tagFirst TimeRed's First Foray with a Toy

Red's First Foray with a Toy


As many people who have posted with me on the bulletin board of Literotica know, I am not experienced in many things. I don't hide that fact. I am sometimes embarrassed to admit my ignorance, but I do so willingly. I write fantasies as how I think things may feel, but I've been honest and only a few of my stories are actual real life experiences. This is one of them.

It took almost a year of my gentle and sometimes not so gentle persuasions to convince my spouse that a "toy" would enhance our sex life. Recently, I was given free use of $150.00 on our credit card and said to "go for it". I'd been researching long before this point, having an idea of what I wanted already in mind and even a few sites book-marked. I had talked to men and women online about what toys they recommended and so when I got the go ahead I was ready, armed with plastic in one hand and the laptop in the other.

After flipping between two adult shopping sites, I settled on one item from each one. I was told a long time ago, you get what you pay for and I wasn't going to take the chance I'd end up with something I wouldn't like, after all who knew when he'd be open and willing again? So my first purchase was a $120.00 vibrator, not counting shipping and handling.

After going through the site and giving out all my info., I came to the next big decision. Did I use almost all my extra money and next day ship that puppy to me, or did I patiently wait for it to arrive in 5 to 7 business days? Decisions, decisions. I opted to allow regular shipping and headed over to the other website to purchase another toy, before I did though I saw the first website had also included a free vibrating dildo as a thank you gift. Woohoo

The second site was where I purchased a clit massager. A Flicker Clicker, is the official name. I ordered it, also with regular shipping, but they said 2 weeks. Patience is not one of my strengths. My flicker was on sale for 50% off, so with shipping I was able to buy it and only go over $1.57.

Well... my flicker came today. I will admit I was a bit nervous and excited. I was concerned, me being a newbie to toys, that I wouldn't be normal and get anything out of it. I took my package to the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. Sure I would like to say I tore into that thick, white, bubble envelope and pulled that baby out and went to town, but I didn't. They must have used super glue to seal that package. I eventually got it open and saw free tattoos as a gift, yippee Who doesn't like free stuff?

My first thought was, I hope it comes with directions. My second thought was, I don't think it comes with directions.

I opened up the plastic box and pulled out my purple flicker. It looked just like it did online, so that was a plus. I turned it on and that baby shivered all over the palm of my hand. I jumped a little, surprised by the power and smirked. I shut it off and stripped.

This was where things didn't go as the reviews for the product said it would. It claims orgasm in less than a minute, okay... I really wasn't falling for that, even though several customers had claimed five or ten minutes, so I was being realistic and figured that would happen to me. Again, please remember, there were no directions, so I tried to remember what I had read and discussed with others that had experience with toys.

One friend told me that they would love to be there when I got my toys, another said to kidnap the FedEx guy, another said if I never came back online everyone would know why. . .well . . . I wish my friends had been there, because I didn't have an orgasm in one minute or within ten.

I put the egg shaped vibrating toy with a small "tail" that was supposed to stimulate my clit between the lips of my sex and hoped I positioned it right. I turned it on and I thought... not bad, this is nice and different. I toyed with the different speeds, there are five of them and decided which ones I liked best. I enjoyed #1 and #5.

Maybe it is the analyzer in me, but as I lay there I examined every vibration and what it was doing to me, or not doing, in my case. I realized I mustn't have placed it right, so I toyed with it and found another position, went through the speeds and enjoyed a bit of stimulation, but no orgasm. I was a bit disappointed, but I'm not one to give up easily and besides I was new to all this. I knew there would be trial and error issues to deal with.

Eventually though, I had to move the device again, this time choosing to insert it inside me and play with the controls while it was buried in what was a wet pussy, but not an orgasmic happening one. I decided I wasn't doing that right either and removed it, opting to add a few ideas to the moment. I dug out two clothes pins and attached one to each nipple, climbed back into bed, dabbled on some warming lube and then placed the toy between my lips again and pressed it to my clit. This time I had a few ideas to help myself grow distracted from analyzing everything, which I'm sure is why I was having such a hard time reaching the orgasm that this product offered.

I grabbed the free flyers the company sent, flicked the toy on #1 speed and began to read ads, hoping to both distract and turn myself on. It started to work. The first setting is a pulsing action with a kick at the end. It waits a second and then hits you again. Nice and steady. I enjoyed that. It was fun to lay there and force myself to wait and see what would happen if I prolonged switching to the next level of fun.

In time, I flicked the control to the second speed and read more ads. The second setting was a repeat of the first, but the repeating action came faster, I'd say half a second. Very quick, but not much more forceful than the last. I could feel my pussy start clenching around the toy and a few shivers were finally showing up. This of course made me a little anxious for a faster setting so I hit #3 and turned a few more pages.


Three was almost a constant vibration and kick, you really couldn't tell unless you concentrated really hard that there was a pause. I was still worried I'd lose the feelings that were finally making themselves known if I didn't keep going at the pace I was. I was definitely smiling, and if I had been thinking of it, I would have patted myself on the back, but I was busy fighting the urge to not flick that baby to #5 and let myself go.

My nipples, weren't even a thought to me any more. The clothes pins were still there, but the massager had done its thing and I wasn't concerned about anything else, but the feeling of delight that was working itself deep inside me. I made it through a couple more pages and flicked to #4.

Oh my God, it was so hard not to just lay there and feel everything, but I had a goal and that was to hit #5 after a full minute of #4. The forth setting was a constant vibration, but not a lot of that pulsating kick I had been enjoying. It was like a calm slow lick up and down, very welcoming and very sure of its job. . .I didn't make it a minute.

I changed tactics and since I knew I had liked #5, I knew exactly what I wanted to do next. I quickly set my flicker at #1 and finished the magazine at that constant, steady, slow, vibration and kick that I had decided I liked so very much. When I was nearing the end of the magazine, not even reading it, just mindlessly flicking pages, I gave up and tossed it away, lay there and set that toy on #5.

My sex felt as if it were going numb. My clit was just being assaulted with vibrations that were pounding away at it like a dozen tongues working every angle imaginable. I could feel my orgasm coming and I moaned, whimpered, and cursed for more. Speed #5, was a fast vibration with a pulsating kick continually moving on my sex. My body grew stiff. I clenched my eyes shut and arched by back as I came. I didn't just come. I came hard and multiple times. I couldn't believe it.

That little toy wouldn't let up. I finally came down from the initial high and slowly flicked down to #4. My body jerked and it was almost painful to climb down the ladder of speed controls. Each time I moved from one to the other I jumped and whimpered and flooded my new toy with juice. When I made it to #1, it was almost a relief. My legs were vibrating, my pussy was most definitely shivering and I was slick and slippery; if my legs hadn't closed tight earlier in my play the item of my pleasure would have probably fallen out. The horror of that isn't even funny

I pulled my toy out and lay still for a bit, trying to compose myself. I did make it out of the bed and washed my toy, the whole time wondering if I should come back later and see if I could hit the right spot faster than I did this time. Out of curiosity I did check the time, curious as to how long I had been toying with this tiny work of art. From the time I put my flicker against my sex, forty-five minutes had passed, far from the one minute or even ten minute promise, but like I said, I'm a newbie, so when I did get past the initial urge to analyze the vibes, this baby performed as promised.

Now... I'm still waiting for the FedEx man who has my $120.00 vibe with him. Patience is not one of my strengths.

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