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Relaxing Massage


A friend of mine suggested I go in for a message to relax. I had been feeling pretty tense as of lately between the crap I had to deal with at work and the general day to day problems on my own. He had suggested a particular message parlor downtown that I wasn't even aware existed until I went there. I had driven past this place a hundred times and never knew it was there, however he said they gave the best messages in the area.

Checking in at the front counter, I immediately found myself in one of the candle lit message rooms and told to get undressed. The lady left the room to allow me to strip down to my boxers and get onto the table when a beautiful brunette walked in the room. Her small frame accentuated her large breasts that I tried hard not to stare at as she closed the door. I realized now why my friend recommended this place.

With each step towards me, her perfect tits bounce slightly as her top clings to them. I couldn't tell if she wore a bra beneath the top, but either way they sat up at attention, nipples poking through slightly at the air-conditioned room we sat in. The short, tight spandex bottoms she wore were so tight to her legs and ass, that they looked painted on, and as she walked I thought I could see the outline of her pussy lips in the folds.

"I know this sounds weird but, if you could take those off it would make things a little easier.," she says motioning to my boxers and smiling.

"Oh, really? I didn't know if you needed them off or not." I reply back looking around, trying to figure out how I'd take them off without simply flashing her the goods beneath.

"Well, we can do this with them on but, it would be easier if you got 'em off."

"I'm sorry, what?" I asked, mishearing her but flirting at the same time.

"Your boxers, I mean." She replied with a smile, knowing damn well what I misheard her say.

"Oh, well then, that's enough to win me over," I say jokingly as she turns around allowing me to take off my boxers.

I drop them to the ground and toss them over to the rest of my clothes, sitting in a nearby chair. I lie down on my stomach and cover my now exposed ass with the supplied towel. The small towel barely covers my entire ass and I have to do what I can to tuck my dick beneath one of my legs as to not have it laying out for her to see.

She turns back around and heads over to the wall where she lights a few incense and turns on some relaxing music. Grabbing a bottle from her pouch she squirts a handful of the oil into her hand and starts to slowly lather her hands.

She starts at my neck and slowly rubs my shoulders with her fingers. Gripping tightly onto me, I sense her body hunched over my head. I lay there, thinking how her pussy must be mere inches from my face and all I have to do is raise my head and stick out a tongue to enjoy it, but I don't.

I lay there, still as she continues to rub the oil deep into my shoulder blades and slowly down my back, what can only be an amazing piece of pussy a few inches away from my face. I bury the urge to comment or act on this knowledge, but I can feel my dick start to grow beneath my leg. Her fingers move down my back, causing her to walk around to my side for a better angle. I can feel her body gently pushing against my relaxed hand as she moves her hands.

Without even thinking, my hand goes into autopilot and slowly closes and opens, the sides of my fingers brushing against her crotch. Her tight shorts leave nothing to the imagination as I can just barely make out her pussy beneath them. I was right when she walked in when I thought I saw them, as now by this brief feel, I could tell she wasn't wearing any underwear.

My dick grows a little bit more...

On one of the last flexes of my hand, I feel her lean forward a bit more and push up against my fingers. I slow the motion and gently rub them against her. I hear a small pleasurable sigh come from her, before she steps back and moves down to my legs.

I can feel her hands start to work my leg around the back of my knee, slowly moving up. They work the muscles and with each pass slowly move closer to the edge of the towel. They wrap the inner part of my leg, coming to within inches of my cock before moving back down. They slide back up my thigh and wrap around the sides, the tips of her fingers brushing against it more.

She keeps rubbing around the side of my thigh and with each pass, gently rubbing down my ever-growing cock. At this point, she must know what she's feeling down there, but I'm not one to stop a good thing. Finishing my other leg, she steps back from the table and over to her bottle of oil.

"Okay, flip over. I need to do your front." She says, squeezing more oil out into her hands.

I push myself up and turn over onto my back, adjusting the small towel to cover what it can of my growing cock. I look up at her as she walks back over to the table, her eyes glancing down at it for a brief moment before back up at me. She smiles and then moves to behind my head to start work on my chest.

I close my eyes, breathing in the aroma of the incense and enjoying the feeling of her hands on me. I open them and look up in time to see her massive tits dangling just above me, in their restrictive top. With each rub of my chest, they jiggle and bounce around. The feeling starts getting to me and again, I can feel my cock grow harder. I start to worry, knowing it would be harder to hide it while laying on my back, when I lock eyes with her.

She looks down around her tits and smiles.

"Hey now, no peeking."

"I uh...um...what?" I say back, stammering and playfully trying to avert my gaze.

She laughs again and adjusts herself trying to get a better position when suddenly she slips on the stool she's been kneeling on and falls forward onto me. Her tits fall directly into my face as she attempts to regain her footing and for a moment, I'm smothered beneath them.

"Oh my god...I'm so...I'm so sorry..." she says as she finally stands back up at my side.

"Oh, it's quite all right. Figured if there's a way I'd like to go, it would be that." I say smiling.

"I'm so embarrassed."

"No please, don't be. Continue. You're doing a great job." I say trying to calm her.

She pauses for a moment, glancing down at the towel covering my cock and says, "I can see that."

I look down and spot my cock standing straight up at attention, the towel barely covering it any longer. I didn't realize that in the middle of her falling on me, my cock had decided to come out of hiding for her to see.

"Oh jeez, I'm sorry about that." I say back, trying to find a way to hide it.

She stops me, "No, it's okay. You don't tell, I don't tell."

I don't know what to do as I lay there, her staring at my massive hard 8-inch cock. She puts some more oil in her hands, her eyes hardly moving off my dick, and slowly tries to resume her job. Her hands rub across my chest and stomach, as I watch her eyes dart back down to it. She bites her lips as her hands move closer. With each passing moment, I can feel my cock throb, wanting her to just reach out and grab it in her hands, or lock her small mouth around it and suck it dry.

Her fingers graze the base of the shaft as they move to my upper thighs. On the next pass, they move around the base and down to the side of my thigh where they touch my balls on the return up. Each time they went pass, they slow down more and spend more time wrapping around the shaft. She finally moves past my cock and to my thigh on the far side, her arm brushing against the shaft.

I glance down and I see her bent over me, her face mere inches away from the tip, staring at it as her fingers work my leg. She moves her head closer and I watch as her mouth opens a bit, like she's questioning whether she wants to make the first move. Her head turns and moves the closest to the tip, her mouth opening more and I take the opportunity by raising my hips up, pushing the tip of my cock into her mouth.

She pauses, startled that my cock is in her mouth, but quickly relaxes and goes for it. I feel her tongue dance around the tip of my cock a few times before her hands move to the base of my shaft and wrap around it the best they can. Her fingers can't reach all the way around as she slowly sucks and licks the head of my cock.

Her small mouth takes all she can of my shaft as she starts moving up and down on it; her hands slowly moving up and down the shaft. My right hand moves back to her crotch and starts rubbing the outside of her shorts. She adjusts her leg, putting it up onto the table, so I can get a better angle of her pussy. My fingers push into her pussy as much as they can, considering her shorts are still on.

My left hand reaches up to her head, grabbing a handful of hair in my fingers and pulls her head further down with each pass. I feel the tip of my cock hitting the back of her mouth with only the first few inches inside. I try to force her head down further and soon, I feel it starting to bury itself into her throat.

I push my hand up the leg of her shorts and my fingers find their way to her clean, shaven pussy where they continue where they left off on the outside. They slide themselves across her pussy lips, pushing them aside and into her. My index finger pushes deep inside, her pussy clinging to the sides of it with each thrust in. I pick up the pace with my fingering as I start shoving her head down more onto my cock.

Her hand wraps around my balls and pulls them up along with my cock as she lets me fuck her mouth. Her head bounces up and down onto it, shoving deeper and deeper into her each time. I can hear her moaning more and more as my fingers rub her pussy harder and harder.

With a final hard shove, I force the whole thing deep into her throat, her nose pressing up against the base of my shaft. Her small mouth and throat, locked tightly around my shaft, I hold her there as I finger fuck her as hard as I can. She moans as loud as she can with a cock shoved down her throat as her body spasms and she cums.

I finally let her free and she pulls the cock out of her mouth, gasping deeply for air. She looks up at me as she steps back, my hand pulling out of her shorts as she grabs them and pushes them to the floor. I watch as she gets up onto the table and straddles me, her wet pussy pushing down my cock.

She grinds all along the shaft with her wet pussy, slowly at first but then picking up speed. Her pussy lips wrap around my shaft as she pushes down hard onto it. I reach up and grab a hold of her hips, helping her. She slows as she reaches the tip and for a brief moment, I can feel the tip connect with the inside of her pussy, before she moves back further down my shaft.

She does it again, each time the tip poking in just enough to tease me before continuing back down. She grinds hard and fast, her breathing increasing, her tits still inside her top bouncing back and forth. I reach up under her shirt and grab her tits in my hands. I grip her erect nipples in my fingers and squeeze them. She lets out a small moan and smiles.

On the next pass and tease of my dick sticking into her pussy, she grinds further forward and my cock shoves deep inside, taking all 8-inches of it quicker than she had planned. She lets out a loud yell as my cock thrusts deep inside her, skewering her small frame in the process. She pauses, her head thrown back, her hands grabbing my stomach.

Making no noise, her face clenches and her body starts to spasm again. I feel the walls of her pussy clench my cock tighter than they had my finger as she orgasms. Her eyes roll back in her head and mouth drops open, quietly sitting there as her body jerks out of control. It's all I can do to keep from cumming inside her as her body squeezes my cock.

I gently raise her body up pulling half my cock out of her and shove her back down onto it. She finally takes a deep breath and lets out a yell.

"FUCK...YOU! Oh my god, your cock nearly killed me. Jesus fucking Christ, you're so big."

I shove my cock back into her again, just as hard as before and this time faster. Each thrust in, I go faster still, my cock pushing deep inside her, my balls slapping against her ass. She pulls off her top, and bra before I pull her forward on top of me. Her tits pressing up against my chest, I wrap my arms around her back and resume thrusting my cock deep inside.

The noise our bodies made, slapping against one another should have been enough to get the attention of the entire building, but no one came into our room. Or at least, we didn't hear anyone come inside.

The fast thrusting starts making her let out a moan of pure pleasure as my rock hard cock moves in and out of her. Her breathing increases, and I could tell that she was starting to cum again when I suddenly stop and pull out. Her body stumbles, frustrated that it couldn't cum as it had already twice before as I lift her up off the table and stand her up.

Turning her around, I shove her forward onto the table, bent at the waist so I could see her wet pussy before me. Grabbing my cock in my hand, I slowly rub it up and down her pussy, teasing her with it. I get an idea and see how far it will go as the tip lingers briefly around her ass hole. She stops for a moment and glances back at me.

"No...please..." she starts to say, as I gently shove my wet cock into her tight hole. She clenches the table and arcs her back, letting out a scream as I push my cock all the way inside her asshole. Down to my balls inside her, she stops her yell but continues to breath heavily.

"Fuck, no..." she says again, but I don't listen as I pull back out and shove my cock deep inside her. After a few thrusts her moans of pain slowly change over to those of pleasure. I pull my cock out completely and push it down to her pussy, where I resume fucking her deep. A few thrusts there, and then a quick shift to her asshole for a few more thrusts. I go back and forth, feeling the tight grip of her wet pussy and then the even tighter one of her asshole.

With each thrust, my balls slap the bottom of her pussy as I grab her thighs and pull them tightly to me.

"I love the feeling of your cock inside me. God, you're fucking tearing me apart. I want your cum. I want your cum now, all inside of me.," she says between moans of pleasure and deep breaths.

I oblige, and fuck harder and faster into her pussy. Her pussy starts to squeeze tightly as it starts to spasm again and she cums harder than ever. The tight grip onto my cock causes me to cum too, as I shoot my load deep inside her. My head drops back as I let her body milk my cock of it's cum, when suddenly she speaks.

"I want you in my mouth." she says as I pull out and she flips over and drops to the ground in front of me.

She wraps her mouth around my cock as I grab the sides of her head and help force it the rest of the way down. I proceed to fuck her mouth as hard as I had been fucking her pussy moments before and it isn't long before I can feel myself cumming again, this time deep into her throat. I finish cumming the second time and slowly pull out.

She takes a deep breath and wipes her mouth as she stands and presses herself up against me for a kiss.

"That was one hell of a message." I say, "You do that for everyone?"

"No...not everyone." she replies with a smile.



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