tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRed's Ransom Ch. 03

Red's Ransom Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Installments

His hand was forceful, yet not in a hurry. She wondered at this. She wondered how was going to react to a strange erection in her mouth after all this time.

She was slowly guided through opening his jeans, and easing them down under hips slightly lifted hips. He held her head slowly and lightly above his skin, guiding her lips around to kiss his lower stomach and abdomen toward the thick tuft of pubic hair, her eyes closed.

The soap was different, unknown to her. His scent was masked with a thick musk, enticing and alluring to be sure, but unknown to her before now. His belly was much like her husband's, flat, fit, and hard. His hair was much like his as well. The same soft lengthy feel to it. Almost like fur.

Her thoughts betrayed her. Her eyes snapped open and saw before her a familiar sight. No woman can look on her man and not know him in an instant. As her mouth was eased down over his shaft, her eyes gazed up. She looked deep into those eyes. Eyes she thought she knew. These eyes were different. They shone with life. They looked into her's, pleadingly, longingly. and his grip became more forceful. Then he impaled her mouth on himself, shoving her deep onto his rigid shaft,until her nose was tickled with pubic hair.

Oddly the strange scent was nice for her. The emotions of finding her husband fulfilling her wishes, and finding that he too had the same, swam in her head as the new sensation of being fucked hard in the mouth like a sex slave. The thick velvety gland swelling and thumping across the back of her tongue, forcing itself to bend at the back of her throat. Faster and harder he drove her down onto him, and she felt his manhood swell and harden. His testicles shifting and tightening in her fingertips. The tightening grip of his finger knotting in her hair to pull her harder onto him and hold her head tight against his exploding tool as he filled the back of her throat with thick pasty come.

He came for a long time. He came a lot. This was not normal and her emotions began again to take control of her, tears left her eyes as she sputtered and gagged slightly on a throat more full of come than she had ever known before.

She cleared her throat and swallowed slowly the thick sticky sweet juice he gave her. He's been eating more fruit she thought idly as she gazed once more into those eyes she thought she once knew.

When they finally opened a few minutes after he finally stopped shaking from the earth shattering orgasm he just had, his eyes again looked different. They looked sated. They looked content. They also looked pleadingly , imploringly into her eyes.

"Not yet, please?" His words were soft, wanting, hauntingly needy. As needy as her's she found the instant he said those words.

Her eyes turned shiny as a smile broke her face from ear to ear.

" Have i been a good toy? " She asked with an almost coquettish voice.

" MMMMmmmmmmmm , you certainly have!" He replied as his hand softly cupped her cheek of her face as she gazed up at him impishly.

" Good enough to ask for something? " Her eyes arched menacingly.

He knew that look. It spoke volumes of trouble normally. But then, normally usually meant he had done something wrong. This time he thought sure he'd done something right.

" Take me! " She almost begged. " Take me anyway you want to."

He looked down gently into her eyes. Slowly he stood, her cheek still cupped in his hand, and his head cocked to one side to stay with her gaze. Lifting her with his hand she stood slowly with him as he guided her behind the couch. Stopping in the middle of it to gaze lovingly into her eyes.

Then his eyes changed. They became darkly devilish. They almost looked like they had an evil intent. His grip on her slid back behind her head, stroking her hair out with his finger tips, to stop and entwine in the ends of her long fiery locks.

Her hair went taut against her, and she was gently pulled away from him. His hand guiding her back to him as she turned to face the back of the couch. His hand pressed between her shoulder blades and pressed her over the back of the couch. As he stood, his hand removed something from down in the couch, a small makeup bag it looked like, but too opaque to see anything inside the bag.

His thickening manhood, again on the rise, pressed between her thighs as it grew, dangling thickly, showing promise of what could be. His hips ground into her pelvis as the thick hair of his pubic mound ground hard against the swollen wet petals of her wanting flower. His rising manhood pressing up between her thighs as it grew, short thrusts tugging her flesh as he ground into her harder. The hair of his manhood pressing in light and ticklish across the wrinkled ticklish flesh of her backside, making her chuckle a bit.

Her chuckle was interrupted by the sensation of a liquid being poured down the crack of her buttocks, and feeling it dribble and flow across her ass and over her swollen lips and along his manhood, between her thighs, and down along her legs. It felt thin, light, not oily but very slippery.

His manhood began to slide easily through her thighs, pressing the muscular tissue apart as he thrust between them. His movements becoming more a bucking motion than a grind now, she felt the stroke lengthen into her, and the sensation along her sensitive inner thighs threatened to set her off, yet again. She found she now longed to have him in her. She reached under herself with finger tips, urging his gland against her sopping longing orifice.

As his gland reached her longing opening, he pushed, hard! He sunk to the hilt in one hard eager fast thrust, and his come heavy balls slapped her clitoris.

"YES!" She screamed.

He slammed into her harder again, and again, and again. He drove into her like he wanted to hurt her, it was exquisite! His hips banging into her butt cheeks so hard that she was almost bruised. His testes slapping so hard against her it threatened to cripple him, but he hung on.

Faster and faster he slammed into her, feeling her getting close. Her muscles began to clamp on him as she rose to a new height he'd never seen before. She bucked and thrust against him. Her fingertips grasped his testicles tightly tugging on them, trying to pull him faster and harder into her. She was so close!

He chose that instant to insert his well lubricated toy. She felt something small, cool and jelly-like touch her where she longed to be touched, but never had, until last night. Her tight pucker pressed in with it, and at first she flinched, as the slender tip of the toy slid slow and steady into her tight pucker.

The sensation she got from being so full, so thoroughly fucked was too much for her. She shoved back tugging hard on his bag, pushing herself deep onto him and the toy. Her convulsions began fast and steady, and only got faster. One followed another until she couldn't tell one from the next. She couldn't recall her knees giving out, nor hearing him reach climax. She wasn't even sure what her name was right now. She only knew that wave after wave of bliss drove through her from end to end, and that she didn't want it to stop.

She couldn't even hear his contented whisper in her ear, "I love you, Darling."

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