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Dave sat at in his office, his stuffed Curious George staring down on his desk cluttered with receipts and a reimbursement form. The blanks for airline tickets and meals were completed, but the ground transportation blank was empty. Dave contemplated this simple question. It merely required he add up the cost for his ground transportation, taxis to and from the airport ($24.50 each way), to and from restaurants ($8.50, $13.25 and $16.75). However he knew this simple sum of $87.50 not reflect complex truth.

He thought back to the taxis ride to the hotel. He realized it was not a coincidence that the couple had joined him in the taxis. He had been on the top deck of the ferry watching the distant Washington shoreline move by as the ship motored north to the San Juan Islands. It was a rare clear day in Seattle and he could see Mt. Rainier towering over the city. About the time Mt. Rainier faded under the horizon, its power as the dominating peak transferred to Mt. Baker rising in the North, that he noticed the people standing next to him. The man to his left was playing a flute, wearing a hat, Patagonia jacket and puffy nylon pants. His music drifting across the water. The tall woman to his right was wearing low ankle boots, a black ankle length dress, a red top and a black wind breaker. Dave remembered smiling at her and noting her penetrating green eyes, broad smile and brown hair that shone red in the sun. The details of their brief conversation were sketchy, commenting on the beautiful scenery, the weather and learning her name was Megan. The man to his left, Ethan, was her boy friend. Megan said she was almost engaged save some formality. He often was called Pan because of his flute. They were on the island for some meeting and at the time he thought it was a nature group or something. It was her eyes and smile that he remembered and also the sun glinting off her fine gold nose ring.

The couple had shared his the taxis to the hotel and when they arrived and they did not have enough cash for the driver. Dave told them he was here on the business and it wouldn't be a problem to pay for the cab. They smiled and said they would reimburse me for the expense and trouble and disappear into the hotel as Dave paid for the taxis.

That was it. He thought nothing more of it during his conference at the hotel and by the end of the week he had forgotten about the ride to the hotel. The last night of his stay was Halloween and that morning the front desk told him there was a package waiting for him. A small bundle wrapped in plain brown paper with a brief note. Walking back to his room he read the note written in a florid hand. “We have not forgotten your kindness. Please meet us, Halloween, 10 PM hotel lobby.” In his room he opened the package and discovered it contained a black tuxedo, starched white shirt, gold studs, black tie, cummerbund and folding top hat. Everything he needed for a costume to a Halloween party. Dave was excited. He had always loved Halloween and was disappointed to be away from home.

The red digital numbers on the clock read 10:00 when Dave finally put the hat on and looked at himself in the mirror. He smiled thinking his 6 foot 5 inch frame didn't look half bad in black tie. The phrase, “He cleans up good,” ran through his head.

Sauntering down to the lobby he noticed the staff of the hotel, or more precisely notice the absence of staff. The lobby was deserted save for one person Dave had not seen before. The hotel clerk, dressed in black, walked up to Dave.

“Sir, don't forget your cape and cane.”

Before Dave could protest the clerk placed the great black cape over his shoulders, handed him the gold capped can and opened the door for him. A black hackney coach drawn by a two black horses stood in front of the hotel. The hackney driver stood holding the door of the carriage. He was tall and thin, dressed completely in black - boots, shirt, waist coat, hat and his long black hair pulled back in a pony tail. Dave stepped up into the coach and the driver closed the door and lithely jumped into the drivers seat. Quickly he was winding his way up a back road toward the high cliffs that were on the west side of the island; the silhouette of the resort hotel that had dominated his week on the island disappeared into the darkness. The cool pine air blew in through the open window and he saw an airplane low in the sky. Then he realized it was not an airplane, but the planet Venus, its apparent motion created by the clouds streaking past it. The gray countryside was illuminated by the full moon and he could faintly smell the smoke of a fire. The coach left the road and followed a small private drive and he could see the old mansion towering at the edge of the cliff, silhouetted by glow of a large bonfire. It circled to the entrance and came to a stop. The coachman easily stepped down, unfolded the small step and opened the door. As Dave stepped out of the coach, he saw Megan descending the mansion's stairs. She now wore a flowing white dress that revealed an apple bosom that he could only have guessed at before. Her hair danced around her shoulders and on her head was a hallo of flowers.

She smiled at him and said, “It is a pleasure to see you, I am so glad you chose to come tonight.”

“The pleasure is all mine,” Dave replied staring into her green eyes. Even in the dim light of the moon her eyes held him.

“Come inside and have a drink,” turning she floated up the stairs, the front doors parted and they entered the foyer. Here a servant, a man he thought he recognized as an employee of the hotel, held out a silver tray with glasses of Madeira. He accepted one and walked into the sitting room. Here there were people drinking and chatting the smell of a pipe tobacco and its blue smoke filled the air. These people were in costume as well, but not as formal as Dave. Most seemed to be dressed for a folk dance. The women in colorful dresses covered with intricate embroidery and the men wore colorful pants and embroidered shirts. When Dave and Megan entered the room the men stood and one came over to Dave and shook his hand.

“You were so lucky to be chosen,” he blurted out.

“Yes, I am very happy to be here, I miss good halloween parties.” The man didn't seem to quite understand Dave, but he went back to his chair. As the evening progressed Megan and Dave sat a pair of chairs at the front window and talked. Others guests approached said a few words and went back to their own conversations, never staying long with them.

“This mansion, Glieh, has been in my family for generations” Megan told him, “Ethan and I are its current caretakers.”

“You are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place and I am so pleased you invited me to attend this party.” Dave sipped the delicious wine and is blood warmed as he stole glances at her lightly covered breasts or contemplated the shape of her legs under her dress, or wondered what other secretes it held.

“Yes it is very beautiful,” Megan intoned very seriously, the flickering light of the fire danced in her hair, “and it was important to us that you attend.”

“Oh the reimbursement. It was nothing really. The university will reimburse my expenses.”

“It is not just the expenses. You were very kind. Not everyone would do that,” Megan replied quickly patting his knee. “This party is very special. Only on October 31st, On all Hallows Eve, can a member of my family become engaged. On this, the eve of All Saints Day, will the responsibilities of Glieh pass to my sister, Melissa and her companion.”

“Then I am greatly honored to be invited.” Dave had not seen Ethan and wondered why he wasn't the one sitting here talking with this sensual woman. He also wondered about her sister. He leaned forward and whispered, “I don't believe I have met Melissa or her companion.”

Megan smiled, her eyes twinkled in the light of the fire, and said, “Neither has she. It is the custom.” A large clock in the hall struck 12 when he looked up the hackney driver and the mysterious hotel clerk standing beside his chair.

“It is time my lady,” the driver said.

“Yes, so it is” Megan said as she stood up.

Dave stood as well and just then realized the other guests had left. He stooped and kiss her hand. “Thank you for the wonderful evening, I'll never forget it.”

“Oh the evening has ended, but the night has just begun.” Her eyes held him again. “Please follow me.” Dave followed, with the driver and the clerk.

To the back of the house through large french doors. Normally the view from these doors must have been spectacular, of the water and the surrounding islands, but tonight it was blocked by a new spectacle, the huge bonfire. The guests that Dave had met in the sitting room were now slowly dancing around the bonfire. The dancers parted and the small group entered the ring.

Standing near the roaring fire Megan stepped close to Dave and he stooped to hear her whisper, “You have been chosen this evening because of your kindness and generosity. Please relax and trust me.”

“Relax?” Dave thought as his adrenaline surged.

The group moved around the blaze toward the cliff. A cool sea breeze greeted them. Dave turned and noticed the low stone table. Megan moved next to it, stopping at its edge. Dave stopped in front of it, waiting, wondering, but only for a second for Megan acted quickly. She closed the small distance between them, looked up into his face, her eyes captured his as her lips parted and kissed his mouth. Her plush lips caressed his and her tongue slipped into his mouth. The brief kiss seemed to last a long time, but she pulled back and quickly methodically started unbuttoning the studs on his shirt, her green eyes held his in their spell. As she finished with the last button, the driver and clerk removed his tuxedo jacket, and unfastened the studs of his french cuffs and removed his shirt. Holding his hands they pivoted him about and sat him down on the stone table. It felt cool but not cold because of the bonfire, so close. There soft hands gently urged him to lay down his bare back on the granite and he felt cold metal around his wrists. He didn't look, his thoughts still swimming in the green pools of Megan's eyes, but he knew he was being chained to the rock. Strangely, he was not concerned by this. Megan untied his shoes, removed his socks and then did the same for his pants. Despite the coolness of the air and granite, his legs swinging over its edge, and the strangeness of being chained almost naked to a rock beside a bonfire with a dozen people dancing about him, he was becoming aroused. He wore blue striped boxers and peeking through the fly was the head of his manhood. Megan leaned down and pulled off the boxers took him in her mouth. As briefly as there kiss, she sucked and licked around the crown. A sigh of pleasure escaped Dave's lips as a feeling of electricity raced from his groin to his toes and he became as hard as the granite table. She produced a flexible willow switch and tightly knotted it around his balls and shaft. He felt the pressure build as the blood engorged his root. Then she stood and stretched out her arms at her sides. Her white dress parted down the front to reveal the smooth pale skin of her body. Her full breasts, navel, the trimmed pubic hair at her groin and the belt of flowers that circled her waist. Dave's eyes moved over your body longing for its touch. Then his eyes were drawn back to her eyes. The driver and clerk silently removed her dress and laid it carefully out on the grass by the fire.

Then he heard the music. It was very faint at first, but grew stronger. The flute he had heard while on the ferry to the island. With the sound of the music advancing, Megan advanced to the table and stood up on it straddling Dave. One side of Dave's body was warmed by the roaring fire, the other cooled by breezes off the water but his mind was blazing with desire, his eyes begging Megan. There she stood, the mother goddess, hands raised to the stars, the full moon caught in her hair and the moon's penumbra halloing her head, and the fire glowing in her skin.

Then around the bonfire pranced Ethan or more appropriately Pan. He played his flute bare chested walking on the legs of a goat. Between his legs was his erect cock. He was escorting a tall, slim woman with golden red hair dressed as Megan had been dressed. As he trotted closer, three of the dancing women circled him and the woman. With each pass they touched him, a stroke, a light kiss.

At the same time the three other women circled the table. Lovingly touching Dave on his arms, his legs, his chest, his hair, his balls and his erect weeping penis.

Megan called out in a bold voice, “Behold Mellisa, the new lady of Glieh.” Gracefully Megan dropped her arms to her sides and the women helped Mellisa slip out of her long white dress. Then as the women again circled the granite table, Melissa and Pan, Megan carefully knelt down on Dave's stomach and leaned forward and kissed his lips again, her hair hiding their faces. Dave felt the heat of her wet pussy glide down his stomach, her breasts inching down on his chest and their eyes locked inside the dim seclusion of Megan's hair. Pan's trio of women merged with the women around the table as he eased up next to Megan and Dave. Pan grabbed and pulled Megan's hair, her eyes burning with desire met his and Dave knew that his time with Megan was ending and she would soon be with Pan. Holding her waist, Pan rolled her off the table and into his arms. The kissed deeply and all Dave could see was them kneeling down onto the outstretch dress before his view was blocked by a new vision, that of Melissa as she pounced onto hes chest. With one leg under his armpit and the other leg above his other shoulder, she pulled Dave's hair and face to her pussy. His mouth was quickly dripping with her flowing juices. His lips and tongue played, kissed, licked and sucked her lips as she held his face to her, riding his mouth. His tongue plunged deep into her vagina, tasting her sweet nectar as she moaned, her hips gyrating. Then he dragged his tongue out along her lips to nestle it under her clit hood. Pressing and teasing her pleasure nub, electrifying her body. She pulled his mouth away and moved down his chest. Again the feeling of a hot pussy sliding down his torso dominated his senses. The sound of Melissa panting mingled with the crackle of the bonfire and the moans of Pan and Megan lost in their own pleasure. Dave tried to reach and touch her firm globes that were now suspended just above his face but the chains held him fast. “Later my chosen one. There will be an eternity for touching.” Melissa breathed into Dave's ear.

Slowly Melissa lowered her self down onto his hard rod, held proud by the willow switch cock ring. As its thick head touched her moist lips, she closed her eyes and sighed. She leaned back and gasped with pleasure as her pussy swallowed his cock. The guests, both women and men, began to sing and dance around the table to the rhythm of their music Melissa rocked back on forth, the warm hands of the women fondling the couple, her fingers pinching Dave's nipples. Dave's mind spun with the circling women. Now the gaze of Melissa's blue eyes held his while her vaginal muscles gripped his cock, pushing him to the edge of bliss. Her hands rubbed his sides and the light of the fire danced along her body and flickered off her navel ring. The rhythm of the carnal dance slowed and Dave was able to control himself as the women stopped circling and positioned themselves around the table, one at each arm, licking his inner elbow down his forearm to the palm of his hand, one at each of his nipples, sucking and licking them and one at each leg, licking at his inner thighs. This was how Dave was pinned down with pleasure. His mouth open and gasping for air, he and Melissa the center of attention.

Melissa leaned back holding onto his legs allowing his hard rod to press hard against the front of her vaginal wall, against her G-spot. Her rhythm increased and she rocked up and down on Dave's hips. Faster and harder she rocked, each time she gasped catching her breath, her juices dripped down her thighs and the sparks of other roaring fire took their cries toward the watching stars. Time stood still. Bliss ruled over time. Instead of sensory deprivation, Dave was experiencing the opposite. Spots of fiery lightening captured him from his arms, nipples, legs and most of all his throbbing manhood. His mind was starting to race around his body looking for escape, but there was none. As the rhythm increased, Dave's own ass was being lifted from the table by the pull of Melissa's love clasp. Her pussy gripped hard on his cock as it rode up and down. Soon Dave could not hold back any longer, pushed him to the point of no return. Dave started bucking harder and he heard Melissa scream as his orgasm started. The tension created by the willow switch was like a dam holding back his semen. When the dam broke, he felt it flood out of his pumping cock. Melissa had been driven to the edge of her orgasmic bliss at the same time and an intense feeling of pleasure took hold of her entire body. Shaking with pleasure as she milked Dave's cock, driving it hard inside of her. He roared with joy at the intensity of the sensation, her hot pussy walls holding him tight from the outside, the rough cock ring chaffing at his balls and his fluid flowing from the inside. The couple's bodies quivered together as their minds soared over the cliff of passion.

Then it was over and Melissa eased forward to lay her sweaty body onto his. Once again her dusky voice whispered into his ear, “Now Dave, you and I are almost engaged.”

Dave sipped coffee from his Cubs mug, and decided the University could afford the $87.50. He would need the money because he must prepare for his engagement.

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