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She has been naughty.

The details of her misbehavior still discomfit me and I will not share them here.

Suffice it to say her transgression covered both disobedience and disrespect.

I could forgive either, with sufficient recompense, but not the combination.

She must be punished.

She knows this and she trembles now, kneeling over our bed.

She is a pretty thing, her blond hair shaking over her shoulders, the gray office jacket fitting her feminine form perfectly, emphasizing the soft curves of her bottom from the rear.

Oh yes, the matching skirt lays folded carefully over its' hanger in her closet, where I watched her place it at my direction.

I cut the slip off of her and threw it somewhere.

It was her favorite.

The very, very expensive heels are still on her feet, just as I ordered.

I gave her that gift in recompense for a special pleasure she provided me for my birthday. Her oral skills are superb and she pleased me just as instructed.


Now, however, it is time for negative reinforcement.

I stand behind her in my best heels and a pair of silken stockings I purchased for this occasion, only. They will be discarded when this night is finished.

I wear nothing else.

I let her gaze fall over me at length as she undressed. She notes my expression, my resolve. Her eyes drop to my breasts and linger, remembering the pleasure she has taken there.

Not tonight.

She moves to kneel, to kiss my pussy but I stop her with my left hand and turn her toward the bed.

She knows better than to think I will let her trade sexual favors by way of apology.

I am nude that she is reminded of the pleasure she takes in me and by reference, that I take in her.

Our sexes are bare in honor of the seriousness of the occasion. Hers is shaven to show that all of her belongs to me.

I did this thing to her earlier tonight.

She let me.

Mine is full grown, a badge of authority to which she submits.

This session will be difficult for both of us, but it is meant to bind us, not separate us.

It will hurt her more than me.

I tap the switch in my hand and her twitching increases in frequency and magnitude.

"Arch your back that your bottom presents itself for punishment."

She complies, that beautiful ass shining in the candlelight, straining to please me. I resist the urge to caress her, to circle her cheeks, find the center...

I switch her a mild touch and she cries in pain.

"I am not angry at what you did..."

"I'm so sorry, please, forgive me, please don't hit me more," her fear and hurt quite real, now.

She is past humiliation.

"Don't interrupt me again!"

She whimpers in response. Good.

"I am angry that you left me only this response to your misbehavior."

Another whimper, but she nods her assent.

I'm glad I can't see her face.

She arches her bottom upward, again.

I could almost forgive her, now, but this must be finished, first.

I strike her thrice more. I'm careful to make red marks, no more.

Each time she presents her bottom to me, again.

She's crying, but in control. I am in control, as well.

She'll sit carefully for a bit, but there will be no permanent marks.

"You are to attend me as my servant girl until I release you. Respond 'Yes, ma'am'".

"Yes, ma'am."

"You may rise, turn, and look at my feet."

She gets up, gingerly, stands straight and turns, careful of her posture. Her face remains bowed. She places her hands behind her in submission.

"Now look at my eyes, dammit!"

She looks up and we both burst into tears. I hold my arms out and she falls into them and we hold each other.

My lips find her neck, which I nip, hard. Then, I kiss her cheeks, and finally her lips.

The kiss goes on a bit until I break away. She bows her head, again.

She starts to speak and I touch her lips with my forefinger.

"We will not speak of this thing."

She nods her intent to comply.

"Now, go get the ointment and let me dress your bottom. After, you may begin your service."

She looks up at me, questioning.

"Make my breakfast in the morning and your service is over. For now."

She smiles and I have to stop her speaking again.

"Until then, I want your lips on every...square...inch...of me. All...night...long."

"I'll have to be on top."

"That was my plan."

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