Redneck Girl


Author's Note: The lyrics to the song used in this story are written by the Bellamy Brothers, entitled Redneck Girl.

* * * * *

It was a Wednesday night ... hump day to those of us that worked all week in a stuffy office and Kaya just needed a break. Even though her name reflected the American Indian heritage that supplied smooth dark hair, brown eyes with flecks of gold and her olive complexion, Kaya was just a cowgirl at heart. Some even went as far to call her a Redneck girl. Maybe she was ... she would much prefer to be outside frolicking with her horses or drinking beer from a bottle in a honky tonk than pretending to be some Barbie-doll type that spent all her time in beauty salons and shopping malls.

Wednesdays were the perfect time to let her hair down and relax mid-week and just so happened to be the night that Gilley's, her favorite honky tonk in downtown Dallas, celebrated hump day with no cover charge before eight p.m. and if Kaya timed it just right, she could get there around 7:45 and get a beer before the crowd started to get too big. In Texas, Gilley's was the all-time famous honky tonk shot to fame in that old John Travolta movie, Urban Cowboy but of course, that Gilley's was located in Houston and true to form that used to be the only location. However, Dallas now sported its own rendition of the famous bar and dance floor and was one of Kaya's favorite places to chill out. Sporting their own live band, Scott Hall & Downtown Junior, they were open until 2 a.m. every night and was close enough to the convention center that if she wanted to, she could have ridden the DART rail and not had to worry about getting a designated driver if she really wanted to unwind.

Tonight Kaya had worked late and jumped on the DART rail to do just that. Sitting back in the near empty train, the back of her head resting against the window, she stared out at the quickly passing traffic and lights as they approached closer to downtown and the Convention Center. It was nearing 7:30 and she had plenty of time to get there before the cover charge began. A deep sign shook her small form as she gazed out the window as she felt so empty inside. It had been too long since she had a close encounter of the personal kind and tonight she just wanted to find someone to be with. A wry grin crossed her lips as the naughty girl in her came out. Not really knowing why, she knew that she was definitely in THAT kind of mood.

Stepping off the train and onto the platform protected beneath the busy highway overhead, Kaya turned right and headed out from beneath and crossed the street to head the short couple of blocks to Gilley's. She could feel the natural sway in rounded hips begin to exaggerate a bit as she approached the busy bar, an impish grin appearing as her mood turned towards one more sultry and exotic, knowing she was displaying her best features in every movement. She was rewarded by many turned heads and appreciative looks from the male species as she sauntered up to the door and flashed a grin at the bouncer there. "Hey Shawn," she cooed.

"Hi sexy," he replied with a grin. "You just made it before the cover charge kicked in ... again!" They both laughed as he stamped her hand and then swatted her ass as she slipped by. "Looking good, Kaya! Try to behave yourself."

"Yeah right," she shot back and tossed him a wink over her shoulder. Heading straight for the bar and leaning over a bit playfully as she spied her girlfriend's beau, she whistled and grinned toothily, giving him a delicious display of firm breasts spilling out of her buttoned blouse. "How 'bout a cold one?" she teased.

"Damn Kaya," Kevin grinned, pulling an icy silver bullet out of the container of ice and sliding it towards her, "You better knock it off or I'll have to take you to the bathroom."

Kaya grinned, wrapping her fingers around the cold brew and winked to him saucily. "That's the whole idea, sexy."

Kevin laughed as he filled another order and winked to another girl trying to lay on the goods. Then he glanced at Kaya and added, "That's it for freebies tonight. You gotta go find some sucker to buy the rest." Kaya grinned, blew him a kiss, and sauntered off to the dance floor to lean against one of the rails that kept the drinkers from the dancers and sipped on her beer, eyes drifting over those dancing along the circled sawdust strewn wooden floor. God, she loved to dance. She watched for a bit, shaking her head a few times at the guys that dared approach her but kept an eye out for that one that might help take the edge off her sexual frustrations tonight.

"Redneck girl likes to stay out all night long. She makes sweet rock n' roll while she listens to the country songs," the music played in the background and Kaya found her foot tapping along with the music as she sipped on her beer. "She's waitin' for that moment of surrender ... her hands are calloused but her heart is tender" Turning away from the dance floor in mid drink, her eyes caught sight of him and her heart almost flip-flopped, mouth slightly agape as the beer bottle froze in mid-air. That was most definitely the one! God, what a hunk of cowboy!

Tight dark blue wranglers that hugged his skin, showing off that cowboy ass that drove her wild! Plain white t-shirt that showed off his tanned arms and clung to his flesh made her cunt twitch just looking at it. Now that was how to wear a t-shirt ... Kaya could make out the definition of his chest and ridges of his belly. Damn, he was tight! She sipped from the still cold bottle, dark eyes following his every move before traveling upwards to his half-hidden face beneath the straw Stetson that was shoved down over his head but she could make out salt-n-pepper hair that curled slightly at the nape of his neck. Holy hell, did that man have a dazzling smile ... he was flashing it at every cutie in the bar and boy, were they flocking.

Kaya saw his gaze flicker over to her and with a slight toss of raven tresses, ran her tongue slowly around the rim of her bottle and then darted just inside in a blatant hint of what she would like to do to him as her golden-flecked eyes locked with his. She was rewarded with a wide grin and then saw him say something to a girl nearby and begin his way over to where she leaned against the rail. Oh hell yes, this was going to work! She flashed him a sultry smile over her bottle as her fingers lightly brushed the side of her breast before lazily trailing down to rest on her hip. He could see the way his eyes followed her every movement with an appreciative grin. As he moved closer, Kaya could make out his face and was rewarded with gorgeous blue eyes that drank in her form like he was a thirsty man in a room full of bottled beers.

"You know," he drawled as he leaned close to her ear, his warm breath sending shivers of delight dancing along her spine, "you keep that up darlin', and someone's going to have to see if that trick of yours transfers to other objects."

Kaya leaned back a bit and smiled up into his handsome face, so tempted was she to drop to her knees right now and transfer her trick onto what she knew just had to be a deliciously large cock. "Well maybe that's the whole idea," she teased, her fingers finding their way to his muscled arm that supported his weight on the rail. Velveteen tongue snaked out to moisten her full lips, smiling to see his gaze follow the moist trail she left behind.

"I'll keep that in mind," he drawled as his own hand found its way to her hip, pulling her a bit closer and off the rail, his tall frame dwarfing hers and Kaya couldn't help but suck in her breath as her body made contact with his. It was if a hundred butterflies had taken flight in her stomach but dared not stop the gentle caress of her other hand that eased its way up his thigh, fingertips brushing over the bulge of his manhood and then splayed out over his belly.

His hand reached up to grasp the beer bottle from her hand and took it as she looked on, his eyes molded to hers and took a long drink. Kaya couldn't help but wonder how delicious his lips would taste and leaned in to lick a drop of beer off his lower one as he pulled the bottle away. She could see the desire flicker through his eyes as his fingers curled around her wrist, setting the bottle aside and pulled her out onto the dance floor. Kaya almost purred in delight and melted in his arms as he spun her around and slid one hand to her hip, the other just around the back of her neck and took to a slow, delicious shuffled upon the sawdust strewn floor ... sliding forward twice, a small step back ... again and again in a slow spin to the beat of the music.

"A redneck girl got her name on the back of her belt. She's got a kiss on her lips for her man and no one else ..." The words seeped through the cloud of desire that surrounded Kaya as her body fell in time with him, only to be skirted out in a fan from him and beneath his wrist in a spin, the shuffle of her boots like music to her ears and then captured back in his arms. The pounding of her heart seemed to throb right down between her shifting thighs as her steps melded in time with his. "And I pray that someday I will find me a redneck girl. Yeah give me a, give me a, give me a redneck girl."

Kaya could feel his hand slip from her hip to her moving ass, a squeeze and then a shift lower as his eyes bored into hers and then another spin from him that left her breathless and wanting more. Each time her body spun back into his, she rubbed up purposefully against him, feeling the bulge in his jeans grow a bit more with each turn. This last time her tongue slipped out to his chin and traveled up to his lower lip only to be captured in his mouth as he sucked it in and she whimpered helplessly into his mouth. If he didn't fuck her soon, she was going to tackle him to the dance floor right here in front of everyone.

As the song ended, she felt his hands run possessively down her body and then curl around her waist, pulling her to his side as he guided her off the dance floor and towards the back in a dark corner. She turned to speak but he pushed her gently against the wall, his hat pushing up a bit on his forehead as his mouth dropped to her neck, sucking hungrily on her heated flesh. All thoughts left her as her mouth dropped open, head tilting to give him better access as her own hands slid down the tight fit of his jeans to that rock-hard ass that she wanted to feel pumping in and out. She could feel how tight his jeans were stretched over his manhood and wanted more than anything to feel how hard he was. God, she didn't even know his name! And at this moment, she didn't really give a flying fuck!

She was slightly aware of her surroundings, knowing she was still in a public bar but at this point it seemed like he either didn't care or was blatant and she pushed back a bit and whispered, "Not here ... not like this."

He pulled back from her with a smile, his eyes blazing like he knew of a secret that he hadn't shared. "Don't worry Sexy ... I'm not going to get us arrested or anything." And with that he pulled her away from the wall with a dazzling grin that made her want to pull him back against the wall and go for it anyway. He guided her to a back table close to the games of pool going on and sat down on a chair at one. Turning Kaya, he pulled her back onto his lap and waved over a passing waitress. "Two bullets," he said, and gave her enough money to take care of the beer and a nice tip. She complied with a wink and quick service and Kaya inched back on his lap, feeling that nice hard bulge slide right between her jean clad thighs. This was exquisite torture and at that moment, Kaya wished she had worn a skirt!

Two beers later, Kaya couldn't stand it and was practically begging him with her body movements and blatant caresses of her hand for him to take her here ... anywhere and put an end to her torment. She leaned back against him, her hips moving in small tight circles as his free hand slid between her thighs, rubbing absently against her hot pussy caged into her jeans. She turned her head on nibbled on his earlobe, her nipples aching as they strained against the thin material of her halter top as she moaned softly in his ear, "Please stop torturing me."

The deep rumble of his laughter sent a shiver of desire trembling down her spine as her own hand reached back to rub him through his jeans, her tongue darting out to toy with his ear. She could feel how wet she was and knew it was only a matter of time before it would soak through her jeans. She almost moaned loudly as his other hand slid up her belly and over her breast, thumb stroking over the sensitive nipple as his eyes watched the guys at one of the pool tables. "How would you like me to bend you over one of those," he drawled into her ear.

Kaya shifted on his lap and turned to face him, her lips covering his as her tongue slipped hungrily into his mouth. She could feel his hands slide down her back to cup her ass and yank her against his hips so that his throbbing bulge was nestled in just the right place. "Mmmmm," she purred against his lips, "I don't care where as long as you do it."

With one smooth quick motion, he stood, his hands still firmly holding her ass captive as she gasped as her legs surrounded his waist. Their mouths were still intertwined as one, tongues clashing in a delicious dual as he walked back to the corner where they had started, the rush of blood drowning out all but the beat of her heart as she was pushed back against the wall, his hips pushing into hers. This was almost more than she could bear and she began to beg ... "Please, please, god I need you so bad."

Kaya watched on baited breath as he turned his head, sizing up where they were and what was available and then glanced down at her jean-clad form and growled softly, "Damn things. Women belong in skirts." With that he set her down and almost roughly pulled her back across the floor to the front door and out into the parking lot. Kaya could barely keep up with him, so great was her desire but also all the sudden she had a nervous fluttering to her stomach. Where in the hell was he taking her?

And then she was pushed against the back end of a blue pick-up truck of which the tailgate was missing, his lips ravaging hers as his hands possessively swept down her front, fingers pinching hard nipples that stood out beneath the thin material of her halter top. She was almost delirious with her desire but was also vaguely aware that they were in the parking lot. Reflexively she pushed at him a bit but couldn't help but suck his tongue in deeper as his hands moved down to the front of her jeans and began to expertly undo the buttons on her fly with ease. Oh god, he was going to fuck her right here on the hood of his truck ... and it was so simply delicious that she could hardly stand upright!

Her fly open, his finger pushed downwards and into her panties but it was a tight squeeze and he growled into her ear, "Turn around." And before Kaya could respond, he turned her, a strong hand in the middle of her back bending her over the open bed of the truck. She could feel a shudder ripple down her back as his hands expertly pulled down both her jeans and panties in one fatal swoop to her knees, exposing the sweet curve of her ass and the swollen moist lips of her cunt. Kaya's first instinct was to fight ... they were in fucking public! But the brush of his fingers against her lips and then the tell-tale sound of his zipper going down as too much and she wiggled in anticipation, pulling her thighs apart as much as she could with the hindrance of the jeans.

She could feel the brush of his cock head against her swollen lips as his hands moved back to her hips and she wiggled back excitedly, trying to control the moans that threatened to erupt from her throat, vaguely aware of a couple passing by a few cars away to go into the bar. This is so delicious and forbidden! Kaya was on fire! She turned her head looking back at him and was again rocked by a wave of desire as she drank him his form. This gorgeous cowboy was about to fuck her with both his boots and hat still on!

And then with a groan and a forceful thrust, he was inside of her. Kaya's head was spinning and the wiggled back to make sure that he was buried completely within. She whimpered deliciously as he ground into her, the head of his cock pushing against the wall of her cervix and Kaya's cunt muscles clamped around him. She was rewarded with a groan and a bite to her exposed shoulder. She shuddered and that seemed to be his indication that it was time to start moving and move he did. Kaya had never really felt someone move the way he did ... strong hand gripped her hips and he pounded from the get go that matched the heightened feeling of getting caught as he fucked her right out there in open. She could hear laughter from girls going to their car and the slam of car doors and trucks starting or shutting down. And, of course, there was the notion that at any moment someone could drive or walk down their aisle with this succulent cowboy thrusting away at Kaya's backside.

But at the moment, Kaya was lost in the rhythm that he had set and the exquisite sensations he was driving into her. She tried desperately to hold on to something over the open end of the truck but he kept pushing her forward and she didn't have a chance. The fronts of her thighs were pushed into the back end and her chest was rubbing along the open end of the truck. She could feel her walls start to spasm and tighten as he groaned into her shoulder. "I'm going to cum, girl," he moaned into her ear and Kaya shuddered in relief.

Kaya couldn't make out the difference between her moans and his or the sounds in the background in the parking lot ... she was so lost in the way he was making her feel and with a cry of delight, she could feel him thrust once more, pushing hard into the back wall of her cunt and explode which sent her tumbling over the edge of nirvana. She gasped for breath as her walls collapsed around his throbbing cock that erupted in thick ropes of hot cum, coating her insides in delicious relied and she trembled beneath him as his hands slipped beneath her and pulled her upright against his chest. She could feel the rise and fall of his chest against her back as long lashes closed, savoring this moment, the feel of his cock still embedded in trembling walls. Her own hands slid back to feel his still jean-clad ass as his arms wrapped around her thighs, still holding her closed

"That ... that was ... amazing," she breathed and could feel the rumble of his laughter through his chest and to her spine. Her cunt muscles flexed and she smiled as he moaned soft.

"Well darlin'," he drawled, "I'm sure not complain'." He placed a soft kiss to her shoulder and then she could feel him jerk against her slightly as another hand slapped him on the back.

"Nice show, Brian," came another deep voice and Kaya's head turned quickly, wide eyed to see another cowboy grinning from ear to ear with a gorgeous blonde on his arm. "Next time, try not to crush her into the back of the pick-up!"

Kaya couldn't help but laugh as they sauntered off and he gently pulled out of her with a laugh of his own and helped her wiggle both her panties and jeans back over her hips. "Nice to meet you, Brian," she giggled.

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