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It had been another rough day at work. She seemed to have a number of them, but there was always another waiting and home to pull herself back together for the next one. There was a package standing on the doorstep as she pulled up the drive. Just a plain brown package, but since she hadn't ordered anything, it gave a spark of hope and wonder.

She smiled a Mona Lisa smirk at the thought of the last package received from him and nearly left her things behind in her haste to see if, by chance, this might just be another. Another adventure, another wonderful time. She had a moisture growing between her legs that had nothing to do with the heat of the day.

The box felt light and silky and she could feel the ache of whatever lay inside as it reached out to her. She purposefully drew the moment out. Wanting to shred the paper immediately upon entering the room, she placed it delicately under her arm as she went through the everyday motions of resetting the alarm, placing her bag next to the bureau, kicking off her shoes and setting her keys in the tray.

As she walked back to the bedroom, the smirk grew to a kid sized grin.

He watched her throw herself onto the bed. She was such a child sometimes, and it made him beam. She'd landed with the box held out before her and her bare legs splayed gracefully. Her bottom pushed up as she lifted her shoulders and a familiar tingle teased in his groin as he admired the view.

The brown wrapper torn aside and the gift paper revealed, she was toying with the ribbon the way she loved to finger his member in those in between times. He could almost feel her digits tickling along the base of his semi -- soft rod as it tries to rest before its next call to duty. He was subconsciously expecting her lips to take the curl of ribbon between them when she pulled on it instead.

As he watched, his hard-on jutting, her ass rose and fell with her movements. Her calves flared and his thoughts throbbed as her dress rode up and smoothed back down. She read the card with the little poem and fingered it idly, thrilling him with the delicacy of the movement.

The lid flipped back and paper rustled. He knew when she saw it by the intake of breath. Her legs drew up, her bottom raised, then slowly back down as though tempting him intentionally. As she jumped up from the bed, he had to draw back into the shadows or risk her seeing him. Too bad. He missed the way she viewed herself in the mirror, holding the gown up in front.

She loved lingerie and it was always such a delight for him to see her in it and with it. He loved undressing her and finding a new bra or panties. Or to be surprised with a new nightie or bustiere. He loved the stockings and garters and just the thought of her wearing her new gown was making his cock jump and twitch.

As she jumped off the bed, he drew back further into the shadow of the closet.

She went first to the mirror and held the gown up to show her how it would look flattering the fullness of her breasts. It was perfect. The coral silk flowed over her shoulders and she saw where the tie would just hold it in place around her graceful neck. She modeled side to side, thinking how the color set her off so nice. Her nipples hardened as she thought how he might be using it.

She wondered when he might be home and how she might give him that extra thrill as she wandered into the bathroom and ran the taps. The first thing she would do is take a bath. She held onto the gown as she began to undress, still considering how she might give him something extra. In just her bra and panties, she suddenly walked back out to gather some wine.

It was nearly a laugh of joy that took her as she made the hallway and reined in a bolt. She wanted to run the length of the house and back with the wine, but made herself take it as slowly as she could. It was when she'd burst out of the bathroom that she'd seen the movement in the closet doorway. What a great way to tease him! Turn the tables for once and make him ache for her. She wanted to skip and whoop, but held back to take better care plotting.

"Oh, the possibilities!" She thought to herself as the wine came free of the cupboard and the corkscrew found its way into her fumbling fingers through the utensils scattered in the drawer. She jumped into the other bathroom on the way back and made sure her hair and face were the way she wanted them.

As she re entered the bedroom, she worked hard to compose a serious face.

It had taken her awhile to return. He was getting worried that she had seen him. She'd come out of the bathroom so quickly the last time, it was all he could do to get back from the doorway. While she was out of the room, he took the opportunity to arrange the closet doors to his best viewing advantage.

He still had the picture of her on the bed in the forefront of his mind. The way her round little bottom pushed up when her feet splayed apart as her torso raised with the delight of her surprise. He loved taking her just like that. His hands grabbing handfuls of her ass globes and kneading them as he pulled them up and away from each other to shove his cock into her dripping hole. He loved the way her juices flooded the base of his rod and soaked his balls.

His pole stood out solidly in front and his hand naturally gravitated to it, his fingers wrapping around and stroking it absent mindedly. He watched her back into the room carrying a bottle and two glasses. As she set the bottle on the bureau, she stroked the neck, wrapping her fingers lightly and deliberately pushing them down until the slope pushed them too far apart. As she pulled them back up, he nearly groaned aloud, his fingers emulating hers.

Her hand stroked up and down the bottle. Languorously fingering the opening before sliding down and grasping the glass firmly on the way back up. His hand naturally fell into the same rhythm and he only just held the groans in. She leaned forward, then and let her breasts fall around the bottle, engulfing it in a way so familiar to him that it took very little imagination to feel.

He couldn't have picked a better spot to watch from.

She had unhooked her bra and as she straightened, she let it fall away and down to the floor. She could see him in the mirror now that she knew where to look and half closed her eyes so he wouldn't see her staring. His hand was wrapped around his length as it stuck out of the deep shadows and she felt the smoothness of the glass in her own hand. It was an easy thing to imagine his penis in her fingers, sliding over her palm, smooth and silky as the stretched skin would feel.

As she watched him, her hands moved up onto her breasts and gave a light squeeze that took her breath. She fingered the nipples, circling the aureolas with fingertips and lightly pinching the puckering flesh. She marveled at the way it felt between the pads of her digits, smooth yet firm and ridged. As she toyed with them and the nipples strained at the end of their stretch, she saw him moisten his hand and pump his staff. She emulated him with her fingertips, stroking and tugging at the erect flesh. She could almost feel herself building toward an explosion and imagined he must be moving that way himself.

When she stopped suddenly, her pussy flared with feeling and she groaned. It wanted some of that! Wanted it now and wanted it bad! She squeezed her boobs together again and as she groaned, raising her eyelids to halfway, she saw him slow his strokes. It was almost hypnotic watching his hand push up toward the purpling head and then back down toward his swaying balls, leaving the part shoving out at her red and dusky. She imagined her lips on it and her tongue bathing it.

As her hands moved down her sides, smoothing the skin, she imagined tasting his pre cum, teasing it out the slit with the tip of her tongue. Tickling at it and swathing the shaft. Her fingers separated the delicate wings and slipped inside making her groan. She wasn't going to be able to hold back and she pulled back, straightened up and stepped into the bathroom to put on her new gown.

As she walked off, he couldn't hold the groan back. His knees were shaking and he had been so close to orgasm he had felt his balls drawing up and ready to spurt. He had watched her fingers slide up inside her and that had put him all but over the edge. He had to lean his forehead against the doorjamb to help steady himself.

She walked back dressed in her new gown. The tie around her graceful neck set the coloring of her blush off so well, he was thrilled at how perfectly the hues matched. By now, she was flushed over her entire neck and up onto her face, across the tops of her breasts and he could only imagine the red tinges lingering around the globes and toward the bottoms were he to bury his face between them and lick and suck his way up onto the top. His cock was jolting on its own as he reached down and cupped his balls.

She spread herself across the bed where he would be able to see her open legs and her hands moving between. She plumped a pillow behind her head so she would be able to watch him and hiked the gown up around her ass cheeks. She dipped a finger into her moist pool and slid a padded nail over her shuddering clit. As she made circles, she could feel the slippery stiffness trying to escape her touch and it made her shiver inside.

Through her half closed lids she saw his hand pick up the rhythm. It stopped and he moistened the palm with his tongue, working it around the shaft until it glistened and reminded her how it looked when she pulled back from sucking it all the way in her throat. She pulled her pussy lips apart and showed him her grasping hole. She could feel it pulsing and trying to take him inside as her fingers slid up onto her clit again and rolled it over her nerves. She gasped from the spasms.

The air became thick and moist, her breathing ragged as her fingers tugged and teased in time with his hand. He was pumping and pulling at his engorged member when she could take no more. The tie at her neck had been loose and in the thrashing, it came undone. As she flipped over, her tits flopped out in front and she all but slid off the bed to the closet, forcing the doors aside and open. She grabbed his pole and stuffed it in her mouth, one, two, three great thrusts and a geyser erupted over her lips. She was sucking and swallowing as he moaned and made gruff animal mating noises, her fingers found his balls as they pumped and squeezed. When he collapsed, she held his ass to keep his dick in her mouth and kept him standing by suction alone.

He lifted her, kissed her and led her to the bed where they could finish the night.

She wondered idly, before drifting off when she might expect another package. She thought it might be another rough week at work coming up and she might need something to keep her renewed.

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