Appendicitis. A weird and difficult word. What it meant was that the reason why Ricardo's mother had been in such pain the past few days, the reason why she had walked bent over double, wincing with pain as she went about her business, the reason why she had collapsed at work and had to be taken to the hospital in a hurry, the reason why she had to have an operation immediately; was because the human body had a stupid part that did nothing whatsoever except cause pain and trouble if it got inflamed.

Mum had to stay in the hospital overnight, and perhaps a day or two, so the doctor could make sure that everything had gone well. Ricardo and Javier had both been there to see her after the operation. Poor mum, she had looked so frail and vulnerable in that oversized hospital gown. She was tired and had to eat pain killers. It had made Ricardo's heart ache, and he wiped a few tears away quickly before anyone could see it. It was embarrassing; he was already 18, and here he was crying like a little kid just because mum was in the hospital. She was in good hands, everything was gonna be OK, so why was he acting like a sissy?

"Ricardo, you go and stay with Javier while I'm in here, you hear?"

"Mum, I don't need..."

"You do as I say! I won't have you taking advantage of having the place to yourself and have some wild parties."

"I wasn't gonna..."

"Javier, you take care of your brother until I get out of here."

Javier, Ricardo's 7 year older brother, gave their mother a reassuring smile and kissed her on the forehead.

"Don't worry, mum. You can count on me."

If he had done anything like that, it would have looked childish Ricardo pondered. Javier was much more mature, he could do childish things or say completely dorky things, and make them seem mature and considerate. Their mum gave them a tired smile, obviously calmed down by Javier's words.

"Now get out of here, you two. I'm tired and I wanna sleep."


Javier had moved out when he was only 19, gotten himself a small but fresh apartment on top of a bakery. The smell of fresh bread made Ricardo feel peckish, even if he could have sworn that he wasn't hungry. He tossed his bag of clothes on the sofa.

"Want something to eat?"


Javier frowned and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Look, I know you don't feel like eating right now, but you need to keep your strength, you know? Mum's OK, you don't have to worry about her. She'll be home in a day or two."

"I'm not worried." Ricardo shrugged his shoulders and clenched his teeth to hold back the tears.

"I was worried as hell," said Javier. "When the doctor came and told us that the operation had gone well, I was so fucking relieved that I nearly started crying right there."

Ricardo stared at his shoes. What, tough, cool Javier, close to tears? He wanted to cry, wanted to have a comforting hug, but his pride wouldn't let him.

"Anyway, like I said, you need to eat so that you'll not get all weak and stuff," said Javier, pretending as if the emotional moment had never happened. "Mum's gonna be tired when she comes home, and she mustn't do any hard work or the wound might go up. You're gonna have to force her to take it easy while you do all the stuff around the house, you know? So, you can't go starving yourself, or you won't be able to keep up with it."

He grabbed his wallet.

"I'll go and buy something for us to eat. Wait here, I'll be right back."

Once Javier had gone, Ricardo lied down on the sofa and felt the tears run down the side of his face and into his ears. It wasn't that he was being a sissy, he told himself. It was the relief. Mum was gonna be OK, and Javier was right, Ricardo was gonna have to man up and take care of stuff when she came home.

There was the sound of a key in the door, and Ricardo hastily wiped his tears and sat up, didn't want Javier to see him cry.

"Hello? Javier, you there, baby?"

A young woman walked into the apartment and stopped and stared at Ricardo. She was older than him, blond, and a little chubby with big tits.

"Oh! Hi! Who are you?"

"Ricardo. I'm Javier's brother. Who are you?"

"Melinda. I'm Javier's girlfriend."

Melinda took a seat next to Ricardo in the sofa.

"Hasn't he told you about me?"


She made a face that hinted that Javier would be in trouble once he came back, then she smiled again.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Ricardo. Where's Javier?"

"He went to buy some food."

"I heard about your mum being in the hospital, so I figured I'd come and comfort him a little," said Melinda. "How's she doing?"

"She's OK. She'll be home in a day or two."

Without warning, Melinda suddenly put her arms around him and pulled him close. He tensed up.

"What are you doing?"

"You just looked like you needed a hug."

"Nah, I'm fine..." he tried to release himself.

"Melinda, let him be."

The two of them turned around as if they had been caught doing something naughty. Javier put a bag of groceries on the table.

"What are you doing here?" he said to Melinda.

She jumped to her feet and hugged him.

"I wanted to come over and comfort you while your mum's in the hospital."

"Looks like you were comforting Ricardo instead."

She pulled free and made a face.

"Well, neither of you seem to appreciate it, so maybe I should just go home instead!"

"No, stay." Javier put an arm around her neck and kissed her. "But save your hugs for me, and leave my brother alone."

"Jealous?" Melinda stuck her tongue out at him.

"Go get a plate for the pizza, woman!" Javier smacked her butt playfully, and she giggled and walked into the kitchen.

She seemed to feel at home at Javier's place, Ricardo noticed. Javier turned to him and grinned.

"She's a nice girl," he said.

Melinda came back with a plate and some glasses, and the three of them ate the pizza Javier had brought. He and Melinda bantered lightly, and eventually Ricardo thawed up towards her. He wanted to dislike her for coming her and not leaving, not letting him be alone with his brother at a time like this, but she was too nice not to be liked, and the light chat killed the tension and made them all relax. He yawned.

"Bed time," Javier declared.

"Come on, it's just 10pm!" Ricardo protested.

"Yeah, and I've got work tomorrow," said Javier. "And you've got school."

Ricardo had expected Melinda to go home, either alone or with Javier to walk her home, but she headed for the bedroom. So, she and Javier were lovers, huh?

"I bet mum has no idea that her little boy sleeps with a teddy bear," he muttered to himself.

"Don't be jealous," said Javier, who had heard him. "Get some sleep now."

His grin and wink showed that he wasn't angry with Ricardo's remark. He followed Melinda into the bedroom. Ricardo took off his jeans and curled up in the sofa. He was more tired than he realized, and fell asleep almost as soon as he had put his head on the pillow.


He woke up by a strange noise. Someone was wincing and sighing. It sounded almost like sobbing. He sat up. Javier? Was he crying?

Ricardo got up without a sound and tip-toed to the bedroom door. It wasn't properly shut, and he peered into the narrow opening. The sight that met his eyes hit him like lightning.

Javier lied on his back, naked, with his legs apart. Melinda was bent down between his thighs, her head bobbing up and down as she licked Javier's shaft and helmet. Javier's dick was big and hard and pointing towards the ceiling. Every now and then, it disappeared between Melinda's wet lips and went deep into her throat, making her recoil whenever it went too deep. Javier sighed and panted under this treatment, and collected all her hair in one hand to keep it from falling into her face.

"Turn around," Javier whispered, and Melinda got on top of Javier in a 69-position.

Javier put a hand on each of the big, round globes and pulled them slightly apart. He buried his face in her crotch, and Melinda whimpered quietly. She bobbed her head up and down in the same rhythm as Javier's licks.

Ricardo felt his own dick strain against his underwear. This was soooo wrong, watching his brother have sex with a girl. Javier would probably beat the crap out of him if he caught him. But this erotic show was hotter than any porn he'd ever seen, and the risk of being caught made his heart race. He carefully pulled his hard dick out of his underwear and stroke it up and down, slowly.

Javier licked his fingers before putting two of them inside Melinda's pussy. He fingered her, faster and faster, until she stopped sucking him and just grinded herself against his hand, her face contorted from trying to keep quiet, trying to keep her ecstasy hidden from the boy sleeping outside the room. Ricardo wondered if she was a screamer when she and Javier were alone.

Javier pressed her forward, and she straddled his cock and let it sink inside her. Javier caressed her big, round buttocks, and she bounced up and down on him, rode him in what Ricardo had heard described as "reverse cowgirl" style. He moved his hand faster over his own cock now, staring mesmerized at Javier's dick sliding in and out of her pussy, at her butt going up and down, at her big tits bouncing up and down as she moved. His balls tensed up, he could feel the orgasm building up.

Javier wet his fingers again, and pressed one finger inside Melinda's ass. She gasped at the intrusion but didn't protest. Now she had Javier's cock going in and out of her pussy and a finger stretching out her ass, and she grinded her hips round and round to get them both deep inside her. Javier put another finger inside her ass and fingered her just like he had fingered her pussy earlier. Melinda panted and moaned. Javier suddenly pulled his fingers out of her ass, grabbed her hips, and pulled her up and down faster and faster. He groaned as quiet as he could, and Melinda moaned and whispered:

"I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Ricardo bit his lip to keep quiet. His hand flew up and down his shaft, and when he exploded, his cum shot up and sprayed over the bedroom door. He milked out the last few drops, tore his T-shirt off and carefully wiped the door clean before he walked back to the sofa. He lied flat on his back and covered himself with the blanket in case Javier or Melinda would come out of the bedroom to go to the bathroom or something. He wiped his hand on the underwear and felt his breath become normal again. The huge tension he had felt since mum got sick, was suddenly gone.

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