tagGroup SexRegina and the Hardcase Pt. 03

Regina and the Hardcase Pt. 03


"That smell, fresh tanned leather and sweat. You girls have perfumed my establishment with the scent of a whorehouse. Thank God!"

In the Desert it rarely rains, but when it does, you can see it coming for hours. Keeng glared at the darkening sky off in the distance. He slowly withdrew his watch from its nook in his waistcoat, glanced at it and noted that it was far too early to be this dark. The sweat on his forehead was lingering, a strange feeling in the dusty climate that told him it was certain to rain.

"About three hours I would estimate" Keeng said without taking his gaze off the horizon.

"This will be bad for business hun" Regina said peering over Keeng's shoulder.

Their gaze shifted to the main street. Men were running about desperately. They quickly ran around carrying armloads of equipment and supplies. Off in the distance several men were filling bags with New Mexico sand and loading them on a wagon. The springs on the wagon groaned with the increasing weight of the filled bags.

"They are preparing for a big one deary" Keeng said watching the spectacle.

"They will be too busy for pussy then, guess the girls and I will wash our hair tonight." Regina said glumly.

Keeng knew she was right. The men in town would be busy trying to stave off the floods that are certain to come. They will be bracing beams in mines and sandbagging entrances. There will be no drinking tonight, no celebrating. The men will find company in each other's presence and while it will be a long wet night for them, the dryness of the desert will be preserved in the Promenade.

Keeng turned around slowly and looked at the empty bar. He will keep the doors open until the rains come but he was not expecting any clientele. He slowly walked to the bar, withdrew a bottle of fine Kentucky rye, and a glass. He held the glass up toward a nearby window, and marveled at how clean the glass was. He was very proud of how clean he managed to keep the glasses he had been in far too many places with filthy glasses and he would have none of that in his place.

"Even the cheapest whiskey tastes better with a clean glass." he mumbled to himself.

"Since when is that cheap whiskey?" McRae asked with a chuckle in his voice nodding at the bottle Keeng held by its neck.

"I thought you were to be in LaGrange." Keeng said reaching for a second glass.

"I am." Replied the Hardcase. "I just stopped in for a quick drink and to look in after y'all. I think this will be a bad one. I'm glad I am riding away from it to be honest." McRae finished somberly.

The two sipped the fiery-sweet liquid, gazing out the window watching the darkness slowly advance on the small town. McRae finished his drink, dutifully placed the glass up-side-down on the bar top and touched the tip of his hat.

"Thank you for the drink. I'm off to chase my bounty. I'll see y'all in a few days if I aint dead." The Hardcase said as he slowly walked out into the ever growing darkness.

The sky had now evicted all of its remaining light. The first drops began to fall. Large, heavy drops weighted with the water that had grown over the winter months. The first wave of droplets beckoned the rest and with a fury of ancient times, the sky opened and let spill the deluge.

Regina sat at the vanity, slowly running the brush through her hair. She hated how the humidity made her curls interlock. Surrounding each tangle her hair formed a misty fog inciting her rage and invoking her accomplished use of invectives.

She was instantly blinded in mid-brushstroke. The long strand of electricity seared across the sky like a forked snake striking at its prey. The light so incredibly bright against the contrasting blackened sky that Regina doubted an eye in the small New Mexico town could focus at that instant. She sat, waiting, with her ear cocked toward the sky.

"two thousand, three thousand..." She counted under her breath.

For an instant she felt the distance between her butt and the chair, she felt every hair on her body stand up as the thunder clap shook the picture frames loosely hung on the wall. She remembered the sound of the cannons in Atlanta during Sherman's siege. She did not want to think about that any longer and dutifully continued cursing her brush through her hair.

She was more prepared for the next clap of thunder than she was for the gentle knock on her door. "Not a customer" she thought. They rarely knocked softly and she didn't hear a drunken body slump against the door before the knock. This knock was the voice of a softer hand.

"Who dare?" Regina Answered the knock with a sharp tone.

"Ccccarol, Regina" Said a soft voice at the other end of the door.

"I aint know any Carol Regina's" Said Regina biting her lip to stifle the smile.

"No nnno its just Cccarol...Ccccarol Ppparch."

Regina Opened the door softly. The young brunette stood in the hallway wearing a night gown and nervously wadding a handkerchief in her hands.

"Why Carol, I dint reconnize yo' voice as the Carol I know. You ben workin' on that stutter of yo's child?" Regina Said noticing the girl's discomfort.

Carol smiled warmly and relaxed.

Carol Parch was the Daughter of a headmaster of a private boy's school. Her mother had died at childbirth delivering her ninth daughter. Her father had hired the cheapest governess he could find in the five burroughs to raise the girls while he tended to his duties. Carol had always believed her father stayed at the school so much because he had been cursed with daughters and no sons. The girl had always stuttered which drove any remaining love for her right out of her strict and unforgiving father. It was bad enough she had been born a Girl, added on the fact that she "spoke as a dullard" in her father's words and when she was caught by her governess in the throes of passion with another girl her father spoke no further to her. He marched her down to the train station, placed her on the nearest train to the western territories and turned his back on her.

The ticket her father had purchased only took her as far as El Paso Texas. She found herself penniless and put off a train in an unfamiliar and wild town. She sold her shoes for passage on a wagon out of town but the wagon fell prey to Comancheros. This particular breed of evil was noted for selling young girls and whiskey to Comanche Indians. Fortunately The Commancheros she was captured by had been dispatched by a long haired Texas Ranger by the name of Hamilton McRae. Feeling grateful for her recue, she treated McRae to a blow job for which he habitually paid her five dollars after its conclusion. She had no idea she could get paid for such a service and she found herself in a town that had plenty of business. At Age eighteen, Carol Parch was a prostitute.

"Come in child." Regina said softly. "What got you so upset sweetie?" She continued.

"Iiii dddon't like the ssstorm" Carol spat softly.

Regina took the woman in her arms, holding her close to her bosom. Carol, like Regina, was drenched with the sweat that refused to evaporate in the humid air.

"This detestable heat" Said Regina breaking the embrace and scanning the room for her hand fan.

"Oh to hell with it." She said as she removed her gown.

Regina saw Carol scan her naked body with her eyes narrowed. She playfully put her arms behind her head, gently lifting her hair and instantly feeling the cool on her neck.

"fffuck it." Carol sighed and she dropped her gown to the floor. She felt the temperature change and relaxed instantly. Regina drank in the view of the young Carol. She tossed the brush on her vanity and walked to the bed. She lounged on her arm, taking in the curves on the stuttering beauty. Regina threw herself back on her pillow, sighed and stared at the ceiling.

"I'm so bored." Regina said with a sigh, as she looked at Carol.

The sky boasted another loud clap of thunder and Carol found herself quickly walking toward the bed where Regina laid. Another clap of thunder drove Carol into Regina's arms.

"Erye thin' gon be alright child" Regina said as she gently stroked Carol's hair.

Carol looked deeply into Regina's eyes. She leaned forward hesitantly and was met by Regina's lips. She melted into the softness, her tongue searching Regina's mouth. She found the soft wet muscle and slowly licked it. First on top, then gently rolling her tongue over the side, and slowly curling under their tongues danced and played. Regina pressed her lips tighter, now reaching up behind Carol's head. Her tongue answering every lick, every flick and flutter. There was no stutter evident now, the young Carol had a hidden talent and Regina was heading for bliss.

Regina Mae slid her hand over Carol's body, caressing her supple breasts her fingers found the dark areolas and gently caressed them. The nipples tighten and stand erect. Regina circled each one with a gentle finger. She slowly traced each pink protrusion for a moment before lightly pinching each one between her thumb and forefinger. Carol moaned as her thighs increased their gap. Regina's hand slid in between her thighs, she found the warm wet folds welcoming. She gently stroked the lightly stubbled slit.

Another clap of Thunder, this time ignored by Carol, was followed up by a knock at the door. Regina and Carol tried to ignore it. Another Knock invaded the moment.

"what!" Regina Groaned.

"It's me Lana...can I come in?" The Girl answered. "I don't want to be alone right now." She continued.

"Come in then girlie!" Shouted Regina as she shrugged at Carol.

Lana Worthington sheepishly opened the door to Regina's room.

"I'm so sorry to bother you but...but I just don't want to be alone right now. This storm, it scares me."

"Of course durlin, you can stay. We can all keep each otha comp'ny thoo the stohm." Regina said warmly.

"Yyyou are ooover ddddrrressed Lana" Said Carol with a smile on her lips.

"Oh am I now?" Lana said playfully as she lifted her gown over her head.

Lana Worthington was a rare beauty. Her was Mother an Italian seamstress and her Father an English typesetter. She had a dusky sheen to her silky skin, and reddish-orange hair. Most redheads were very pale, but Lana had the Italian dark skin of her mother and this made her fiery fur stand out even more. She was striking for a whore and her sexual appetite was nothing short of insatiable.

"Room for me on that bed then girls?" Said Lana as she fondled her own nipples.

Without waiting for the invitation, Lana moved toward the two girls, slowly walking in the sultry way that came so natural for her. Her gaze shifted back and forth between the two naked beauties. She arrived at the edge of the bed, grinned slightly then knelt down. She slowly ran her tongue down Carol's lithe leg.

"That ttttickles" Said Carol with a giggle.

Without a word Lana slowly slid her hands up into each girl's crook. She gently peeled back lips and slid her fingers in and out of the two wet holes. Carol and Regina locked lips as their hands found Lana's Erect nipples. Regina came first, letting a gentle moan escape from the corner of her mouth, never letting her tongue leave Carol's. Carol then began to shake, feeling herself begin to clamp down on Lana's fingers. Regina could taste the sweetness in Carol's saliva, she knew Carol would come soon and Regina felt her own pussy begin to pulse. Carol's breathing quickened and she increased the pressure with her tongue, her body now shaking uncontrollably she let out a deep guttural groan. Regina came.

"yummm" mumbled Lana as she removed her fingers from Carol's wet cunt. She gently licked her fingers and placed them back in, this time reaching deeper inside the stuttering, quivering whore. Lana could feel Carol's tunnel tighten and relax, slowly at first then growing ever faster. This time Carol let out a high pitched sound, breaking her kiss with Regina only long enough to gasp for air.

"Mmmmmhmmm. That's it, just like that. Come for me hun" Lana whispered to the twitching pair of harlots.

The thunder seemed so distant. None of the women could tell if the shaking was from the repeated waves of bliss they were experiencing or the violent storm raging outside the building. None of them really cared. Lana repositioned herself on the bed, keeping her fingers plunged deep in Carol's slippery wet hole, she now moved her face toward Regina's dripping cunt. She pulled her hood back with her plump lips, sucking gently she felt the clit slide out of its sheath and into her mouth. Her tongue quickly found it and she feverishly flicked at it.

The sounds of Regina first slapping at the mattress, then a naked thigh nearly drowned the sounds of her panting. The two girls were now climaxing in sync. Lana's tongue refused to relent and she stifled a smile as she felt it grow in her mouth, the satin pink pearl growing harder and harder, her tongue flicking mercilessly.

"oh...oh...oh.." Regina was unable to form words, she was grabbing handfuls of Carol's hair, listening to Carol cum, feeling the itchy bliss that Lana's tongue brought her. Finally her tongue stopped, her lips relaxed. Regina was relieved to discover she could breathe again. Lana then plunged her fingers deep into Regina's twat. She felt the two fingers press against the front wall of her dripping pussy. Her body was wracked with the tidal wave of absolute bliss.

Lana's mouth now targeted Carol's tiny little pearl. She wrapped her lips around it, gently sucking and licking circles. Carol's hips began to involuntarily buck against her mouth, her back arched.

"Oh, can anyone play then girls?" Asked Ruthie playfully.

"It...It...Its...oh god...It's cus...uh...uh...uh..." Regina was struggling to form the sentence.

"Customary to knock dear?" Ruthie Mocked "I've been knocking for some time, when there was no answer I naturally let myself in." She continued. "Now I know why no one heard me." She giggled out as she fanned herself.

"mmmmmhmmm" said Ruthie as she stared at Lana's ass gently swaying back and forth.

Ruthie quickly took her damp gown off, gently laying it across the chair near the vanity. She knelt down behind Lana and slowly caressed her ass and thighs. Lana playfully wiggled her ass at Ruthie. Ruthie slowly slid her hands up Lana's rump, gently parting the shapely cheeks. She leaned in and placed a gentle kiss right on Lana's smooth anus. She began to lick around it in circles, quickly flicking her tongue all around the wrinkled edge. She could hear Lana's muffled moans over the other girls' squeals of pleasure. Ruthie plunged her long tongue deep inside Lana's tight crevice, she swirled her tongue around inside sliding in and out. Lana bucked, shuttered and then came. Ruthie heard the splash hit the mattress.

"A squirter like me" Ruthie thought to herself "how delightful."

Ruthie moved her tongue now licking in long strokes that began at Lana's clit and ended at her puckered rosebud. Up and down like a slow moving paintbrush. Lana came in splashing squirting waves.

Ruthie felt a hand on her thigh, slowly creeping up her leg, gently parting her lips. She moved her hips to make it easier. She felt the fingers wiggling inside her and it did not take long for her to climax. Another hand was now caressing her clit. She continued to lick the paintbrush strokes on Lana who was now trembling uncontrollably.

The women began to meld into pile of wet quivering flesh. The chorus of moans and squeals fueled each one to the next earth shattering climax. Somewhere in the distance the sky voiced its thunderous approval, the rain its treble applause.

Regina Collapsed on the bed, exhausted and dizzy; blissfully unaware of the muggy heat in the room. Carol lay on her back, quivering uncontrollably. Lana and Ruthie lay slowly caressing each other, occasionally shuttering with aftershocks. The bed was soaked but the women were too exhausted to care.

Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. Keeng slowly knocked on the wide open door. Regina opened one eye and tried to focus on the sharply dressed man standing in her doorway.

"That smell, fresh tanned leather and sweat. You girls have perfumed my establishment with the scent of a whorehouse. Thank God!" He said with a wry smile.

"We shall leave the door open in hope that the scent will waft out into the streets and into the nostrils of the miners. Having survived the long wet night, I'm certain they will be ready to fill your nethers, and our purses."

Regina turned her gaze toward the sunlight now pouring into her window. She let out a sigh and a giggle.

"The Long, wet night indeed." She whispered.

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