tagNonHumanReese Ch. 06

Reese Ch. 06


Note: Once again I thank all of you who take the time to read and comment on my stories. You are all appreciated. Thanks also to my beta readers Jean and donalde for their time and efforts. And last but not least, thank you to teacher2272 for editing.


Alex woke up disoriented, sore, and sick to her stomach. She felt as if she had the worst case of flu in her life times ten.

"What time is it?" she asked licking her dry lips.

'It's just past ten," Reese replied. "You've only been asleep for an hour."

"All of the exchanges are done?"

"They're done- how do you feel?" Reese asked as he kissed her head. She was already feverish. The change had already begun.

"I feel like shit," Alex replied.

"That is because the change has already begun, which is a good thing," Reese replied. "Would you like an ice chip? I don't think that water will stay down."

Alex agreed and took the offered ice chip. Seconds later, she leaned over the side the bed and vomited.

"I'm sorry," she said embarrassed.

"Don't worry," Reese assured her. "It is easily cleaned up, but I think we had better stay away from the ice chips. Will you be alright while I clean the floor?"

"I can get..."

"No you will not," Reese said interrupting her. "Stay where you are and rest. You're going to need it."

It didn't take long to clean up the vomit because there wasn't much to clean up. She had been too upset and nervous to eat. After the mess was cleaned up, Reese held her and put her head on his chest.

"I hear that listening to the heartbeat of one's mate is soothing especially in times of discomfort."

Alex snuggled against him and closed her eyes.

"Tell me about your family."

It was as good a time as any and the distraction would be good for both of them. When the pain got too severe, he would stop and finish the story another time.

"I was born in...."

"Your wife sounds like a good woman," Alex said, after Reese described her. "And to live under the conditions that you lived in must have been horrible."

"Angelica was a good wife, mother, and woman. It is she that taught our children right from wrong and forgiveness. It was a very difficult life, but we made do. We knew no other life, but we were happy. It was enough to know that there was food on the table, even if it wasn't much. We entertained ourselves by telling stories and singing. The people of this time would have great difficulty if they were to lose their gadgets."

"I'm sorry, but I need to vomit again," Alex said. Reese reached for the basin, but didn't need it. She was only dry heaving. "Go on," Alex encouraged, even though she was beginning to feel the twinges of pain that she knew would soon escalate into excruciating levels.

He had just gotten to the part about his arrest and escape when the first severe spasm of pain hit. He admired how Alex seemed to embrace the pain instead of fighting it. Her training was coming in handy.

"Keep going," she said, once the spasm of pain had passed.

"You should rest," Reese said, as he rubbed her arms.

"I need for you to talk to me, so start talking!"

Reese couldn't help but laugh and continued on with his story.

"You took the plague home to them didn't you?" she asked her voice strained when he reached the part about escaping from prison.

"Yes," Reese replied. "I had no idea of what I had done until the baby got sick."

He told her how he had run to the doctor and begged him for help.

"He told me that I didn't need a doctor- I needed a priest. Before that day, I had never begged for anything in my life, but there I was, begging for help for my child. Can you imagine how I felt when I realized that I had brought death to my family and then was unable to bring help?"

Alex bit back a moan and kissed his cheek. She couldn't imagine how hard it must have been for him to drop to his knees and to beg. Reese she knew was a proud man and that pride was part of the reason that he had refused her help.

"I'm sorry," she said quietly. This time a moan of pain did escape.

"We can finish..."

"Keep talking until I can't focus anymore," Alex said.

By the time she lost focus, Angelica and the two other children had died. Reese was beside himself trying to come up with ways in which to make her more comfortable. Alex was no longer talking, but softly crying out with tears running down her face. The only thing that he could think of was a hot bath to help relax her muscles that were in a continuous cycle of spasm, slight release and spasm again. The hot water wouldn't do anything for the bone pain, but if he could get her muscles to relax...

With a thought Reese filled the tub not moving Alex until the tub was full. She let out a small scream when he picked her up and carried her to the tub. He stepped in, sat down and cradled her against his chest. He breathed a small prayer of thanks when Alex let out a sigh of relief.

"This helps a lot," she said enjoying the slight reprieve. She wasn't even half way through.

The next twenty four hours were the longest hours of their lives. Alex continued to try to embrace the pain, but she had never experienced anything like it. Once or twice she felt her control slipping and laid her head on Reese's chest until she was back under control. After the twenty-four hours had passed, the pain began to gradually decrease. At first it wasn't noticeable but after two or three hours, they noticed the difference. Finally she was at the point where she could doze for longer periods of time. Then she was in that deep sleep that rejuvenated both mind and body. For twelve hours she would be almost comatose. When she woke up, he would begin feeding her. They wouldn't know for a few days if she had retained her ability to eat human food, but Reese hoped that she did. He still mourned the loss of his ability to eat.

While Alex slept, Reese began to make plans based on what he knew. Part of that was that he had to write Edgar out of the equation. Alex had included him in their circle and there was no way in which he could do harm to him. If he did, he would also have to kill Marco. While thinking about Edgar, Reese got a feeling in his gut. Satisfied that Alex would remain asleep, he reached for his phone.

"Jean," he said his voice ice cold. "It appears that you do not believe me. I will call you back in five minutes."

He had no real idea if she was going to call someone, but it was time to nip it in the bud and he trusted his instincts. He could take no chances.

"Leo," he said quietly. "Go to the restaurant on the corner of fifth and main... yes... yes, call me right back."

Alex stirred and then settled. A few minutes later, Leo called back.

"I have her."

"Take her for a short walk and then take her back to her table."

Reese hung up and called Jean back.

"Your mother was having dinner with your father at the steakhouse at fifth and main. Your father excused himself to take a phone call. It seems that he goes through great pains to keep your mother in the dark about what and who he is. While your father was gone, we took your mother for a little walk. If you don't believe me, after we hang up; call your father. My point is this, the next time you even think about calling anyone..."

"I get it!" Jean yelled into the phone.

"Do you?" Reese asked coldly. "Do I need to prove myself again?'

"No," Jean sobbed. "Don't hurt him! This was my doing! Lewis didn't know..."

"Where is he?" Reese asked as he peeked over at Alex.

"In the office... I'll get him."

While he waited, Reese covered Alex with a light blanket. She was beginning to shiver.

"I didn't know that she was going to do that," Lewis said before Reese could say anything. "I warned her! I...."

"Shut up and listen," Reese said. "Control your mate! I don't care what you have to do but if I fail..."

"I understand!" Lewis exclaimed.

"Has your mate spoken to her father?"

"Yes... her mother said that she was taken for a walk," Lewis replied.

"Then you know that I don't fear her family and that any and all of them can and will be taken if the need arises. I suggest that when we hang up, you talk to her."


But Reese had hung up.

"Such a badass," Alex said softly.

Reese jumped in surprise and turned to look at her. She shouldn't have been awake for another ten hours but there she was wide awake and talking to him.

"What?" she asked. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"How do you feel?" Reese asked as he assessed her from head to toe.

"I'm tired, sore as hell, a little hungry; but otherwise fine. Why what's the matter?"

"You shouldn't be awake yet," Reese replied as he took her face in his hands and looked into her eyes. He sat up, made her lie flat on her back and did a complete head to toe assessment and then made her turn on her stomach ignoring her questions about what the problem was. "You shouldn't be awake," he repeated. "Are you sure that you feel alright?"

"Reese I'm fine!" Alex replied. "As I said I'm hungry and as horny as hell."

Reese expected both of those things, so he wasn't surprised by them. He was still stumped by her being awake so early.

"Feed first," he said as he bit into his wrist and offered it to her. For the first twenty-four hours, the only blood that she would receive would be his. Alex latched on to his wrist without hesitation and began to feed. The sensation of her sucking traveled straight to Reese's cock making it rock hard. He moaned and bit his lip to help him keep his focus. It was important that Alex not take too much. She was like a baby... too much would make her sick and he wanted to be cautious. The early waking still concerned him although she looked fine. "Stop now," he said as he started to pull his arm back; but Alex hung on and continued to feed. "Alex!" Reese said sharply enough that it got her attention. "Enough!"

Alex reluctantly let his arm go and gave him a sheepish look.

"Sorry- did I hurt you?"

"No- but your system is new and we cannot overload it," Reese replied. "You are for all practical purposes an infant who needs to be taught how to walk."

"I don't like that analogy, but I understand. Does the same apply to making love?" she asked as she reached for him.

"There are no limitations on that," Reese replied sighing as Alex ran her fingertips up and down his cock. "It will be painful," he warned.

'It can't be any worse than what I just went through," Alex replied wrapping her hand around his cock and giving it a gentle squeeze.

"It won't be anything like that, but your skin and insides are tender..."

"Will you stop talking and make love with me?" Alex interrupted as she gave his cock a hard yank making him groan with pleasure. A spurt of clear pre-come moistened the tip of his erection as Alex gave him another hard tug. When she saw it, she stopped, bent her head down and licked it. "You taste good," she said as she licked her lips.

"Alex...." He breathed. He was supposed to be taking care of her, not the other way around. He gently pushed her back until she was lying on the bed. "Let me take care of you first." He kissed her lips moving his hips back when she tried to reach for him again. She needed gratification before she could slow down. He nibbled at her neck making sure to hit all of her sweet spots before moving down to her breasts. Her nipples were hard little pebbles that he kissed and then took into his mouth one at a time.

"Reese- this isn't the time to tease me!" Alex said when he released one nipple and moved to the other.

He didn't answer but put a hand between her legs. Alex opened her legs and cried out when his hand lightly brushed across her clit and then moved away.

"Put your hand back!" she said almost whining.

Reese slid three fingers inside of her and began slowly moving them in and out.

"That feels.... Good... go faster!"

Reese smiled around the nipple that he was sucking on. He liked a woman who wasn't afraid to say what she wanted and needed. He began to thrust harder and faster when he saw that she wasn't in any real pain.

"Yessssss!" Alex cried out as she moved to meet his thrust.

Reese placed his thumb so that it hovered over her clit, gave a hard suck to the nipple and pressed down on her clit at the same time. Alex screamed at the top of her lungs as Reese continued to suck her nipple and manipulate her clit with his thumb. His cock ached to be inside of her but he held off. He released the nipple and as he continued to thrust into her with his hand, he eased down her body leaving behind soft but firm kisses. He stopped at her mound, kissed it and then spread her vaginal lips. He took a moment to look at her glistening clit and then took it into his mouth. He felt Alex's hands on his head pulling him even tighter against him grinding against him.


Was all she got out, before she was screaming again. Reese waited until she had stopped screaming before removing his hand and moving between her legs. He wanted nothing more than to ram himself into her heat, but restrained himself. Instead he pushed until just the head of his cock was in and waited.

Before he knew what was happening, he was beneath her and she was fully impaled on his cock riding him hard and fast. He looked up at her face looking for any signs of pain but saw an expression of complete ecstasy. That look relived him of any anxieties and he began meet her downward thrust with upward thrusts. Alex's hands were on his stomach but now she reached out for him. He reached for her hands and their fingers intertwined. Her eyes were open and looking down into his when the climax took them.

Afterwards, Alex slumped over onto Reese's chest and was fast asleep. Reese didn't move for several minutes, thinking that she would wake up. When she didn't, he slowly rolled to his side with her in his arms. He felt his cock slip out of her and made a small sound of disappointment. When he had her settled, he looked down at his cock and was alarmed to see blood. Taking the chance that he might wake her, Reese eased his arms from around her and put her on her back. He gently parted her legs to see if she was bleeding. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw only a small amount of blood and she wasn't actively bleeding. The blood on his cock was from them making love and not because she had been injured. Not wanting to take another chance of waking her, Reese stretched out next to her and pressed his body against hers. He hoped that she would sleep for several hours this time.


"What in the hell did you do?" Lewis roared. "What fucking part of don't call anyone didn't you get? If anything happens to our son it will be your fault! I warned you about him didn't I? I told you that he was no one to fuck with! Do you fucking believe me now?"

Jean cowered on the sofa. She had never seen Lewis so angry and for a moment thought that he might actually hit her.

"Do you understand what could have happened?" Lewis yelled. "He could have taken that bitch mother of yours and snuffed her out just by looking at her! You have endangered all of us!"

"I was only trying to help...."

"Well look where it got us!" Lewis snapped. "If you ever, ever disobey me again you will pay for it and I'll start by locking your ass up. I don't give a fuck about your father and what he'll say. In fact, I don't give a fuck about your family! I'm sick and tired of you reminding me of how they helped me get my start! They may have given me the money, but I am the one that did the work!"


"Shut the fuck up Jean, I'm not done. I know what you think about me-that I'm weak and ineffective. That was me being too afraid to say anything. That stops now do you hear me? I will no longer bend over so that your father can fuck me in the ass and expect me to smile about it. I'm done kissing your ass as well. So hear this- I, and not you, am the head of this family! From this point on, you will do as I say. Do you have any questions?"


"Good, now call your father and tell him to back off."

"But... he won't," Jean said weakly. "You know how he is."

"Then you'd better find a way to stop him," Lewis said, "because if you don't and something happens to Edgar, I'm holding you personally responsible."

Jean's temper flared as she jumped up from the couch.

"So now you're the concerned father," she said snidely. "You've ignored him for years! He wasn't even allowed to call you father once he told you that he was gay. Where was this concern when he needed it? Why didn't you insist that he have guards? Why didn't you insist that he learn how to protect himself? Do you want to know what I think? I think that all of this is because you feel guilty! You finally saw that Edgar isn't the weakling that you are! He was brave enough to face you knowing how you would react and you took the coward's way out! You wouldn't even stand beside your son when he went to my father! So don't you stand there and berate me for trying to save him!"

"You're right," Lewis said softly. "I was a coward and I was a horrible father. I allowed what your family and others would say about me keep me from doing the right thing and that's standing by my son. And yes, I didn't realize how strong a man Edgar was until this happened but that doesn't change the fact that you shouldn't have called your father. Do you understand what's going to happen if whatever this vampire has planned fails? Edgar's life is forfeit. So tell me, how will daddy help you deal with that? Now get on the phone and call him."

Jean was going to argue, but time was passing. She picked up the phone, crossed her fingers and called her father.

"The son of a bitch is dead!" her father Arthur screamed into the phone. "The son of a bitch walked into the restaurant and took your mother for a walk!"

"I know, but daddy he could have hurt her but he didn't..."

"I don't give a fuck! He laid hands on my mate!" Arthur yelled. "It's bad enough that he has my grandson, but to come to a public place and disrespect me like that?"

"Daddy, listen to me," Jean said in the little girl voice that always got his attention. "I know that you're angry and so am I but he did what he did to make a point. He wanted me to know that he knew that I called you. It was a warning that if you interfere none of us are safe."

"So you just expect me to sit back and do nothing?" Arthur asked.

"Yes. Daddy, if whatever he has planned fails, he's going to assume that it was you and he'll kill Edgar. After the ball is over and we have Edgar back, I'll help you look for the bastard, but until then you have to stop whatever it is that you're planning and begin to make plans for the capture of this vampire."

"He's dead even if he releases Edgar," Arthur said firmly.

"I know and agree," Jean replied. "So do I have your word that you won't do anything until Edgar is safe?"

"You have my word," her father replied.

"Thank you and daddy? I won't be calling you again until everything is over."

"I understand, but you find a way to reach me if you change your mind."

Jean hung up relieved. The conversation had gone much better than she had hoped. She turned to look at Lewis.

"It's done," she said and walked away.


Emilio sighed with contentment. He was finally completely sated mentally and physically. The last woman had fared much better than the others had because he was full by the time he got to her. Her, he turned and made her his personal assistant. Her first duty was to run him a bath, and then to bathe him. He hadn't realized how much he missed his life until he came back. He was gratified to see that no one had forgotten their place and that all of them remembered how he liked things.

The next order of business was shopping. He considered everything in his closets and dressers outdated. He would allow his staff to take what they wanted and the rest would be tossed away. The one thing he would not allow was that they couldn't be donated to any of the human charities. Anyone caught doing it was severely punished.

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