tagGay MaleRelinquished Desire... Ch. 01

Relinquished Desire... Ch. 01


WARNING: This story is Homoerotic, if you find this offensive please do not read. It also deals with Master/Slave BDSM. Please do not re-post without authors permission.


The cab I was riding in slowed and stopped with a squeal in front of the small café that sat on the corner of Third and Fifth Street. I watched distantly through the slightly fogged glass at the bustling people as they hurried down the street to their own destinations, ensconced in their own lives. I drew in a deep steadying breath handing the fair over to the grungy taxi driver. Opening the door I quickly stepped out into the chilly autumn New York air. Winter was coming soon, I thought, as I shut the door behind myself. I turned and faced the café knowing my date was waiting inside. The dread of finally going through with this fantasy, my desire, makes my stomach start flipping with anxiety. I know my dream is about to be fulfilled and I find myself clenching my hands into tight fists at my sides as I will the wild beating of my heart to slow. This night was not a usual Saturday night. This night marked the beginning of the rest of my life, as it should be.

As I stand there I know that once I step through those doors I will be committed to going through with this night and all the secrets it holds. I had dreamed of a night just like this almost every night for the past two years. It was now or never, I knew that with complete clarity. Settled, I draw in a deep breath, unclench my hands, and begin to walk towards the front door. The warm air smelling of coffee and warm pastry's assault my cold lungs as I enter the small deserted shop. As I stand there my eyes are immediately drawn towards the back tables of the café. There in the furthest corner is my date, he waves and shows me his brilliant white teeth set in a broad and captivating smile. My breath catches in the back of my throat at the sight; I feel my stomach clench as a jolt of strong desire floods through my veins. I begin walking towards him with a welcoming smile. I watch as he stands and as we meet he sweeps me into a brief but tight hug. His hand squeezes my lower back briefly before he steps back and we both sit.

"Hey there. I began to wonder if maybe you hadn't changed your mind." my date says to me in a deep low voice.

"Um, no I haven't changed my mind. I'm ready. Ready to let go." I answer in an assuring tone.

"Good to hear. You look absolutely fuckable tonight. I think I'm going to enjoy our newfound friendship very much. As I told you before, it's been awhile for me and I'm just really glad we found one another. Your, special, shall we say. It isn't often I enter into our type of arrangement. I want you to keep that in mind." he leans forward on the table and stares straight into my eyes.

I swallow hard. He is one of the most gorgeous men I have ever laid eyes on, and I was his for tonight and more. My blood begins to sing in my veins at this particular realization. This man in front of me will satisfy every desire I have ever had and both of us know it. He spoke again, breaking me from my reverie.

"I have to say this though, give you one last chance to back out. Are you sure? Absolutely sure? Our arrangement needs to be secure, for both of us." I cut him off and answer.

"Oh, Yes. I'm sure. No doubts or regrets other than not having met you sooner." This awarded me with another blinding smile. I answer it with one of my own.

"Good. That pleases me. As I said before this is something I want to continue so you need to know this is not just tonight. We'll meet every second Saturday of the month here at this café at exactly seven pm. You will bring an over night bag with a spare change of clothes and personal items. You don't show once, I leave and never come back, this will tell me you wish for our arrangement to end, no questions asked. If you're going to be more than ten minutes late page me at this number."

He slid a small folded piece of white paper across the table towards my resting hands. Our fingertips briefly touch and a slow burn begins spreading up my hand as though a fire has been lighted on my flesh. I'm afraid I stare at my hand rather surprised by my body's receptive responses to him. I raise my eyes and gaze directly into his crystal blue irises. He had a small knowing smile fitting his face. Was I that readable? I wondered. He began speaking again once he knew he had my attention.

"When you're with me you will answer to only me. No one else, this is extremely important so pay attention. Unless I myself give you instructions that say otherwise you will do this with utmost diligence. When you're with me, your mine. I will own you. Your body and mind will be mine to do with as I please. You will freely give it to me. You will never question or speak out of turn. When we leave this café you will remember these things I've told you."

He's telling me the rules with a small feral smile and I find my body shivering at the quietly spoken words. My head begins spinning as I realize this is really happening, I can finally relinquish my desire. He begins again.

"You will address me as Master every time you speak to me. If you displease me I will punish you as I see fit. You will be my slave and you will act accordingly. You are not to do anything without my specific approval. You will keep your eyes lowered until I say you can raise them. Your sole purpose will be to please me and do whatever my wishes are. Simply put, my desires will become yours. Understand Slave?"

His tone lowered during the last sentences. I felt sweat begin to form on my brow as I answered him quietly. Two words are what changed my life forever. Two simple, beautiful soul-freeing words.

"Yes, Master."

At that moment I looked straight into his eyes and the look I saw residing there stole my breath away. It was a look of raw feral longing and need that sent shivers racing up and down my spine. I had just handed over everything I am and everything I will be to this man. A part of me screamed 'NO'…the same part that fought to retain control, the part of me I wanted silenced. This man would take it for me; he would gladly take it and free me from its oppression.

He suddenly threw a handful of bills onto the table and stood up, motioning for me to follow. I quietly trailed him as he stepped out into the chill winter air. I wasn't sure if the quivers racing up and down my spine were from the cold or the excitement of the unknown to come. He hailed a cab and quietly gave directions to the driver; the wind muffled his voice by the time it reached my own ears. I followed him into the blessed warmth of the interior. Our destination was not revealed to me.

After twenty minutes of apprehensive silence the cab slowed and stopped in front of a brown-stone building in a part of the city I had never been to before. After stepping out once again I waited as he paid the cab fare, I nervously rubbed my hands together willing some warmth into them. He turned and smiled obviously recognizing my sudden anxiety and he gently drew me to him, cupping his hand behind my neck. I felt his other hand grab a hold and squeeze my lower back.

"Your safe with me. Don't forget that. Ok?" he whispered into my right ear. Arousal raced through my veins at these words. He then drew his lips toward my own and I felt his warmth seep into my body. It was a chaste kiss, simple, sweet, and full of warmth.

"I won't. I feel safe. Just, you know, nervous." my answer was whispered onto his parted lips still shining from our kiss. I looked into his eyes deeply trying to convey my strength in him.

"It begins then." He stated simply as he released me. He stepped around me and began up the stairs to the brown-stone. I looked down the street both ways, oddly it was deserted, nothing to note other than a stray cat running across the street some ways down. I breathed in deeply and followed my new Master into his den.

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