tagInterracial LoveRedo Ch. 05

Redo Ch. 05


Rogue woke up the next morning with her mouth open and slobber running down her chin. She had stayed up late last night with Lily and couldn't remember when she had gone home. She sat up from her awkward angle on the couch, rubbing her painful neck which she was gingerly twisting about. A flushing toilet could be heard in the distance causing her eyes to widen.

"H-hello?" she squeaked, not prepared to defend herself. She was still somewhat discombobulated from her recent awakening. Her bathroom door opened and closed, revealing a shy Lily who was looking everywhere but at her friend.

"S-sorry, I fell asleep."

Rogue sighed in relief, waving her off. "I should have made sure you slept comfortably. I actually thought you had gone home when I woke up."

Rogue stood to her feet. She stretched, heading to the kitchen to grab two bowls and a gallon of milk. She searched her cabinet for Lucky Charms, turned to shake the box in Lily's direction, then smiled when she simply shrugged her shoulders. She poured two large bowls putting half milk in the bowl and grabbing one table spoon and a large, metal cooking spoon which she handed to Lily. Lily's blue eyes bulged as she reached for the spoon to hesitantly use.

"I'm just messing with you," Rogue chortled, turning to return the spoon to its drawer before retrieving another table spoon. She put the milk back in the refrigerator and lifted the two bowls which she carried into the living room. She waited for Lily to sit down before she handed her the bowl of cereal then turned on the television to find some morning cartoons to watch.

"What? No Bueno?" she asked when My Little Pony began to play.

Lily hid her smile behind her hand as she quietly giggled. "I've never eaten cereal for breakfast while watching cartoons before," she confessed.

"Well, there's a first time for everything. Did you want more milk? I actually don't like drinking cereal milk. It makes me barf."

"Me too," Lily agreed. She began to eat shyly, every so often regarding Rogue then the cartoon as if she was afraid this was a dream. She always wanted a real friend and Rogue never failed to deliver. At work, she had admired Rogue's tenacity and confidence, wishing she could be like her or at least be near her. To her, Rogue was on another level and was beneath Angie. She had always been too shy to hold more than a two minute conversation.

She observed Rogue who was busily laughing and wiping milk from her chin. Lily snorted at the picture, nearly choking on her cereal. Even in her fit of laughter Rogue was conscious enough to slap Lily's back until she stopped coughing.

"Are you okay? My Little Pony can be dangerous. I once laughed so hard my abs hurt for a week. You have to watch it in doses."

Lily smiled widely, her blue eyes sparkling. "I've had more fun with you these past two days than I've ever had in my life."

Rogue's smile slowly vanished, "Lily, have you never had a friend before?" Lily nodded her head, gazing down at her halfway eaten cereal. Rogue rushed her quickly, their cereals spilling onto the wooden floor as she squeezed her tightly. Lily squeaked in shock, releasing an actual guffaw as they rolled about in the spilled milk.

"Lily, I'm so glad we can do this together. I've always looked forward to our office conversations—even if they were short..."

"Sorry, I tend to get nervous and ramble embarrassing things."

Rogue popped up, she sat on her knees, the milk soaking into her leggings, "Before we really get started on our agency launch, I want us to focus on your image. You have to boost your self-confidence. No one is going to take you seriously if you don't look them in the eye. You can do it!"

"I can do it!" Lily repeated, sitting up straight in her own puddle of milk. She had balled her right hand into a fist which she was pumping awkwardly in front of her.

"Good, first things first, we're going to change you up a bit. No more hiding." Rogue pulled down her ponytail then frowned. "You have beautiful hair, but a lot of split ends. How do you feel about a trim?"

"A trim of w-what?" she mumbled. Rogue lifted her eyes to Lily's hair then back to her face giving nonverbal cues. "M-ma-my hair?" Rogue nodded vigorously, her curly fro bouncing about on her head.

"B-but I've never cut my hair."

Rogue's eyes bulged as she analyzed Lily's hair. There were more than split ends. Her hair, though a nice natural mixture of blond and red at the roots looked a bleached blond at the tips and it was obviously uneven. "I'm only saying this as your friend, but your hair needs work. Come on, let's get out of here. You can wear some of my clothes and I have a spare toothbrush."

They began to get ready, swapping between the mirror and the shower as they prepared to leave. While Lily was busily getting dressed in a pair of her boyfriend jeans and a midriff shirt which she had not picked for herself, Rogue cleaned up the cereal mess she had created on the floor. She looked down at her dark blue skinny jeans and American flag converse shoes, wondering what kind of top she should wear. The lazy side of her wanted to stay in her ruby red bra then decided against it when Lily rushed from the bathroom, her face turning as red as a tomato.

"I-is that what you're w-wearing?"

Rogue laughed, shaking her head negatively, "I'm going to grab a graphic t-shirt. How do you feel wearing a midriff top?" She chortled when Lily covered her flat stomach, her face once again blushing. "You look great and your body is really fit. Do you work out?"

"I-I have a small gym at home," Lily confessed softly.

"I usually do exercises at home or go running; I should really get you to be my workout partner. Is that an eight pack?" She poked Lily's stomach causing her to squirm. She was so adorable and awkward that Rogue couldn't help teasing her.

"Come on, we're going to get our hair done."

"We are? Bu-bu-b..."

"Lily, do you trust me?" Lily slowly nodded her head yes and Rogue smiled. "Change is hard, but once it's over you'll realize that sometimes it's for the best. If you hate your new look, I give you permission to keep my favorite boyfriend jeans and I'll owe you one helluva favor. Deal?"

She still looked apprehensive, but she gradually nodded her head. They headed out the door, Rogue stopping briefly to engage Patricia. That woman was elusive—not that she had truly been searching for her, but Paulie would have told her if she had made an appearance. "Patricia, Patricia!"

She watched the head of the apartment complex try to scuffle back into her office. "I swear, Patricia, if you don't talk to me now, I'm filing a grievance for my vehicle being stolen. Paulie has already filed a report and I'm waiting on them to tell me what's going on, but you have a responsibility to me and every single tenant in this complex to get those cameras fixed."

Patricia turned about with a plastic smile on her face, "Oh Rogue, it's you," she lied with false enthusiasm. "I've been dodging Mrs. Macklemore from building 900. She's been harassing me to switch apartments and...any who, I have actually called in an electrician to fix the security wiring and the camera should be up and running in a few days. I'm sorry about your car, shug," she apologized, placing a dainty hand on her large pushed up breasts. Her creamy skin looked ready to pop out of her top and spill over her bra cups.

Rogue nodded her head. "I'll check in later, I've been asking for two months to get the camera fixed. I won't press charges for my car, but if I find out it's not done, I'm calling the owner of the complex and I'm pretty sure Norman wouldn't appreciate his tenants paying extra for a secured, gated community only to have broken security gates and a busted camera instead."

Patricia's smile quickly dropped as she attempted not to glare in Rogue's direction. They didn't get along because Rogue called her out on her laziness and didn't buy into her Southern belle charm she displayed whenever she wanted her way. Rogue had figured her out the minute the time came for her to pay the difference of her security deposit for switching to a two bedroom, but Patricia had told her some kind of exaggerated story as to why she needed to pay a completely new security deposit and lose her initial funds. That's the day she really began to trust Paulie and appreciate his input. He set Patricia straight right in front of Rogue and Patricia, at a loss for words, had immediately rescinded her offer, telling Rogue the apartment wouldn't require any further deposits.

Patricia was a sneaky supplanter. She would try to get one over on her own mother if she could. She loved being in control yet did nothing to prove to be beneficial. "Well, I'll be waiting to hear from you," Patricia stated, turning about to run back to her office.

"Hey Paulie, your plumber's crack is showing," Rogue called, sticking out her tongue as she grabbed Lily's hand and pulled her out of the door behind her before he could respond. She wouldn't be surprised if he called her later with a comeback.

"That wasn't very nice," Lily whispered once they were outside.

"Oh, no, that's how we kid around. We're actually really good friends. We hangout from time to time as well." Lily nodded her head in understanding as Rogue led her to the bus. She looked across the street looking for Antonio's pickup truck. She watched the incoming and outgoing cars of the gym, sighing in disappointment when she didn't see him.

"Who are you looking for?" Lily looked around as if she already knew the answer then back at Rogue expectantly.

"Nobody," she replied with a smile. She was embarrassed to say Antonio. She didn't want Lily to think of her differently...you know, like a stalker or something. She just saw the guy yesterday and Lily wasn't really in the know about the depths of their relationship...if they even could call it such.

"Do you want me to drive?"

"That's right, you do have a car. Sure, if you don't mind, I would like that. Let's go to the mall, I hear there is a great hairdresser near the food court. Their shop is always booked apparently."

"Crenshaw Mall?"

"No, the Grove, It's not too far if we get on the highway." They settled into silence, Lily focusing on the road and Rogue on Grandma. She wondered where she was and how come she still hadn't contacted her. She had to find her somehow and make sure that she was okay. She was, after all, an old woman—at least in this world. What if she fell and broke her hip? Or what if she fell in the shower and broke her hip? Or what if she fell down the stairs and broke her hip?

Rogue scrunched her face up at her own reflection at her thoughts. The woman may be old, but she wasn't fragile. Besides, she was not the spokeswoman for Life Alert; she looked pretty good on her feet. "Grandma," Rogue mentally called and waited.

Maybe she had to call her out loud to get a response. "Grandma," she whispered.

"W-what was that?" Lily asked, briefly taking her eyes off the road to regard her companion.

"Oh nothing. Just talking to myself." Her thoughts immediately went back to Grandma. The last thing she had said was that she would be in touch with information about the prince. She had yet to call her. What if Grandma was waiting for her to make the first move? She thought about it and sighed. This was a doomed mission from the beginning. Good luck Prince Charming.

They pulled into the mall's parking lot, Lily driving in the direction Rogue pointed until they were at the entrance closest to the food court. She led them to the hair salon, smiling with glee as Lily was instantly ushered into a chair. She sat in a chair of her own informing her stylist to add golden streaks in her hair and also requested a Brazilian blow out. She didn't want Lily to feel too disconcerted by being the only one to change. Besides, the blow out would probably last about three weeks if done well—maybe four.

In between her color and her rinse, Rogue had come to the conclusion that something was wrong with Grandma and she needed to find her. She allowed the stylist to add his pizzazz to her hair before starting the straightening process with the blow dryer. They had spent a good two hours in the salon before Lily had finally emerged. Rogue's jaw dropped in awe, Lily was a knock out. Her hair stylist had given her a big chop, but her hair that was once braided all the way down her back was now somewhat past her shoulders.

The length was nice and the color deepened her red undertones without overpowering her blond coloring. She even had bangs which highlighted her high cheekbones and soft yet angular jawline. "Lil, you look amazing."

She grabbed her shoulders, jumping up and down as she squealed while Lily tried to hide her growing smile. "Do you like it? How do you feel?"

Lily hung her head bashfully and Rogue playfully rolled her eyes. "Come on." She approached the front desk paying for both of their appointments to Lily's surprise. "Let's go get some lunch. You must be starving by now."

The food court was as busy as ever, busier than upon their arrival. Couples held hands, kissing in line while teenagers ran to meet their friends in the middle. Mothers busily fought with trays of food while trying to keep an eye on their wandering toddlers and children. It was the epicenter of commotion, but out of the vast amount of bustling bodies, something stood out. The smell was sweet and unmistakably masculine. It felt as if a breeze had touched her face and Rogue spun about in surprise, unable to resist the urge to follow.

"A-are you okay?" Lily gently nudged her.

"Do you smell it?" Rogue's eyes popped open as she smacked her hands over her mouth. Did she just break into song? She cleared her throat then made another attempt to speak. "Can you see it, the change that is about to come alive!"

It was Lily's turn to clamp her hands over her friend's mouth after gathering unwanted attention. She had no clue Rogue had a set of pipes on her. She was afraid that she would break into song and dance, spinning and twirling as she flounced about the mall and the food court. "W-what's going on?"

Rogue shrugged, her voice coming muffled yet still in song. What in the hell was happening? Why couldn't she stop singing? Grandma. Did this have anything to do with her fairy godmother? A deep tingling in her stomach told her so. She thought of the scent, gently removing Lily's hand from her mouth. "I shall return. I have to go. Destiny is here, you know...I will be late."

Although Lily was confused and her face clearly read that she needed an explanation, she nodded her consent and watched her friend run away. Rogue was trying to catch a whiff of the lingering scent. She wondered if she was heading in the correct direction. She ran through the mall, stopping at the escalators to inhale the air. There, it was waning, but she smelled it again. She ran up the escalator and turned to the right entering a shoe store. The aroma became overwhelming. She looked ahead; there he was with red hair wearing a dark grey beanie. He wasn't very tall and was on the plump side, but then again Grandma's real appearance was nothing like how she looked in her world.

She touched his shoulder, pulling quickly to get his attention. He turned around upset until he saw her, a slow smile creeping on his face. "Are you Prince Charming?"

His green eyes sparkled as his head wobbled strangely. "It depends. I can be anyone you need me to be."

Rogue began to retreat shaking her head while trying to hide her expression of disgust, "Sorry, wrong person." She backed away, shocked when he grabbed her arm and yanked her forward.

"Where are you going, sweetness?" He snatched her against him as her head began to pound. Her stomach lurched and for once Rogue was happy to welcome the chaotic churning of her insides as her brain swam and her vision blurred. Voices and sounds blended together becoming indescribable as her eyes drifted shut and brief, comforting darkness surrounded her. When her eyes reopened, she was on the ground with Lily hovering over her wearing a strong look of concern.

"Are you okay?"

Rogue sat up gradually. Her head was still spinning but she was very happy to see her friend. Lily's frown intensified when she had no response. "Oh, yea, about that, I'm fine," Rogue told her. She stood to her feet dusting her butt off in the process. "I'm sorry if I freaked you out."

"Well, you started to sing and then you ran off."

Rogue's eyes bulged comically as she stared at her friend. "You saw all of that?" Lily nodded slowly watching Rogue carefully. "It wasn't a dream?" she fibbed.

Lily shook her head just as slowly before feeling for Rogues temperature. "Y-you sang to me that you had to leave and then you turned around and ran into a pole."

Really Grandma, Rogue thought. Couldn't she have had a less embarrassing story? "W-well," she stuttered. "New do, new you," she told her friend, pushing her shoulder length strands behind her ear. Her hair was so silky that they immediately fell forward into her face, clouding her vision.

"I'm not so normal, but I don't break out in song," Lily rebutted. The small crowd that had gathered to help her had now dispersed to mind their own business. Rogue wondered how many truly wanted to offer their assistance and how many wanted to be nosy.

"I guess you're rig—" There it was again, that mouthwatering smell, the aroma of gingerbread and chocolate chip cookies with a hint of nature. It was driving her mad. She had to find it. "Riggggghhhttt..."

"Dear Lord," Lily whispered. Not again.

Rogue clamped her mouth shut, her eye lids squeezing together tightly as she shook her head. She wanted to stay quiet, but there was a force stronger than her that made her mouth open wide and her vocal chords released what she could only dub as the Princess call she often saw in Disney movies. The call that caused all sorts of critters and birds and bugs to come gracefully onto the scene while the princess frolicked about with a make believe prince until she realized it was time to hurry home. But Rogue was no princess and this was not a Disney movie or some sort of fairy tale...

"Grandmother never said it would be this embarrassing," she sang.

Lily gasped, acting quickly, she grabbed Rogue, pressing her hand against Rogues which she had placed on her mouth and dragging her out of the mall. "Let's have lunch at home today." Rogue was putting up a fight, twisting and digging her feet into the ground to stop Lily from overpowering her. Lily was stronger than she expected, but the persistent need to trace the scent and find him wasn't strong enough for her to stay put in the mall.

The farther they retreated from the fragrance was the less Rogue felt the need to break into a musical number. She stared out her window like a forlorn child watching her parents disappear as she rode away on the school bus. Although she had a strong sense of disappointment, there was also a sudden rush of relief. Not being able to contact Grandma and possibly finding the prince in one day was a lot for her to process. What would she do with him once he was in her grasps? Were they supposed to perform a song and dance until they magically appeared in fairy tale land?

She wished she had a book on all of this. Her head popped up, that's it! She should read the old fairy tales to refresh her memory...no, that was a silly idea. That stuff was make believe. Where was Grandma? She really could use her help right about now. She began to call her name in her mind like she had done before, expecting her to pop up with that knowing smile of hers "Grandma," she softly whispered, hoping not to get Lily's attention.

Lily, however, eyed her awkwardly from the corner of her eye. "D-do you miss your grandmother?"

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