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Kayci stumbled into her apartment, only vaguely remembering to shut the door behind her. She made her way through the living room, dropping her bookbag somewhere along the way. Exams had been hellish so far, and she was barely functioning as a result.

Using what little willpower she had left, she forced herself into the kitchen to get something to eat. If she sat down, she wasn't sure if she'd ever get up again. Her stomach rumbled loudly, agreeing with her decision.

Three exams in two days! She had been spending so much time studying that she hadn't had enough time to eat or sleep. Hell, she didn't even remember what day it was. The lack of sleep and all the information she was forcing into her brain was really draining on her. There was no way she could function normally any time soon.

And the worst part was, it wasn't even over yet. She still had two more exams to go, but she at least had three days off to study with. She needed to get back to her books. She knew going to college wasn't going to be easy, but damn, it was turning her into a literal zombie.

Zombie Kayci managed to wolf down a sandwich and drink a can of diet coke. The caffeine wasn't going to help her wake up any more, she knew. She had been chugging Starbucks for the past two nights, desperately trying to stay awake and cram in a few more hours of studying.

She managed to make it to her computer desk without passing out on the floor. She slumped back into her oversized computer chair. She needed to sleep, but her mind was still racing a thousand miles a minute. Plato and Socrates were taking up a large part of her brain, with the leftovers cycling through advanced microeconomics. As much as her mind was fried, she knew there was no way she was going to get to sleep any time soon.

So she flipped on her computer and surfed over to one of her favorite websites. A nice relaxation tape is just what she needed right now. She flipped through the selections, trying to find something that would be just right. Something to relax her and just turn her brain off. That's what she needed just now. Just shut her brain down and put her to sleep.

Ohhh, what was this? Sleepymind had a new video up. His videos were always texted based, and though she was looking for an audio, Sleepymind always put her into a very deep sleep. He was the one to go to if you needed a full night of quality rest.

Kayci slipped on her head phones and scooted down in her chair. She made sure she was nice and comfortable before clicking on the video. A slight smile crept onto her mouth as she enlarged the video to fit full screen.

A pleasant sound started reverberating through her headphones. Large words appeared on screen, telling her to get comfortable and relax. Uhhhhh, yeah, that was the whole point. Get comfortable and relax. Her eyes burned from all the reading she had done over the last two days, but she focused as best as she could. If this video worked, she would be relaxed and asleep in bed in just... 25 minutes, according to the length of the video.

A black and white spiral appeared on the screen, swirling around in her vision. Kayci's eyes were too tired and too burnt out to follow the moving spiral. She just let her eyes grow unfocused as she tried to pay attention to the words on the screen. A large "RELAX" gently floated up on the screen, as if it was lazily swimming in the spiral.

Kayci felt the muscles in her shoulders start to loosen up already. Urg, she hadn't realized just how tense she really was. This had been a really, really long week. And she just need to really, really relax...

Kayci's eyes blinked. Did she just read that on the screen, or was that her? Did it really matter? As long as she could just relax and go to sleep. That's all that mattered right now. Just relaxing and going to sleep...

She blinked again several times to clear her eyes. She needed to focus on the video if it was really going to work. But it was so hard. Her eyes were already so heavy, so hurt, so tired. But she was determined to keep them open. Just open enough so she could read the words. Those words were going to help her relax. The words were going to help her sleep.

Ahhh. Kayci sighed. She couldn't wait to sleep. She had only gotten three hours of sleep the last two nights. She just needed to turn her brain off so she could finally get some real sleep. She just needed to relax and turn her brain off. Once her brain was turned off, she could finally sleep. Should couldn't wait to finally drop into a mindless slumber.

But first she needed to focus on the words. It seemed like so many had drifted past already. She couldn't afford to miss anymore, or she might not be able to sleep. She squeezed her eyes together so she could focus on the words.

More words floated up on the screen:










Kayci's legs felt like cement, dangling off her chair, stuck to the floor. A small part of her brain tried to move them, but they were stuck fast. But why was she trying to move them? They felt so warm and so relaxed. She could feel muscles how loose and comfortable her leg muscles had become. At this rate it wouldn't be much longer until she was asleep.

Kayci felt her arms slide down to her sides. There wasn't any need to use them anymore. She only needed her eyes to keep staring at the screen. She didn't need her arms to watch the screen. They were growing too warm anyway. They were so warm and relaxed and useless and relaxed.

There wasn't a point in resisting. It was so much easier to give in and relax. That's all she wanted. She needed to relax. Just relaxing deeper and deeper.

Kayci's shoulders started to grow warm, the warmth moving up from her arms to smooth out her shoulders. A soft moan escaped her lips as the tense muscles in her shoulder immediately began to unknot. By focusing what little was left of her mind, Kayci could feel all that tension slowly drain away. It felt so amazing.

It was like she was getting a professional massage. All those weary muscles in her shoulders were unwinding. The heat was slowly easing all the pressure from her body. And the longer it lasted, the more relaxed her shoulder felt. She sunk deeper into her comfy chair as that warmth massaged away all her stress.

The more she watched the screen, the warmer her skin grew. And the warmer her body became, the more relaxed she felt. And the more obedient she became. She needed to obey the words. The words were going to put her to sleep. And she needed to sleep, so bad. All she needed to do was obey the words and she could sleep. And obeying felt so good. So ,so good.

Kayci could feel the warmth between her legs now. She couldn't remember when it had started, but it was steadily growing. And the warmer it got, the more turned on she grew. And the warmer it got, the more wet she became. And the more she obeyed the warmer it got. So warm... so wet... so obedient...

Kayci's head was so heavy now. It was slumped to the side, her body far too relaxed to hold up its weight. Her neck was so warm. The warmth was massaging the muscles on her neck. Drawing away all the tension. Draining away all the stress. Her neck was so limp and so incredibly relaxed. She was so close to falling asleep now. She couldn't wait. So close.

The heat had spread to her breasts by now, warming up her sensitive skin and causing her pussy to become even more wet. The more she obeyed the words, the warmer it grew. And the warmer it grew, the wetter she got. And the wetter she got, the more she obeyed. It was an endless cycle her mind was stuck on. She was so mindless and so blank that it was all she could think about. An endless cycle of mindless trace.

She felt so good. So relaxed. So obedient. So horny. So obedient. So obedient. So obedient.

She was so close to sleep. So ready to give in completely. So ready to sleep and be an obedient girl.

Kayci's hand reached into her panties and pushed open the folds of her pussy. The back of her mind dimly registered that she was incredibly wet. She was too mindless to devote any real brainpower to consciously realizing anything. Her mind was so blank that she didn't even think about that fact that her pants were missing.

Her arms were so heavy and limp that she couldn't move them on her own. Her arms were very obedient, however. They moved and acted when the words on the screen told them to. And right now, the words wanted them to rub her wet, needy pussy. She needed to rub herself. She needed to be a good obedient girl.

Kayci's mind was so far gone at this point that she couldn't hear the squishing sound of her fingers pumping in and out of her wet pussy. The sound of her soft moans and finger fucking filled the otherwise silent room. She could smell the familiar scent of herself start to permeate as well, but none of it registered to her in the deep blank state her mind was currently in.

The words continued to appear on the screen, but it was so hard to read them. The black and white spiral was causing her eyes to lose focus, making it harder and harder to understand what was going on. It didn't matter though. She didn't need to understand what was going on, as long as she kept looking at the screen, the words would tell her what to do. She didn't need to understand it, she only needed to obey.

Her free hand reached up and cupped her breast. She could feel the heat coming off breasts, burning into her hand. Her nipple was tingling with her touch.

Kayci heard a loud moan and was only dimly aware it was coming from her. She was far too lost in reading the words and being an obedient girl to pay attention to anything else. The tingling in her nipples grew as she squeezed herself. With every squeeze of her breast, she could feel a sharp burst of pleasure deep in her pussy. Each and every time she tweaked a nipple she felt her wet, needy pussy convulse deep in pleasure.

She was getting so close now. So close to cumming so hard. She knew she was getting close because the words on the screen told her she was. Her body was beginning to shake in pleasure. She was moaning freely now, in between breaths. She began mindlessly repeating the same mantra in between moans.

"Obedience is pleasure..."

"Pleasure is obedience..."

"Master is pleasure..."

"Obey Master..."

"Obedience is pleasure..."

"Pleasure is obedience..."

"Master is pleasure..."

"Obey Master..."

She just kept repeating it over and over again, mindlessly, unable to stop.

She was so close to cumming now. And as soon as she got off, as soon as she came all over herself, she'd finally be able to sleep. As soon as she got herself off, she'd fall into a very deep sleep. That's all she wanted. That's all she needed. As soon as she came she could finally sleep. As soon as she came she could finally fall down into a deep, deep trance. So deep. Deeper than she had ever been before.

SO close... In just a few short seconds she was going to sleep like a good obedient girl. So obedient. So needy. So ready to cum. So ready to cum. So ready to cum...



Kayci's entire body convulsed in pleasure as the orgasm overtook her completely. Her mouth shot open and she tried to scream out, but no sound came. The pleasure was so intense that her vocals were unable to function for a few seconds. Her back arched and her legs trembled and her entire body shook uncontrollably for was seemed like an eternity.

By the time her body finished its intense orgasm, Kayci collapsed into her computer chair. She no longer had any control over any of her body. She was so weak and exhausted from the orgasm, that she could only sit there and stare forward. She could only stare forward at the screen in front of her. The screen that still had words floating up it.

But why were the words still there? She had done it. She had obeyed so well. She came for the words. She had earned her sleep. Why couldn't she sleep? She just wanted to pass out and sleep forever. But there were still words, and she had to read the words. She couldn't stop reading the words on the screen.

Oh... ohhhhhh...

Her shoulders and back started to relax all over again. All that tension from the orgasm needed to be eased out. The words worked out all that built up tension that her body had worked up. Her body slipped further into her chair as she relaxed more and more. Her mind slipped deeper and deeper. All of her thoughts were completely gone now. Her body was completely relaxed and at ease. She had never felt so relaxed and so content.

She needed this. She had no idea that she had needed this, but she needed it so badly. She knew that she needed it because the words told her so. The words were so true. They were so right. She would always obey the words.

She was ready for sleep now. Ready to fall into a deep and endless slumber. She was ready to fall asleep after she was done with her programing. She just needed to finish reading the words and finish her programing, then she could finally fall asleep. She needed to be programed. So deep...


Kayci woke up several hours later cocooned in her bedsheets. She felt so comfortable being swaddled up in her bed like that. She felt so deeply relaxed and content. That was obviously the best nap she had ever had. She had gotten enough rest to catch up on all the sleep she had been missing over the exam week.

Her head was blessedly empty of all the worthless facts and formulas that she had to memorize for her previous exams. She might just stay in her bed for the rest of the day. She was just so comfortable and relaxed. All the previous days' stress was completely gone. A slight smile was permanently splayed across her mouth as she pulled the sheets further around her.

The fact that she was completely naked in bed, which was very unusual for her, never occurred to her. She also didn't notice that both of her hands and the insides of her thighs were sticky with her own dried cum. She was programed not to notice these things, so she remained blissfully unaware.

She still had a few days until her next exam, so she could afford to take it easy. And after she was done with all of her exams she could reward herself with another relaxation video. Hmmmm. Yes. She'd definitely have to finish off her exams with another video. She couldn't wait for those words to relax her all over again.

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