew it would take me awhile to drive to her house and I wanted her ready when I arrived. Pulling into the garage, I closed the door and entered the house. Linda had been lying bound, by her own hands for almost twenty minutes and all kinds of fantasies had been running though her mind as she tried to imagine what was going to happen to her beautiful body. She heard me enter and her nipples began to harden as her sweet pussy began to moisten.

Coming into the room, I gazed at her bound body and then rewound the video tape and watched the last few minutes of her binding her body to the bed. Picking up the camera, I began to photograph her as I let the camera explore the curves and crevices of her luscious body. I reset the camera on the tripod and focused it on Linda's bound body. I sat down on the bed beside her and brushed her soft cheek. Linda tried to speak but could not with the gag in her mouth. I was going to enjoy reintroducing this beautiful woman to the pleasures that her body could provide and receive and to the idea and pleasures of bondage.

Leaning over her bound body, I kissed her cheek gently and her body began to tremble. I licked her cheek and then ran my tongue over her open lips. I kissed her again. Linda jumped slightly as I traced my fingers down her slender neck and teased her soft shoulders and upper arms. Then I traced my fingers across the tops of her firm breasts as they swelled gently below her silky teddy. Linda tried to protest but her voice was muffled by the gag. She tried to squirm away but the binding held her tightly and she could not move. There was nowhere for her to go. I cupped her warm breast in my hand and began to knead her firm mam. I watched as her nipple hardened and pressed against the soft silk of her teddy. Linda kept lifting her head as I continued to caress her breast. I shifted my hand to her other breast and then back and forth. Her nipples were hard as rocks and she continued to fight for a few moments. It did not take long for this beautiful woman to drop her head back and give up the fight.

On the front of her teddy was a bow, just below her ample breasts. I picked up the end and slowly pulled as the bow opened. With a sweep of my hand, I brushed the front of her top away and gazed down at the creamy whiteness of her beautiful breasts. Her skin was very white with some freckles that contrasted with the ruby redness of her nipples. My fingers closed on her nipple and I pinched it gently. I then rolled it between my fingers as the bound beauty moaned with pleasure. I teased and pinched her breasts for several minutes and then lowering my mouth, kissed her hard nipple. Linda gasped.

I began to suck on her tender nipples, licking them and nibbling on them. I thought they were hard when I'd begun but the only got harder as I teased them. I sucked hard on them and bit her gently a few times in my zeal to enjoy her magnificent breasts. Instead of squirming away from me, Linda seemed to be writhing in passion as I continued to enjoy her long neglected titflesh.

After enjoying her creamy tits for several minutes, I began to work my way down the front of her arched body. As I got to the top of her sheer panties, I skipped down over her open thighs and began to lick and kiss the smooth skin of her open thighs, down near her knees. I could hear her moaning and screaming in pleasure as I teased her open thighs. It was time to find out if she was really a red head.

Sitting up, I ran my palm across the inside of her thigh from her knee up to the joining of her legs. I cupped her mons in my hand and then rubbed her hard between her legs. I felt the heat and wetness that emanated from her long neglected pussy and sliding my fingers into her silk panties, pulled them up tightly between her swollen pussy lips. Linda's head bolted up as the material rubbed against her clit. She was a natural redhead. I stroked and teased her mons and tugged on the tight material buried between her pussy lips. Her panties were actually two small triangles connected over the hips by thin strips of material. I slid my fingers under one of the strips and pressing it firmly between my fingers I ripped it open. Linda gasped as she felt the material snap open. Sliding my fingers across her soft skin, I reached for the other strip and ripped it apart also. Then holding the end of the strip in my hand, I slowly pulled upwards as the bound beauty felt the soft material slide through her drenched pussylips and then from between her satiny thighs. Her last vestige of modesty was gone. Before me lay a seething quim - fully exposed and aching to be filled.

Far be it from me to keep a beautiful woman waiting. Lowering my face between her open thighs, Linda could feel my warm breath on her naked flesh. Again I began to stroke Linda's thighs and then eased my finger between the moist folds of her swollen labia. I heard her gasp. Her body began to shake as my finger slipped into her tight love channel. It had been a long time since anyone had touched her and since she'd been aroused by anyone. Linda was sexually out of control and the bindings held her. She raised her knees and lifted her ass slightly as I probed her seething pussy.

I slipped another finger into her body and began to fuck her gently with my fingers. She was very tight - I mean very tight. I pressed my thumb against her erect clit as my fingers slid gently in and out of her juicing pussy. Linda's body was shaking as her sweet flow coated my probing fingers.

Easing my fingers from her seething pussy, I moved to the head of the bed and then climbed between her open thighs. I kissed her just above her knee and then slowly worked my way closer and closer to her spread pussy. Her legs were in a constant state of motion as I drew closer to her seething quim. As I had done with my fingers earlier, I pointed my tongue and inserted it between the wet folds of her labia and pressed deep into her sweet flesh.

Linda was screaming with pleasure as I licked her pussy. Finding her clit, I caressed it with the tip of my tongue and she shot even more cum into my mouth. My tongue slid deep into her body as I tried to lick all of her sweet nectar. I explored every inch of her pussy, probing deeply with my tongue and nibbling on her clit as my fingers pinched her firm ass. Linda was in ecstasy as her beautiful body continued to cream every few moments. My tongue was giving out and it was time to try something new.

I began to kiss and lick my way up her beautiful body as I stretched out across her. Linda could feel my ramrod as it brushed up against her smooth, inner thighs. As I got closer to her breasts, my cock pressed firmly against the soft skin beside her swollen pussy lips. She moaned deeply as I began to suck on her taut nipples once again. Then when I began to nibble by way up to her neck, she felt the tip wedge between her swollen labia. I raised myself up and watched her as I slid my cock all the way into her beautiful, bound body. Once all the way in, I waited and then flexed my cock in her loins. Linda gasped as she felt my cock fill her tight pussy. It had been a long time since anyone had shoved a cock into her body.

Slowly I withdrew my shaft from her tightness until only the tip remained embedded between her swollen labia. Then I pressed my cock back into her body and could feel her inner muscles close tightly around my invading shaft and massage my cock. Again I slid my cock out but then rammed it back in hard as her head bolted upwards as she screamed softly. I felt her insides flood and the warmth around my cock was exquisite. Again and again I rammed my cock deep into her tight quim as her tits began to heave and her ass began to gyrate. Linda braced her feet on the mattress and lifted her pussy slightly as she rolled her hips each time my cock invaded her tightness. I could feel my cum getting ready to explode as I shoved my cock into her writhing body.

Leaning over her body, I bit her breast and her powerful love muscles clamped down around my invading shaft and my cock erupted deep inside her quivering pussy. Linda felt the powerful explosion in her body and her own orgasm overwhelmed her.

I stretched out over her body as her head lay back and her chest continued to heave. I could feel the collective heat of our bodies as I lay in her warm saddle. I felt her inner muscles continue to milk my shaft as she tried to drain every last drop of cum and pleasure from my cock. I lay quietly as I began to nibble on her slender neck.

It took some time for my cock to slip from her cum-filled quim and then I lifted myself off of her beautiful body. I focused the camera on her pussy and the cum that continually oozed out of it. I then repositioned the camera and put in a new cassette.

Coming around to the foot of the bed, I climbed on and looked down at her panting tits as they were pressed upwards by the wedge pillow below her back. Her head hung down and placing my knees on either side of Linda's head, brushed her soft cheeks with the tip of my spent cock. Linda could smell the powerful scent of cum on my cock and feel the moistness of our cum on her cheek as I pressed the tip against her lips. Reaching down, I pulled the ball gag from between her teeth and as she opened her mouth to say something, I slid my cock between her soft lips. She could taste the sweetness of our cum as my cock filled her mouth. I felt her tongue lick at the length of my shaft as my body began to slowly rock in and out of her mouth. My hands came down to her creamy breasts and I began to tease her nipples, pinching and twisting them gently as I pulled on them. Every time Linda moaned, she tickled my cock in her mouth. It only took moments for her to lick all of the cum from my cock and for her talented mouth to begin to bring my cock back to life.

As she pleasured my cock and I teased her nipples, I thought to myself, 'what a shame that such a beautiful and talented woman should deny herself and others the pleasures that her body was capable of providing.' I did not pump into her mouth but waited as my cock began to grow in her mouth.

I could feel the beginning of another erection as my cock pressed against the back of her throat. I felt her tongue on my shaft and then she tried to pull her head away but could not. As my shaft grew in her mouth, the tip pressed against her tonsils and Linda started to gag. I did not move and as my cock entered her throat, I could feel her spasms as the sensation pleasured my cock. Finally her muscles stopped their spasms and I could feel the length of my shaft buried deep in her throat.

My cock continued to grow until it reached its full size. Leaning forward and bracing my hands on the bed, I slid out of Linda's throat until only the head of my cock remained in her sweet mouth. Slowly, I slid back in to the hilt and Linda felt her throat stretch open to accommodate my cock. I began to fuck her beautiful face as Linda tried to move her hands. She could not. I fucked her like this for several minutes as I watched her lips close around my invading shaft and felt her warm breath on my balls. I slid back until only the tip of my cock remained in her mouth and Linda went after it like a madwoman. I could feel her lick and suck on my cock as she tried to pleasure me. It was working and I shot my load deep into her throat as she gulped and swallowed to get it all.

I slid my cock back into her mouth and again waited for my cock to soften in her talented mouth as she continued to suck on me. When I was totally satisfied, I slid my cock from between her lips and I climbed off of the bed. I picked up the video camera and began to take more pictures of my bound captive. I released the chain holding the pole to the headboard but Linda didn't know that.

I left her bound on the bed as I walked over to the easy chair in the corner and sat down. I needed to rest for a while and I wanted to think about other ways to enjoy the beautiful woman bound before me.

Returning to the bed, I placed my hand on Linda's thigh and felt her body quiver. I slid my hand up to her wet pussy and probed her body gently. Then easing my fingers from her quim, I ran my hand all the way down to her ankle. Taking hold of the pole holding her legs open, I pulled it up over her head, bending her body in half. Pulling further on the pole, I pulled her all the way over until her feet touched the floor. Her legs were still spread wide apart and her body was bent over the footboard as her wrists were still bound to the railing between her legs. Linda felt her upper arms frame her tits as they were mashed against the mattress. Her ass stood out beautifully.

I stepped up behind her and let my cock graze over her firm asscheeks and dip between her firm thighs. She gasped as she felt my cock tease her quim. I slipped my cock between her moist lips and then slid all the way into her warm, wetness. As my shaft reached full penetration, Linda's body pressed forward and she grunted. I flexed my cock deep in her loins and then began to fuck her sweet body gently.

Easing my cock from between her thighs, I inserted two fingers into her bubbling pussy. I coated them with her wet flow and then began to caress and prod her tight, little ass. I pressed my finger between her firm cheeks and pushed gently against her puckered asshole. Linda clenched her muscles tightly in an effort to prevent the invasion of her sweet ass. I was not about to be denied but I didn't want to hurt her either. I pressed my finger gently against her tight hole.

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