It was at this moment that he realized the redhead was staring at him, as if sizing him up. "Your friend is fine," she said suddenly. "He drank too much and passed out on his bed. He's a nice guy; it would've been fun."

He heard the implication in her voice; the subtext was clear as a cloudless day. This was obviously not a woman checked by inhibitions, nor a woman who was used to being stranded by her sexual partners. She was hot, she was horny, and she was settled on her course of action. The only question left, it seemed, was how Kaylee would respond.

"Roll over, sweetie," the dark redhead said, her voice changing from the strong tones of her arrival to the sensual tones of a woman on the verge of love-making. "Let me have a look at you."

And when Kaylee moved, rolling from her place upon him to her back on the mattress beside, his cock slipping from her noiselessly but pleasurably, the answer to that last question was answered, and favorably, as these two young woman were clearly not new to one another.

The well-fucked blonde sighed and spread her legs, and the redhead crawled onto the bed and settled between them. Lauren ran her hand over Kaylee's stomach, moving upward towards the pair of exquisite breasts above it. Her fingers walked up the slope of the blonde girl's left breast, depressing the flesh with her fingertips, then catching the nipple between them. She squeezed and tugged ever-so-gently, rolling the shriveled point around her palm, kneading the whole of the breast with more force.

"I'm going to taste you now," Lauren said, and her fingers walked back the way they had come, down across the abdomen with measured movements.

She tilted forward then, dipping her head to meet the flesh of her blonde friend just above the belly button, flicking her tongue with feathered strokes as she kissed and sucked gently upon the stomach, swirling her tongue around the belly button.

Kaylee squealed sharply with surprise, then giggled. "He came inside me," she whispered.

Lauren lifted her head and grinned. "Yummy," she said.

It would not be his first experience with multiple girls, but it would be his first since college, and for this reason foremost among others that Todd was not about to miss one second of what was taking place before him: the gorgeous redhead on her hands and knees, her shapely rump upturned in the air as she prepared to feast upon the pussy of the blonde, soaked with his own cum.

Lauren moved her tongue lower and traced the tip along the pattern of strawberry-blonde curls, her hands is constant motion now as she caressed her friend's thigh, helping urge her legs even further apart. Slowly and with excruciating deliberateness, the redhead buried her moist limps in the willowy blonde's pussy and probed the opening with her tongue, teasing her ferociously as Kaylee squirmed and writhed about beneath her.

She lapped at the pink folds before her with long languorous swipes of her tongue; Kaylee grunted and wiggled her hips, frustrated and desperately trying to get her friend to munch her faster. Her wish was granted: Lauren very suddenly roared forth, lashing her tongue across the silken opening.

Todd wondered just what the redhead thought of the taste of his cum, which was swirling around Kaylee's insides and likely making much of its way into Lauren's mouth, and as the thought struck he felt his cock twitching again, regaining its life. He took hold of it, stroking it to fullness as he watched the pornographic scene unfold before him, the blonde flat on her back being suckled by the redhead, the former writhing in pleasure and squeezing and tugging at her own breasts, the latter down on all fours with her round ass lewdly upturned and waggling about.

He watched as a glob of white cream oozed from Kaylee's pretty pink pussy and into the redhead's waiting mouth; the sight was undeniably nasty and extraordinarily erotic. Lauren closed her lips over the gaping hole of the blonde's vagina and slurped loudly, sucking up every last ounce of his juice. She pulled away suddenly and looked at him, grinning, and her small pink tongue rolled out of her mouth, vulgarly displaying another big glob of sperm she had extracted. She giggled and swallowed the load, and then went back to licking and sucking away.

Although many men would be either paralyzed with uncertainty or contented with voyeurism when faced with two beautiful women in such a situation, Todd Coulter was not such a man; a wicked grin of his own spread over his face as he considered ways to tame the smoldering green-eyed strumpet who'd invaded his bed.

He slid off the mattress and crept around the edge of the bed, pumping his cock with his hand as he went, and moved in behind the dark redhead, who was so involved in her cunnilingus that she did not notice him there until he placed his strong hands on the supple cheeks of her bottom. He clutched her shapely rump with both hands and gave it a rough sort of squeeze, digging his fingertips into her flesh to jiggle the firm round globes.

Lauren's head whipped around, red locks flying, and those brilliant green eyes locked on his, flashing angrily for a long moment before a vulgar grin split her face and she dove back into Kaylee's delectable muff. She moaned loudly and deeply, and long as he spread her cheeks with his hands and brought the mushroom head of his swollen cock up to press against her rubbery pink lips, pursed and eager.

Todd had a wonderful view of Kaylee, too, from his position behind Lauren. Her eyes were shut and her head lolled back, and her upper body trembled in a delightful way that jiggled her breasts just enough to arouse him further, as if he needed any extra encouragement. Her eyes fluttered open and she saw him looking, and the smile she granted him was positively radiant.

"Fuck her good," Kaylee told him, blue eyes sparkling.

He grinned. "Yes, ma'am, " he said as he nudged his purple cockhead into the redhead's blazing hot pussy, and a grunt followed swift on the heels of his words as her labia clamped down around it like a vice.

"Mmmmpphhhhh," Lauren moaned, the words unintelligibly muffled by Kaylee's nether regions.

Todd pushed himself further and further into the buxom redheaded vixen until finally the entire length of his cock was embedded deep within her womb, his balls stuffed hard up against her ass.

"Ahhhhh," she sighed, momentarily losing all focus she might have had on her own ministrations.

"Hard," Kaylee reminded him in that moment of pause, before her eyes fluttered shut again as her friend resumed her licking.

The words of the blonde were like kerosene on the fire of Todd's loins; he took hold of Lauren by the ass once more and began slamming into her at breakneck speed. In and out, in and out, he drove his rigid throbbing shaft again and again into her velvety sheath, pummeling her.

While she did not begin as such what with a pussy shoved in her face, not surprisingly Lauren soon proved herself an incredibly vocal sexual partner; her muffled sound of passion increased as he steadily thrust himself in-and-out of her saturated depths, gripping her ass with both hands. With each stroke the pounding he gave her, however, grew a little harder and a little faster than the one prior to it, and he grew more brazen. His right hand lashed out and wrapped itself in locks of her dark red hair, and yanked her head back and off Kaylee's pussy.

The blonde shrieked, her clitoris was no longer suckled, while Lauren growled as her back arched roughly and her head whipped back. She twisted her body, grinding her ass back on the cock currently impaling it, and shot a vicious glance back over her shoulder, green eyes like daggers.


Todd obliged, releasing his hold on her hair and resuming his doggie-style fucking of the redheaded strumpet with more force than he had even previously bestowed, hammering into her cunt as hard as he believed was humanly possible; if it were possible, he knew, he would be splitting her in two.

The woman screamed like a lust-wracked banshee, but still she buried her head back between the luscious legs of her blonde friend, lapping away and even adding a pair of fingers to the mix, stuffing them inside to the second knuckle.

Kaylee shrieked and clasped her thighs around Lauren's head, and Todd watched as the blonde's face ran the gamut of emotion as powerful contractions battered her body. He knew what was happening from his own personal experience with her; climax was striking her, and striking her fiercely. Her body writhed and quaked as she began to scream, tears of utter and extreme satisfaction filling her bright blue eyes, before those beautiful pools rolled back into her head and fluttered shut.

Lauren was simply amazing, it seemed; even as Todd continued to pummel the sweet-holy-fuck out of her, she managed to maintain her tongue-to-pussy worship, and maintain it well. She kept slurping away even after Kaylee's climax subsided.

Todd realized she required something special to finish her off. He spat down into the crevice between the cheeks of Lauren's bottom, the saliva trickling heavily over the compressed plot of the young woman's anus. He clutched her quivering hips with his left hand and fucked her from behind with every brutal ounce of his being, her flesh rippling lewdly as he threw the whole of his strength into it, but his thoughts were now centered upon what his right hand was doing.

It slipped down into the crack of her ass and took up its special position, and without warning of any kind, Todd popped the pointer finger to the hilt inside her back door.

She froze instantly, and the sound that emerged then from the depths of the young woman's throat in the subsequent moment was unlike any Todd had ever heard before. It was equal parts grunt, groan, moan, and scream, moving easily from one to the next, unending, unbroken.

Orgasm had come to the redhead named Lauren, and it had come ferociously.

Which proved the end of Todd, as well.

He growled wildly as he jammed his cock deep into the girl one last time before it simply exploded, and when it exploded, so too did she; her body quaked violently and did not stop, each limb twitching seemingly in its own direction.

"FFFUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!" Lauren screamed delightedly as his steaming cum flooded her insides, splashing across and over the walls of her inner sanctum. "OHHH MMYYYY FFFFUUCCCKKKKIINNGG GGGGGOOOOOOOODDDDDD!"

Todd growled again as he pumped glob after glob of heavy sperm into the redhead, and never did he pull his cock from her pussy or his finger from her ass. To his utter astonishment and almost painful pleasure his own orgasm lasted for nearly ten seconds before the last of his seed was emptied within her, although unsurprisingly again hers was still going. He leaned forward, his chest pressed into her back, and embraced her tightly as she continued her climax, and the fingers of his left hand slipped around her waist to knead the firm flesh of her breasts, even as his twisted the finger still deep in her bowels.

Her ass waggled as she screamed incessantly as she scaled the heights, limbs convulsing, until her violent tremors began to recede what seemed like an eternity later. She collapsed in a heap on the floor, taking him with her as she went, her face still stowed in the dripping port between Kaylee's widespread thighs.

Todd slipped his shrinking cock from the sweetness of her cunt and the finger from the depths of her butt, and rolled to settle once more on his back on the bed. The sound of labored breathing was all that could be heard as the three tried to catching their collective breaths after such an experience.

"Let's sleep together," Kaylee suggested, her exhaustion evident in her voice even as a dazzling smile played over her face.

The girls snuggled closer and positioned themselves around him, a tangle of warm flesh and limbs. Todd lay in the middle, Kaylee's voluptuous body pressed tightly to one side, Lauren's warm nude form on the other. Two lovely female heads rested on his chest, his neck a swirled pool of strawberry-blonde and dark red hair. He could feel the mounds of their breasts against him, and the heat still emanating from their nether regions where their legs were draped over his.

It was a sublimely sensual position in which to have found himself, he thought.

"Thank you," the voice of Kaylee whispered into the darkness, and the words were so soft and so genuine that Todd could not help but be moved. It was clear she was speaking about more than just sex.

"The pleasure was all mine," he told her, squeezing her tenderly.

Lauren laughed. "Not true, stud," she disagreed.

Kaylee and Todd laughed in unison, and the three young people cuddled closer together. Spent and exhausted, they drifted off to sleep.

* * *

His headache was exceptional, but somewhat more discomforting was the haziness of his memory regarding the previous night, as if a cloud had descended and enveloped his mind. He remembered drinking heavily at the first couple of bars, and then meeting a beautiful woman with dark red hair at the third, and that is where his mind began to go blank.

Which was terrible, really, as the girl had seemed very into him.

He took a long shower when he woke up, to cleanse himself of that uncomfortable morning-after feeling as much as possible; sleeping in your clothes while sprawled across the top of your bed only exacerbated that feeling, which is why he took his time beneath the warmth, soothing spray.

Breakfast consisted of a bowl of Cheerios and a yogurt, simple foods to help quell his lingering queasiness. It was going to be a slow day, he figured, as he recovered from the night out.

He was on the couch watching pro hockey when the door to Todd's room opened and two women emerged, one a beautiful blonde, the other a gorgeous dark redhead, both freshly showered and dressed down in loose-fitting sweats that did not belong to them, and both familiar. The women were clutching a bundle of clothes, their own arms linked, smiling and giggling, and as they came into the living room and noticed him staring, a fresh round of giggles ensued; he picked his jaw up off the floor and closed his mouth.

"Hi, Ethan," the redhead cooed as the girls sauntered past.

"Bye, Ethan!" the blonde chirped as the front door swung shut behind them.

It was just after the door closed, before Ethan had time to consider what exactly had just happened, when he heard movement behind him again and turned his head to find Todd trudging wearily from his bedroom, also dressed in sweats.

He sighed heavily as he fell onto the other couch. "Who's playing?" he asked.

"Oilers-Maple Leafs," Ethan responded automatically, then added, softly, reverently, "How do you do it, man? Seriously, how do you do it?"

Todd shrugged. "Kaylee, the blonde, was ready to go from the beginning," he said, "but Lauren, the redhead, only joined after you passed out." He grinned. "So, thanks!"

Ethan picked his jaw up a second time. "Shit," he muttered.

"She's a wild one, that girl," Todd said with another sigh. "Kaylee was a sweetheart, though. I hope she dumps the prick she's dating."

"Why, you interested?"

Todd thought for a long moment. "She's a sweet girl, yes, and beautiful, but I don't think I'd be right for her. She needs a guy who will cherish her completely, treat her like a princess, all that jazz, and I don't think I'd be capable of giving her everything she deserved."

Ethan scoffed. "What do you mean, dude? You're like the most chivalrous guy I know. Everyone knows when you date a girl, that's exactly how you treat her." He chuckled. "You just don't date girls for longer than a couple of months."

"I never want to lead a girl on," Todd stated emphatically.

"But you've dated so many girls," Ethan pressed. "All beautiful, and most of them sweet. What could you possibly be looking for that you haven't already found?"

There was a long moment of silence as Todd considered the question, and there was a moment where Ethan actually thought he might get a straight answer. His roommate tended to keep his emotions guarded, his feelings hidden; perhaps it was one reason he could not find the right woman. The moment passed, however, and the familiar stone face returned once more.

"I don't know," Todd replied quietly, but it was clear he was holding something back.

Ethan shrugged. "Well, at least you can look forward to more women tomorrow night," he said with a smile that rolled into a grimacing frown. "I'll be in Socorro, New Mexico, by the way, so just go ahead and shoot me now."

Todd grinned. "Bummer," he said.

"Bummer, indeed," Ethan agreed.

Todd rose to his feet. "I've got to get ready. I'm meeting my mom for lunch before work today. Have a good trip, bro."

"Have a good time tomorrow night," Ethan said with a sigh. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Todd chuckled. "You mean like pass out?" he called, and ducked into his bedroom just in time to avoid the couch pillow that went whizzing past.

Ethan sighed; his aim never had been very good.

* * *

He was passing the newsstand outside the restaurant when he saw her on the cover of Glamour. She turned up every so often in magazines, always when he was least expecting it, but never before had she managed to make her way onto a cover. She looked, as always, gorgeous.

He stopped, plucked the magazine from the rack, paid the vendor, and slipped it into his bag as neatly and carefully as he could. He would probably frame it later, when he got home; it's not every day an old friend graces the cover of a major fashion magazine.

As he walked into the restaurant he considered the irony of seeing the magazine so soon after having such a serious conversation about his love life, one that skirted closer to the truth than ever before. Perhaps, he thought, the magazine was a sign; perhaps it was merely coincidence.


Part 02: Three Tides

The pre-party was in full swing when Todd arrived, four guys in silly costumes getting sauced on vodka shots and Jägerbombs. Dwayne answered the door, grinning stupidly like the cat that got the cream. He was dressed in the red and blue tights of Superman, cape included, the first of their merry little band of superheroes.

"'Bout time, my brother," the excitable man gibed as the two slapped five. "You ready to get your drink on? Lots of pussy be out there to-night!"

Todd chuckled. "If you say so, bro," he said. "Nice cape."

Dwayne puffed out his chest. "Don't you fuck with Superman, son," he warned, "or Superman'll bust you up!"

"You'd have to catch me first," Todd noted with a grin.

"Funny man," Dwayne said. "No one told me you were so funny. Enough jokes, funny man. Get your ass back to the bar and get yourself liquored up!"

It was funny, of course, because of what Todd was wearing: dressed in yellow boots, a yellow belt, a bright red eye-mask, and covered from neck to ankle in a red spandex bodysuit with a lightning bolt across his chest, Todd was the spitting image of the iconic comic book character known as the Flash.

He rolled up to the bar and poured himself a vodka-based concoction, and sucked down half the glass before turning to face the room again. Just in time, nicely enough, to watch another pair of superheroes enter from the back rooms: Terrance Hawk, blonde-haired and blue-eyed, and Mike Gregory, tall and handsome with deep gray eyes to nearly match Todd's own. Both men were mid-twenties and friends of Dwayne through soccer, and Todd had hung out with them on many occasions before. He was glad to see Mike, whom he had not seen in some time; the man had been going through a rough patch after his long-term relationship ended.

"Nice," Todd said approvingly as they approached: Terrance was dressed as Green Lantern, Mike as Spiderman. Neither was wearing their masks yet, but both costumes looked pretty good.

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