tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRed's Ransom Ch. 04

Red's Ransom Ch. 04


He awoke to the smell of fresh coffee. Beside him in the space his wife had been was a still warm spot and his mask he had worn to hide his identity. He chuckled to himself, thinking himself stupid for thinking he could hide that from her. The altered scent, the lighting, the mask All of them a weak attempt to rekindle a once passionate relationship. Work and time had taken their toll, and he did not want to lose her. Not ever.

From the kitchen he heard coffee being poured and mixed. She entered the room from the kitchen with a tray of coffee in her hands. Under the tray he noticed a shine. The shine of the connecting chains on the handcuffs he'd bought for this. He looked again at the mask beside him, the chains on her wrists. He had given up on the idea of finishing this for her, having ruined the surprise early.

Finally realizing inside himself, he looked into her eyes. He saw it there in her eyes then. That same pleading look of , " please, not yet? " was in her eyes now, as it was in his the night before. As she neared the bed, he reached for the mask, replacing it on his face and head. Coffee would be a trick, but one had to make allowances, really.

As she re-entered the bedroom of the suite he had obviously rented for a weekend, she noticed that look in his eyes. That look that told her he had given up as of last night. No!, please! He couldn't do that! She dropped her eyes for a moment, then raised them again as his eyes raised to her's. She glanced down to the bed as he picked up the mask to put it back on.

Her lips tingled, throbbing in fond recent memory of the previous day and night. Her nipples became aware of her every movement under the sheer bit of nothing she was able to find to wear. She felt completely used as a sex toy. Something she had always wanted, but feared to trust openly.

She knelt before the bed, offering up the coffee cups for him to choose. He chose the one she had made for him, blended as he always liked it.

"Join me on the bed toy. I would have you near me. Drink with me. "

She sat down comfortably on the bed beside her husband to enjoy a hot fresh cup of coffee in bed. One of her favorite times of day. He always was a morning riser. A nice way to start the day with a smile she thought. It always was. Until now.

"Stand up! " He shouted at her.

His sharp voice and harsh tone made her jump so much she almost spilled her coffee. She placed it on the table and stood. He held his up as well, obviously for her to take and place aside with her's. She took it and did so. He climbed out of bed and stood beside her, gazing intently into her eyes. They seemed to smolder with something she hadn't seen in those eyes in years, until just this weekend.

She felt the chain between her wrists tugged taut with a twist of the chain in a closed fist. He lifted her hands up high, turning her as he did, half a turn and slapped her hard on the buttocks. A whimper of shock and a titillating pang of good pain throbbed across her cheeks. He spun her back around easily and halted her still in front of him, again gazing intently into her eyes. That smolder was still there.

"The toy will sit and spread herself for me. I would watch you while i take my cup."

He climbed back into the bed and held out his hand for the coffee cup. That move was his downfall. That specific act was the seed of her plot to get back at him for this. She vowed vengeance upon him. She wasn't sure how, but she surely would. She offered him the cup like a good slave should, smiling deep within herself, she moved across the bed to spread her legs and loosen the slight cover she had on, baring herself to him.

The lust in his eyes made her tingle. The thick member between his legs showed her how much he was enjoying this.

"Play with it. Rub it gently along the outer edge of your lips, one fingertip per lip. Slowly. Tenderly. Ease it into the wanting. I want to watch your beautiful womanhood bloom."

His voice was so deep. It was so erotic, she could feel the vibrations of his voice in her clit and she wanted to scream! Wanted to touch it. Longed to stroke it fully, deeply.

She glanced at his face. He was calmly sipping his coffee while he told her what to do. This was so unlike him. So unlike anything she'd imagined from him. It made her throb inside, deep down. It was like being with a stranger. It had the newness of that first time. The anticipation. That longing to completely let go, but never having the trust base to allow it.

Now though? This was different. She shuddered and quaked. She felt a warm flood of bliss between her legs and a thick sweet coating of sticky thick cum flow across her buttocks as it pooled on the bed covers. god, she hadn't even touched herself inside and she had cum. She longed for more.

"Use a third finger. So the center finger slides inside you as you stroke. Yes, perfect. The next time you cum, I want you to spread yourself for me. I want to watch the succulent juices flow from you as you pulse and throb. Right now, slap you pussy for me! "

She hesitated for a moment, but only a moment. Then she slapped her entire pussy. She tingled spanking herself.

"Harder! HARDER!"

She slapped till it stung. Her lips were swollen and tender. Sore already from the weekend's passions, they were tender and sensitive.

"Three fingers, slap your clit! "

She did so, and she came. Her body racked with electricity, she arched and came so hard she almost blacked out. The bed shook under her. The room spun around her and she wasn't sure when the feeling would stop.

Her eyes focused. She was looking up, from between her knees. They were held back and up by an ankle brace, with manacles attached by hooks to the brace. She was spread wide and the small of her back had a small pillow under it, elevating her ass slightly off the bed. She could feel the thick coating of cum she had created all over her spread backside. She had been turned, her ass now poised over the edge of the bed. She shouldn't see over her flat belly, except to view her small clit standing erect and longing.

Warm breath touched her already chilling buttocks. The coolness of the cum on her, and now, a hot breath.

And then she felt lips. they were warm, tender loving lips. Lips that moved like a great kisser trying to impress on a first date. They were firm, yet gentle. Strong enough to press against a tautly spread tight pucker, and relax it. Longingly he kissed her, as he would her breast, or her neck. Tenderly kissing her ass as if he would her breast for foreplay.

Then she felt again that tongue that had made her cum so hard previously. It probed and pressed. It circled around her tight ring caressing it to a softer state. Relaxing the tight tissue it ventured into her again, and she felt her whole body relax as one in an almost physical sigh of relief. He pressed fully into her with his tongue in one hard stab.

And she came.

His face moved faster into her again, fucking hard into her tight wanting ass. Oh god how she wanted this, but how to ask? How did he know about this in her? This need?

And she came.

Shuddering and shaking she bucked and thrashed, her muscles contracting uncontrollably.

Until she felt something else touch her there. She felt the thick swollen gland of a thick shaft she knew all too well. In a place she'd wanted it for so long, but feared to ask. Hard and steady it pressed into her. She could feel the thick gland compress into her as it shoved slow and steady into her tight sphincter. She heard his animal sigh of relief as he entered her, his thick purple head sliding into her, until her tight ring snapped tightly around the helmet of his long thick member.

She braced herself for the push, because the initial entry pinched and hurt like hell, but GOD! was it a good hurt. There was no push. Instead he tugged gently on her looped tightly around his thick gland. She could feel the gentle tug of her flesh there. The tug worked her entirely there, the flesh being pulled outward was a new sensation she hadn't felt before. It made her long for him to push deeper, so she could feel that more.

Instead of a push, she felt his fingers enter her, and probe upward finding her g-spot easily. Thank god he knew this one all this time.

And then her thoughts dissolved as his fingers stroked her spot in long firm strokes. She was already close to coming, and she exploded. Thrashing about the bed like a wild animal, legs flailing. She was so lost in thought and feeling that she couldn't hear the rattle of chain against metal leg brace. She couldn't hear the creak of the bed as they threatened to break it in their torrent of movement.

All she could feel was his fingers inside her causing this explosion. That and the sensation of his thick cock shoving deep and tight up into her as she came again. His fingers worked inside her harder and harder. She couldn't count the orgasms now, but his fingers were too much. She reached down and suddenly they stopped. She didn't know why. She didn't care. All she could feel now was that thick piece of manhood reaming her tight virgin ass, and god it felt wonderful.

The steady rhythm of his thick meat shoving deep and full inside her. So deep inside her. She was so lost in her depth of feeling and sensation that she couldn't even hear herself scream. A deep animal, primordial grunt. She couldn't hear herself, and she couldn't hear him either.

He couldn't hear, or it didn't matter. the right now was all that mattered. And the right now was so urgent, so needed by them both. So needed in fact that when he came, so did she. Their animal passion leading to phone calls being made to question the well being of the occupants of cabin 16. Knocks on the door of the cabin by police to enquire about the above mentioned health. To mention nothing of the broken bed that was highly overcharged for what it was.

None of that mattered. What mattered was them, right there and then. A first for them both. A shared experience of trust, and power, and the ability to trust that power. The love that comes with that. The feeling of safety and concern and love for another like that. That all came out of them at the same time. They came. They truly did. Together, united, unbridled, and sharing, they came physically, and emotionally, and mentally

Not sure when. They looked into each other's eyes. Her legs had been released and they were entwined on the bed.

"How did you know? " She finally asked.

"My baby talks in her sleep. " was all he said, with a deep smile on his face that she knew went all the way in.

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