Reindeer Games


"You're doing just fine." She said as she turned her head up to face mine.

We continued to dance and I let my hands roam around her body. She had on a bra which was holding her fairly good sized tits up, but her nipples were still poking through the thin material. I was also pretty sure that she had no panties on under the dress.

"Can I ask a question?" I asked as I stroked her butt gently.

"As long as you keep doing that, sure."

"Is it my imagination, or aren't any of the women here wearing panties?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Just seemed a bit odd that I didn't see any panty lines and l see lots of form fitting dresses. I don't think you have any on either."

"Oh? Why don't you find out?" she said with a grin.

I slid my hand lower and then slid up under her skirt, finding lots of bare leg and ass. I rubbed around her bare ass and finally felt down as far as I could between her legs, the tips of my fingers finding the bottom edge of her pussy.

"Nope, no panties." I answered her.

"Hmmmmm you have nice hands."

"That wasn't the question." I said as softly as I could over the music.

"Angie said you hadn't ever been to one of her parties, so let's just say that no, you won't find any right now. We all took them off coming in the door. You will just have to wait for the reason. I have a hunch you will enjoy."

"Am I the only newcomer as you put it?"

"Yep. Angie said you would need some cheering up, with your wife gone and all."

"Seems everyone knows all about me."

"Not all..." she said as she pulled one hand around from behind me and slid it between us and stroked my dick through my pants. Saved by the music! I stepped back slightly as the song ended and the music died down.

"Thanks for the dance." I said, leading her back to the bar where I picked up my soda and took a long drink, mostly to cool myself off. If this kept up I was going to be doing the horizontal mombo with one of the hot women.

The music disappeared altogether and Angie called out "Ok everyone. Time for reindeer games!" There was as fair amount of clapping and cheering as she motioned for us to quiet down. "Let's all go down to the recroom and we'll get started on the first game!" She said before climbing down from the chair.

Jill grabbed me by one arm and brightly announced that she would be my partner. Sue, not to be outdone took my other arm and I was steered to the stairs and down to the recroom. Neither girl wanted to let go long enough to go down the stairs, so I settled it by taking one of each of their hands and letting one go before and one after me. Once downstairs the entire group, about nine guys, including me, and eleven women, including Jill and Sue. The one lone woman, a good looking lady named 'Tabby' was sandwiched between what I assumed was a wife on one side and Jill on the other. Other than that variation, we were arranged boy girl.

"Ok. Just for some fun. We're going to do pass the ball. I'm sure everyone remembers how this goes. Pass the ball from one person to the other without using your hands. If you drop it you and your partner are out. We'll start with this Grapefruit!" she said holding up a pink grapefruit. She stepped back into the circle and put the grapefruit under her chin and passed it to the guy next to her. The grapefruit continued on around and Jill was chest to chest, passing it to me. Once I had it I turned and passed to Sue, who in turn passed it around. Only one couple dropped it and was eliminated by the time it got all the way around. There was of course plenty of cheering and comments from the group as it went around. Angie took the grapefruit out and replaced it with an orange. A bit more challenging and caused two more couples to be eliminated by the time it got to us. Jill did an excellent job of transferring it to me, and pushing her tits all around on my body at the same time. I nearly dropped it, catching it with the side of my face on Sue's big tits. I rolled it up with my face, pushing and smashing her tits in the process. Once she got it under her chin she passed it on and then turned back to me.

"If you want to play with my tits, just ask." She grinned.

"Sorry." I said blushing a tad as I took off my coat and tossed it on a chair.

"Don't be sorry, I kind of liked it." She said as she slid next to me and put one arm around me, pulling my neck down with her other and giving me a very wet, sensual kiss.

The orange was replaced with a lemon, and things got more interesting. Jill nearly dropped it passing it to me and Sue did drop it passing it to the guy next to her. She was eliminated as was he, and I now had a new partner next to me. My new partner was about my height, I guessed mid thirties, with a nice skirt and a button down silk blouse that was open practically to her naval. It was also very evident that her large tits were swinging quite free of any support.

"Hello, my name is Maria." She said holding her hand out. I took it and shook it gently.

"Mike." I replied simply.

"Well Mike, things are going to get a bit cozy next." She said as another couple dropped out. All that was left in the circle now were two guys besides myself, Jill, Tabby, my new partner, Angie and another lady I didn't know.

Angie took and ice cube and held it up for us all to see. "If it melts while you have it you and your partner drop out. We will continue until only one couple is left standing!" With that she put the ice cube in her mouth and leaned over to Tabby. It looked like kissing, but in reality she was passing the cube into Tabby's mouth. My already hard dick jumped at the sight. Tabby quickly passed it to Jill, who turned and pulled my face to hers. We put our lips together with our heads tilted and she pushed the shrinking cube into my mouth. I hated to break the sort of kiss, but quickly turned and passed it on to Maria, who quickly licked my lips seductively before she turned and passed it to the guy next to her. By the time I got back to the guy next to Angie, not her husband by the way, the cube had melted and he and the woman next to him were eliminated, leaving Angie with a new partner. Angie started a new cube, which came she passed to Tabby, who kissed it into Jill's mouth. Jill and I did our hot sexy kiss impression while she passed the cube to me and I passed it to Maria, who passed it on. To my surprise the cube made it all the way back to Tabby, who had nothing left to make the pass to Jill with and both she and Jill were eliminated. Before Jill dropped out she put her arms around me and gave me a real kiss, lots of tongue and lip.

"Just to keep you thinking about me for later." She said before moving out of the circle.

Angie was now next to me and put another cube in her mouth. For some reason I had never really thought about kissing her, but as she moved close to me our lips met and she pushed the cube into my mouth, swishing her tongue around mine a bit more than was required before breaking the kiss. I turned and passed to Maria and then watched Maria pass it to the guy next to Angie, who in turn kissed it into Angie's mouth. Angie passed to me and I turned to quickly passed what was left Maria. By the time she her lips to mine, it was gone, eliminating Maria and Myself. There was considerable shouting and cheering for the winners while Maria and I stepped off to the side. Apparently the winners got to have a real kiss, which Angie started and kept going for a full minute. Maria spent that time giving me an equally sensuous kiss, finally pulling away after the winning couple did. "You may not be able to dance, but you can really kiss. I'd like to get that tongue on another part of my body." She panted in my ear before pulling away to start the next game.

"Ok everyone! Next game! Squeeze the sugar plums. Here's how it works. The guys all sit in a circle blindfolded. You ladies are going to write your bra size on one of these chips. When the music starts, you get to pick a guy and sit on his lap. He has three guesses to figure out your bra size before the music ends. All you can say is yes or no. If he doesn't guess in three tries or runs out of time, he loses and the lady he didn't guess gets to remove one piece of clothing. If he's out of clothes, then he gets eliminated. Last guy in wins. Oh yes, since they are blindfolded touching is greatly encouraged... by both parties!" She said loudly, to which the ladies applauded loudly. Had I known this was a sex party, I would never have come, but I was here and I was turned on more than I could remember, so I decided to stay.

I was seated in a chair and had no idea who was near me, but when the music started I felt a lady sit on my lap. I really enjoy tits, so this game was going to be fun. I quickly felt up the front of the dress in front of me with one hand, cupping and hefting a set of nice tits. I guess a 38 D and was told no, to which I followed a 36 D, getting a kiss as a way of reply. I took it that was correct, but I continued to play with her tits with one hand while playing with as much of her firm ass as was hanging over my lap with the other. I squeezed and teased her nipples until the music stopped, at which time she got up announced, somewhat breathlessly, that I had guessed correctly.

There was some shuffling and an unknown number of guys were relieved of a piece of clothing. The music started again and another lady sat on my lap. I quickly decided this was Maria, given the feel of the silk blouse. I slipped my hand into her open shirt and lifted and squeezed her bare tit. She squeezed my dick in return as I suggested a 40 D, 38 D and a 42D. She leaned over and whispered in my ear that it was 38DD and it was going to cost me my pants, while her hand unzipped my pants and snaked inside. She stroked my dick and soon had me sticking out of my pants while I squeezed and played with her nipples.

The music stopped and she gave me one final squeeze before getting up and removing my pants. When the music started again there was a much smaller woman on my lap. I felt up the front of her dress, and found two much smaller breasts. I thought I recognized them as one of the ladies I hadn't met, but saw in the circle on the last game. She was wearing a skirt and turtleneck, so I slid my hand back down to her lap and then went back up again, this time under her shirt. She giggled and wiggled around on my lap as I felt her small breasts. I was not at all sure I was going to get this right, partly because I was a big tit man, but also because in her wiggling she had moved my dick, which the last lady had left sticking up out of my underwear, so it was pushing against her wet pussy, and to ruin my concentration even more, she was gently stroking the bottom side of my head, making me fear an early eruption. I guessed a 28 A, followed by a 30 A. Both were wrong. I was down to one guess. I knew she was slim, so I guessed a 32 B and was rewarded with a whispered no and a giggle. I had lost another round, but I still had to survive her playing with me.

The music ended and thankfully she stood up and removed my underwear, leaving me only in my shirt. I was also left again not knowing how many others had won or lost. After a short amount of whispering, the music started once again. I felt a hand wrap around my hard dick and then warmth envelope it as my next lady sat not only on my lap, but on my dick. I felt her sopping wet pussy engulf my dick and nearly forgot that I was supposed to be feeling her tit size. I moved my hand up her body and found a pile of cloth around her waist, and then traveled up. I cupped first one and then the other breast in my hand, squeezing her nipples as she wiggled on my hard dick. I guessed a 38C and 36C, both times being wrong. I had one guess left, but the distraction was making it hard to concentrate. Finally I guessed 34C and was rewarded with a kiss. I continued to play with her tits until the music ended.

The next round started like the last. I felt a new wet pussy settle down on my dick, this one quite a bit tighter than that last. I put my hand on the leg and slid my hand up under the dress, working my way to her tits. I made a short pause and slid my fingers across her clit and hairless pussy before heading up. These felt like a good C cup, very firm and bouncy with hard nipples. I was pretty sure that I had Angie sitting on my lap, but I may never know for sure. I declared a 34 C and was rewarded with a kiss and a wiggle. We sat and played with each other until the music ended and then she disappeared, with no trace.

Once again the music started and another warm pussy settled on my dick. I slid my hand up her body and found a very short button down dress. I had remembered seeing this on one of the ladies across the circle in the last game. I pushed the material up so I could slide my hand up her to her chest and found that she had a bra on with a front closure. I easily flicked the clasp open and was rewarded with a large pair of tits, which I squeezed and played with before offering the size 38 DD. She leaned down and kissed me hotly on the lips as an answer, leaving her mouth connected to mine and her tongue flashing all around mine. I squeezed her nipples and she moaned in my mouth, wiggling her butt around on my dick. Finally the music stopped and I was declared the winner and given an official boob inspectors hat. Angie told me this would be worth while later, as she placed it on my head with one hand and stroked my exposed dick with the other. With my blindfold finally off I realized I was the only guy wearing anything at all, and most of them were standing around with women playing with their dicks. I got the idea that they were just keeping them hard for some reason. It was also obvious that a number of guys had their hands busy between women's legs as well.

Angie pulled my shirt off and tossed it on the pile of clothes next to my chair and then put my boob inspector hat back on. She helped me stand up and then announced the next game, package wrapping. I wasn't sure how this was going to work, but Angie, held a bowl up high and each of us had to draw a name.

Since I won the last game I got first pick and drew the name Sarah, a slim lady about mid thirties wearing a mini skirt and sleeveless turtleneck. She didn't have particularly large breasts, but she was pretty hot none the less. Angie went on to explain the game. Each guy had to undress his partner, no hands of course, and then go to the table by the wall with underwear, select a pair that they think belongs to their partner and then put them on them. If they are right, they stop, if wrong, they had to take them back off, still no hands, and then pick a different pair. Once they had the right pair, without taking them back off they had to make their female partner climax.

Since there were more women than guys, the first three done would win the first round, and get to play one more time. We were paired off with our partners and the music started, indicating it was time to start. The music was appropriately, stripper music. I went to work on the button with my lips and then pulled the zipper down with my teeth. Her skirt came off easily, sliding down her slim legs, revealing a completely shaved pussy that smelled heavily of arousal. I grabbed her shirt bottom with my mouth and pulled up while she squatted down to help me. I made good time getting her undressed, unlike the guy next to me that had to try to undo all those buttons on his partners dress. I walked to the table and had to guess at her underwear. I figured a thong and looked at the three choices. Ho ho ho was one that I had seen Angie wear, so I passed that one and chose one that matched the skirt color. I was back in seconds on my knees helping her step into the panties and pulling them up with my teeth, rubbing my nose against her bare pussy as I worked. She moaned slightly as I tried to work the strings up her ass with my mouth, finally getting it in place. To my disappointment she shook her head no and I pulled them back off, her wet scent filling my nose as I carried them back to the table. I still thought thong, so I selected the white pair and worked them up her legs, pausing long enough to take a taste of her pussy before covering it with material.

I had chosen well and she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled her body to mine, kissing me feverishly. I slid a hand between her legs and let my fingers slip between the material and her pussy as she tried to hump my hand. She came quickly, her juices gushing over my fingers. I really wanted to just bend her over and screw her right there, but when I suggested it she said to be patient, and went back to kissing me.

I was one of the three winners, and we drew names for the last round partners. To my surprise I got Angie. She winked at me and motioned for one of the other ladies to start the music. I got on my knees and grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled up with my mouth while she lowered herself, She was naked in no time at all, the one piece garment coming off over her head. It was the first time I had seen her completely naked and I had to stop myself from pausing just to enjoy the view that she had teased me for so many times. I knew exactly which pair of panties was hers, and made a beeline for the table. I brought back her thong and she stepped into the loops of material and I worked it up her body. I looked at the other two and knew that I was way ahead, and stopped to lick her pussy a few times, something I had wanted to do more than once already. I finished pulling her thong up grabbing the straps over her ass with my teeth and pulling them up. I stood up and she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hungrily.

"Quick! Make me cum!" she whispered in my ear after she broke the kiss, my hand already pushing the material aside so I had access to her pussy. I put my other hand to work on her tits. She was extremely turned on and I had no trouble making her climax quickly, her body shaking and shuddering in my arms. "God I needed that!" she breathed heavily in my ear. I pushed my dick between her legs and wanted to throw her down and fuck her right then, but she pushed me gently back. "Wait for the next game, you're going to need that hard dick!" she grinned. We were declared the winners, and the room cheered, everyone now naked except the women, who were now wearing only panties.

Angie had all the men line up along one wall and all the women along the other, their panties removed and held in their hands. Selection for the next game, Angie announced, would be based on the ring toss principle, The women would partner with the man who's dick they got their panties to hang on. There had to be some strategy on the part of the women, since there were more than one per guy. The three that didn't get one hanging would have to sit out. The ladies jockeyed for position and tossed their panties from a line about ten feet away. The lady that succeeded on me was one of the ladies that sat on my lap with the big tits. Without name tags I was at a loss to remember her name even if I did know it in the first place.

After several tosses all the guys had been chosen and we paired up for the next game, which Angie explained was called pin the reindeer in the tail. She went on to explain that the game was simple. The woman got to put a condom on the guy, and then turned around and bent over, holding her knees. The guy had to spear his partner and leave the condom behind so it was sticking out of her like a tail. It didn't take me more than two seconds to see that this was the guys chance to finally get off, now that all the ladies had been brought off by hand. It seemed a clever little game, safe sex and reducing sloppy seconds at the same time. My partner pulled my face to hers and began sensuously kissing me while stroking my dick back to its full size. Her large soft tits pressed into my chest while she kissed me, both hands now busy with my dick.

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