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I hate days when I run late, forgetting half of what I was supposed to grab as I run out the door. It was one of those days; I grabbed the costume and had to run back for the sewing kit. I forgot the measurement sheets, had to turn back around to go get them and then remembered while I was there that the cast list wasn't in my bag. Chaos where there should be none and normally wouldn't be had I not been running late from being on the phone.

On the drive across town, my mind went over the directions from the director. He was specific about the things he needed and the visions he had for them. It was not an easy show and the parts and pieces had to be correct. Most shows can be done from a distance, but this one needed custom pieces for the people involved. I was sure that I had everything the way he requested it, now it was going to be working with the actors to make it work. Latex bases would have to be built on the actors and the costumes would have to be fitted perfectly to accommodate mechanical aspects and still look like they were not there.

I finally found the theatre and pulled into the parking lot. I was a tad late but rehearsals were still going on. I sat in the car running through a mental checklist of the things that I would need for fittings while I gathered up my things. After being certain that I had everything, I got out of the car and headed to the backstage door. The clouds in the sky were promising storms, and I was hoping to be finished before they started as I ducked in the door.

I stumbled around, backstage being dark as the lighting tech was working on his craft. I could hear the voices from the stage still muddling through their lines. The smells of old wood and grease paint mingled with the dry air pleasantly. I stood there thinking how much I love what I do and was secretly thrilled to be a part of all of this, even though outwardly I tried to always maintain an air of detachment and professionalism. I just stood there, lost in my thoughts, thinking of the many shows I have done and the fact that I am always in awe of what we do. Turning nothing into something and letting the audience see the fantasy that they expect. Drawing them into a story and making them feel a whole range of emotions for the characters and their decisions as the show progresses. Being true to the roles we portray, all the way down to the clothes they would wear and the way they would carry their body or speak.

Suddenly, as I stood there lost in thought, someone touched my shoulder. I gasped, slightly startled as I had not heard anyone coming. In the dim light, I could see a woman's figure standing beside me.

"Can I help you?" she asked in a very low voice.

"I am here for first fittings; I have the Witch, the Mysterious Man and the Wolf.

"Oh! I have been waiting for you. They weren't sure what time you would be here."

"Can you point me toward the director? I need to speak with him and then we can get started. I brought some of the costumes that I need to fit."

She led me through the theatre, being careful to sidestep the set pieces that were scattered about in various stages of completion. When we stepped on the stage from behind the curtain, the lights were blinding. She led me down the edge of the curtain, off the stage and through row after row of seating. Finally, she found the director, a balding grey-haired man, whose deep resonating voice belied his small stature. He peered at me over his glasses, annoyed to have been interrupted but warming quickly when he realized what I was there for. We had never met in person and I was surprised when he stood up that he was only slightly taller than me.

"I see you have met Celia, she is the Witch. Why don't you just start with her while we finish up this scene, then I will send the others back to you. Is that alright? I am anxious to see what you have conjured up for us."

"Sure," I stammered

"Come on, my dressing room is this way," Celia said, turning and walking back through the rows of seats on the way back to the stage.

We went backstage once more, the darkness enveloping me, the sounds from the stage ever clearer and louder since I could not see. She led me again toward the door I came in through and then down a short hall. A soft light shone through as she opened the door to a small but nice room.

"Home sweet home, at least for this month," she offered, collapsing on the couch pushed against the far wall. Images of Celia stared at me from almost every angle making it seem as if there were many of her as I noticed that the room was full of mirrors. They hung on the walls, there were long ones to dress in front of, there were lit mirrors for her to put on make-up and each one was staring at me.

As I stepped into the room, the contrast between us became obvious in the reflections. Her dark hair shone black in the dark light hanging in soft curls on her shoulders, where as my soft blonde gleamed perfectly straight. Her body was much longer and thinner where mine was more athletic. Her breasts were quite small and set far apart, where mine were much larger and round. The only similarities between us were our dark, expressive eyes.

"Well, I suppose we ought to get started, let me grab my stuff." I grabbed the costumes I had brought and hung them on the pole hanging on the wall. "I think this one will fit perfectly, but this other one will have to be hemmed."

"Alright, hang on; I think I want a drink." She grabbed a bottle from the short table beside the couch and seemed to produce a shot glass from midair. The clear liquid filled the glass and she stuffed the bottle inside a minifridge sitting nearby. She held the glass up to me and downed it in one smooth graceful movement. "Okay, let's do this; I want to get out of here."

She stepped out of her loose skirt and pulled her t-shirt over her head, standing before me clad in only a pair of panties and sandals. I handed her the dress and helped her pull it on over her head being careful not to snag her long hair on the beadwork. The silky material slid down her body, sheathing her in the elegant dress. I zipped it up the side, adjusting the thin straps on her shoulders while I assessed the fit. She looked stunning in the long green gown. The black overlay with the beadwork hung in a clingy manner that accentuated her small breasts. She was dazzling even without make-up and the dress would fit the part perfectly.

We trekked back through the theatre finding the director on stage. He was barking at some poor girl who still did not know her lines and the veins popped out in his short neck. When he saw Celia, he stopped, motioning for her to turn. Over my arm was slung a midnight blue satin cape and I threw it over her shoulders fastening it deftly at the base of her throat. Her eyes widened and she raised her arms, letting the heavy, billowing fabric fall from them. Slowly, she walked across the stage, her steps sure and quick. The cape billowed out around her making her look magical.

"It is perfect!" the director said quietly. "I think it will be absolutely perfect."

"I like it!" Celia said snappily.

While she stomped around the stage, flinging her cape at other actors, I felt the blood rush back through my body. This was a huge job and the dress was not exactly what he had asked for. I felt as if I had been holding my breath for months as I stood there watching their faces light up.

When Celia finally finished strutting in her cape, we headed back to her dressing room. She was laughing and holding her garments off of the dusty floor. She pirouetted around in front of the mirrors as we entered her room, admiring herself, pulling her hair up then down.

"Thank God, you did something besides what HE wanted. I would have looked like a dowdy cow if you hadn't come along. This is much better." She flung the fronts of the cape over her shoulders, baring her front, showing off the plunging neckline of the dress.

"Well, you certainly don't look like the witches I dressed up like when I was a kid." I stood back and looked at her. "I think I need to shorten the front of the dress just a bit. Leave it on."

She unclasped the cloak, hanging it on a hangar and placing it upon the rack. She stepped back in front of the mirror, turning this way and that. The beads caught the light and cast a sparkle in the mirror that was captivating. I knelt down in front of her, pins in my mouth, carefully pinning the hem of the gown.

"I was really wondering what you would come up with. I must say I am impressed. Not at all what I thought it would look like."

"There. Finished. Let's slide it down so I don't lose the pins. I would hate to stick ya or anything."

I reached up and unzipped the long zipper, the back of my hand brushing her breast accidentally. Color rushed up into my face and I looked up as she pulled the straps off her shoulders. The dress fell at her feet all at once, baring her breasts. She didn't seem to notice and stepped out of the dress laughing and talking.

"I think we need to celebrate. How about a glass of wine?" she asked as she slipped into a short robe, leaving the front open, just covering her breasts.

"Oh, I don't know, I have to drive home and it is supposed to storm. Another time?"

"No. Tonight, I insist. A celebration to making a dress that not only fits, but is what I would have made if I had done it myself."

I resigned myself to one glass, never one to disappoint a client. I hung the dress as she produced a bottle of wine and poured some in a plastic cup. She handed it to me with a smile.

"Here's to success," she popped her cup up against mine and took a deep drink.

"Here, here," I tipped the cup and took a drink, surprised at the sweet taste that flooded my mouth.

"You don't have to sit in the floor. The couch is much more comfortable," she patted the cushion beside her and I rose from the floor, collapsing on the soft cushions.

"I am so glad every one is happy with it, I wasn't sure."

"You should have been. The dress is perfect and that cape was a stroke of genius."

We chatted away about the show and then other things and before I knew it, my cup was empty. I never even considered refusing when she offered me more. She told me of being on the road and travelling with the company and I was fascinated. She talked of her husband, her time spent dancing, and all the things new friends would want to know of each other, until I looked at my watch.

"Oh! It is almost midnight, I have got to go." "Okay, well it was nice to get to know you, I can't wait to see what else you have in store for the show, she stood as I began gathering up my things.

"Yes, thanks for the wine, it was very good. I should be back in a couple of days to see how the rest of your pieces work." I drained my glass and headed toward the door.

Before I reached the other side of the room, she was in front of me. She bent down, kissed me on the cheek, and then let her mouth cover my own. As I tried to pull back, she grabbed the back of my head, kissing me deliberately. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and I saw the women in the mirrors kissing like lovers. I pulled away from her.

"I don't think..."

"I do," she kissed me again, sucking at my lips, pulling me into her embrace and I found that I was kissing her back. Her robe had fallen from her breast and I wanted to touch the nipple, to feel it with my fingers.

She pulled away, looking at me. Her eyes were sharp and appraising. I could feel the color rising in my cheeks again and I looked away. My mind was reeling and I couldn't believe I was standing here kissing another woman. I had never even thought of another woman that way and I could not wrap my head around it in any way.

"I think... I am going to... I have to go," I stammered, trying to exit gracefully and failing in every way.

"Wait," she stepped closer to me and I could smell the wine, feel her breathing against my neck.

She took the garments and bags out of my hand, laying them over a chair. She leaned over to me, gently biting my earlobe, her nipples crushed into my chest. I heard a soft moan escape my lips, but I tried to push her away, stepping backward as I did. She wrapped her hand in my hair and held me there, where she kissed me once again. Her mouth was soft but so demanding, her lips searing across mine, hot and wet. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and as I tried to turn my head, she pulled my hair savagely. She kissed harder and harder until my mouth felt as if it were being fucked by her tongue. When she finally pulled away, I felt almost as if I couldn't breathe.

She stepped back, looking at me, staring into my eyes again almost challenging me to defy her. Her eyes blazed with a fire that was echoed in my mind. Her long, lean body almost naked before me made me feel self-conscious and I hung my head. She grabbed my hand placing it on her breast and when I looked at her, she seemed to dare me to pull back.

I didn't pull back, I wanted to touch her so badly by then. I squeezed her breast tenderly, feeling the soft skin against my hand. Her nipple hardened and she let her head fall back as I explored her breast. I had never felt another woman's breast before and I was amazed as I watched my fingers touch her. She grabbed my head pulling it down to her chest and I kissed her tentatively, letting my lips touch her only where the swell of her breast began. Her nipple had turned into a tiny hard nub, darkening to a rosy brown that contrasted nicely with the creamy white skin. She lifted her breast and pushed the nipple against my mouth. I opened my mouth and sucked it as if I were nursing pulling the tiny nub longer and longer. I grazed it with my teeth just scraping the fragile skin. Her body shuddered against mine and she clamped down on my head so I could not move. I let my tongue flick back and forth against her nipple and wrapped my arms around her waist as she moaned.

I don't know who led who to the couch, but that is where we went. I sat down beside her, kissing her again. I wanted to taste her. I wanted to kiss her all night, feel those wonderful breasts against me and in my mouth. I wanted to please this woman who seemed so much worldlier than me.

She pushed me back against the arm of the couch and lay me back, her lips locked against mine. It seemed as if she were going to devour me and I eagerly awaited it, offering myself by merely laying there and not getting up and running away. She was like an animal kissing my neck and my shoulder, biting me until it was almost too much to bear and then letting go and kissing the mark that it left. She stood up and dropped her robe then lay down beside me, her legs wrapped around my own and I wanted to be naked, to feel that hot skin against my own, but she did not let me move. Her body wedged against me and I was trapped, kissing her, wanting her.

After what seemed an eternity, she let me remove my shirt, her hands tugging it off of me. She pulled one breast out of my bra and began sucking it desperately. Her mouth was so wet and scorching against my nipple. I moaned loudly, embarrassed to not be able to stop. She shifted her weight and straddled one of my legs, thrusting her hips against it until I pulled my knee up so she could grind herself against it. I lay there panting as she writhed against me, sucking on my breasts, kissing my neck until I could stand it no more.

I pushed her off of me and when she stood up, I tugged her panties down below her ass. She wiggled them down her long legs, stepping out of them and tossing them on the couch with her foot where they puddled beside me. She looked down at me with an almost haughty air, watching me look up and down her body, posing with her legs apart. I looked up at her as she straddled my body where I sat, pinning me as if I were her prey.

"You want me, you know you do," she purred at me, "nobody has to know, you know. It's okay. I want you too."

"I have never done anything like this," I mumbled to her, my mouth pressed against her shoulder. "Mhmm, I guessed as much, but I know you want me, just go with it. I will teach you how," her words were whispered so low I could barely hear them, but I answered the only way I could.


She bent down as she straddled me, kissing me again, a little softer this time. I almost felt as if her mouth were coaxing me to stay, her tongue beckoning me to know her better. Her elbows rested on either side of my head as she ran her tongue along my jaw line and behind my ear. I stretched my neck so she could get to me better, but she did not need my help, she went wherever she wanted to go on her own. It seemed as though her mouth knew what would make my body shiver even better than I did myself. I stroked her waist as she nibbled my ears again, letting my hands finally rest on the swell of her exquisite ass. I lay there with my skin oscillating between hot and cold, my head thrown back on the couch, my pussy getting wetter by the minute. She let her mouth trail to my nipple and I felt my breath catch in my throat again as she sucked.

"I need to go. I wanted to beat the rain... I should be home working," I croaked.

She pulled back away from me, taking her wonderful mouth from my skin.

"Do you want to leave?"

"No," I whispered

"Then quit. I think you could be fun, but not if you won't relax. Let it happen, just chill. There is nothing here to hurt you, it is just us. We can go on or you can leave. Nothing holding you here if you don't want to be." She climbed off of me looking nonchalant, as she spoke.

"No! Come back, I didn't mean it that way; I've just never done this," my voice trailed off to a whisper. "I want you."

She looked at me splayed out on the couch, naked from the waist up. Her eyes narrowed as she assessed me, lingering on my breasts. "Take off your jeans."

I rose from the couch and took them off, standing before her clad only in a pair of panties that would not have been the ones I would have chosen for her to see me in. I felt silly and had the almost irresistible urge to cover myself, but I slowly realized that the mirrors in the room left no angle of my body invisible to her. She reached down and lowered my panties, leaving them around my ankles and I knew she was watching my ass in those mirrors as I stepped out of them and bent down to pick them up.

"Nice," she said as she reached out to touch my arm, turning me a bit.

"Thank you," I stammered. "Are you sure this is what you want to do?" Her eyes seemed cold and hard, and I felt as if she could see the lust in my soul.

"Yes," my voice so soft that even I could barely hear it.

"Good." She sounded so matter-of-fact.

She pulled me to her and embraced me, our naked bodies pressed together for the first time. Her arms wrapped around me stroked my back and she kissed me more gently this time, but her hips pushed into mine. Her hand reached down, caressing my belly and her nails scraped lightly over my hips. Her body shifted slightly and her fingers touched the cleft of my shaven pussy. My gasp turned into a moan and I parted my legs, hoping she would not stop. I let my mouth drift to her neck, tracing the taut muscles with my tongue while she soothingly touched me, her fingers softly fondling me.

I backed her up against the table, and she hopped up on the edge, her ass just resting on it. Her legs parted a bit and I caught my first glimpse of her tight pussy. She was shaven as well and the lips tucked up tightly, hiding her a bit. When I parted her knees with my hand, I could see the wetness between her thighs and I was filled with a new kind of hunger. I stood between her legs, my eyes riveted on her pussy when she reached down and slid a finger between the lips of her pussy. She opened it up to me, showing me the tiny clit, her dark pink vagina, all of her. I felt my own pussy flood as I watched her fingers explore herself. She plunged a finger inside her pussy and pulled it out, leaning forward and pushing the finger into my mouth.

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