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Relationship Evolution


It wasn't that many years ago that the puritanical definition of sex was so elemental as to be simply courtship. Kissing was a sexual act in and of itself. As tendencies returned to a slightly more monogamous series of relationships along came a re-definition of sex. It now came to mean vaginal intercourse, exclusively. This arose from a single individual as an entire society became 'Clinton-ised' regarding sex. This public acknowledgement that sex is exclusively intercourse allowed women to be free, but within limitations, case in point, Corey.

Corey is a tall, slim attractive young man with a healthy libido and he dated frequently in high school when, in his senior year he latched onto an equally attractive woman, a year younger than he. As with all relationships it progressed through the flirtation stage to hanging out and on to Corey and Nancy going steady, the ageless routine of courtship. Corey went off to college and the next spring, after returning home he celebrated her eighteenth birthday and graduation on the same weekend.

Corey's sexual experiences were within normal developmental parameters, perhaps even a bit more advanced for he had managed to get laid once during his junior year but not to a girl he had any strong emotional attachments and he broke that off right after getting some. But, Corey holds a deep abiding respect for women, is more sensitive than most guys his age and would never force himself on a girl, instead using persistence and tenacity to wear down resistance to his advances.

Nancy is a naturally sexual being which creates confusion within her. She knows she likes sex, the physical contact with a man, the loving caresses and intimacy is totally rewarding for her. She also, thoroughly enjoys having an orgasm and hers are intense. She reaches new heights of physical awareness at the moment of climax and has been an artistic masturbator since she was twelve. Actually it was even before that when she would sit on various objects, rock back and forth, not understanding the sensation but knowingly pursuing the enjoyment it provided. On more than one occasion she was reprimanded by her mother about her public display, being told to 'take it to your room'. This, of course, reinforced that it was indeed permissible to pursue such enjoyment however it was a secretive endeavor and henceforth she did practice it whenever in private, although not exclusively in her room.

By the time she and Corey had been dating a year and she was getting ready for her turn at college, she was more than proficient at attaining an orgasm and even went as far as to time her various exploits to see which method worked best. Nancy was intelligent and nearly clinical in her approach to self fulfillment, although it would never replace the feelings she had when she was with a guy. Early in her relationship with Corey, these two intelligent individuals discussed sex. The talk was, of course, initiated by Nancy and she quizzed Corey as to his expectations and needs and in his usual, non-threatening manner, he conceded that he wanted only as much as she wanted and was willing to accept any reasonable limitations placed on their contact as she would require. It was decided that they would proceed cautiously but would always stop before intercourse. This was a very rigid line of demarcation which Corey would respect, perhaps too much.

Even though they had been dating over a year they spent months kissing and groping Corey would investigate her wonderfully smooth soft and supple mounds of skin and tissue and Nancy would nearly cum from his manipulations. After those dates they would both go home and soak their respective sheets with intense self gratification.

Corey stayed the gentleman; grabbing and massaging her breasts but she wanted more although she didn't want to appear to be too wanton. Finally, after celebrating her eighteenth birthday during a nice dinner at a decent restaurant, Nancy suggested that they head to her house as her parents were out late. It wasn't unusual that they spent time at Nancy's house; however, this would be the first for true 'alone' time. They entered and repaired to the living room, flicked on the television and curled up in the tight little corner of the couch. The blue light flickered from the television across the dark room and Nancy ripped off her top and bra without introduction. Previously Corey always had to work around a bunched up batch of clothing wedged under her arms and pushed up to her chin. The additional freedom of access was inviting and very welcome. Nancy loved the way his mouth worked on her hard nipples, gentle as always yet, in this environment more aggressive, more insistent. Nancy achieved a first this night and had an orgasm through his manipulation of her tits. It wasn't a mind boggling, earth shaking orgasm but it was clearly a climax.

At first he thought he had done something wrong in the way she shuttered then she firmly drew him up for a tight embrace. When she did his stiff member lodged firmly in the crevice of her folds and they dry humped for a couple of minutes as she attempted to get him to hit just the right spot but the constriction of clothing created too much of a barrier so she gently pushed him off and he laid back as she became the dominate one for the first time.

She slid her hands up and down his chest and stomach and hips and thighs, right down to his knees then traversed the same territory in the opposite direction. She repeated this several times and as she did so her hands stayed closer to the midline of his body on each pass until they finally brushed against his manhood. He started, she had never touched him before but it felt like and looked like she might actually go where her hands had never gone before.

Sure enough, after a dozen passes of soothing gently massage she finally landed directly on his hard dick and stopped, fingering the layers of cloth, gently outlining the extent of his erection, softly cupping his sack, not really being able to feel anything of substance, only denim and metallic zippers and cotton underwear. Corey closed his eyes as he envisioned her doing all sorts of other things to him as she continued to investigate when he realized she was unbuckling his belt, he felt the button popping and heard the soft release of the zipper as the constriction on his cock was relieved.

Nancy worked out the tip of his dick, noticing the slight bluing and the veins around the head. She wasn't trying to be clinical but this was the first time she ever inspected a fully erect man and she wanted to omit no detail which she could later use while diddling herself, alone in her room. She stretched the band of his briefs to their limit, exposing only half of his hardness.

Corey was afraid to move, afraid she would take the slightest motion as a caution sign and stop what she was doing and he didn't want to take the chance. However, finally she was insistent enough that he raised his hips and so she could lower his pants and he could finally get the full attention he needed. Her movement was tentative to say the least but a firm and consistent downward pressure on his shorts was enough to convey the message that she finally wanted his pants off. They only got to his knees.

Nancy was topless, her smooth white skin glimmered in the dim light of the television and her brown hair cascaded down, just off her shoulders. She knelt between his legs, one of which was off the couch and on the floor. He couldn't get much spacing because of the constriction of the jeans but it was enough. She was head high to his crotch and gently grasped his firm member, feeling the contrast of hardness and the incredible soft outer skin. Her face was inches from his tip and she used both hands, stroking inexpertly, rubbing her thumbs along the soft underside without clasping it. Her left hand reached down and lifted his sack, measuring the weight of its contents, separating the two globes within, moving them around. It wasn't what she was expecting at all.

Corey was going crazy with desire and need. She wanted to do it he knew, but he realized she didn't have the knowledge of how to. He reached his hand down and took a gentle grasp of her right hand, slowly he manipulated her fingers until they surrounded him completely then he applied some additional pressure to reinforce that she needed to take things firmly in hand. She was a quick learner. She finally had a grasp and moved painfully slowly, too slowly to do any good before he, once again, became the instructor and quickened her pace. Two minutes later she was well conversant in the manly art.

Nancy curiously watched as he led her in the ritual she had already decided she was going to perform. It sure as hell took him long enough to realize she needed some instruction. But once coached she swiftly became proficient. Her left hand continued to massage his balls while her right did all the work. To her amazement his dick grew even longer and harder as a smile crossed her face wondering if that thing would really fit inside her when time came. But, speaking of cumming she saw the tip of his cock turn even bluer, the light coating of fluid which had previously oozed from the little hole was now a significant covering and she wondered if he had actually cum. It glistened in the pale light and she stroked steadily.

It was just a couple of minutes before she realized his hips were moving in opposition to her stroking. The action forced her hand hard against the base of his dick, stretching the outer skin until it looked like it would tear. She glanced up and saw his eyes were closed, a slight grimace spread across his face but he looked like he was enjoying it.

Corey reached down and took a small handful of hair, twisting and twiddling it around, enjoying the softness and her touch. He gently put his hand on the back of her head, exerting a gentle downward force, trying to guide her face even closer.

Nancy felt him caress her hair then she felt him gently push down on her head and she started to comply then realized what he had in mind but it was not what she had in mind so she resisted and instantly his efforts to guide her stopped. She smiled, realizing that he would not do something she didn't want to do and he respected her. That made this worth the effort and her tiring hand and arm found renewed strength. She saw him suddenly stop his hip movement at the height of a stroke and wondered if she should stop but decided she wouldn't. It was a good thing too, for after several more strokes she was rewarded as copious amounts of white gooey stuff shot from the tip and landed on his clean white tee shirt. She grabbed the shirt and pushed it up, exposing his smooth and hairless stomach when another load spurt from his dick and landed at his navel.

Nancy was amazed at the amount of ejaculate he produced, four or five big shots, each landing successively closer to her hand until the final one oozed out and coated her fingers. Her pumping slowed a bit and she felt him grow softer almost instantly. She continued to pump until he reached down and rested his hand on her wrist signaling he was done. She stared at the stuff, inhaling the masculine aroma, the unusual smell which she was sure she would never forget. There was a glob on the tip which seemed to be glued there and she leaned over and licked it off his dick. It was a salty, sweet taste and she instantly decided it was a flavor she liked.

They were in the period of "what do we do next" when the question was answered as the sound of the garage door opener hummed to life, announcing that her parents were home. "Shit," she said aloud as she scurried to find her bra and top, settling for just the top, hoping the bra was well hidden somewhere. Corey was zipping and straightening when the older folks walked in the door and flipped on the light. They looked over and saw the kids on the sofa, watching a re-run of 'Bill O'Reilly', each casually at opposite ends of the sofa, her leg lying on his and he was giving her a foot rub.

Nancy's mother surveyed the scene and a smile crossed her face. There were a couple of really good kids, rather than being out drinking or drugging like she knew their friends were, here they were watching some intellectually stimulating political show and he was giving her a foot rub. "If only I had found a man like that," she thought to herself.

After asking about their evening and congratulating Nancy on her birthday and she turned to him and added, "Corey dear, I think you spilled something on your tee shirt," pointing to the blob on the middle of the white expanse of cotton. He and Nancy glanced at the spot, immediately knew what it was and she turned so many shades of red she could have been a buoy on the ocean. The adults excused themselves and headed to the opposite side of the house and their bedroom.

Nancy was mortified but Corey thought it was funny and eventually got her to see the lighter side. After all, her mother might have come over and tried to clean it off, she was that type of person. He said goodnight, slipped out the door and headed home, for once relieved before climbing into bed. His chest and stomach crusty with spilled seed.

Nancy found her bra stuck to the cushion on the back of the sofa, realizing that her mother could clearly see it from where she stood, curious as to what her mother might be thinking. She was surprised that there wasn't a confrontation right there and then. There was a strict family rule about having boys in the house when the parents were not home and this was her first violation. It could have gone nasty quickly but she believed her folks liked Corey and might overlook this transgression. Perhaps.

Nancy went to bed and smelled her fingers, noticing the after aroma of Corey on them as she gave them a little taste. Next time she would take it all she decided and maybe Corey would return the favor. She stripped totally this evening, not putting on the usual long tee shirt feeling languorously naughty spending more time than usual on her tits, tweaking and pinching and trying to mimic the feelings she had when Corey was using them. She decided it was better when he did it and continued down to stroke her own pleasure area believing she had set a record in getting off this evening. She slept a wonderful and contented sleep.

Corey traveled up to the college for a new tour of the dorm rooms and to register for next semesters' classes. He had one more week before he would move his worldly possessions, or those that would fit, into the cramped space he would share with another stranger. He and Nancy had enjoyed no alone time since the big night and he was hoping for a repeat of the event. Each barrier crossed was one less to conquer the next time as he continued to pursue his mission of getting fucked, the mission of all guys. His parents had an out of town fund raising dinner tomorrow and he would be home in time to take advantage of their absence.

It was presumed between them that they would grab some food and hit his house as soon as the opportunity presented itself. His parents left before noon and the two of them spent the afternoon at the beach, romping nearly naked, along with all their friends, dashing into the surf then back to the sand for some sun. Nancy and Corey left the gathering early, claiming they wanted some dinner, and headed to 'T-Bell' for tacos and burritos which they couldn't wolf down fast enough.

Knowing there would be no interruption he thought they should use his bedroom but was hesitant to make such a suggestion. Fortunately, Nancy wasn't so shy and headed directly for his abode once they made it into the house. Her top and shorts were on the floor before he closed the door, her skimpy bathing suit hiding just enough to be arousing. She turned around and grasped his tee shirt at the base and literally flung it off over his head and tossed it on the pile of clothes which seemed to permanently occupy the floor. She grabbed the waist band of his suit, her fingers slithering inside against his skin, the fingertips wavering in the curly scrub of hair hidden behind the fabric and she dragged him towards the bed. She hit the edge of the mattress and flopped back, he flopped on top of her. They dry humped for only a few minutes before he grabbed a tit, working on it over the bikini top. She had no patience for this and pulled the top over her head without prelude then went to work, finding the string of his bathing suit, fumbling with the knot, trying to push them down without untying. Somehow they managed to get the shorts off and it exposed his rock hard member once again. This time the light was on and she was getting a much clearer view of his dick and liking what she saw.

Nancy had decided tonight was going to be about her, and of course Corey too, but she wanted to get off totally this evening and had been waiting a long time while for this opportunity. She slipped off the bed and waved her tits at him as he lay back. Her thumbs slipped into the elastic waist of her bottoms and she drew them down, showing off for her man. He could not contain his smile as she slowly exposed the top of her tuft of hair, then more of the curls, finally the beginnings of her slit as she pried off the tight fitting nylon material.

For the first time she stood in front of Corey totally naked and he relished the sight. The inside of her thighs were waxed, he knew that from seeing her in her skimpy bikini bottoms but he was unprepared to see that she was mostly shaved, except for a gathering of hair at the top of her slit, smooth and glistening and very wet. It wasn't from the sea water they had been swimming in, he was sure of that. She grabbed his hand and led him out the door and to the bathroom in the hall. He said nothing as she ran the water, checked it for temperature and led in him inside.

Nancy soaped his hairless chest, gently massaging the muscles, both front and back. She washed his cock and balls gently and knelt down to do his legs, face level with his dick, which still hadn't moved from full attention. She liked the way it stood, tall and proud and straight and on her way up from washing his feet she stopped and slipped it into her mouth and held it there. Her tongue manipulated slowly around in her mouth, coating his hardness, before slipping off and she allowed it to gently pop out as she ran her nose slowly up his torso to face him once again.

She handed him the soap, silently indicating it was his turn, and turned her back to him. He soaped her shoulders, under her hair, down her arms and along her back. He tried to mimic her soothing motions but felt clumsy and inept, but he tried all the same. When he got to her ass he went around the globes, stopping for a moment to feel the weight of each side, studiously avoiding the center. He bent to do her legs as well, crouched at the level of her ass and he could see the folds of her pussy just on the other side. His back was close to the shower wall and there was little room for maneuvering. As he soaped her ankles she leaned back, her butt right at his face and his head almost against the wall. Nancy went up on tip toes, quickly spreading her legs apart, arching her back so that her ass pointed directly at Corey's face. He tried to stand but there was no room, he tried to retreat but his head was against the wall. He was trapped.

Nancy was hoping Corey would get the message and spend a few minutes with her butt. She really enjoyed the feel of hands and fingers on the roundness of her posterior. He wasn't getting the message. Perhaps she'd have to encourage him and she leaned back, knowing she was trapping him in place, hoping he would do something, almost anything.

The soap left Corey's hands, lying on the shower floor and he slid his fingers up the length of her legs on the inside. When he got to the normal termination place, the place he always stopped before he decided to continue on and slid his hand until it rested against her mound. She writhed at the touch. He inserted his thumb into the slit and the moisture there was totally different than the water cascading down around them. His thumb found the opening it longed for and slowly slid in, she raised and repositioned her hips to more readily accept his offering. A finger found her clit and he gently played with the nub while he thumbed her pussy. She responded like a woman possessed.

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