A little over 6 months ago, my wife and I got into a big fight about her not having taken care of my sexual needs for quite some time, that ended with her agreeing to a semi open marriage in order to fix the problem. What that meant was that she'd go out once a week to get the more aggressive kind of sex I couldn't give her. But, since she's the jealous type, all my sex with other women would have to be as threesomes, so my wife could make sure it didn't end up as a love affair.

Plus, because I wouldn't accept it unless they were true threesomes, my wife would have to find the girls, since she'd have to make love to them as well. At first my wife was enthusiastic about the idea, even though we'd have to wait two months to start because of our planned trip to America. By the time we returned from our trip though, the marital crisis had passed, and unless we had another one real soon, there was no longer any reason for her to honor the agreement. Not that she would have honored it if we hadn't gone on the trip, because she wouldn't have. She would just have found some other way to delay things until she could safely say it wasn't going to happen.

But, back when the agreement was new and it wasn't safe to tell me she had no intention of going through with it, she'd talked about how it would work, and even made some jokes about who would be our first threesome girl, using two of her friends as possible names. When it was safe to tell me it was only a fantasy though, and would never become real, she told me one of the reasons it couldn't become real, was that those girls were like sisters to her, and she couldn't imagine either of them naked.

Which also meant she didn't want me talking dirty about them when we did have sex, which only happens once every two months or so. And she didn't want me writing fantasies about them, which is something I do to help relieve my sexual tension. Then, to stop me from continuing to think of her one friend that I'd admitted to starting to fantasize about, she told me to fantasize about a third friend of hers a girl named Reina instead.

The thing is, that Reina is younger, and for the most part, prettier than the girl she wanted me to stop thinking about. She's not drop dead gorgeous though, because she's about 15 kilos overweight, even if those kilos are spread around so that she doesn't look "fat" fat, just heavyset. But, the other girl was overweight too, and it took a while for me to understand why my wife would rather I thought about the prettier one.

The answer was simple, once I figured it out, because Reina was happily married and the other girl wasn't. What I mean is that if the other girl found out I had fantasies about fucking her, she might actually let me do it, because her husband wasn't very interested in her that way anymore. Reina was dedicated to her husband though, and wouldn't even think about cheating on him, which made her a lot safer subject to fantasize about. At least that's the conclusion I came to at the time, because I knew my wife had lied when she agreed to an open marriage, and that she definitely didn't want me to fuck any other girls.

So, even though I knew nothing would ever happen, I started talking dirty about Reina during our once every two months blowjob. You know, asking my wife if she wanted to taste Reina on my cock, if she wanted to watch me fuck her, and if she wanted to lick Reina's pussy herself, after I came in it.

And, since my wife was the one who said I should fantasize about her, my wife would moan at the appropriate times, to make me think she was actually excited by the idea of doing those things. At the same time, she started having sex with me more often, once a month instead of once every two months, and added some fucking to our normal pussy eating and blowjob, as well. Although it might seem as though it was the result of me talking about Reina making her horny more often, it was probably just her trying to make up for having lied to me when she made the agreement.

When we do have sex, one of the things my wife likes, is to watch a porn movie at the same time, and her favorites are ones about swingers, mostly because the men are more aggressive than I am, and she wishes I was more like them. They are usually about three couples suddenly deciding they want to have an orgy, and there's always one girl there who gets fucked in the ass. Well, around the fourth time we had sex, after I'd started talking dirty about Reina, we were watching one we hadn't watched before, and the ass fuck girl looked a lot like Reina does. Dark hair, huge tits, and a larger than normal ass, that one of the guys was slowly sliding his big cock in and out of.

And it was actually my wife, not me, who pointed out the resemblance, saying she bet I'd love to do that to the real Reina. Of course, I told her I wouldn't mind; since that's one place my wife won't let me fuck her. And when the guy pulled out, and one of the girls took his cock in her mouth, I asked if that was what my wife wanted to do. But, she said no, she didn't want to taste anyone's asshole, then she pointed to another girl licking the first girl's pussy, saying she'd rather do that, after I'd cum there.

After that, she started asking for the same movie when we had sex, and would talk about me doing all the same things to the real Reina. Like eating her pussy, letting her suck my cock, then unlike what the movie showed, cumming in her ass and stuffing my cock in her mouth again, while my wife licked her pussy some more.

Still, her getting into the fantasies didn't really mean much, because she'd gotten into fantasies before and nothing ever happened. Well, that's not exactly true, because she'd gotten into the fantasy of fucking her old teacher once, and we'd actually tried to swing with him and his girlfriend, which didn't work out. But, that had been her fantasizing about fucking someone, not me, so there was a snow ball's chance in hell of making this real. Besides, as I said before, Reina is too dedicated to her husband, and even if my wife really wanted this, it would never happen.

Every now and then, my wife will ask for a girl's night out with her friends, and I don't mind because most of the time she comes home half drunk, and we have sex that we wouldn't have had otherwise. This time though, she'd gone out with Reina, and she was hornier than usual for a girl's night when she got home. When I asked her why she was already so wet, when I got between her legs to eat her pussy, she told me I knew why.

After all the fantasizing we'd done about Reina, having her on the other side of the table the whole night just drove her crazy with all kinds of dirty thoughts. Like whenever Reina would laugh, and her mouth would open wide, she'd imagine me shoving my cock in it. And when Reina would get up to go pee, she'd watch her ass move and think about my cock in that too. Of course it wasn't just thinking about me doing things, because watching her tits all night made her wonder how it would feel to suck her nipples. Worst of all though, was when Reina would lean across the table to tell her something when the music was too loud to hear. Because Reina smelled so nice, she couldn't stop wondering if she'd taste as good as she smelled.

At this point, when I moved up to slide my cock into her wet cunt, I told my wife we should probably stop fantasizing about Reina, and she immediately asked me why. Had something changed, and the idea of doing the things we'd fantasized didn't turn me on anymore? I told her it was the exact opposite, I did like the idea of fucking Reina for real, and from what she'd just said, she was starting to want it for real too. That's why we should both stop thinking about it, because we knew it wasn't going to happen, and should stop torturing ourselves. She said that I wasn't making sense, because we knew from the start that nothing was going to happen and I'd had no problem fantasizing until now.

So, she was going to ask me again, what had changed that made me not want to fantasize anymore? I told her that I was used to having fantasies that would never come true, because most of them never did. And, as long as I knew she didn't want this for real, I could pretend it was just pillow talk. But now that she'd started wanting it for real too, she might say or do something that would let Reina know what we were thinking, and end up ruining their friendship. And, she'd blame me for it, because I was the one who had started all the dirty talk that led up to it.

My wife kissed me and said I wasn't really the one who started it, because she was the one who told me to fantasize about Reina, instead of her other friend. I said that was just to get me to stop thinking about the only one of her friends who might actually let me fuck them, and she said I was wrong about why she did it. Even though I didn't believe she really wanted the things we'd agreed on, she did want them. And the most important part of that agreement was that she didn't want me fucking any girls without her being there.

That meant that she had to want to make love to that girl too, and as she'd told me, she couldn't imagine the other girl naked or either one of us having sex with her. So, she'd wanted me to start fantasizing about the only one of her friends she could see herself making love to. Because, if it was ever going to happen it would have to be with someone we both wanted, and since she wanted it to be Reina, she wanted me to want it to be Reina too. That's why we needed to keep fantasizing about her, instead of stopping, because she didn't want any of this to stay a fantasy, and she didn't want me chickening out when the time came.

Then, she kissed me again, and said she wanted me to cum inside her this time, so she could see how my sperm and Reina's pussy juice would taste together. When she was sucking my cock, she wanted me to close my eyes and pretend it was Reina whose mouth my cock was in. And to show that I was thinking of her, my wife wanted me to call her Reina, and say all the dirty things I'd say to the real Reina. After that, she started having girl's nights out with Reina every week, and she'd come home hot and horny and want me to call her Reina the whole time we were making love.

Then, on the third one of those weekly nights, she came in even more excited, and said she couldn't wait to tell me the good news. When I started eating her pussy, and asked what that news was, she said it was that Reina and her husband hadn't fucked in over a year, and Reina was dying to have a cock inside her again, especially in her ass, where my wife knew I wanted to put mine. Of course I asked if Reina had told her she wanted to fuck someone else and my wife said not exactly in those words.

She said the conversation started when she told Reina she wished I didn't work so late all the time, because she wanted me to go back to exercising three nights a week. Reina said she wished the same thing, so her husband would have a friend to go with and start exercising again himself. Then, because they'd already had more than a few drinks, Reina continued by saying that her husband's weight was sort of killing their sex life.

My wife knew I'd met Reina's husband, and that he was twice as overweight as Reina was. So I could easily imagine how difficult it was for them to fuck, and Reina had pretty much said the same thing. How he hadn't used to be that fat, but in the last two years he'd really gained a lot of weight, and about a year ago they'd given up on fucking and only did oral sex now. My wife had told Reina she should just tell her husband he wouldn't get any more blowjobs until he lost weight and Reina had said that would hurt her more than him. Because her husband liked eating her pussy and she loved sucking cock too much to go without it for more than a few days. But, she did miss having his cock inside her, especially in her ass, which had been her favorite kind of fucking.

I told my wife that was good for fantasy talk, knowing Reina loved ass fucking and giving head. But, it didn't help us with making those fantasies real, because they were both happy with just having oral sex and Reina didn't miss fucking enough to cheat on her husband, like her other friend did. My wife pulled my hair hard and said she told me to stop thinking about that friend. If we were going to have a threesome, it was going to be with Reina, not anyone else.

Just because Reina wasn't ready for that threesome yet didn't mean we were giving up on making it happen. That's why she was happy about learning this, because it meant she wasn't completely satisfied with her sex life. And if Reina wasn't satisfied, all we had to do was let her know she could get what she wanted with us, and she'd be ours. Now, my wife wanted me to show her how I was going to satisfy Reina, by fucking the shit out of her. Then "Reina" was going to show me how much she loved sucking cock and having me cum in her mouth.

A week later, after her next night out with Reina, my wife came home and told me she had a surprise for me that she hoped I'd like. She said that she'd tried to make Reina jealous by talking about how long it took me to cum when I fucked her, and it hadn't worked. Because she'd only been able to talk about normal lovemaking, not the kind that Reina really missed. So, she needed to be able to talk about that too, and it was way past time she learned why Reina loved it so much. I asked my wife if she was talking about finally letting me fuck her pretty little asshole. And she told me I'd have to spend a long time getting her ready with my tongue first, but yes, that was what she was talking about.

Of course I'd like that, and I immediately told her so, and told her I loved all the things that had changed since we'd started fantasizing about Reina. My wife kissed me and said she hoped I understood now, that she was serious about getting Reina into our bed. Because the only reason she had changed so many things was that she wanted to make love to her bad enough to do whatever it took to make it happen. And, they'd change even more once we did get her, because my wife planned to keep her there.

Every time I eat my wife's pussy, I try to stick one of my fingers in her ass, and sometimes she even lets me get one all the way in there. That was just where we started this time, with me wetting my finger in her pussy, and working it a little deeper inside her before pulling it out to wet it again. Once I got one in there though, I had to start all over again, with the wetting and working deeper, to get the second one in there at the same time.

Then, I pushed my thumb into her pussy, and began finger fucking with the three of them, while sucking on her clit, to give her the first orgasm. Getting the third finger in her ass though, was actually easier than getting the second one in had been, because by spreading the other two a little, I could slide it between them, which hurt a lot less than trying to slide it in next to them. And, after fucking her with those fingers and my thumb still in her pussy, she had her second orgasm and said she was ready for the rest of it.

We decided that I should fuck her pussy doggie style for a little bit, to get my cock all nice and wet, while my thumb was buried in her ass to keep it from closing again. But, even with all that preparation, she was yelling that it hurt when I tried to push my cock in, because she'd tightened up out of fear. At that point, I thought about stopping because I didn't want her to hate me for it later.

Then I just said fuck it and rammed my hips toward as hard as I could, to get it past the difficult part. That turned out to be the right thing to do because after her initial scream, her ass started loosening up again, and I was able to push the rest of my dick inside her. When I hit bottom, I stopped moving and waited until she started slowly moving herself, before I tried to do more than that. And, when I asked her how she was doing, she said she'd be ok, as long as I let her do all the moving.

It didn't take long, maybe just a couple of minutes, before she said it was actually beginning to feel good, something that hadn't happened the three times her old teacher had fucked her there. And, that I could take over the fucking, so she could concentrate on playing with herself, which she thought would definitely help. The orgasm she had a few minutes later, surprised us both, since she'd never cum from any kind of fucking before, and that it was almost worth the pain it cost her to get it.

Then she moaned and said that if she had another one like that, she might decide to make it a weekly thing. Well, she had two more, bigger than the first one, before I started cumming inside her, and she had another one from that. So she said that we were definitely adding it to our weekly lovemaking, and even more important, she could make Reina jealous by telling her all about it on their next night out.

When she got home from her next date with Reina, which is what they were in a way, since she was trying to get Reina into our bed, she was really excited, and could barely wait until I started eating her, to tell me. She said that after she told Reina about her first ass fuck, well the first one with me that is, Reina had asked something I'd never believe in a million years. She'd asked if my dick was really as thick as my wife said it was, since she'd told her how much it had hurt going in. And, even better, was the look on Reina's face when she'd shown her how big around it was with her fingers.

The look of someone who was definitely interested in what I had to offer. Then my wife had also told her about how long it was, and about it taking forever for me to cum. Not as bragging though, because Reina wouldn't have believed her if she said it that way. Instead, she'd said it almost as if she was complaining, and Reina had said she wished she had those kind of problems. So, all my wife had to do now was let Reina know she'd be willing to share me with her, and she'd be ours for the taking.

Except her next date didn't go like she'd thought it would, and she was depressed when she got home, saying she'd almost ruined all her progress. Because when she told Reina that there were plenty of men who'd be glad to give her the things she missed, prior to telling her I was one of them, Reina had gotten pissed. She didn't want those things from anyone except her husband, and she'd go without sex for the rest of her life before she'd cheat on him. Maybe if she'd said it last week, when Reina was thinking about my cock, she might have gotten a better reaction.

But, now if she told Reina I'd be glad to fuck her, and she'd be glad to let me, it would probably end their friendship. And it might take months to get her to that point again, months she didn't want to wait, not after coming so close. So, if I had any ideas, because I was always thinking about these things, now would be the time to tell her, which unfortunately I didn't, at least not any I thought would actually work. We still made love though, including the ass fucking, although for once she didn't want me thinking it was Reina I was fucking.

We didn't have to come up with any ideas though; Reina came up with one for us. Because, after a few days to think about things, she figured out what my wife was trying to do, and sent her a WhatsApp message on Tuesday. She started by saying that she hoped she wasn't wrong about why my wife had talked so much about how I made love, and about how lots of men would be glad to give her the things she missed. That she was offering to let me give those things to her, and that she wanted to be there when I did.

Because, if that was true, she thought she might enjoy making love to both of us, and she meant both of us at the same time. She had a problem though; she'd meant what she said about not cheating on her husband, although she was sorry she'd yelled at my wife about it. But she wasn't just writing to apologize and say she was flattered by my wife's offer, if it really was one. She was writing because she had a possible solution, if my wife was interested, that would give us all what we wanted.

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