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"My name is Erik Henriksson, I am eighteen, Swedish, and yesterday I had the best day of my whole life. That day I had sex with the most beautiful, gorgeous woman on this earth, Sandra Malmstrom. She is related to me; in fact, Sandra is my cousin. I fucked my hot cousin."

I wrote these words one day last year. I want to tell the story about how it all came to be, and what happened afterward.


There she went, a woman with whom I'd had far fewer opportunities to talk than I would have liked. I watched her walk by on long tanned legs, and noted her flat stomach and narrow waist. Today her hair was pulled loosely away from her face revealing her fine features, especially her lips. I had day-dreamed many times about kissing them. They were quite lush and across them often played a mysterious smile, like Mona Lisa's, but a thousand times more alluring. Overall, my judgment about Sandra was that she was very beautiful. She stood approximately six feet tall, with long red hair, and deep blue-green eyes around which she'd often apply a hint of color. She wore a completely white bikini today that made her breasts look a little bigger. Though they were not big, they were still beautiful, so beautiful. Her nipples showed pretty clearly through the top, but she did not seem to care.

Sandra is my cousin, and I happened to know a few things about her. She was eighteen. At a very young age she'd had a small red rose tattooed below her navel. How she had gotten her mother to go along with it was a mystery to me. We communicated occasionally via MSN, and in the exchanges she had revealed a piece of intelligence: she had not yet slept with any man, although there had been some close calls.

It was summer, and I was spending it with my family. My mother, Inger, and Sandra's mother, Ingrid, were sisters, and for our vacation we had rented a three-bedroom cabin together, on an island. My parents slept in one bedroom, my aunt in the next, and the largest had child-sized bunk beds for my two younger sisters and brother, and her little sister and brother. What was then left for Sandra and me, you ask? Well, luckily -- if you can call it that -- there was the couch in the living room. It converted into a fold-out bed big enough for two people, which we had to share. Being the two oldest of the children, it had always fallen to our lot to put up with the worst accommodations during every summer vacation. I thought at first that it might be a little difficult to share, because after all, she was not ugly. But the first night went by without incident and gave me hope.

The second day of vacation found us relaxing and playing on the beach. I was basking in the sun, wearing just my Speedos and sunglasses, checking out all of the girls as they walked by. There were actually some good looking ones, one in particular who appeared to be a few years older and had very large breasts. Next, I caught sight of a girl whose nice ass was completely visible around her skimpy thong, and the rest of her looked pretty cute too -- definitely someone who could be included in masturbation fantasy if I ever got lonely. But despite the eye candy, my eyes turned again and again to Sandra as she bathed and played with her siblings in the water. There was no one who even came close to being as beautiful as Sandra, I realized, and this revelation scared me.

After a while, she came out of the water, and I watched surreptitiously as she walked toward me and sat on a lounge chair next to mine. I pretended not to notice her at first, and kept my shaded gaze straight ahead, but under the sunglasses I had my eyes fixed on her as long as possible. "Hey," she said. I pretended not to hear her speak.

She suddenly stood up and shook out her long wet hair, spraying water all over me and at that point, of course, I could not ignore her any longer. Without taking off my shades I looked up at her. She smiled at me and said, "Serves you right."

"Damn blonde," I replied and winked at her.

She smiled and sat down in the chair next to mine again. "How hot it is," she said, looking out over the sea.

"Well, is the water warm, too?"

She did not answer, but just dipped her hand inside the bag resting between our loungers. From it she pulled out my camera and took a photograph of the view. "What did you say?" she finally said, and looked over at me.

"Is the water warm, or is it just you who's hot?"

She laughed before answering. "No, it's just the water that's hot." She smiled at me, and then closed her eyes and leaned back in the chair.

I closed my eyes and leaned back too.


That evening, the adults had promised the children they would play with them, so therefore the three 'non-children': Sandra, my fourteen-year-old brother Thomas, and I, took off to explore Mariehamn. We'd hoped to find that it was a big town with sights to see, but unfortunately, it was mostly dead everywhere we looked. Finally we found a pizzeria. Thomas was surprisingly quick to order; he stepped up to the counter to rattle off his choice, and then immediately ran off to the bathroom. I ordered, and then asked Sandra what she wanted. When she answered I repeated it to the guy behind the counter, adding, "And be sure to turn up with the best the house has, for this sweet girl."

We found an open table for four. Sandra sat down opposite me and whispered, "Do you think I'm cute?"

"Yes I do," I replied, and looked at her. She seemed happy.

"You are also cute," she said, blushing a little.

"No ... I don't think so," I replied simply.

"You know, when Thomas is not with us, we can pretend to be together," she whispered.

"What do you mean?" I whispered back.

"Pretend we're together, nothing excessive, just holding hands kind of thing. It's anybody's guess what we are."

"You are a bit funny, aren't you?"

I trained my gaze on the guy who stood at the oven, about to bake the pizza, all the while watching Sandra out of the corner of my eye. Soon she looked up, too.

She leaned forward, and rested an arm on the table. That was when I struck. That is to say, cautiously I moved my hand and took her hand in mine, and held it. She looked at me, but my eyes did not deviate for a second from gazing in the direction of the pizza guy, who had just put the pizza in the oven.

A toilet flushed, followed by a short silence, and then out came Thomas. As if nothing had ever happened, our hands separated by a few inches.

"What took you so long?" I asked, staring at Thomas.

"Shut up," he replied quietly, then blushed and looked down at the table.

Soon the waiter came over and served us. After eating our pizzas, we sat for a while and talked, watching the customers as they came in. We noticed other people our age had arrived. Among these, I saw some of the guys looking at Sandra, wide-eyed. I understood; she was beautiful. I drank her in with my eyes, too. Thomas quietly excused himself to go to the toilet again. As soon as he was out of sight, Sandra took my hand in hers.

"Do you see how all the guys are staring at you?" I whispered to her.

"Yes, I might be pretty," she replied, blushing a little.

"I bet they're pretty jealous of me now."

"Do you want to make them jealous?" Before I could answer her, Sandra leaned over the table toward me and kissed me. I responded eagerly; she felt wonderful. When she sat back, she said, "Check if anyone looked."

I looked behind her, and indeed, all of the guys had their heads turned in our direction.

"Are they looking?" asked Sandra. I nodded in reply. She smirked and patted the seat next to her, "Sit here, next to me."

I got up and sat on the chair next to her. She took my hand and held it against her butt. "This feels a little weird," I said, and felt rather than saw the boys' burning gazes.

"It's hot," said Sandra. "It really turns me on."

"Me too ... in some weird way."

"Kiss me again."

Gently, I kissed her soft lips, and felt her tongue against mine. I held her left cheek and stroked her soft hair.

"You're beautiful," I said when the kiss was over. I gently stroked her hair and pushed aside a few strands that hung in front of her face.

Just then Thomas came back, and we had to stop what we were doing.

"Now, I've to go to the bathroom," said Sandra. We all watched as she got up and walked off.

"Erik," said Thomas, "can you help me with something?"

"Mmm. Yes, what is it?"

He got up and sat down in Sandra's place, and then whispered, "Is it normal if you...."

"... If you what?"

"If you love someone in your family?"

"What do you mean?"

"Sandra's kind of good looking, I usually ... think of her and masturbate...." Thomas blushed, and looked down at the table.

"No," I replied. "I think it's normal, if you are in puberty."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I have done it before too."

"Okay, it's not strange then?"

"No, I think not, she's fine."

"What are you talking about, boys?" Sandra stood behind us. Thomas and I froze; neither of us responded.

At that point, we decided to split and go to the back of the cottage. Outside the pizzeria, I took out my cell phone and noticed that the time was eleven, and that I had two missed calls from Mum. I called up the cabin and learned that they had all gone to bed, which meant we had to go back on foot.

Thomas pulled out his mp3 player and started playing his music, listening through his ear buds. He took the lead and started walking on ahead of us. His timing was perfect, because then Sandra and I could finally talk together undisturbed.

"Do you really think I'm beautiful?"

"Yes, I do."

Sandra blushed, and changed the subject. "It's so cold. I should have brought my jacket!"

"Here, take my sweater, I have a t-shirt." We stopped long enough for me to pull off my thick sweater and hand it to her. In response, she stretched out her arms and I pulled the shirt over them, and then over her head down over her body. When I pulled it down over her breasts, I could feel her nipples; they were quite erect, but maybe it was from the cold. I grabbed her waist and looked into her eyes. She blushed and looked away.

"Maybe we should go," she said, adding quickly, "Thomas is a bit ahead now."

"Yes, we should catch up to him." We hurried after him, but even so, by the time we got to the house he had already disappeared upstairs to bed. Sandra and I stayed up and helped ourselves to a bottle of cider from the fridge. We did not care if we were allowed to or not. Then we sat down in the dark living room, and put the TV on, with the volume muted. There were only a few channels, and luckily TV4 was one of them. A film played that we watched while we drank our cider.

"We are pretty crazy, right?" Sandra said, fingering the screw top of the cider bottle.

"Yes, we must be," I replied, and looked at her. "Maybe we should not hang out so much, it's like not normal."

"Mmm. But we're cousins."

"Well, then, we have not actually gone beyond messing with some guys who looked at you."

"But there are certain feelings I'm having...."

"Me too," I interjected, "and I still do not want to stop hanging out with you, even if it is not love. You are a great friend."

"I think you are too, and something inside me just wants to jump on you and...."

The air felt heavy with the tension of mutual desire and frustration. It had been a long day and there was much to think about. We sat together quietly, and watched the movie, until finally I heard Sandra lightly snoring. I felt very tired, myself. I stood up and gently took the empty cider bottle from her hand, then went to the kitchen with the bottles. I returned to the living room and unfolded the sofa bed, turned off the TV, and gently lifted Sandra up and helped her over to the bed. I laid her down on her side and pulled off her pants, uncovering a pair of white panties and those long, beautiful legs. I caressed up along one leg before returning to my task, tugging her shirt over her head along with her bra and stared at her exposed bare breasts. Quickly, I pulled off my pants, and lay down beside her.

"Is it true?" she whispered suddenly.

"Is what true?"

"That you have masturbated and thought about me?"

"Hmm. Yes it is."

"There are not many girls who would admit it, but that stuff actually makes a girl happy." Then she took my hand and placed it on her stomach, then leaned in closer to me, and we spooned for a while. She put my hand on her breast, and I stroked the underside gently. Cautiously I slipped my hand up and cupped it around her breasts.



"I've thought about it for a while now, and I have to say it."

"Tell me."

"I want to feel you in me. I want to feel your cock everywhere in me, in every hole."

"Huh? But we ... we cannot ... we're cousins...."

She threw herself on me and tore at my top. "Fuck me like an animal," she said, and bit my ear as she pulled off my shirt and started licking around my nipples. "Fuck me now," she commanded.

Just as my surprise wore off and my hard-on sprang up, we heard footsteps creaking along the floorboards. Someone was walking out of one of the bedrooms upstairs. Quickly, Sandra rolled onto her side on the sofa bed, and lay with the blanket arranged over her shoulders, to hide the fact that she was topless. It was her father, who passed us on the way to the toilet. A few minutes later we heard him walk by again, returning to his bedroom and closing the door. Sandra turned to me again.

"Sorry," she said, "I don't know what happened. It's just that ... I do not know what it feels like to fuck, and I really want to know. You're like just a year older than me, and then you are very handsome, and so ... so I...."

"It does not matter, you know, I want to feel my cock in your pussy."

She looked at me. "You should not make fun of me," she said after a moment.

"I am not teasing you. I want it, too. You are my cousin, and I love you as such, but I also want to fuck you hard and wild. But now it's nearly half past four so we should sleep on it, and see how we feel about it tomorrow."

"Okay ... good night."

"Good night."

Then she kissed me, and soon was asleep.

I, on the other hand, fell asleep much later.

Chapter 2

The next morning we all traveled by car to explore a completely different island a few hours' drive away. We went swimming, ate at a nice local restaurant, and shopped. Early on in the day, we discovered a nice hidden beach and from there we walked to the nearby village. After eating, we headed back to the main beach to relax. I spent that time in the sun, and checking out the local girls surreptitiously, while wearing my sunglasses. Sandra wasn't sun-bathing today. Instead of her bikini, she wore a white t-shirt with a short black skirt that showed off her legs.

As the sun started going down and the sky had turned pale orange, we returned to the restaurant. After we'd eaten, Sandra said, "I'm just going to the bathroom, be back in a second."

"I must go too," I interjected, and followed Sandra.

It was a unisex toilet, so Sandra disappeared into a booth and I was left outside, waiting for her. When I briefly heard her flush I slipped gently into the stall, which she had not locked. "Hey you," I said.

"What took you so long?" I was suddenly admonished, just before I felt Sandra's arms flung around my neck.

"Are you ready to --?"

"Yes," she interrupted me, "but lock the door first."

I turned around and locked the stall. Meanwhile, she also turned around and pulled up her skirt. She wasn't wearing anything underneath. Sandra leaned forward and braced herself on the toilet. With one hand, I took hold of each buttock and spread them apart. Her asshole and pussy peeked out, and I stroked a finger over both of them. When I got to her pussy, I noticed that it was very wet, so I slipped my finger inside and finger-pumped her a few times. With my other hand, I began to spank her on the buttocks, and I heard her give a small moan of pleasure and pain. I leaned over her and said, "Are you ready?"

"Mmmm ..."

"I said, are you ready?"

"Mmmm ... yes I am."

"Say it then."

"I am ready."

"For what?"

"I am ready to be fucked!"

"Damn right." I smacked her across the buttocks a few more times, then unbuckled my belt, and pulled down my jeans and boxers. "Look, look what you've done," I said and made her turn her head, "see what you've done to me? Are you going to do anything about it?"

"Yes I will," said Sandra, and turned around and crouched down in front of me, face-to-face with my erection. She grasped it and jerked it back and forth a few times before gently licking the glans. She licked a few times more before she dared try to take it in your mouth. It was pretty big, so I was not really quite sure if she could fit it in. I had always won the cock measurement competitions in high school, and when measured in hard state, I had concluded that I was around 7 inches long.

She had the head of the penis in her mouth, and played with her tongue on it in circling movements. She was good, and it surprised me that she had not done it before. When we talked about it on MSN, she had told me she had never given head before, and I thought why would she lie to me about a thing like that?

She took in more and more of my cock in her mouth, and gradually devoured it to the root. She started sucking in and out, while one of her hands played with my balls, and the other explored my bum and back. It was more sensual than any other oral sex I had received, and I had been sucked several times before.

I looked down and saw her head moving back and forth along my shaft, and soon I felt I was not far from the end. When it got too close, I took hold of her head and signaled her to get up.

She did, and I said, "Turn around. Now you get cock."

She turned around, stood leaning over the toilet as before, and spread her legs. I smacked her across the buttocks a few times before I spread her and found her pussy with my dick. I slowly started pressing against her, gently sliding it in. It was very easy, because she was very wet. Her pink teen pussy enveloped my cock completely. I started to move it in and out of her, slowly moving faster and faster.

"You like that?" I asked and took her hair in my hand, gathered it into a ponytail, and pulled her head back gently.

"Mmm ... fuck me harder," she said.

I did as she demanded. She began to moan, and I fucked rougher and faster. I felt her tight young pussy squeeze my dick in a wonderful way that I never experienced before. My balls smacked loudly against her every time I pushed in my penis. We groaned loudly, as I fucked Sandra faster and even harder.

"Mmm.... fuck me hard," she moaned.

"Here you go, prime dick, straight into your pussy."

"Mmm ... ooh ... ooh ..."

Sandra's pussy squeezed hard on my dick as I sawed in and out of her. With each thrust, I got deeper into paradise. I soon found myself having to moan loudly, but controlled the urge before I got too noisy. It felt as if my cock would burst, but I wanted to see if I could give Sandra an orgasm, too. I asked her if she was close to coming, and she said no. Even so, we had to stop soon, or we'd risk suspicion. I told her that I was close. Quick as a flash, Sandra was down on her knees in front of me, jerking me off. It felt wonderful to be masturbated by her -- very different from doing it myself. Soon I came -- jet after jet of my cum hit her in the face. It splashed in her hair and over one closed eye, and lots in her mouth. She continued to jerk off my dick, then licked and sucked the head of my penis for a short time after the semen stopped flowing. She had collected much of my cum in her mouth. With a lewd smile, she opened, showed it to me, and then swallowed it all.

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