Reggae Nights


"We're having a luau tonight on the beach," Ayanna Maxwell was saying. "Would you and your crew care to come?"

Speak of the devil. Again Jackson stifled a smile. He didn't know about his crew, but he certainly wanted to cum. He had been too busy to see the advertisements, but thought that it would be fun to see the Jamaican version of the traditional Hawaiian event.

"I'll accompany you only if we're Anna and Jack tonight, Ms. Maxwell," he said, smiling.

"Tonight we're having kalua pig that really was roasted in an imu, and sweet potatoes, poi, lomi salmon, poke, opihi, chicken luau, baked taro tops, haupia, as much fruit as you care to have and mai tais and beer to drink. What do you think?"

Jackson was impressed, but he couldn't help wondering why she was doing this. Luaus were now relatively commercial gimmicks and from what he had learned about her, she had steered away from anything like that in the past. She seemed a little nervous, and it struck him as odd that she wanted his opinion about her plans. His hackles raised again. He looked at her suspiciously, but decided not to challenge her. If she wanted to act helpless to reel him in then let her try.

"I think that you're trying to get me drunk, Ms. Maxwell," he joked.

"It's Ayanna tonight, remember?" she whispered shyly causing Jackson's heart to skip a beat. Damn, she was good. He was uncharacteristically confused. He would have to be very careful.

The crowd was thick at the beach party and Jackson and Ayanna managed to slip away, unnoticed after about an hour of working the event separately. He had been aware of her every minute of his time with other people and it surprised him, the intensity of his need to be alone with her. He even imagined that he had caught her watching him twice during the party, but that was probably just wishful thinking.

They giggled like two teenagers playing truant during school when they met up a little way from the luau. He had seen her slip outside and he had followed her. It turned out that they both wanted to enjoy dancing in the sunset and welcoming the night-song together; with the firelight a dim backdrop. The sound of the mele chants, the reggae-flavoured Hawaiian folk songs and Tahitian drumming delivered by the musicians that she had flown into the island accompanied the constant murmur of the appreciative audience and the roar of the ocean in the comfortable distance.

He held her body close and realised that the feel of her form and her perfume were turning him on again. He realised too that she didn't resist him when he pulled her closer this time. He kissed her and was delighted when she returned the gesture, her body pliant in his arms.

She stopped herself suddenly, seemingly conflicted that she was allowing herself to do even this. Then she let out a sexy, throaty laugh that signalled the final abandonment of her inhibitions. Ayanna grinned up at a delighted Jackson and pulled his head down to meet hers. She took command of his mouth, kissing him hard, hungry for him. Jackson groaned. She was dangerous, he knew it! Yet he wanted her badly but he wanted their lovemaking to be gentle and sweet. They were both ravenous, having waited so long to sate their desire for each other that things were unlikely to end well for them if he didn't take charge. Two rabid dogs fighting would hurt each other.

Despite his warring thoughts: I want her, I want her not; Jackson continued to kiss her back. His eager hands jacked up her sarong to her waist and connected with her flesh wherever they could. She was dressed in a long, flowing red sarong that highlighted her warm colouring, and a cream-coloured orchid lei. She was sexy and they both knew it. Jackson squeezed and kneaded her flesh like there was no tomorrow and heard her groan at his rough handling.

Ayanna reached under Jackson's shirt, touching his skin and sending electric charges straight to his groin. Her hand reached for his flies and tore them open releasing his hard cock. Jackson moaned. Thoughts of how he was going to get back to his bungalow in those ruined pants later, fought with visions of fucking this woman right there in the sand just metres from her guests within the next few minutes.

"Ayanna!" he gasped as she was easing his trousers down over his thighs. "Wait! No! Don't do that!"

The woman's eyes opened wide. She took a step back from him, embarrassed confusion and pain painted across her features. Jackson understood it all in a glance. She had planned to seduce him here. She had gone to very great expense to seduce him in fact; give him the dinner that he had wanted and then offer him sex. Now she couldn't believe that he was rejecting her! It was obvious that this was new territory for her. She had been told often by many people that she had sex appeal but now that she tried to use it, it seemed that she had failed! She had even thought that Jackson had liked her!

"I'm sorry, I made a mistake," she began, pushing him away and fixing her clothes.

"No, don't misunderstand!" Jackson grabbed her arm, detaining her as he hastened to assure her of his intentions. "I'm more than ready, to take you right here Ayanna, but I really am an old fashioned romantic. I don't want you to do something that you'll regret later, especially when that thing could be that all your guests, and your business partners see us making love. I want you to be happy whenever you think of me, sweet woman."

Okay, he just decided, he didn't hate her. He couldn't tell her that he loved her, but that was closer to what he felt.

Ayanna stopped struggling and Jackson reached up and ran his finger lightly over her plump mouth. He lifted her head so that he could kiss her again. The music was now smooth Hawaiian ukulele and slack key guitar in the background, but the pair had stopped moving as they sampled each other's lips.

"My business partners?" she asked quietly after a moment.

"Yes, Ayanna. I know that you want to bankrupt me and take my company away. I have tried, but I just can't dislike you. I'm not going to let you do it though, but I'm not angry with you. All I still want to know is why my company? What made you notice me?"

The woman looked agitated, unsure of herself for the third time that evening; surely a new record for her.

"Let's go for a walk, Jackson; further down the beach. Let's get away from here. I don't want to discuss business this evening. I find that I like kissing intelligent men."

"After you, my lovely lady! I'm with you all the way," he said curiously.

Ayanna led him gently by the hand. The light tropical breeze picked at the split in her dress and revealed ample amounts of leg and thigh. Jackson knew that he was going to love running his hands up her long legs. He was going to love spreading them to kiss, and lick up her inner thigh and torment her labia until she begged him for release. He visualised how he would untie her sarong and spread it out on the sand leaving her completely naked and panting under his gaze. He would then lower his head, alternatively sucking deeply and biting her long puckered nipples. He was going to make her scream his name that night, as he finally fucked her hard, sending ripples through her flesh. Jackson planned to make Ayanna's night memorable. The fact that only the stars would be witness to his triumph made it all the sweeter for him. He wanted to have her to himself, even for a little while.

He'd made up his mind at last. He would sign the divorce papers that Angela had had served to him just before he left for this job. Even if things didn't work with Ayanna, he knew that it was possible for him to feel emotionally connected to someone. It was a relief to know that the deadness that he had felt for years wasn't his fault after all.

Jackson stopped Ayanna when they reached a little patch of private beach that was lit only by the last rays of the sunset. They could hear only the ocean nearby and he knew that this was the altar on which they would offer up their love to Fate. He untied her sarong and let it fall, puddled around her feet. She slipped off her sandals and smiled expecting him to undress as well.

Instead, Jackson stepped back and stared at her lovely body, watching her squirm slightly since she was unused to being the submissive one, standing naked before a fully clothed man. He had to tell her sternly to remove her hand from her chest since he wanted to look at her huge breasts unimpeded.

"Please, Jackson. Let's sit over there for a while," she begged, trying to distract him and ease her discomfort and naughty excitement.

Her begging was music to his ears and he made her stand there longer than he had intended while he walked around her, watching her from every angle, admiring her curves, noting her hard nipples and the cute little landing strip of hair on her mons; exactly the way he liked his women. She bowed her head, unable to look at him and he loved it. He made her brush her dreadlocks back when they fell forward and covered her breasts. He made her move her hand again from in front of her breasts and from hiding her mons. He revelled in the slight trembling that he noticed. He knew that it was not because she was cold.

"Tell me," he said slowly. "Why do you want my company?"

"Jackson? Now?" she begged again. She couldn't say anything else.

"Tell me," he said again, more sternly while bending over to confiscate her clothing.

Their eyes met and it was she who looked away first, seeing that he would not allow her any kind of relief if she did not tell him the truth.

"Angela, your wife, is my cousin," she murmured.

Jackson would have felt cold at her words had his researchers not told him that fact two weeks ago. He wasn't sure that Anna and Angela had known each other. They had certainly never met in the 15 years in which he had been married, but he found it odd and a bit too convenient given the circumstances that they were distantly related.

"Are you still going to try to take my company away from me?"


"Why not?"

"I've met you for myself. You're not what she said you are. I've even tried to stay away so that I wouldn't find a reason to hate you. At first when you tried to pick me up I thought the worst, but I just can't believe that you're as bad as she told me you were."

They stood for several minutes watching each other, judging where they stood, and where they might go next. Finally, Jackson came up and went to stand behind her. Raising his hand he fondled her full breasts, pulling at the already turgid nipples. Ayanna moaned and leaned against him, heavily, trying to pull his hands away from her over-sensitive flesh. He wouldn't let her. He ran his hand down her stomach and tickled her already slimy cunt. She was very wet for him, her juices leaking down her inner thighs and this made him even harder for her. She couldn't be faking this! She genuinely wanted him and had obviously done so for some hours!

Seeing her like this, he couldn't decide how he wanted to take her on their first time together: pressed up violently against one of the boulders that offered them privacy and protection; flung over that boulder and rutted hard from behind; spread out on the sand in good old missionary with her hands held above her head so that he could feast on her nipples; doggie style, her face and shoulders pressed to the sand, her ass in the air, mounted, spanked and dominated? He wanted romance, but she was too much! She excited him in a way that Angela never had, and he could hardly contain his lust. The sudden thought of sleeping with the enemy and sending her back to Angela, completely disgraced almost made him cum. Why did she confuse him like that he wondered.

Then Jackson found himself doing something that he had not considered. He found himself swaying with her to imaginary music. It was the remembered strains of the romantic guitar that they had just heard at the party. He hugged her and kissed behind her ear and on her cheek and temple as he rocked her gently and caressed her body, his hardness nestled in the crack of her buttocks. He felt her smile and lean back on him some more, relaxing completely and snuggling into his larger frame. She turned her head slightly to kiss his chest, just over his heart.

It was a simple gesture that touched him deeply and in a moment, he turned her around and kissed her sweetly, just as he had been longing to do since the day he met her. She responded as he hoped she would and soon, despite his resolve to be a gentleman, he had her spread lewdly on her sarong just as he had imagined her. She smiled up at him happily and reached out to bear hug him and again, the gesture tugged at his heart strings. He hadn't realised how lonely she was until just that moment. He knew that she was hoping that he would be the one; and it made his heart sing.

He stroked her gently and lying propped up next to her, planted kisses and playful tickles all over her body. When he entered her it was the nirvana that he had imagined it would be, but even so, it was more about the entire experience with her that night than it was about the actual copulation. Suddenly, it wasn't about her and Angela's plans for his company, or his plans to make her pay five times its net worth and then walk off with all the goodwill. The plans that he had been working on for weeks after having her investigated just did not seem important any more. In a flash he knew that she wouldn't offer to buy his shares and he wouldn't offer to sell them and Angela could go to hell. Being with her on this beach was about the fact that she could forever keep him on his toes in a good way.

He reamed her eager body with his long spear and with his filthy sex talk and made her cum four times before he allowed himself to cum once. She begged to be allowed to reciprocate but he wouldn't let her. Tonight was his night to make a statement to her since she had already done so to him with that little kiss. The thought that she believed that she could reciprocate was worth noting and he promised himself to allow her to prove herself soon.

He knew that tomorrow would be a difficult day for her. She would have to decide how she would advise her backers, one of them being his soon-to-be-ex-wife that she had fraternised with the enemy and blown the deal. The fact that she had merged two lives was something that would probably have true value to her and Jackson only. Happily, it seemed like something that they could learn to live with. Angela would get half his company in the divorce settlement, but he had just got the world.

The end

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