tagGroup SexReena and Gangaram: A Twist of Fate

Reena and Gangaram: A Twist of Fate


REENA – MEENA: A saga of 2 sisters .

'Fuck, fuck, fuck me.....Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh I can't take it any more, fuck me bugger fuck me...you pervert, fuck me.....Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh' wailed and pleaded Reena lying on the rumpled sofa in the manager's office, she was his secretary and the manager was getting his daily dose of fuck from her. The manager had been eyeing for her lusty body since long and it was just a few weeks ago when she was finally ensnared. Having to travel regular on office jobs, Reena made some fundamental mistakes while submitting her bills, the manager was known in his office of 20 odd people as a very dutiful and integrity driven official. This time the office clerk gave him an interesting case - Reena was from a middle class background and obviously fell short of money, she wanted the sky to be at her feet. Her boyfriend was in her neighborhood, and both were used to flirt with money. That is not easy and lure drove her to commit serious mistakes while filing 'claims'.

The obvious choice was to 'resign' but Reena made the 'impossible' happen- that evening with the white sheet in front of her on his table she seduced the manager. Her boobs rose up and down with intense desire of lust and depravity, she was driven to this strange 'offering' even more knowing that her boy friend was just outside in the lobby waiting for her to come out. That in fact added to the excitement for both and Reena was 'consumed'. The manager sucked on her boobs through the cloth of the 'kurta' and in no time drenched and soaked in his watery mouthed saliva, Reena removed her clothes and fingered the pussy in all its glory right in front of his eyes and under his nose on the vast glass table. The manager just sat with his hands trying to reach his own cock, while she titillated him with her own ministrations on her cunt.

They fucked like animals that day, she sucked him like never before, his 52 year old limp cock grew slowly but surely and finally spewed his watery sperm into her mouth, and was over after that. Reena quickly left him in that state and thus started the 'new chapter' in her life. While going back to the women's hostel along with her boy friend, Reena confessed to him of her 'adultery' which was meekly accepted by Raj. Raj, her boy friend had no other choice, no girl would look at him and the fact remained Reena was a beauty- no male could resist her charm.

After a few days the manager took leave and were busy with his son's marriage and in that connection left for Haripur where at his ancestral place, the marriage was arranged. All plans and arrangements were made and accomplished by his brother who stayed at Haripur looking after the farms and dairy belonging to the family. In fact the manager wasn't even aware of how his 'daughter in law' looked like. The day of the marriage arrived and all of them left for Mallapur - the bride's place. Upon reaching the same, the manager and his family were accorded a warm welcome and shown to a lovely mansion which was to be their resting place and place of stay.

The manager got dressed and along with his brother waited for the bride's father and family to come- on a customary call. At 3pm they got a call, 'My father and mother are on the way, sorry for the delay Uncle, I am the bride's sister', the voice on the other side sounded familiar and the manager was taken aback, he asked the girl for her name and really fainted when he heard 'Reena'. The effect was the same on the other side, after all both of them knew each other and every part of each other's body for sometime now.

Gangaram, the manager was silent and serious and told his brother Ranji to manage the arrangements and went out on a walk in the hot summer Rajasthan's Mallapur. He had to solve this 'guilt'- he had never got entangled into such obnoxious issues, this was a sin and he was not going to forgive himself. After all the 'bahu' (daughter in law) was the sister of his own 'whore'. He could not imagine the consequences if this was to come out in the open. While he was walking, an Ambassador just went by him towards the guest mansion, he could fairly make out, whose it could be.

That evening, Ranji and Gangaram were invited for the initial ceremonies and a mini reception by the bride's family. The marriage was in the early hours of the next day, they reached the hall and were greeted by a bevy of beauties, who sprinkled 'ittar' and 'rose water' on them and led them to the centre of all activities. Gangaram's eyes met those of Reena and immediately shied from acknowledging each other. Her parents introduced the bride, her brothers and other sister along with Reena to everyone and Gangaram even in all his mire and guilt could not take his eyes off Reena, she was looking gorgeous. Meena the bride was the elder sister, they were a family of 5( 2 brothers and 3 sisters).

While the ceremony was going on, Reena came and sat next to her 'jijja' Pradip- Gangaram's son. Gangaram was seated just a step away in the front, and there in the presence of so many, Reena bent forward and bit Gangaram on his ears couple of times much to his annoyance and of course worried to death of someone discovering this illicit and clandestine act.

That night after dinner, Reena cajoled Gangaram to come out of his room and join her in the balcony on the terrace at the guesthouse.

For a while, they shared the low wall on the balcony ceiling and soon after kissed and hugged. Then, she had it all -- but still needed to bend her knees too much -- while Gangaram knelt on the rough floor beside her. He eased her churidar and panties down to her ankles but started again to kiss her mouth. His hand stroked her thigh while his tongue licked hers. She wanted his caresses, she wanted more, she wanted him to talk sweetly to her as he used to when these caresses were new. When she parted her thighs wider, he stroked up to their junction. She gasped into his mouth as he clasped her there. "I love you, sweet Raand, how will we continue all this with Meena and Pradip (his son) around?" he said.

He did love her, and he wanted her, and he wanted to speak of his desire, but he knew that she wanted to hear of his love. He parted her lower sexy cunt lips and dipped his fingers into her moisture while his mouth switched to her breast. They both were silent as he licked her nipples and stroked her clitoris until she tightened in preparatory agony.

He had to keep himself from rushing it. He thirsted for her response, but he ached for her fingers to bring his own. When he saw that she was about to begin, he thrust two fingers into her and sucked hard on her nipple. His thumb brushed circles over her clit and she came bucking and gasping. The tension pulsed through her like storm waves hitting shore. She loved him, she wanted him. He continued to stroke her until she collapsed. "I do love you, darling Reena," he said. At that moment, he loved her for her brazen ness and unabashed willingness to get fucked but was stunned out of his wits when he heard " Enjoy yourself, but make sure you pay us 4 lakhs after we go back to Delhi".

Raj, Reena's boy friend was standing just behind them, holding his cock. " Let us go back to my room and we will continue all this there’. Reena smiled at Gangaram, and quickly rearranged her clothes and all of them quietly sneaked into his Tata Sumo only to resurface at the hotel room in 30 minutes.

'This is blackmail' pleaded Gangaram. ' You are having a white maal and call this backmail', retorted Raj..

There was no doubt that Reena was fairer than the fair and really sexy/beautiful. Gangaram's obsession in her was complete.

Reena closed the door and untucked her kurta and pulled it over her head. She kicked off her shoes as she slipped out of the cream churidar. Her panties peeled off as she crawled on to the bed.

With Gangaram sitting and watching all that was going on, Raj removed the sheet from her back and began kissing her neck with kisses, nibbling on her ear lobes and she felt his chest press against her back and the warmth that emanated from her as his hardness fit between the cleft of her buttocks, made her gasp for more breath. Reena was enjoying the dual attention.

Reena felt behind with her free hand as he begun to kiss her face and lips. Her hand ran up his thigh and found the loose sacs of his balls and held them. They were really big, she thought, and really low hung. She moved to the base of his prick and made a ring from her thumb and forefinger and held the stem. The joint of her two fingers met over the soft underside of his cock and Reena pressed the tips and massaged the pulsing vein she found there. Very slowly the ring moved up the length of Raj's cock and delicately pulled it from the ridge between her ass cheeks.

She squeezed the head and felt the tip slip through her fingers. She rubbed her thumb over the pisshole and felt the droplet of pre-come oozing there. Well she wasn't going to get any wetter, Reena thought. She pushed Gangaram away and rolled onto her back, kicking away the sheet that entangled around her legs. As she opened her legs, Gangaram reached out again and pushed Raj away from the sight and knelt between them. Slowly he lowered himself onto her.

She could feel the enormous mushroom cockhead of Gangaram probe her nether lips but unable to gain entrance.

Reena knew that Gangaram was different and needed excitement with new and new methods, she made a vee with her middle and index finger and spread her labia. With the other hand she guided the cock into the wide opening, as it stretched the walls of her vagina and with a plopping sound he thrust his length into her. Her tight cunt gripped him and he paused for a moment, as if getting used to these new surroundings.

Reena was watching Raj masturbating himself and for once knew the combination of watching him and the friction between her legs ensured she didn't need to finger her clit anymore, the friction of the prick and pelvis was getting her off. Her thighs gripped Gangaram's hips and shuddered with each stroke and she could feel her wetness running down her thighs with every outstroke and forming a puddle around her ass.

Reena could feel an orgasm coming when Gangaram suddenly withdrew. The vacuum this left in her vagina was awful - like a cold wind in winter. He stood on his knees over her and grasped her ankles. He put them around her neck and then ran his hands down her legs, coaxing his fingers over her inner thighs till he ran into the dampness. Reena lay on her back with the soles of her feet parallel with the ceiling and her ass a few inches off the mattress.

Gangaram held his cock at mid-length and directed into the upward pointing mouth of Reena's cunt. Slowly he pushed in half its length. Reena gasped as the thick head filled her void.

Gangaram began to alternate his thrusts into her. First he would slide a half-length of his cock out of her and then stab it all back into her before attempting another small withdrawal. This would go on for a dozen strokes and then he would only withdraw a few centimeters but his prick would piston mechanically back and forth, very hard and fast, brushing against her cervix. Raj would fuck her like this, she thought as she closed her eyes and the fission off another orgasm filled her vision.

Gangaram's hands gripped her hips and lifted them so that the prick head brushed against her engorged labia and his cock slid easily into her. This time he kept to the piston stroke rhythm. Suddenly she felt his explosion and his cock sperm cream gush into the wet tightness of her vagina. Another orgasm erupted from her tired body. Reena's elbows gave way and the two of them collapsed into the white sheets.

It had been good. She felt physically and emotionally spent and her mind drifted away in the sweaty warmth their two bodies had generated. She closed her eyes. Reena felt Gangaram slowly pull his half-hard member from her and roll over next to her. His arm draped across her back. She drifted into sleep. Gangaram at least for the time being forgot that in a few hours he was to solemnize his son’s marriage.

Raj quickly finished a 36 snap Kodak roll on the lovely couple, he had made up his mind- he was going to lead a 'king's life' from ‘right’ now, and he did not want to toil and work hard for that.

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