tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRed's Ransom Ch. 01

Red's Ransom Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Bound

She awoke not knowing where she was, it was dark, and bumpy, a spare tire and a jack pressed into her lower back painfully. Her hands, bound behind her back securely, were useless to aid her in seeking freedom. Her wrists had been bound with what felt like zip strips, her ankles had wide banded leather shackles on them, and they were joined close at the ankles. One attempt at stretching also let her know that the anklets and the wrist binding were connected. She was hog tied in the trunk of a car, and she had no idea why.

Her last memory before waking here, was a fight with her husband. The usual arguments, she does too much, he doesn't do enough ... and when are we going to rekindle our sex lives? These questions and more had begun to creep into their relationship. Her mind wandered back to a half recalled conversation. She tried to explain to him in a language that he would understand. He was a caring lover, tender and gentle. She knew he could never force himself on anyone, nor cause what he thought was any pain. He simply didn't understand that there was " good hurt " as well, no matter how many times she tried, or how many ways she found to say it.

She was jarred from her memories as the car ground to a halt on a gravel road. She was debating on playing possum, and heard from outside a muffled male voice, " close your eyes, or the light may blind you. "

With that, the trunk opened and the sun did blind her. He was nothing more than a silhouette against the ball of light that is the midday sun. Warmth struck her skin, it felt nice. Strong arms lifted her from the trunk, easily. She tried to ease open an eye to catch a glimpse of her captive, but her eyes could not adjust quickly enough, before she was carried inside an old building. The wallboards were slats, parted by inches to let in bars of light, yet still leave enough darkness to be foreboding. in the center of the building she was dropped onto a soft surface, a mattress had been placed there.

She began to worry, and yet, somehow this situation caused stirrings deep inside her. She felt a tingle inside her she had not felt before. This was more than a tingle, the tingles grew and spread inside her. The tension, the fear, the not knowing, all these combined to create a mood in her, and she felt herself swell with blood, and the beginnings of arousal drip abundantly from between her thighs.

Her arms were abruptly lifted, and she felt a rope pass between her wrists, a knot securely tied, and she was yarded, hard, off the ground. Lifted sharp and fast, so sharply that she found she needed tip toes to remain standing, instead of hanging. Cold steel touched her hip, she felt it slide around, under the belt of her shirt, as the scissors closed, and her skirt and panties fell freely to the mattress. She tried futilely to hold the rent cloth by clenching her thighs. A sharp hard slap across both her cheeks told her this was not a good idea. sharp hot pain seared across her taut athletic butt.

" Sexy ass you have there, toy, perhaps I'll fuck it today? Perhaps i may even use lube "

She tried to make sense of all this. she didn't recognize the voice, it was being altered electronically. Had she not had the contact of being lifted in here, for all she knew, her captor could be a female.

" Now then, Toy, what game shall we play first? shall we ravage the wife? and fuck her senseless? make her a good and well behaved slave? or should we call that limp-dick you call a husband and let him know what is happening to you right now? Let's try the phone shall we? "

She heard the digital tones of a phone, it was ringing. She heard her own voice answer, " and leave a message at the tone, we'll get back to you...... "

As the beep sounded, she felt herself lifted from the hips from behind. She tried as hard as she could to say something to the machine, leave a clue, some kind of answer.....

Her concentration was completely confounded, as she took in a breath to scream into the phone, she felt herself lifted, and her buttocks spread as her pelvis was lifted , leaving her arms hanging, so she was bent at the hips, arched in the back, and completely at his mercy.

" Help S...... " her words were cut off abruptly as she felt something foreign to her, completely foreign to her. A tongue pressed hard against the tight pucker of her ass. it was strong, wet, forceful... it circled , it pressed, and then, it pierced, a long guttural sigh escaped her lips, a primal sigh, longings unspoken , fantasies left unsaid, wants and needs she feared to share with her husband, were now being taken from her. She was having a fantasy fulfilled that no one knew of.....

His lips moved strongly over her, he was actually kissing her, not just poking, he was making love to her ass with his mouth. she had always wondered, now she knew. No wonder she fantasized about this, the sensation was incredible, and then, she felt a finger enter her swollen wet lips, and she came, shuddering and exploding. Held aloft, she could do nothing but vibrate and spasm. she felt the tongue lap her from clitoris to the top of her butt crack. Lapping hungrily to get every last drop of thick sweet come from her swollen lips, her thighs, and even that one large first drip that ran all the way past her knee. All was licked clean, tenderly.

" Now then, " said the voice " you've been a good toy thus far. Keep up this behavior and you may even live to see your useless husband again, but not until your ransom's been paid. "

With that, she heard the phone get disconnected...

OMG! she had been recorded on her own machine at home, she came on her own answering machine. Her husband is going to hear that! What had she said?, Did she scream?, did she say yes?... she couldn't remember, she just knew she liked what had been done to her, she wanted it again, she wanted more! she felt badly then, her eyes dropped.

A warm breath she felt on her neck from behind, " no toy! No feelings, not now. There are no feelings, there is coming, there is making me come. THAT is all the need concern you. If you are a good toy, i return you, maybe. if you are a bad toy, you'll never see daylight again. If you are an exceptional toy, perhaps I'll keep you. now here, hold onto these, i have some things to do, but i'; be close, so don't try anything!"

Again the feel of cold metal, but this time, not her ankles, but her hard erect nipples, small clamps, placed on each. Not too hard, but hard enough to cause a pinch of heated pinch on each nipple like a set of teeth lightly clamping. Her whimpers receded as he walked slowly from the room.

As she became used to the pain in her nipples, it became more normal for her. she felt a warm outburst of breath on her dark red tuft of pubic hair. Her lips, still tender and somewhat swollen, felt cool ivory against them, as his teeth clamped lightly on her mound. His upper teeth tangling in the lower strands of hair, fleshy mound and hood were tugged slightly as his teeth clamped down and up on the curve of her. small lips bunched tightly, against fleshy mound, her clitoris engorged, his lips slid down over his teeth, and he sucked HARD! His tongue pressing and circling around her clit as he sucked, she could stand it no farther.

She exploded on his face. She felt herself gush come with each convulsion, splashing wave after wave of hot creamy juice over his face, his chest, and herself. She could feel each heated drip as it let go her shapely ass to congregate in puddles on the floor.

His teeth released, as did his suction and his tongue's pressure. It spread wide, and lapped every drop of come from her. Each cheek was completely licked clean, then she felt his tongue probe. He licked deep and hard along the crack of her ass, stopping to press into her tight pucker, wiggling and pushing. Her ankles were lifted, knees back against chest, opening her fully to him. Her muscles contracted with the shift, and as she tightened, he pressed deeply.

She felt herself spread for him, tightly fighting his press. She had wanted her husband to do this. but he lacked imagination. He lacked the will to please her how she feared to ask, she knew that. And here was some complete stranger, exploring her libido like he knew every route. As she felt the girth of his tongue press deeply into her, she came. He was not finished, as her constricting muscles fought against him, he shoved two fingers in between throbs, and they curled upward, pressing hard into her g-spot as he fucked his tongue into her hard and deep.

The world went grey for her, a yellowy grey. The colour you see after being hit in the head hard, the colour you see just before blackness. She wasn't sure how many she had, nor when, or even if they stopped. He wouldn't stop, he kept her g-spot coming and her ass was so supple she could have lost her virginity to him and loved it right now. But he wouldn't, or didn't. He made her come again and again, until she was uncertain the mark between them.

She woke, blankets piled close and high on her. her pillow, freshly laundered and pressed, the birds outside, the sun rising. It was all just a dream. She smiled inwardly to herself. Her lingering aroma filled the room. Dream or not, she felt like she'd been sexed beyond her wildest dreams. She stretched, moaning loudly, with that content smile on her face. after what seemed too short a stretch, she rose to answer that early morning need, to find her ankle strapped to the leg of the bed...

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