Redheads Have No Souls


While she knelt beside his chest, facing his feet, and lavished attention on his dick, Gio played with her ass. Then, his fingers danced across her sex. He stroked her clit and fingered her hole gently getting her pussy wet and ready.

She pulled off his cock and moaned loud and long while he strummed her clit. "Oh! So nice. That's so nice. Fuck me, Gio!"

"An excellent idea."

He got up, picked up a condom off the nightstand and slipped it on. He got back on the bed and positioned her on her back. He slipped a pillow under her bottom. He couldn't pass up her pretty, red pussy. He spent a few minutes, chewing on her labia, flicking his tongue across her clit and sucking out her honey.

Then, he knelt in between her legs. He grabbed her ankles and raised her legs straight up in the air.

"Guide me in, my love."

She grabbed his manhood and put it at her opening. He slid in easily and completely.

"Ohhh," she moaned. She always loved the initial penetration.

"Oh, yes!" He exclaimed. Her pussy felt as hot as a furnace.

He established an easy, steady rhythm. She just lay there and took it. In a good way. Gio was in complete control. He made it his mission to pleasure her. He alternated the angle of his penetration to hit all the right spots. She loved what he was doing.

He took her pleasure to a new level when he began crossing and uncrossing his legs as he drilled her.

"Oh! Goodness! That's different. Oh! I like it.

He let her enjoy the new sensation. Before it became old, he stopped. He bent her right leg and brought her foot to his mouth. He sucked on her toes. She giggled.

"That tickles," she laughed and enjoyed it and was glad he didn't stop.

Again, before she tired of his foot play, he changed things up. He rested her legs on his shoulders and he used his hand to diddle her nub while his cock stroke across her G-spot.

It had just the effect he'd hoped.

"Oh! Ohh! Ohhhh!" she cried out and came hard.

She thrashed about and he struggled unsuccessfully to stay in her. His short penis came free. He grabbed it and stroked himself to his glorious orgasm.

"Em. Em. Ahhh!" He cried out as he sprayed her. He blasted ropes of cum on her tits. One ambition spurt landed on her face. That woke her from her bliss. Her eyes popped open and she stared at him.

He feared her reaction. Lots of women enjoy a facial, but lots don't. He was relieved to hear her burst out laughing.

She wiped the jism off her face, wagged the finger at him as if he was a naughty boy and then plunged it into her mouth and smiled.

"You've impressed me again. Thanks for being a good sport," he said.

Colleen looked down at her chest. She shrieked in a happy manner and said, "What a mess! If I'd known how much fun it was to have someone coming all over me, I'd had done it sooner."


Brianna played and sang at The Black Rose. She was good. She felt good. Her latest victim must have lived a decent, honorable life. He provided her with plenty of energy. She wouldn't need to feed for a while.

She had offers for drinks and sex, but turned them all down. She stayed and watched the main act and then went back to her hotel.


Wednesday, November 1st

Gio and Colleen met up the next day at the office. They acted as if they weren't sleeping together. Files for the two dead man including the coroner reports were on her desk.

"Are those the reports on the deceased?" Gio asked.


Colleen scanned the reports and then said, "The coroner says the cause of death for both of them is undetermined. They had no injuries. No serious health issues. Each had alcohol in their system, but not at a life-threatening level. No drugs."

"They were healthy men who now are dead?" Gio said.

"Yes." Colleen glanced at the report and said, "Windridge only moved to Boston a month ago."

She read more and said, "Remember Mr. Windridge had his pants off?"

Gio nodded.

"Both men had had sex shortly before they died."

"Hmm," Gio grunted.

"We could run DNA tests and maybe learn the identity of their sexual partner if their data is in the system. That would cost money and since they didn't die under suspicious circumstances, no one will authorize the expense. "

"We have the same limitations in Italy. Perhaps, I can look into these two deaths. My efforts won't cost Boston anything."

"These deaths are unusual and deserve at least a casual glance. If you have a hankering to walk the streets of Boston and talk to a few of its great people, as your official liaison, the least I can do is keep you company."

The shared a conspiratorial smile.

"Where shall we start?" Colleen asked. "The Black Rose."


It didn't take the detectives long to learn the identity and address of the singer. Shortly thereafter, they were knocking on Brianna Ryan's door.

"Yes," Brianna said after she opened the door to her hotel room.

"Ms. Ryan, I'm Sergeant O'Hara and this is Sergeant Saladino. May we come in? We have a few questions."

"Of course. How can I help?"

"Do you know Aiden O'Connor."

"No. I don't think so."

Colleen's eyes narrowed. She said, "You were seen leaving The Black Rose two nights ago with him."

"Oh. Was that his name?"

The detectives stared hard at her.

Brianna explained matter-of-factly, "I did my set and then, met some guy at the bar. He invited me to his place. We had sex. If you say his name was Aiden, I won't argue with you. We didn't get around to introductions."

She didn't show it, but she was nervous about talking to the police. It had happened more than a few times over the decades. They were some of the worst experiences of her life.

The early police and those who wielded police-like power before there were police departments, often were a tough bunch whose actions were unconstrained by rules or other controls. One such unchecked man, who acted as the accuser, judge, jury and execution, was the priest who led the mob that burnt her mother at the stakes. That was the basis of her fear. She put on a brave front and lied. "He was smiling when I left him."

Gio looked at the beautiful woman and found her statement believable. Any man having sex with her would be happy.

Brianna looked at Colleen and said, "I admit to being a sexual, adventuress woman. Does that make me a killer? How am I supposed to have killed this man? He was bigger and stronger than me."

They couldn't answer her questions. They asked her a couple more ineffective questions and left.

Colleen received a call after they left the building. When she hung up, she said to Gio, "That was my boss. I have to return to the station to deal with some important matters."

"Go. I would like to see more of your beautiful city and speak to your citizens. I think I will start with the area around Mr. Windridge's apartment."

"Okay. Be careful and don't misrepresent yourself. You have no authority here."

"I know. I will be a polite visitors seeing the sights and asking simple questions." He handed her a duplicate card to his hotel room. "Meet me at my hotel when you are done for dinner and more."

"Sounds great," she said with a smile.

He gave her a kiss on the cheek and they parted ways. She drove to the station.

Gio caught a cab to the Charlesview Apartments. The dapper man sat outside the building in a small park that was on the grounds. He politely engaged people in conversation. Most hadn't seen Mr. Windridge the day of his death or they didn't know him.

He hit the jackpot when one elderly busybody from the building sat on a bench near Gio. They chatted about the weather. Then, Gio inquired casually, "Do you know my friend, Thomas Windridge?"

"Yes. He lives on my floor," the septuagenarian replied.

"I worry about him," Gio lied. "He moved in about a month ago and I don't think he has any friends."

"Now, I'm not one to gossip," the old man said leaning forward.

Gio nodded in an understanding way encouraging the neighbor to continue. "Of course not," he said.

The man said, "The other day, a little after noon, I saw him taking a redhead into his apartment. She had a classy chassis. A real doll. If you know what I mean."

"Yes. A redhead, you say?"

The man nodded. "Brianna. He called her Brianna."

Gio took his leave and called Colleen.

"Colleen, I think I have discovered an eyewitness that places our favorite redheaded, Irish folk singer at Windridge's apartment the day of his murder. A neighbor reported that Windridge bought an attractive redhead named Brianna to his place.

"Oh, really!"

"Yes. Quite a coincident," Gio said.

"I don't believe in coincidences!"

"Neither do I. Any chance you can get away? I think we should have a talk with Ms. Brianna Ryan."

"Where are you? I'm coming to pick you up."


Thirty minutes later, Gio and Colleen were knocking on Brianna's door.

"Hello, officers, " she said with trepidation. "What can I do for you? Come in," she added trying to sound calm.

The officers entered her hotel room. Gio asked, "Do you know Thomas Windridge?"

She hesitated. Colleen produced a headshot taken at the morgue. Thomas looked gray and lifeless in the photos. "Does this jog your memory?"

Brianna began to worry. She didn't like the tone and implications of their questions. Her mind was reeling. "What do they know?" she asked herself. She decided to ask them.

She leaned into Colleen until they were six inches apart. She drew a sharp breath. She stole her breath and some of her strength. She didn't kill her or steal her soul. She weakened the woman so she was confused and collapsed.

"Colleen, are you all right?" Gio asked with concern. He caught her as she fell.

"He cares for her," the witch thought.

While he supported the fainting woman, Brianna said, "Oh, dear. Sit her on the bed."

She assisted Gio and they guided Colleen to the bed. Then Brianna, did the same maneuver on him. He slumped on the bed, feeling confused and faint. They were in a weakened state. Some might say they were bewitched.

She could compel them to do things, not things that conflicted with strongly held beliefs, but things. She couldn't make them kill someone, for example. However, she could order them to sleep for hours so she could escape.

She could also compel them to tell the truth. She did that now. Brianna towered over them and demanded, "Do you think I killed the men?"

"Yes," they answered weakly.

"Do you have any evidence?"

"No," Colleen acknowledged.

"How did I do it?"

"We don't know," Gio conceded.

"Why are you here? To arrest me?"

"No," Gio said.

"To get you to confess," Colleen said.

"That's not going to happen," Brianna said. She was relieved. She said, "I will leave town today. You two have caused me trouble. Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you, but I do deserve some recompense."

"O'Hara, do you care about this man?"


"Have you had sex with him?"


"Did you enjoy it?"

"Very much."

She laughed. A plan formed in Brianna's head. "I will wreck your credibility and get you in trouble for having caused me trouble. What would your colleagues think if they caught you naked and having sex?"

She laughed imaging that.

"Get undressed," she ordered.

While they removed their clothes, She hurriedly packed her things and set her bag and guitar besides the door.

The two sergeants stood naked by the bed awaiting further instructions. Brianna looked them over. "Aren't you two a sight?"

She walked over and pinched one of Colleen's erect, pink nipples and said, "You've got great thick nipples." She cupped her hairy sex and said, "I'm guessing by the unkempt state down here. You don't get a lot of action."

"No," Colleen responded.

"Giovanni, what is it you find attractive about this woman?"

"Her soul."

"Ah. A man after my own heart. I too appreciated a good soul." She laughed at her inside joke.

"Suck his cock, bitch!"

Colleen got on her knees and took Gio's stubby, flaccid penis into her mouth. She sucked him unashamedly as if the two were alone. Brianna sat and watched the slim redhead give the short, powerfully built man an enthusiastic blowjob.

"Enough," she said. She was pleased to discover that she could get them to have sex. She could execute her plan.

Colleen stopped and released his unit.

"Gio, baby," Brianna said and smirked. "She did a wonderful job, is that all you have? You're built like a bull. It's a shame you're hung like a hamster."

She laughed and said before he could answer, "Pull down the bedspread and sheet. Climb into bed. I want you to "69". Colleen, you're on top with your ass toward the door. I want anyone that enters the room to see your hairy pussy.

"Get busy. Suck that cock. Eat that pussy. Do it now and keep doing it when the police arrive."

The couple got into position and performed oral sex. Brianna took out her cell phone and began videotaping them. First, she focused on Colleen's tight ass. She zoomed in on her fire crotch, puckered asshole and then, Gio's tongue lapping at her pussy.

Next, she panned around to the side. You saw a man and women pleasuring each other. The video had no sound, but it was as if you were right there. Your brain filled in the missing parts -- the sounds and the scents.

Brianna worked her way to Colleen's head. The video captured a woman enthusiastically giving head. The redhead bobbed up and down on a firm cock.

"Great job!" Brianna said congratulating her puppets. "Colleen, time for your headshot. Sit up and smile for the camera!"

Colleen stopped the blowjob, raised her torso and smiled. She wiped a bit of slobber off her lips. The video recorded her petite breasts and her face.

"Good. Back to sucking his cock. Don't stop you two, even if people come into the room."

Then she went to the phone and dialed 911. When the call handler asked what was the emergency, Brianna sobbed and said in a scared voice, "I need the police. I've been attacked. I'm at the Wyndham Hotel on Beacon Hill. Room 545. Please help me."

"Is the attacker still there."


"Ma'am the police are on the way."

"Good. Bless you," Brianna said.

She hung up the phone and took her stuff to her car. On the way out of the room, she propped the door open with the pillow. She returned to the fifth floor and lingered by the snack machine waiting for the police to arrive. She didn't have to wait long.

The police rushed to room 545. Seeing the door open, they let themselves in. They had their hands on their guns. They were stunned by what they saw. They wondered, "Is this some kind of joke?".

"Ma'am. Sir. Stop. Did you report an emergency?"

Gio and Colleen kept at it. They continued having oral sex as if there was no one in the room.

"Ma'am. Sir!" one of the officers said louder. Still, the couple didn't respond or stop having sex.

Brianna made her way to the room. The door was still propped open. She stuck her phone in. This time the sound was on. She filmed the two officers watching the couple on the bed.

One approached the bed. He said, "Sergeant? Sergeant O'Hara?"

Colleen pulled off Gio's dick, she raised her head. She didn't answer him. She trembled and cried out, "Oh. Oh. Ohhh!" Her body went rigid and she came hard.

Gio climaxed as well. His loose cannon erupted and blasted gobs of spunk everywhere. The sticky, white goo landed on her face, neck, and hair. All of this was caught on camera.

Brianna ceased recording and quietly walked down the hall and out the building. The baffled police officers tried to figure out what was going on. Before she left Boston, Brianna posted the video to the web and sent copies to all the local television stations and newspapers.


"I can't explain," Colleen said for the tenth time as her captain demanded answers about the sex video featuring herself and Gio. The video played on a screen in front of her. Colleen recognized herself, but had no memory of the event.

Eventually, her non-answers frustrated her higher-ups and she was put on administrative leave.

"Get out of my sight!" her captain shouted.


Colleen went to her apartment. She was sobbing as she walked through the door. Gio rushed to her and enveloped her in a warm, loving hug. He said nothing. He just held her tight. It felt good to be in his arms.

Minutes passed and then she said, "I fear my career is over. I'm on leave pending a finding. The tape is damning evidence. The department is embarrassed. I'm embarrassed. Millions have seen me naked and us having sex. My union rep says I likely will be dismissed from the force."

Gio listened, nodded, and said, "Come away with me. I don't know how what happened happened, but you need a fresh start. Come with me to Italy."

She did.


Three days later in Padua, Italy Colleen screamed as she orgasmed.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, Gio!"

She was having sex doggy-style. Gio had stopped thrusting. He'd leaned forward, reached around and strummed her clit until she climaxed.

She spasmed as blissful feelings flowed through every part of her body. Gio didn't let her savor her orgasm. He plowed her with his stubby dick. The skilled lover angled his cock to stroke her G-spot. He avoided contact with her over-stimulated clitoris and sought to stimulate other pleasure centers in her body.

"Push through it," he encouraged her to find a second orgasm. "You can do it. Let the pleasure build back up."

He reached out and played with her breasts as he stroked in and out of her tight passage.

"Oh. Oh. You're killing me," she said. She was sweating, panting and on the verge of having back-to-back climaxes.

Gio tugged on her nipples.

"You bastard!" she cursed him as lightning bolts of pleasure and pain shot through her body from her breasts to her pussy.

Then, he fucked her faster and slammed into her harder. His efforts gave her the internal stimulation she needed.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuckkk!"

She came again. This one was even better than the first. Gio climaxed as well. They fell over on their sides, lay facing each other and enjoyed the wonderful feelings.

Minutes passed as each focused on their joy. When her heart and breathing returned to nearly normal, she smacked Gio on the arm and shouted, "You almost killed me."

He chuckled and said, "Yes, I'm killing you with pleasure. I knew you could be multi-orgasmic. It was delightful, no?"

"Yes," she admitted. "You said some of your partners experienced a dozen orgasms in one session?"

"Yes," he answered. "However, they admit their count may be off. It's difficult to keep an accurate count while they're experiencing so many orgasms."

"For sure. I had two and could barely remember my name!" She said with a laugh. She kissed the handsome man and said, "I need to rest."

He returned the kiss and said, "Next time we go for three? Four? Six?"

"You are trying to kill me!" she shouted playfully.

He thumbed a thick, pink nipple, kissed her on the tip of her nose, and said, "I am introducing you to 'la dolce vita', the sweet life. We Italians believe in living life to the fullest. A life of pleasure and simple luxury.

"We believe you should treat yourself to the things you love. I love having sex with you. I love being with you. Colleen, my fiery redhead, I love you! Marry me and make my life complete."

"What?" His question caught her by surprise. She stared wide-eyed at him and went with her gut. Her instincts had always served her well. He was one of the good guys.

Enthusiastically, she answered, "YES!"

The End

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