tagInterracial LoveRegina Finds Love

Regina Finds Love


Regina Eloise Mayfair was sat in her garden having afternoon tea; she was on her own again. The only company she ever had these days were her 2 servants. Jenny the house maid, and Eddie the chauffeur.

She was trying to understand how her life had taken this path, and how it had led to here?

At nearly 37, Regina was in her prime as a woman, she had everything a woman could want, a huge house, massive gardens, money, life style, breeding, prestige and status.

But so sadly Regina didn't even have any children to give her love to, her husband Benjamin, had proved to be impotent.

And being in the position she was in, an affair was totally out of the question.

She was lonely, always lonely, her busy husband was always away on business, he only came home every 2 or 3 weeks for a weekend, then was off again.

She had friends of course, well, they were the sort of friends who laughed at her attempts at a joke, listened to what she had to say, but rarely ever visited her.

She would have Eddie drive her to town to shop etc etc.

And she would meet with her 'friends' and pass the time of day, she was a member of any exclusive club there was, but she wasn't a sporty person, so never had those kind of challenges.

She was reading a book, it was a beautiful day, and she was bored out of her lovely head.

She wanted excitement back in her life.

She had tried to talk to Benjamin, her husband, but he was too busy running the business, and making more money, to take any real time off.

Regina, or Reggi as she preferred to be known as, wasn't quite beautiful, but she was extremely good looking.

Statuesque, and 5ft 10", she weighed about 140lbs.

Thick honey blonde hair, that was silky glossy, and when the sun caught it, it was almost dirty looking underneath, she nearly always wore it up, except when she went to bed, alone!

Her body was still in fine shape, she had all the attributes a woman could want, she was still sensual, still sensitive, still needful, but no one to take advantage of them, oh how it would be, if someone could, she wistfully told herself.

She loved sex, but that was as rare as hen's teeth nowadays, she had started to abuse herself to get some sort of gratification.

If she had known how to, she would have started an affair. But because she had had a sheltered upbringing, she didn't know where to begin.

She had been born into a good family, they had money, she grew up in a normal way, then she met the dashing Benjamin, fell in love. Their money became more money, and now, here she was.

She felt as though she had everything, and yet nothing, tears filled her eyes.

'Ma'am, is there something wrong?' Jenny asked from the side.

She hadn't seen nor heard her approach.

'Oh Jenny, I'm sorry, I never saw you there, but no, there is nothing wrong, thank you.'

'Can I get you anything ma'am?' she asked.

'No thank you Jenny, you may go.'

Jenny looked at her for a long moment, and thought to herself, 'She doesn't deserve that pig she is married to.' Jenny turned away, and went back to her duties.

She has no idea that he is having it away at every opportunity; Jenny knew this, because it was her that unpacked his bags when he returned home.

It always smelled of other women, perfumes, lipstick, even the odd item of underwear, even some photos, all of different women, such was his crassness.

He had tried it on with her many times, and she even once threatened to kill him, if he didn't leave her alone.

She actually thought she would lose her job over that one.

Jenny had worked for ma'am, for 4 years now.

She was 22, and loved her job, she had started a relationship with Eddie that was going strong at the moment, but he was the power between the two of them.

She was a black girl, and Eddie was black too, she was 5ft 5" tall, and as cute, and as beautiful as any girl could ever be.

She had long silky black hair that shone like black gold.

Her body was perfection; everything was completely in line with everything else.

And totally in tune with her sexuality, her mother and father would die, if they knew what their beloved church going daughter, got up to with Eddie.

He had a taught her a lot in the time they had been together, he was an expert as far as she was concerned.

And now sex was always high on her agenda.

Eddie was 6ft 2", and slim rather than thin, but his body was good, he was fit, powerful and good looking, and not only was he their chauffer, he was the odd job man, so in a house this size he was always kept busy.

They both lived in, and in their own quarters, in an annexe at the back of the main house.

It was a lovely building, and they both loved it.

They had their own rooms, single bathrooms, and a shared kitchen, and lounge.

They had use of one of the cars on their days off, no expenses what so ever, and a decent salary.

Jenny sent most of her salary home to her parents, they were poor, and she had 3 younger brothers.

She didn't know what Eddie did with his, but he was nice and very respectful to her parents, and they liked him.

Jenny walked into the house, and Eddie grabbed her from behind.

'Eddie!' she whispered, 'stop it, she's just outside.'

He laughed, and said, 'yes honey, I know, and I wish we could find a way to make her happy again, I haven't seen her smile for a long time, not properly anyway.'

'Yes,' Jenny replied, 'I know, it's sad isn't it?'

'That pig treats her like dirt, and she's not!' she moaned.

He ushered her further into the house, out of the back and guided her to their lodgings.

She knew where he was taking her, and knew what was going to happen when she got there.

As he got her through the door, his hot lips found her neck, it made her shudder, it always did.

She immediately thought of his gorgeous big black prick disappearing into her beautiful smooth pussy, that Eddie had insisted upon.

She loved looking down between them to see it going in, all the way.

He had been too big for her at the beginning, but now, her pussy fitted around it like a finger fitting into in a silk glove.

They were soon on her bed, clothes were coming off, they were getting hot, Eddie loved her touch, the softness of her skin, and her tits had been formed by God himself.

Her kiss was that of Venus, it could devastate any man, or even a woman, he had thought to himself one time.

He got her over onto her back, and thrust deeply into her, as usual her legs went up and over him, and he collected them and put them over his shoulders.

It was and is, their favourite position, and they always both had a massive orgasm when they did it like this.

They held and loved each other for as long as they could before they both gave in to the intense sensations that rushed through them, he moaned her name when he came, and Jenny cooed at him.

They lay in each others arms, and each was content with the other.

Eddie was a great lover she thought, he always makes sure I get mine, Jenny said to herself.

She fondled his cock and balls just the way she had learned how to do.

She always wanted to please him, as much as he wanted to please her.

He was getting hard again, Ooooh Jenny thought. I think a blow job is right in order here, a wonderful BJ for my guy!

She got onto her knees and bent over him, then sucked his beautiful big cock into her hot pouty lips, and hot swirling tongue.

Her head was bobbing up and down, like an oil well pump; he was getting harder and harder.

Her hand was rotating his balls lovingly.

He poked a finger up her arse, causing her to squeal around the dark purple head.

That's when they both heard a noise at the same time.

Regina had called to Jenny that she wanted her.

On receiving no reply, she rose from her chair and walked into the house.

She picked up the phone and pressed the button for the internal intercom.

All it did was buzz in her ear, exasperated, she called for Jenny again.

She headed for the annexe, where she knew Jenny would be.

She walked in, Regina never knocked, not in her own premises, she didn't.

She listened for a moment, and called Jenny again.

No answer!

She walked around downstairs, and then went up; she looked into Jenny's room.

Only to see Jenny, her beautiful head down on Eddie's prick.

Regina was totally and completely stunned, paralysed.

She stood there mesmerised, and then, with his prick still in Jenny's mouth, Eddie rose from the bed and stood at the side. Jenny was now kneeling on the bed, prick held good and tight between her lips.

One of Jenny's hands cupping was his balls, the other on his hip.

Regina's pussy liquidated, her pussy flooded immediately, her nipples popped like corks that had been held underwater, and suddenly let go.

And then her knees almost buckled!

Her huge gasp was the one that alerted them to her presence.

They both looked at her, but Jenny never stopped sucking his prick.

Eddie gaped at her, Regina gaped at Jenny with his prick lodged in her mouth, her cheeks filling and emptying as she went backwards and forwards.

Regina tried to speak but her mouth wouldn't work, her lips moved, but words were not in her right now!

Her hand went to her chest in a heart attack movement, her other went to her lower stomach and grabbed at nothing.

Her knees squeezed uncontrollably together and she came right there.

She was stood in the doorway to her servant girl's room and she came!

As her brain re engaged, she stuttered, tried to apologise for being so rude, and fled.

Jenny jumped up, donned her tunic, nothing else, and ran after her mistress.

She caught up with her as she entered the door to her own room in the house.

'Ma'am,' she gasped, out of breath.

'I'm so sorry you saw that, but we were in our own quarters, and never expected you, honestly, please forgive me, us?'

'There's no need for apologies from you Jenny, it is I who should apologise.' She whispered, still in the throes of her own orgasm at such an erotic site she had witnessed.

'Ma'am, I love him, and he loves me, can you understand that?'

'Yes Jenny, I understand perfectly,' she murmured.

She said this in such a sad way, that Jenny's heart snapped.

Her fucking husband, she thought, I fucking hate him for making her feel this way, and for doing what he does to her.

She excused her self after making her mistress feel better, and went back to Eddie.

As she made her way back, Regina finished off what they had started within her.

Jenny and Eddie talked about it, what could they do to make their employer happy, they pondered?

Eddie thought for a moment, and then said to Jenny.

'Jenny, do you love me?'

'Of course I do Eddie, completely, why did you ask me that?' she said.

'Because I may have a plan, I know you can talk to her, she listens to you, yes?'

'Yes, she takes my advice sometimes, why?' Jenny asked.

'Well, we both know how unhappy she is, how frustrated she is and gets?' he said.

'Yes and your plan is what?' Jenny pressed.

'Will you hear me out before interrupting me Jenny, let me finish?'

'I don't know if I like the sound of this, but yes, go ahead Eddie.'

He took a deep breath and let her know of his possible plan, his idea, to get their mistress back into the world again. He had no idea if it would work, and it could only work if Jenny made it her obsession to make it work.

Jenny argued against it at first, then slowly relented, then agreed.

They talked it over and over, refined it, the words to be used, the way they were said, her responses to their mistresses answers, they tried to foresee all the scenario's, and legislate for every possibility.

The stage was set, Jenny would make sure her mistresses glass was filled at dinner that night, and had a shot of vodka in the first one, she would normally have 2 to maybe 3 glasses of wine with it.

The vodka was tasteless, and couldn't be smelled in the wine, especially after the kind of dinner Jenny cooked up.

As Regina was taking her third glass from Jenny, she said.

'You know Jenny, you really are a very lucky girl, to have someone who loves you like Eddie does, and please Jenny, forget about this afternoon, I am so sorry.'

Jenny nearly got down on her knees and praised be to God, she had given her the opening that she and Eddie had agreed, would be the most difficult to reach.

'Ma'am, may I speak freely?' Jenny asked.

'Yes Jenny, of course you may, what is it?' she replied.

'Eddie and I discussed what happened today, when you saw us.'

'And we both know how unhappy you are, and we both know your husband is a fool.'

Jenny was horrified she was speaking this way.

'Please forgive me ma'am, but I respect you totally, and have no wish to see you hurting anymore.'

'May I go on ma'am, please?' she begged.

'Well,' Regina said, 'I am a little nonplussed, but you may as well continue.'

'Ma'am, your husband is seeing other women, I do his laundry, and unpack his bags, and we know what's going on, what he gets up to?'

Regina was getting a little annoyed. She had always suspected what Jenny was saying.

'What is your point Jenny?' her voice was raised slightly.

'Ma'am,' Jenny said, 'we, Eddie and I, have so much love to give, love to share, to share with you ma'am, if you would allow us to give it to you?' Jenny knew their jobs were on the line now, would they be out of the door tonight, she wondered?

'Jenny, what are you suggesting to me?' she asked her.

'Ma'am, I am suggesting, you allow us to make you happy again, to let you know that we love you, we don't regard ourselves as just employees, we see ourselves as your friends, and guardians too, ma'am?'

'Jenny, I am at a loss as to what to say to that, you are suggesting that I should sleep with you, with Eddie, with you both?'

'No ma'am, well, yes we are, but not just for that, but for the love and happiness, we feel is your right as a woman?'

'Ma'am, I have said enough, please don't be angry with me, us, we only have one desire, and that is to serve you as best as we can, goodnight ma'am.'

Jenny rushed away before Regina could respond further.

Regina was too perplexed to get angry, she was overcome with the joy that someone actually had her heart in their minds, and her goodwill in theirs.

She thought long and hard into the night, she tried to guess the possible ramifications of any actions she may take, were she to embark on such a dizzy road.

She stunned herself yet again, by the revelation in her mind, that she was actively contemplating it.

At 4 o clock in the morning, she rang Jenny's room.

'Jenny?' she said.

'Yes Ma'am?' came a groggy answer.

'Please come to my room immediately,' and put the phone down.

Jenny went uncertainly to her room, and knocked respectfully at her door.

But not before she had hastily discussed the way forward, with Eddie, should things be out of hand, as they now fully expected them to be.

'Come in.'

'Ma'am, you called me?' Jenny said..

She was in the dressing gown provided by her mistress, and, as had been instructed, to wear them after hours and they were retired.

'Close the door and come to me,' she ordered.

Here we go, Eddie thought, as he stood outside her door listening, the sack!

'Your offer to me, of your assistance, that you both seem to agree between you, that I am in need of?'

Jenny broke down and cried.

'Oh ma'am, we are so sorry, we didn't mean to offend you, we just wanted to help, please don't fire us, please?' she sobbed.

'Jenny my girl, come here?' she said gently.

'Ma'am?' she whispered so softly.

'Come here,' she said again, and held out her arms, Jenny rushed into them crying.

Eddie stood motionless, not sure what was going on.

Jenny clasped her arms around her, and sobbed, 'Oh ma'am, please don't send me away, please?'

'I have no intention of doing anything of the sort,' she told her.

Oh ma'am, thank you, thank you, oh thank you.' Jenny was so happy.

'Come,' she said, and lifted the covers back from her bed.

'Get in Jenny we need to talk'

Eddie, being a bit of a man of the world, was knocked out, he realised that things might just be going his/their way.

He returned to his room, and fell to sleep awaiting Jenny's return.

Jenny and her mistress talked for what was left of the night, and also fell asleep.

But Jenny had convinced her, of their utter faithfulness to her, their total discretion.

Their loyalty would know no bounds.

Jenny realised what she already really knew now.

That her mistress could be manipulated if handled correctly, something that Eddie had said about her.

He had already seen it in her.

Just before they fell asleep, Jenny had told her in deferential but no uncertain terms that she had to go to Eddie. To present herself to him, if she wanted this to go the way they all needed.

Regina protested at this.

'I am not going to go to my servant, and offer myself like that!' she told her.

'Ma'am, I don't mean like that,' Jenny said quietly, 'I mean just talk to him, go to him and talk, he will put you at ease ma'am, I promise you.'

'He is a very understanding, and knowing person my lady' she said.

'He will know the words to say, that you will know he means nothing but well for you, I swear Ma'am.'

Because of Regina's upbringing, she had never ever been close to a black man, let alone one would dare touch her. They had always been servants in her home, from being a child to the woman she now was. She had nothing at all against them, and in deep contrast to those she knew, she actually preferred their ways to her own kind.

'Oh Jenny, what am I letting myself in for, why am I letting you talk me into this?' she asked.

'Because, I love you ma'am, and I would rather die than let anything bad to happen to you.' Jenny told her.

'I will prove to you that what I am saying is the Lord's truth,' Jenny told her.

They woke in the late morning; Jenny was away back to Eddie, just before her mistress awakened.

But only Eddie knew that she would be their mistress no more, not here in the house anyway, away from it yes, but not here, not once he had fucked her into submission to him.

The morning passed without any more conversation.

Regina kept them away from her.

She had to think this out, think it right through.

Eddie certainly was a really good looking man, and the more she thought of their proposition, the more she began to think of him in sexy ways.

He was a proud man, and Regina thought of things past, his ways, his demeanour, his boyish smile, his presence.

Her pussy jumped, her loins warmed up, that funny tickle in the pit of her stomach told her that she was feeling aroused.

She had seen his cock, his black big cock, in Jenny's mouth.

And now, she thought briefly before she cast the thought aside, of it in her mouth.

She wanted to relieve her self before she did anything silly, but the phone rang.

It was Benjamin telling her he was sorry but he would not be able to make it home this weekend as promised, a big deal was in final signings.

She sighed and put the phone down.

She returned to her rooms, and prepared herself, 'to hell with Benjamin, to hell with him!' she stormed to herself.

Regina finished prettying herself up, she looked good, and in fact, she looked more than good.

Her body was beginning to slow burn, she couldn't keep the thoughts of what she was about to do, out of her mind.

She was wearing a long silk dress down to her shapely calves, low cut at the front, showing plenty of her ample cleavage. A small and beautiful gold necklace, on her long necked throat.

Her hair was piled in swirling curls on her lovely head, her face carefully made up.

On her feet were the high heels she had sworn never to wear, they were too high, but not today they weren't.

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