tagIncest/TabooReliving the Past Ch. 02

Reliving the Past Ch. 02


(Dear Readers,

I received lot of appreciation for the first part of the story. So, I am continuing with the second part. I do hope you like it and vote. Constructive suggestion & criticism are very much welcome. I have liberally used Bengali translation of conversation, which is highly appreciated by lots of readers and has now become my signature style.

One special request to those readers who feels disturbed at insertion of such translation - Please skip this story.)

She went inside the bathroom. As I heard the shower running, I went near the bathroom door. I pushed the door. It wasn't locked. I went in. Nina was under the shower and I watched the bathing beauty with amazement. Water was flowing over her awfully smooth skin. I admired her figure. Her breasts were full and had just the right degree of sag, giving the mounds the ripe look. Her belly wasn't flat, but the curve was awesome, under which her pubic bush looked too sexy. Water was flowing down the satin smooth skin of her bum and thighs and I was enamoured by the hourglass shape. As Nina smiled at me, I joined her at the shower. Showering together was a very pleasant experience. In the absence of any horniness after two ejaculations, I realised how much I loved Nina. When we lovingly soaped each other and caringly towelled each other, particularly when we were touching each other's privates very intimately, we realised we loved each other with body & soul.

When Nina was drying my crotch with the towel, she said in an amused tone, "Rangada, tor nunu abar matha tulchhe je." ("Hey, bro, your dick is raising its head again.")

"Dekhi tor gud bheja kina," ("Let me see if your pussy is wet or not,") I said and while towelling her bush dry I inserted one finger and found it was wet.

As we laughed our heads off at the rapid recovery of our libido, Nina said, "It wouldn't be right to go for another fuck right now. Though I am not sleepy any more, I am a bit exhausted. Another funny thing is, the last fuck took away all my tipsiness. I had so many drinks and stopped drinking only an hour ago. But now I am completely sober."

I also realised it was too early for another fuck and I was also completely sober. But I was sure there would be more fucking tonight. We needed further build up now. I suggested we go to the lounge, have some wine and catch up on old times.

Nina happily agreed and was about to go to the guest room to pick up some dress. I stopped her and said, "Amra nangto obosthay mod khabo ar golpo korbo. Tor ki nangto thakte aswasti hobe? Nangto hoye meyeder sathe thakte amar khub bhalo lage. Nognota moner sob dhakna khule dyay ar khub antorikota ene dyay." ("We shall drink and chat in the nude. Would you feel uneasy to remain naked? I love to remain in the nude in female company. Nudity takes off all covers of inhibition from the mind and brings in great intimacy.")

As she at down on the sofa, she said, "I have spent hours in the nude in female company and enjoyed greatly. I think I would also enjoy your company in the nude."

She reclined on the sofa, rested her head on one arm of the sofa and stretched her legs straight. Her thighs were tightly closed and only the top part of the bush was visible. She raised her arms and placed her hands behind her head. Even in that reclining position her boobs looked pretty full and her large nipples stood out prominently on her dark brown aureoles. Her armpits looked sexy and so did her awesome belly. I poured wine in two glasses and placed the glasses on a side table. I lighted a cigarette and sat on a low chair, which I pulled close to her. I was surprised as she asked for a cigarette from me. She was never a smoker. Some women known to me, including my wife, smoked when drinking. But I never saw Nina smoking even when we drank in a group and my wife & other women smoked.

She possibly read my mind and after a long drag on the cigarette I lighted for her she said, "I was a smoker for some time in college. I gave up many years ago. But after a satisfying fuck, I feel a great urge for smoking." ("Ami kolege e thakte smoke kortam. Pore chhere diyechhilam. Kintu bhalo chodar pore khub smoke korte ichchhe hoy.")

I nodded in appreciation, as all smokers know, there is nothing better than a smoke after a good fuck. I watched Nina smoking; the long stick of cigarette was placed between her long & manicured fingers. It looked very nice.

As we sipped our wine, I asked Nina about how and when for the first time she felt aroused by the touch of another woman. Now Nina revealed a secret. After the puja day, the older maid (whom we called Sudhadi) encouraged Nina to have bath in the pond. Nina had enjoyed bathing in the nature and she was fond of swimming. So, she readily agreed. Mom & aunt also didn't object, as the pond was perfectly safe and was protected from public eyes. On the first day, Nina, Sudhadi and the younger maid (whose name was Kanchan) bathed together. Nina kept her bra & panty on, and both Sudhadi and Kanchan wore gamchhas after taking off their clothes. There was no continued nudity but parts of nude bodies were on display only occasionally. Nina very much enjoyed swimming in the pond and was keen to go back the next day.

From the next day, Sudhadi timed it in such a way that when she & Nina went to the pond, Kanchan was busy in the kitchen helping the cook. At the pond, as Sudhadi peeled off her sari, she told Nina it's better to take off all clothes at the time of bathing. And there was no problem as the pond was fully protected from public eye. ("Khukumoni, sob jama kapor khule nangto hoye snan korai bhalo. Ar ekhanta to bhalo kore ghera, kono bairer lok dekhte pabena.") Nina felt it a bit odd and was a bit uneasy about stripping naked in presence of the maid. But Sudhadi sounded so authoritative she couldn't ignore her. By the time, she took off her skirt & blouse, Sudhadi had shed her petticoat & blouse and was standing stark naked at the edge of water, ready to swim. Nina noticed her naked body closely; her body was on the plump side. But unlike mom & aunt, her body was not flabby. Her well toned body and smooth skin looked youthful. Her large bum and thighs looked solid, not soft like mom & aunt. She had a large dense bush between her thighs, light hair on her legs and long stretch of hair under her arms.

She asked Nina to join her in nude swimming. Nina, with her bra & panty still on, came close to the water. Now Sudhadi drew her close – with a naughty smile on her face, she took off her bra and then pulled down her panty. Sudhadi's hands brushed her nipples & bush and she had a strange sensation, which she liked. After undressing Nina fully, she said, "Your mom and aunt bathes in the nude with me for many years now – they love my oil massage. I give oil massage to your grandma too. We are naked together for hours– we don't feel shy to remain naked. " ("Tomar ma ar mashi koto bocchor dhore amar sathe nangto hoye snan kore. Ora amar tel malish khub bhalo bashe. Ami tomar didakeo tel malish kore dei. Tokhon to amra onek somoy dhore nangto thaki. Nangto thakte amra keu lojja paina.") Having seen mom & aunt bathing naked and also remembering the puja day, Nina realised Sudhadi was telling the truth – nudity among women was nothing uncommon in the house.

Sudhdadi and Nina started swimming in the cool water and it was very enjoyable. Sudhadi did some acrobatics by jumping out of the water and then taking a vault in the air. In the process, she displayed her hairy pussy and bum. Nina also did the same acrobatics. Sudhadi repeated the process a number of times and each time, Nina saw her pink tunnel through the dense hair and also her puckered asshole. Watching those hidden parts closely gave Nina a feeling of exhilaration. After Nina tried the vault the next time, Sudhadi jokingly pulled her by the leg and Nina could feel her pussy was totally exposed under Sudhadi's face. She felt her breath on her pussy and felt turbulence in her groin. Oddly enough, Sudhadi did this a number of times. Nina realised this was just not simple fun and there was more to it.

After swimming and jumping around for a long time, they came out of the water and were panting. Sudhadi lay down on the ground and took rest. Nina also lay on the ground. Sudhadi had her legs folded and parted with her pussy in full view. She pulled Nina close and made her rest her head on her breasts. Nina felt nice at the softness of her cushiony boobs. Sudhadi made her turn and now Nina's face felt the softness of her large boobs. Her nipples were close to Nina's lips; one nipple was almost touching her lips. Nina had a strange urge to suck the juicy nipple, but stopped short. As she lay in Sudhadi's embrace, she felt her hands moving over her bums and softly squeezing the butt cheeks.

As Sudhadi pulled her closer, their bodies were in close touch from waist downward. Their thighs were entangled and their pubic bushes were almost in touch. As Sudhadi was almost pushing her nipple to Nina's mouth, her finger lightly touched Nina's asshole and Nina felt a furry touch at her groin. Now Nina was sure, a clear signal of sexual advance came from Sudhadi. Nina knew about lesbian sex from her friends, but was nonchalant about it. She knew the nuns in convent schools at times tried to seduce young students. But never gave much of thought to it. She was awed to realise that a lesbian woman was now trying to seduce her. She was shocked to realise she was highly aroused and her pussy was completely wet. Though she was very tempted, she didn't respond. She somehow felt it was not right. Sudhadi probably realised Nina's resistance and said they should finish their bath.

They took another dip in the water and started soaping. Sudhadi said Nina's mother had asked her to cleanse her body properly and asked her to come close. ("Tomar ma bolechhe tomar sorir bhalo kore rogre poriskar kore dite. Amar kachhe esoto.")

As Nina came close and sat in front of her, she soaped her back. Now she asked her to stand up so that she could soap her legs, thighs and ass. ("Ebar danriye otho khukumoni, tomar pa, uru ar pachhay saban makhiye dei.")

As Nina stood up, she felt Sudhadi's face was so close to her ass that she was almost breathing on her asshole. She was shocked, but at the same time had a thrilling sensation. After soaping her feet & legs, Sudhadi's hands were moving on her thighs and from time to time brushed her pussy. She felt a stir in her pussy as her hands touched her labia. After a while Sudhadi started soaping her butt cheeks and commented that her bum was nice & shapely but not too big like her. ("Tomar pachhar bhari sundor goron ar amar pachhar moto eto bhari noy.") At this stage something prompted Nina to say the heaviness of Sudhadi's bum added to her beauty. ("Oto bhari pachhar jonyoi to tomake oto sundor dekhay.")

Sudhadi sort of protested and said lighter & heart shaped bums like her or Kanchan's were far better. ("Ki je bolo khumoni. Tomar ba kanchaner moto kolsir moto gol kintu halka pachha onek bhalo dekhte lage.") But her voice showed she was very pleased at the praise of her bum.

Nina suddenly felt Sudhadi's hands were parting her butt cheeks and her fingers were in her asshole. This was a bit strange, but the touch at that private hole was quite exciting. Sudhadi's fingers remained too long in her crack and all of a sudden she inserted one finger inside the asshole. As Nina made a sound, Sudhadi said she would cleanse every corner of the body and asked her to part her legs wider. ("Sorirer sob konai to poriskar korte hobe. Dekhi pa duto bhalo kore phank koro.") Nina was awed at this kind of invasion at her privacy, but at the same time enjoyed the strong erotic sensation. As she parted her legs wider, Sudhadi's finger went deeper and did a rotating motion. Nina was simply lost in pleasure and her body quivered. She felt she was under a wave of low orgasm.

Next shock came when Sudhadi said she would now cleanse the other hole and inserted one finger in her pussy. ("Ebar onoyo phutotao poriskar kori.") Nina was unable to believe that some other woman could touch her so intimately. While the finger in her pussy was playing with her clit, the finger in her asshole was going in & out with a circular motion. Her legs felt so weak that she knelt down on the ground. Within minutes Nina had a volcanic orgasm and she collapsed on the ground. Nina regularly masturbated, but never before had such a strong orgasm.

As she was recovering, she felt Sudhadi's loving arms were pulling her up. As Nina sat up, her face was dipped in Sudhdi's large mammary. She heard Sudhadi whispering, "Don't feel shy, my child. You need this kind of release at this age, till such time you are getting a fuck from a man. Your mom and aunt get this kind of pleasure from me to replace their hubbies' fucking. Even before their marriage, we used to have naughty games. I give the same pleasure to your grandma too; even at this mature age she needs it, as your grandpa is not here. Who else other than a widow like me would give them such pleasure? I do this as I get pleasure in return. I cannot get a man's fuck and they give me all the pleasure."

"Lojja peona khukumoni. Tomar ei somotto boyose, ei aramer dorkar ache, jotodin na tumi purusher chodon pao. Tomar ma ar mashi swamider chodoner bodole amar kachh theke erokom aram peye thake. Oder biyer ageo amara dushtu khela kheltam. Ami tomar didakeo ei aram dei. Ei besi boyseo onar eta lage, jokhon tomar dadu thakena. Ei bidhoba chhara ar ke ei aram oder debe bolo? Ami eta kori ar tar bodole oder kachh thekeo aram pai. Ami to kono purusher chodon paina. Orai amake aram den."

From Sudhadi's tone, Nina realised every word she said was true as daylight. This revelation normally would have been very shocking for Nina. But now she felt it to be something very natural. She also knew there was lot more to come from Sudhadi and she was inclined to return the favour to Sudhadi.

Sudhadi's hands were softly playing on Nina's boobs, when she was revealing the secrets. Nina's mouth was very close to her nipple and she started sucking it. She fondled the other boob with her hand. This was the beginning of the great sexual activity that followed. After sucking each other's boobs, Sudhadi asked Nina to soap her back. She was enamoured at the beauty of Sudhadi's awesome bum; it was really huge but had a nice shape. The skin was satin smooth. Nina repeated what Sudhadi did to her and brought her to a grand climax. Sudhadi now licked Nina's asshole and inserted her tongue in. Later she ate Nina's pussy and gave her the second climax. Nina ate her pussy in turn and this time Sudhadi had a stronger orgasm.

Sudhadi was very impressed and said she as a beginner ate pussy very well. So far she found grandma to be the best pussy sucker. But now she felt Nina would do even better with some more practice. ("Prothom bar holeo tomar gud khaoya darun hoyechhe. Etodin poryonto tomar didai sobcheye bhalo gud khay bole mone kortam. Kintu ekhon dekhchhi, aro koyek bar korar pore tumi tomar didakeo chhariye jabe.")

As they were finishing their bath, Nina wanted to know how frequently the ladies of the house indulged in sex and what exactly they did. Sudhadi gave a naughty smile and said it was everyday for herself. She pleasured grandma and the sisters on alternate days. Sometimes all three had on the same day. It started with the sisters well before their marriage, but on one to one basis; one sister didn't know about the other. That carried on after their marriage. But one day, when Sudhadi was bathing with the younger sister, they forgot to bolt the door. When they were eating each other's pussy in 69 position, the elder sister came in. From that day, the both sisters together had sex with Sudhadi. But the elder sister was always reticent towards sex, when the younger sister was present. The sisters never touched each other and their sexual activity was only with Sudhadi. But Sudhadi always wanted the sisters to pleasure each other, but hadn't succeeded so far.

It started with grandma later. Grandma was very prim & proper and had her bath alone in the bathroom. Even when Sudhadi massaged oil on her body, she took off only her blouse and bodice. Sudhadi saw nothing more than her bare back, legs & part of her thighs, armpit, cleavage and sides of her boobs. Once when grandpa was away for a week, grandma told Sudhadi how she keeps her cool when she is away from her hubby for a long time. She was getting restless with grandpa away for only a couple of days and didn't know how she would survive the rest of the week. ("Achha Sudha, tor bor ke chhere etodin thakis ki kore bolto. Tor mesho mashay matro dudin holo baire gechhe. Tatei amar osthir lagchhe. Bujhte parchhina soptaher baki kota din katabo ki kore.")

This took Sudhadi by surprise. But she acted innocent and said possibly because she loved grandpa too much, she was missing him badly. But grandma told her that that she was talking about physical hunger. ("Na, na, ami sei bhalobasar kotha bolchhina. Sorrier to ekta khide ache, sei khideta metas ki kore?)

Sudhadi now realised, grandma didn't know how to pleasure herself by masturbation, when she was missing man's fuck. She decided to be aggressive and told her there are ways, but she was feeling uneasy to tell her those intimate things. ("Byata chheler choda chharao sorirer khide metabar onyo rastao ache. Kintu tomake mashima, oisob osobhyo kotha bolte lojja korchhe.")

"Lojja pachchhis keno? Ami to meye manush." Grandma asked why she was feeling shy when both were women.

She told grandma this thing was to be demonstrated. She was so prim & proper; she didn't even bare her torso when taking massage, not to speak of getting naked. She gave an impression that she didn't undress even with grandpa and did the job by lifting her sari. It was almost impossible to demonstrate the naughty act to her. ("Mashima, ei jinishta na dekhiye dite hoy. Tumi eto sobhyo. Ga adur korona malish korar somoy, nangto hoya to durer kotha. Ami to bhabi tumi meshomashayer samneo nangto haona. Bodhoy sari tule kaj saro. Tomake oi osobhyo kajta dekhai ki kore boloto? ")

Now grandma opened up with a grand smile. She said with grandpa initially she was shy to undress and got fucked by lifting her sari. But now she realised the pleasure of fucking in stark naked condition. If needed for pleasure, she has no problem in standing stark naked. ("Tor meshomoshayer sathe prothom dike lojja petam ar o amake sudhu sari tule chudto. Kintu ekhon udom nangto hoye chodar anando bujhechhi. Anando pabar jonyo jekono samay nangto hoye danriye porte pari.")

Later in the day, grandma went to the bathroom and called Sudhadi in. She asked Sudhadi to undress her but made a condition that she would undress Sudhadi in turn. ("Ne, amake nangto kore de. Kintu tokeo ami nangto korbo.")

As they both got naked, the two women admired each other's body. Grandma at that time had a figure even more beautiful than now. Her body hair had no signs of grey. Sudhadi was much slimmer but her bum was as wide as now. Subhead started with her large nipples. Stage by stage she took her through the full pleasure of woman to woman sex. She visited every corner, armpit, cleavage, breasts, nipples, belly & belly button, thighs, pussy and lastly the asshole. From that day onwards Sudhadi became her confidant in sexual matters. She discussed about what she did with grandpa. Sudhadi gave her all kinds of tips. Later when Sudhdi's hubby died, grandma was particularly eager to meet her sexual urge.

Sudhadi told Nina, if she wished, she could watch her in action with her mom & aunt as also with her grandma. As Nina said she was keen to watch, It was agreed Sudhadi would tell her at the right time. As Nina thanked Sudhadi by a kiss on her cheek, Sudhadi responded by a full kiss on her lips. The kiss started slowly and turned more and more passionate. They were still fully naked and were standing in waist deep water. Their bodies touched and they rubbed their crotches with lot of vigour. They both got very wet. By the time they finished the kiss, their fingers were playing in each other's pussy. Very quickly they climaxed together.

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