tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRed's Ransom Ch. 02

Red's Ransom Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Unleashed

Checking the bindings on her ankle, she found a comfortable padded satin interior, under thick leather, with strap, buckle, and lock. It was held securely to a braided cable loop and anchored to a loop set in the floor. Without benefit of tools, she was not going anywhere.

Looking around the room, she found there was daylight, but no windows. The light was provided with holes through the ceiling somehow. there was a fresh jug of water with lemon slices floating in it on a table near the bed. A rather large television sat against the far wall from the bed, and a commode was off to one corner near the bed, behind a screen.

There was a remote control sitting on her end table, she switched it on out of curiosity. She was shocked to see her naked lower body being tongued by a masked man. She was viewing what she had thought was a fantasy dream, and yet, there she was, large as life, being rimmed by a total stranger. And worse, her face was shown, and she was loving it.

The thought of that orgasm being real made her tingle deep inside. Hearing herself so loud, in stereo. Seeing herself, her fantasy, her curiosity fulfilled.

She didn't realize she was touching herself until a moan of pleasure left her lips. Her fingertip was idly stroking her clitoris. making her hips grind slightly, and her knees grow weak. The sound of her pleasure was very loud, and she found it intoxicating. Her strokes became faster, more determined, oh God she was close...

A sharp stinging slap across her cheeks brought her out of her almost climax with a gasp and a sharp


She turned to see her captor, a yardstick in his hand.

"The toy will not touch itself, nor please itself without permission," he said.

"The toy will do as she is told or she will receive punishment!"

"Now remove your robe."

For a brief moment she hesitated, and again she felt a sharp crack across her already tender buttocks.

"Toy, make yourself naked. Show yourself to me!"

His words were short, and gruff, spoken as if at the end of his patience. She wished the mask he wore fit his face better, so she could see his eyes.

He stepped forward, grasping the robe roughly and ripping it from her. Her hair was grasped by the back of her head, she was pulled down forcibly over his knee, and she felt his stinging blows again and again rain on her pink and tender buttocks.

The pain and sting soon numbed in sharpness. Her tender flesh was numb, and the tingle and sensation carried through until she felt each blow as a push against her tight pucker, and she came. Just like that, she exploded, her body wracked and bucked. This was no normal run of the mill orgasm. This was something primal, something almost bestial in nature. It was almost as if he'd unlocked something she'd always kept hidden deep inside.

His hand caressed her hair gently, as she seemed to wake again from a dream. The light was brighter in the room. Time had passed, but how much she couldn't know. Her ass was still numb, and her cheeks felt crusty somehow.

Suddenly she again heard her voice loud, she was screaming, over the repeat sound of hailing blows of hand to tender cheek. She turned her head to see the tv screen, and saw herself bucking wildly as the orgasm she recalled hit her. Then she saw the rest, and she cried deeply. To her surprise, instead of hitting her, he cradled her and hugged her close until she quieted in his arms. Watching the intensity of her orgasm from the spanking was almost like a release valve. after she came like that she cried almost a decade of stress out of herself. She was trapped, she was a prisoner, at the whim of another. But for the first time in her life, she felt free. Free to say anything she ever wanted in bed, she was certain of that. If she was good, he'd do something for her if she asked nicely. He was a kidnapper, and a sex fiend, but god, was he ever good at it.

She felt him tug at a shoulder for her to roll off him. She did so, ending kneeling on the floor.

"Stand up, let me look at you," he said.

She stood, shyly trying to cover herself with her hands. A sharp rap across the knuckles with a small crop soon made her hands flinch out of the way.

"The toy is beautiful. She will not cover herself, nor stand demurely." He instructed. "

She will be proud, stand tall. she will take pride in her sexy body, the toy is perfect. "

She blushed at his words.

"No one's ever called me that before," she said with almost a grin.

"Show me yourself, spread your legs and show me yourself. Stroke it for me, make it drip juice for me, so i can watch you. "

She did immediately as she was told, parting her legs, arching her back trying to open herself for him.

He patted the bed beside him. " Put one leg up here, " he said, " so I can see your beautiful tiny sweet pussy up close. I want to savour your pleasure. "

She stood boldly before him, legs spread wide, swollen and wanting lips wet and ready. She touched herself, and her knees quivered. Her breath, short and gasping, sounded in her own ear. She heard wanton lust in her breathing as she plunged a finger in.

Oh God, it felt so good! The soft tender flesh inside her felt aflame with longing. The sensation of her knuckles sliding in and out, making every nerve inside her long for more. She'd never do this for her husband. He'd never want it.

'Fuck him!' She thought. And with that she shoved another finger in, spreading herself more

She felt the anger towards her sexual captivity at home, and her sexual freedom here in captivity, and she almost punched into herself. She heard the flesh of her tender crotch slap with the fury of each thrust. Forcing herself deeper and deeper until her fingertips pressed against the opening of her cervix, and she came so hard it poured from within her. She spasmed, and quaked, her knees almost giving out, but she stood her ground. She stood tall! She stood proud! She stood defiant!

She was stirred from her reverie by the odd sensation of her fingertips being sucked. Her hand was being gently sucked clean by a tender and patient, almost fastidious, tongue. That same tongue that had made her come so hard while it filled her tight pucker. She quaked again, a small aftershock. Again her knees threatened to give.

"That was splendid!" His voice sounded almost happy with her. She couldn't help it, she tried not to, but her mouth broke into a grin.

"Have i been a good toy?" She asked, almost with childlike enthusiasm.

"You are a wonderful toy, " he responded, giving her a kiss on the forehead.

A soft sigh escaped her lips with the tenderness of that kiss. She felt much emotion in that simple act. And she would have enjoyed it for longer, had she not felt his hands around her ears, urging her to her knees....

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