Redwood Nine: Season 03 Ch. 09



"Well, maybe an hour."

"That's better. Come on, let's go say hi to the girls, shall we, Buddy?"

"Yeah, let's."

JT led Wayne to the house with his arm over his shoulder, opening the door and welcoming him to enjoy himself with everyone. The radio in the cruiser kept calling for him, but Wayne was already undressed and starting to begin the first of many pleasurable moments with the girls.

Winslow sat in the back alley, in the Mercury Monarch, tying off his arm after he readied the needle with a hit. He steadied his shaking hands the best he could, as he lined up the point with his vein. He pushed it in and flagged the plunger, seeing blood enter the reservoir. He pushed the plunger and felt the first traces of heroin enter his system. He emptied it all and pulled out the needle, then released the tourniquet and felt the rush of blood soaked heroin go straight to his head. He had no idea he had done pure heroin and had overdosed himself, with enough heroin for ten hits. The steady influx to his brain had him convulsing and seizing, as the agony of withdrawal, turned into the agony of a slow, painful death. Stink wanted no witness telling anyone what he was about to do.

A passerby using the alley, reported a man sitting in a car and didn't look like he was sleeping. A patrolman responded and checked Winslow Westingham's pulse and didn't find one. A call to the coroner went out and another statistic was added to the growing list of abusers and deaths due to heroin overdose. Winslow's body was loaded in a bag and taken away, back to a sterile room where pathologists removed his brain and studied the affects of the drug's damage.

The dispatcher had been trying to raise Unser on the radio for close to an hour, by the time he finally answered.

"Unser here, go"

"Deputy Chief, finally. The Chief wants you back here at the station, pronto. He's starting to blow a gasket, so you better hurry back. Says he has something big, something important to talk to you about."

"Doesn't take much to do that. Okay, I'm done out here and I'll be headed back in a minute. I'll be

there in a half hour or so."

"10-4 Deputy Chief."

"10-4, Unser out."

Wayne looked at JT with a face of despondency, showing his displeasure in leaving the commune and the great sexual experiences.

"What can I say, JT? Gotta get my ass back to Charming and forget about the life of Casanova. I know it's safe out here, JT, but if shit is happening, I need to get a hold of you quick."

"Yeah, I understand, Wayne. We'll be heading back to the clubhouse and locking down again. We just needed to see everyone and touch base with the girls."

"Yeah, I think I touched a lot of bases there too. Damn those girls know their stuff."

"They do, don't they."

The two smiled and laughed, sharing the humour together.

"Okay, gotta get my ass back to the real world again. Let me know when you guys are back and we'll get things in order."

"Okay Wayne, see you soon. We won't be too much longer ourselves. If they're planning something like a raid, we better be as ready as we can for it."

"Yeah, can't get caught with your pants down on this."

The pun had them both laughing again, the recent joining topping anything else at the moment.

"Alright, see you Wayne."

"You too, JT, Take care out there, okay?"

"Will do, Wayne."

Unser started up and backed out of the lane way and onto the road. He waved and headed back down 10th line and on toward Charming. JT went back in and saw the mass of writhing bodies, still engaged in sexual union. Suzy got up, her hair a mess of strands going everywhere. She walked over to JT at the door and pressed her naked body into him, pulling his face down to her, so she could kiss him.

"You have to go, don't you?"

"Yeah, we got to get back and get locked down again. Unser heard some news about a raid on us, but they have no idea when, or where. Looks like fun time is over again."

"I hate that, Baby. I know you're protecting us, but you guys are in danger and it really scares me. I hate the thought of you getting hurt, Baby, I really do."

"I do too, trust me. I couldn't bear to see you even get a tiny scratch, because of all this shit. I want all you girls and the other guys to be safe and this is the only way to do it."

"I know, but I still don't like it."

"No one does. Wait until you here them moan and groan when I tell them its time to go."

"Right now? You have to leave already? Can't you stay for a little bit longer? Please."

Suzy's pleading came with a loving hand cupping his manhood, caressing it and fondling it to stir into arousal. JT felt the surge of sexual juices flow in him and he couldn't resist her temptations. They went back into the living room and Suzy wasted no time in stripping JT's pants off and working on his erection, getting him hard in seconds and laid back, opening her body to him to love her. JT felt her hand take him and guide him into her hot, moist core and sighed in ecstasy.

Unser parked and went straight in to the chief's office, doing his best to hide any signs of enjoying himself earlier.

"What's up, Chief?"

"Got some more news from an informant. The Disciples apparently got their hands on some bigger guns. Now they have machine guns and assault rifles. No idea where the hell they got them from, but the word is out they're heavily armed and this makes that raid look more like invasion, than some drive by shooting."

"I told the guys and they're heading back into town shortly. They don't want any trouble happening out there, so they'll lock down at the clubhouse, until it's over."

"Good. We can keep them safe in there and handle these assholes as best we can. I have the men packing shotguns and whatever big guns we have, but we're outgunned in this, as it stands. I hope whoever they got protecting them knows about this and can do something to help us, because honestly Unser, I see bodies dropping in this one. No way we can have that many bullets firing and no one gets hurt. The sheriffs are packing bigger hardware now too, but even they aren't thrilled about going up against these guys."

"Jesus Christ, Chief, what the hell is going on out there in the world? It's like the war came back with the troops and everyone is going crazy."

"Yeah, feel like that myself. All we can do is get prepared to do some battling with these guys and hope we come out on top."

"Not sure we can do much more than we're doing already. We got every guy out there and this place looks deserted. When the guys get back, I'll let them know their friends are welcome to join in and help out. They got the guns to handle these guys, so it seems, so that evens things up a bit better."

"Yeah, do that. I'll look the other way on what they do, just so long as innocents don't get hurt. Just one and this thing is going to blow up in our faces and cover us in shit."

"And we don't want that, I know, Chief. I'll let the club know the score again and hope their guys can follow the rules of engagement. I can't help but see someone going down by one of the gang's bullets. They don't give a shit who gets hurt in this."

"Well, if these bastards show up, I want everyone off the street and behind closed doors. I don't want to see anyone get in the way of any action."

"I'll put the word out and have them clear the streets at the first sign of them."

"Good. Now let's get this done and get it over with. I'm sick and fucking tired of dealing with this."

"You and me both, Chief, you and me both."

Eyes shared similar thoughts and nods confirmed they were on the same page about it all. For a town of only nine thousand plus people, they were seeing more action than places with over a hundred thousand people. Their little town was making the front pages of too many newspapers and bringing negative publicity to them.

JT and the club left the farm to teary eyes and numerous kisses, the thought of them leaving them alone again, not something hearts could accept easily. The gate was locked again and they stood there listening to the sound of the club riding away, the rumble fading in the distance. Slowly they went back inside, looking around at the gorgeous day that nature had provided. Some smiles came out, partly because of the weather, partly from the sexual interlude they got to share with their men.

JT and the club rolled into Charming and saw many people waving and smiling hello to them. They returned the greetings with equal enjoyment, shouting out names of people they recognized, but leaving no one out of their focus of attention. The ride seemed more like a small parade, as they rode slowly, enjoying the show of support to them and hearing words of encouragement shouted out.

Two hours after the club left, Chico's cousin showed up to take Marietta to Oakland, so she could start her classes. She was given a teary farewell and several keepsakes to remind her of everyone. She said she didn't need keepsakes to remember everyone, they were so dear to her heart. Manuel drove away with her, waves continuing until they were out of sight. Marietta couldn't help but feel a bit sad, despite the dream she had desired for so long, was finally coming true.

They made it into the compound and locked themselves in, feeling the familiar agony of being trapped. Unser was at the gate in minutes of their arrival, the club not even in the clubhouse yet. JT ran up and let him in, then jumped in Wayne's cruiser and rode down. The clubhouse was opened and everyone went inside for safety and privacy.

"I got some news when I got back, figured the sooner you knew, the better."

"What's up? Looks like it's bad news you have."

"Well, it sure as fuck ain't good news. When I got back, the Chief was telling me these guys got their hands on some big guns, assault rifles, machine guns and shit like that. No idea where they got them from, but some informant that San Joa has, told them he seen them unloading them out of a van. All this don't look good for us at this end. We don't have guns to match theirs and that's making the chief real scared about what could happen."

"Holy shit, Wayne. This is getting out of hand. How are we supposed to go up against that kind of hardware?"

"Well, the chief feels your friends need to be brought in and help out with it."

"He actually wants them fighting in this?"

"It's either that, or he's ready to call the National Guard in and have them take them on, but that's going to bring a whole heap a shit down on us all."

"So, what's better? A whole heap of shit, or a heap of dead bodies?"

"Neither is good, JT, that's why Grant wants your guys in on it. All of them, whoever they are. He says to start phoning them up and getting them on board with this."

"My guys aren't soldiers, Wayne. They're guys like us, that just want to make ends meet and have a life. You're asking me to put them in the middle of a fucking war, for crying out loud."

"I know, JT, but what else choice we got?"

JT couldn't reply with an answer, nothing at all coming to him to counter the inevitable. He looked at Wayne and saw the pleading to agree to his suggestions, then at his club and the faces of desperation on them. If he didn't call in everyone, they faced a deadly battle with the Disciples and they were outgunned and out-manned by them.

"Okay, I'll start making calls, but you better make sure your guys are prepared to fight, because these fuckers are gung-ho on taking this to the end and that means a lot of blood and bullets."

"I know, everyone knows. Our hands are tied by the law, JT. We can't act until they do something and then it's too late. Your people can act ahead of time, because they haven't sworn an oath like we have. You want to go at these bastards, you got everyone's blessing. No one is going to come at you for it."

"This is fucked up. I have to wage a war against assholes who can't abide by the law and the law can't help me, until they start killing us."

Wayne couldn't rebuke the statement, knowing it was the truth. He saw the frustration and helplessness in JT's eyes and felt for him, knowing the decisions being forced on him to make. One small act of civil kindness, in dealing with an issue, had turned into a full-scale battle for him. Wayne knew enough not to say anymore and excused himself to get back on duty. JT went up and let him out, but couldn't find words to say, just a look in their eyes that said lives were in the balance and they needed to prepare to say goodbye to some of them.

In Stockton, Stink and some of the others, loaded the guns into the trunk of a Plymouth Belvedere, closing it and leaving his hands on the trunk lid. He looked at the members and saw the faces of his men acknowledging their devotion to carrying this through. He slammed his palms on the trunk lid and knew he had revenge, worthy of what the Sons of Anarchy needed for interfering with them. It was time to play war like soldiers and not like bikers. The losses were heavy, but they weren't going unavenged in them.

Walter sat in his truck and blew the horn, wondering why the gate was locked. Moon came out to open it and let him in, Walter driving by with a confused look on his face.

"What's going on, Moon? Why is the gate locked?"

"Trouble, Walter. Just keeping us a safe from it as best I can."

"What trouble is that?"

"You might as well come in and sit down and let me explain the whole thing to you."

Walter followed Moon inside and they poured coffees for themselves, then sat on the porch together. Moon began explaining how everything happened and what was on their plate to deal with now. Walter shook his head, partly in disbelief, partly in disgust. He was shocked to hear what was happening in the world, outside his territory of knowledge and sat in wonderment at what had happened to change the way people behaved.

"They better not show their faces around here. People don't take kindly to those going ons in their back yards."

"Walter, I couldn't agree with you more. All we want is to live peaceful lives and enjoy what nature provides us. I told the club they couldn't live here anymore, because they were bringing too much trouble our way, but the others voted me down and said they could stay."

"Well, it ain't their fault, Moon. Not from what you told me anyway. They're good boys and don't mean anyone any harm. You can't blame them for it happening, those other guys are doing all the trouble causing."

"I just thought, if we remove the source of the trouble, it wouldn't come here and get anyone hurt. I don't see any other way."

"I know you care about everyone and only want what's best for them, but the guys want the same thing. I never once heard them talking like they want trouble and I sure don't think they go looking for it. Just happened to them and they are doing what they can to end it. Where are they now?"

"They're back in Charming again. They were here earlier and then the Deputy Chief showed up and then they left not long after. They agreed to stay there, at least until the danger is over and then they'll be able to come back and stay here. I'm just scared, Walter. I see what guns do and we're sitting ducks out here."

"No guns, eh?"

"Of course not. You know the rules here."

"Yeah, leaves you in a bad situation all right. Well I got a shotgun and my hunting rifle, so I can keep watch on things and make sure they know this place ain't such an easy target."

"Walter no, I don't want you getting involved in all this."

"I'm already involved, son. That little girl in there is like my daughter and I'd go to my grave happy, knowing I did everything to keep her safe."

"I know, but we can't ask you to do this."

"No one is asking, I'm telling. I'm coming by later tonight and bringing my guns. I'll keep watch on things and make sure no one comes knocking, that isn't supposed to."

Moon saw that anything he said, wouldn't change Walter's mind, a small part of him glad that he wouldn't. His objections to guns was firm, but at this point in time, he was glad somebody he trusted had some.

"Okay, but I don't want you taking any risks. Just warn us and we'll head to safety, make sure no one is involved in any shooting."

"I won't, but I won't hesitate to shoot, if I see trouble happening."

"Oh God, Walter, I hope not."

"First time I heard his name used since I met you folks."

"Who's that?"

"The Great One upstairs, the one who made all this."

Moon realized what he had said and who he spoke of. He had turned against religion of any kind, the hypocrisy of it turning them against any of their teachings. Many had grown up with different faiths as children, but they were all found to be the same, once they came down to it. They practised the basic principles and tenets of treating their fellow man, but any relation to religion ended there.

"Do you think God wants this to happen, Walter?"

"Don't know. Don't know why he let's a lot of things happen, but there's always a reason for it."

"Please, explain what the reason for this is to me, because I can't see how it helps us in any way."

"Can't answer that, Moon. Same as I had to come to terms with Lindsay and Eloise getting put in a home. Same as my Jessie leaving me. Just things we have to understand, that it's all part of life."

"I just can't believe that, Walter. It just makes no sense."

"Not much does these days."

Moon heard that and knew Walter was right. The world was in a state of flux, one that was swinging wildly in all directions. It could stop anywhere it wanted and no one had any idea of what they would be left with to live by. The idea of it being like this, a constant state of threat, was one he couldn't bear to think of living.

Moon and Walter sat for a while longer, sipping on the coffee and just looking at nature in its glory before them. It seemed so strange to think that such beauty could hold the elements of danger in it, but it did.

Otto lay on the clubhouse roof, looking through the scope for any signs of movement. He was back in his element, the soldier he once was, now back in service and following orders. He began moving the scope around, continually checking every possible source of attack. He looked at the hydro towers and scanned each one thoroughly from top to bottom, then moved around to check the building and streets behind them. As calm and serene as the setting was, he remained alert and attentive to his duties.

The trap door opened and Keith came up with one of the M60 machine guns, then Lenny was pushing a box of ammo for it out the top. Keith grabbed it and helped Lenny onto the roof and then the three of them surveyed the roof and the best place to set up the gun. The roof was curved and had very little flat space to work on. The front was the most heavily protected, by them and the police, so the back end was chosen to guard with automatic fire.

Stink and three others waited for the Stockton watchdogs to trail their members on bikes, letting them get far enough away, before he started the Plymouth and drove north out of Stockton, the cover of darkness aiding them in leaving undetected. They were taking the longest way to get to Calaveras, but the trip was enjoyed with talk of the killing they would be doing.

Dinner at the farm was eaten without any words spoken, the uneasy feelings still present between Moon and the rest. Walter sat silent, knowing it wasn't his place to interfere in their business, then took some good scraps of meat and food out to his dog, Chase. The old hound dog was wagging his tail happily at the treat offered and gobbled down the plate of food. He looked at Walter for any more and Walter took a nice bone out of his pocket and handed it to him. Chase took it gently from his hand and made his way to a comfy spot to gnaw on it. He looked back at the house and the people inside, then headed to his truck and took his rifle and shotgun from the rack behind the seat.

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