Cindy? Cynthia swallowed as she realized that her fantasy had come true. Cynthia, the respected corporate tax attorney, was now Cindy, the truck stop hooker.

"Are you holding out on Billy Ray, you stupid bitch?" the pimp shouted as he pushed her away from the light and into the evil darkness. Cindy gasped as Billy Ray bent her over the hood of his Cadillac causing her short denim skirt to ride up and expose her naked ass. She wasn't wearing underwear, and over her shoulder she blushed as she spotted some of the passing trucker's stopping to enjoy the free show.

Slowly and deliberately Billy Ray pulled the leather belt from his pants with a long, fluid motion. "I'm going to teach you a lesson bitch. I'm going to tan your ass."

"No please, wait! I..."

In court Cynthia's debating skills were unmatched, but as Cindy the truck stop hooker her arguments were worthless. Cindy screamed as her pimp's leather belt snapped across her naked ass.


Behind her Cindy could hear a small group of truckers laughing, applauding, and cheering her pimp on.

"No, Billy Ray, I'm not holding out," she pleaded. "I just haven't earned anything yet."

"It's 7PM and you still haven't spread your legs? I didn't turn you out to stalk the fucking diner. It's time to put your lazy ass TO WORK!" he said, punctuating the command with another sharp crack of leather across her bouncing bare butt cheeks.

The squad car from the other night slowly cruised passed. The car stopped and focused its spotlight and Cindy's naked bottom, illuminating it for the entertainment of the watching truckers.

"HELP ME!" Cindy said, turning to the smiling Deputy. "Don't you remember me?"

Cindy squinted to see Deputy Duffy in the blinding light of the squad car spotlight shining in her eyes.

"He ayn't gonna do shit for you, you stupid whore!" Billy Ray said, pushing her back over the hood of the car and cracking the belt hard across her ass.

"OWWWWW!" Cindy hollered.

"If she's giving you shit I can run her in, Billy Ray," Deputy Duffy called out. "90 days of picking cotton and getting fucked by the chain gangs on the prison farm will take the piss out of her."

Cynthia used the legal system as a tool for her personal enrichment, but Cindy the truck stop whore shuddered as she realized how "the law" could make her situation much, much worse.

"No, Billy Ray, PLEASE!" Cindy pleaded. "Put me to work. I'll earn you lots of money, Billy Ray. I'll hump all the truckers real good, I swear!"

"You'd better, or you'll feel my belt on your lazy rump!" he said, snapping the leather across her bouncing bottom again. From the comfort of his patrol car Duffy continued to shine the spotlight from his squad car on Cindy's naked bottom, grinning broadly as he illuminated her spanking for everyone to see.

Grabbing her by her frizzy blonde hair Billy Ray yanked her back onto her feet and the Deputy slowly pulled away. "There's a red tanker truck at the end of the row and he just paid me for a suck. I expect you to earn a tip and bring it back to me, unless you want to feel my belt on your ass. Do you understand, stupid?"

Cindy nodded and with a shove from her pimp she stumbled forward to work. Cindy saw the men in the diner laughing at her as she stuck her hands under her skirt to rub her sore butt cheeks. The other truckers she passed on her long walk-of-shame were smiling too, and a few of them in their cabs flashed their headlights at her and heckled her as she stumbled past them.

"Nice titties, ho!"

"You new, sweet stuff?"

"That's it! Shake that sweet red ass, girl."

"You like spankings? Come up here and I'll give you a spanking."

"Work it, baby, work it!"

Strangely, Cindy felt her walk-of-shame slowly transforming into a hooker's strut as she paraded herself past the catcalling men. She had never felt so humiliated in her life, but her pussy was soaking wet! She also realized the advantage of her circus makeup, and pink tube top, which made her eyes pop and emphasized her red lips and bouncing breasts.

Truck stop whore had been one of Cindy's hottest fantasies. Now she was living her dream and she was on the verge of an orgasm simply from the way the men were hooting at her.

As promised the red tanker truck was at the end of the row. Cindy had never gotten into a truck before and as the first step was almost knee high she wasn't sure if she could do it. As she contemplated the physics the muscular trucker solved the problem by opening the door and lifting her by her armpits until they were face-to-face.

Cindy's first customer of the night was fat and had a big white mustache, and Cindy could tell he was bald under his red baseball cap. Cindy went pie-eyed as she realized that his pants were already unzipped and his wrinkled old member was lying on his lap.

"I reckon'd you'd all climb aboard shotgun side, but this'll work, sweetie," he said, pushing her head down into his lap.

Cindy reached for her purse before remembering that Billy Ray had emptied all her condoms onto the ground. She swallowed hard. She'd be giving her first hooker hummer bareback, and the wrinkled, raw sausage in front of her looked none too tasty.

Remembering the feel of Billy Ray's stinging belt on her tender ass she went to work, taking the dirty wiener in her mouth and sucking eagerly. Based on the taste she bet the old man had been on the road for weeks and hygiene was not a priority.

She bopped her head up and down, swirling her tongue around as she tried to get a rise out of him. The old man's penis wasn't reacting, but he seemed pleased. "That's it, suck it good, sweetie. I gotta granddaughter 'bout yer' age. Sweet little honey jist' like you. She got blonde hair too. Course she's real smart and she's studying hard in college, not sucking dicks in a truck stop like you. That's it. Keep bobbing yer' head. Now swirl the tongue around the tip, and clean it real good. Prostate's bad, so suck hard!" he said, laughing.

Cindy felt like she was going to puke, but she also felt a growing excitement between her legs. Being careful to keep her balance she allowed one hand to slide out of the cab and drop down to her soaking wet pussy. Much to her surprise Cindy discovered that her pubic hair had been sheered off and she was as bald as a billiard ball. It made sense, really: without any pubes it wasn't obvious that she was a bottle blonde, and a bare snatch made for quicker cleanups.

"There we go! Gettin' some wood now!" the old man guffawed as Cindy finally felt him stiffen in her mouth. "That's it... lots of suction, little girl. Suck it like it's a big old candy cane from your Grandpa," he said, stroking Cindy's frizzy platinum hair. "Git' that pretty pink tongue of yers' under the head. That's it; lots of friction! Keep that tongue moving, little girl. I paid for a blow job, not a bath."

Now that she knew what he liked it was easier, and as degrading as they were Cindy felt grateful for his instructions. Her pimp had called her 'stupid' and the remark had stung for she had always taken enormous pride in her intellect. But in this world she WAS stupid, a harsh reality that further eroded her rapidly deteriorating self-esteem.

As his shriveled old penis jerked and twitched in her mouth she worked her clit, marveling at the heat in her pussy.

Behind her Cindy heard two men laughing. "Look. That hot little ho is hanging out of the truck while she sucks that old cracker's pecker."

"Yeah," another voice said. "I call it the ho-hang!"

"Come on, let's go in and get some grub."

"You two go ahead. I want to stay and watch the little strumpet rub her hot pussy."

"Geez, with her skirt riding up that way I can even see her fingers going in and out of her coochie."

"Ha! Finger licking good!"

The men behind her had Mexican accents and Cindy wasn't sure how many of them there were, but she was so close to orgasm she didn't slow down even as they moved in for a closer look. If anything, the humiliation she felt at her audience's degrading commentary simply spurred her on.

"I wouldn't mind a piece of that pussy."

"Yeah, I can smell that sweet, tight snatch of hers from over here."

"Do you think her pimp will give us a group discount?"

"Ha, Ha! Yeah, a Mexican fiesta special?"

"This ayn't McDonald's, you cheap bastards. Ante up and pay for your puta, just like everyone else. "

"Well it may not be McDonald's, but that sure does look like a happy meal!"

The conversation switched to Spanish and Cindy couldn't understand the rest.

The dirty pecker in her mouth was close to coming. "Oooh, that's it, honey. I've been hauling gasoline all month but that's the lube I want. Now sweetie, Grandpa's about to come. Swirl that little pink tongue around the tip.... That's it. That's my good little girl! Suck thag candy cane, sweetie!"

Somehow the old man's disgusting comments only made it hotter and Cindy picked up the pace as she stroked her clit. Underneath her the old man tensed and groaned loudly. Realizing what was about to happen Cindy tried to pull her head up but the old man grabbed her by her frizzy blonde hair and held her head in place as he shot his load directly into her mouth.

Cindy choked and sputtered but remembering Billy Ray's belt and anxious to earn a tip she kept on sucking. The man kept coming-and-coming, and Cindy tried to swallow to keep up, but with her head inverted she had to scoop it up with her tongue and lap it to the back of her throat, a transfer procedure that smeared the old man's foul tasting spunk all over her tongue and mouth.

The odor was pungent and Cindy felt like she was swallowing a cup of chlorine bleach. Still, her pussy was hot, and she rubbed herself faster, much to the delight of the Mexicans behind her. Cindy had fantasized about the degradation of being a filthy truck stop hooker, and it didn't get any filthier than this. Yet it was the total foulness of the old man's copious seed that pushed her over the edge and gave her a quaking orgasm.

The sperm leaked out of her mouth as she moaned with pleasure.

"Stupid whore, you're getting it on my pants!" the old man shouted. His balls emptied, he placed his palm on her forehead and pushed her away. Arms flailing, Cindy fell backwards out of the cab, landing hard on the pavement.

"Owwwww!" she cried out, reaching back to rub her tailbone as the Mexican's behind her laughed.

"Little puta hit the road!" one of them shouted.

"That's why they call it ass-fault!" one of them replied as the men laughed at her.

Cindy felt like someone hit her in the butt with a baseball bat. "What about my tip?" she said, shouting up at the dirty old man in the cab, who towered over her like a God.

The old man said nothing, but Cindy was soon rained down on by a shower of nickels, dimes, and pennies as the old man contemptuously threw his pocket change on her before slamming the tanker truck door hard.

Cindy winced as she got up onto all fours -- she had hit her tailbone hard and she was glad she didn't break anything. Remembering the need for a tip, she crawled around under the truck, carefully retrieving the loose change.

Cindy felt excited when she spotted a quarter near the wheel before the irony hit her. Her billing rate when she worked for a Fortune 500 company was $800 an hour, and now she was on her belly, crawling under a truck for a quarter.

After she finished gathering the change, Cindy went back to retrieve her condoms and makeup only to discover that the other lot lizards had stolen everything she had left on the ground. Remembering Billy Ray's belt Cindy began strutting her stuff in front of the long row of parked trucks in search of a new customer. With the lights on Cindy couldn't see into the cabs, but she could feel their eyes on her as she teased her hard nipples through her pink tube top. Given the unseen men a whorish smile she shook her breasts, letting them bounce and strain under the tight pink fabric.

Cindy froze as the truck lights immediately in front of her blinded her by switching to high beam before turning off again.

Cindy swallowed hard. She had another customer.

After a few hours Cindy lost track of how many trucks she had been in-and-out of, and how many cocks had been in-and-out of her. Her pimp rented her to the Mexicans, and she had done a semi filled with muddy migrant workers for a flat rate for 60 minutes, with and endless swarm of dark brown cocks in her hands, pussy, and ass.

The other hookers, not appreciating the new competition, wouldn't share their condoms with her, but one did plaster another layer of fresh makeup on her, layering right on top of her spunk covered face and cruelly making her look even more clownish. Her appearance didn't discourage her customers: Cindy's youth, firm tits, and nice ass sold themselves, and her painted face only added to her customer's enjoyment by relieving them of the responsibility of treating her like a human being rather than merely a target to ejaculate on.

Cindy felt degraded, used, and humiliated, but the dirtier she felt the hotter her pussy got. The night quickly became an endless parade of dirty truckers, hard cocks, and mind numbing orgasms.

Cindy scampered into the next cab and sized up her next customer. He was older, about 300 pounds, bald, and had a scraggly peppered beard and lots of tattoos.

"Aren't you the sweet little peach!" he said with a thick Southern accent and a largely toothless smile. "How much for a quick 50/50?"

"$50 for 50," Cindy said, proud that she knew the lingo of her profession.

"I'll give you $35," the trucker responded, handing her the cash.

Cindy unzipped his pants and took his shriveled old cock into his mouth. Time was money, and she knew she'd make more by getting him off fast than by haggling. With any luck the smelly old goat would spurt in her mouth and she could be with her next customer in 5 minutes flat.

Unfortunately for Cindy the old man's age worked against her twice: it took quite a bit of sucking for his flaccid pecker to harden, and when he finally did get stiff he rode her for a long, long time.

"That's it," the old man said, "looking down at her triumphantly. "Shit, I got warts older than you, kid. Oh! You're tight! That's it. You give it up to old Jake real sweet. I love fresh pussy. Yeah, that slot of yours still has a nice tight grip. Sloppy but you fit ol' Jake like a glove. Old Jake is going to ride you like a rented mule."

Cindy had fucked so many men that night that it wasn't until she heard the phrase "rented mule" that she realized who was fucking her. It was that old trucker she had met during her first visit to the truck stop, on that night that seemed so long ago. He had been so polite to her in the diner, but he wasn't polite now.

"You like that, don't you? You like my Confederate flagpole in your twat. Yeah, I can tell you're a natural whore. You like spreading your legs for money, don't you? I bet you do the wetbacks and the blacks, too. You'll spread your legs for anything with a pecker. Jeez, it's all over your face. Do you bathe in it? Good thing for you I like 'em young, tight, and dirty. Your coochie is still nice and snappy. Move that ass! That's right, you keep on humping bitch. Prove your worth something. Maybe I'll sign my name on your ass, as kind of an endorsement. Grade A Twat!"

Reveling in her degradation Cindy's excitement only grew as the fat old redneck continued to insult her. When he at long last came, she came too, shouting along as he let out a loud rebel yell.

No sooner had Cindy gotten out of the cab then the trucker in the cab next door called out. "Geez, nice job darling. I thought old Jake was having a hard-attack."

Cindy was pushed forward as a laughing Jake jumped down behind her. "I'll dance on your grave, whippersnapper. I was just showing the little lady how we fuck ho's in Mississippi. I gave it to her nice and hard, and she had a scream-gasm."

"Bullshit. Whores don't come."

Jake grabbed Cindy by the scruff of her neck and turned her to face the trucks. "This ho did. Look at her pussy!"

Jake lifted Cindy's skirt. Cindy was blinded as the trucker immediately flipped on his high beams to survey her shaved snatch. "Geez, look at all the cum on her," one of the truckers in the other cabs shouted out. "She even has it in her hair."

Deeply ashamed, Cindy looked down, trying to hide her face. But grabbing her by one of her cheap plastic pink earrings Jake jerked her head up so everyone could see the dried spunk on her face and hair.

"I fucked her so hard my spunk came out her nose," Jake laughed, taking credit for the dried discharge left by the dozens of other men who had fucked her. Several other trucks turned on their lights and suddenly Cindy was the star attraction. Cindy thought she was beyond humiliation but she twisted in helpless embarrassment as Jake crudely squeezed her tits and held up her skirt, displaying her wares.

"Pretty sweet pussy, especially for a lot lizard."

"Nice hooters, too!"

"Fresh snatch!"

"I wouldn't mind fucking that."

"She don't cost much, even for a cheap bastard like you."

"How much?"

"$50, half and half."

"Shit, you can fill up her tank for less than it costs you to fill up your fuckin' truck."

"Smoother ride, too," Jake said, laughing "Steer her by the tits while you screw her. She handles real nice."

"Let's have her then. I want some of that sweet ho pussy."

Jake slapped her on the ass and she stumbled forward to the next cab as the old trucker strutted back to the diner like the cock-of-the-walk. Cindy would have liked a break, too, but she fucked each of Jake's disrespectful, asshole friends, one right after the other, with each of them trying to outdo Jake in treating her like a cheap whore.

When she finally got out of the last cab her pimp Billy Ray was waiting for her.

"Where's my fucking money, Cindy? Are you holding out on me?"

"No Sir," Cindy said, opening up her purse. Here's all of it."

Billy Ray took every penny she had earned and did a quick count. He didn't look happy but he didn't hit her, either. Cindy supposed that not getting beaten was the highest praise a lot lizard could get.

"I'm thirsty," Cindy said. "Can I buy a bottle of water in the diner?"

"They don't let whores in there, plus you don't have any money, bitch," he said, pocketing all of Cindy's hard earned cash. "If you're thirsty, go suck a cock. There's a limo where the cars park that's waiting for you. Make it snappy. I got a whole bunch of customers lined up for you tonight and I'm not going to make any money with you acting all romantic. 'Suck, fuck, next truck'," he said, explaining the business plan for the rest of her life.

Knowing that none of the decent people enjoying their meal in the diner wanted to see a skanky whore Cindy kept her head down and moved quickly through the darkness toward the long stretch limo. Cindy frequently hired limos for her trips to and from the airport, but tonight was different. Tonight Cindy was the servant.

Cindy scarcely recognized herself in the reflection in the tinted glass of the limo window, and she wondered why anyone rich enough to drive in such a luxurious automobile would want to screw the whorish fuck clown she saw in the mirrored glass. Looking at her smeared makeup and the clumps of dried semen on her mouth, face, and chest Cindy felt cheap, ugly, and disgraced, which of course started her pussy tingling once again.

Cindy tapped on the window and gasped in horror as the driver opened the car door and revealed his identity. Cindy could scarcely believe her eyes. Mouth agape she found herself staring at the leering face of the creepy, pimply-faced limo driver who had driven her and her friends to the conference.

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