tagInterracial LoveRelocation Ch. 04

Relocation Ch. 04


Kyle was waiting for Brooke when she walked down the stairs where he greeting her with a kiss and hugged her tight and said. "Oh . . . My . . . You do look wonderful in that dress and look how nice your body has toned."

Kyle took Brooke's hands and stretched her arms out looking down at her body and smiled than looked into her eyes and said. "Let me give you your present."

Kyle pulled out a tiny package from his suite pocket and gave it to Brooke and said. "Open it and see what I bought you."

Brooke took the package and unwrapped the paper and opened the tiny box and opened her mouth in astonishment as she saw what was inside.

Kyle said. "Take it out of the box and let me see how it looks on you."

Brooke carefully took the jewelry out of its tiny box. It was a silver gold neckless with a rose covered with diamonds. Brooke smiled as Kyle helped place it around her neck and fastened the chain for her.

She smiled at Kyle as he said. "The largest diamonds in the center are more than one-carat which are surrounded by forty smaller diamonds close to a half a carat."

Brooke was speechless as she smiled at Kyle but leaned forward and gave him a hug as he put his arms around her.

Kyle said. "I'm really happy to see you again. You look more beautiful than when I went on my trip."

Brooke replied. "I'm really glad that your back. I couldn't wait to see you again."

Kyle moved a few inches away from Brooke so he could look into her eyes and kissed her on the lips. Brooke returned the kiss which lasted a few seconds while holding his shoulders.

Kyle said. "We better go out to the limo. The driver is waiting to take us to the restaurant."

Kyle took her hand as they walked out to the car and got in the back seat and the driver took off while they sat smiling at each other. Brooke was almost speechless as she waited for Kyle to speak to her.

Kyle finally commented on her dress saying. "I really like the way your dress is cut down here. You look so sexy wearing it. I think you could make anything look sexy with your beautiful figure. I feel very lucky to have you allow me to escort you out to dinner tonight."

The dinner was very formal and they drank fine wine that Kyle personally picked out for the evening. They had made several toasts to their friendship and Brooke corrected him and said. "I feel this is more than a friendship but a start of a wonderful relationship."

Kyle was surprised that Brooke had corrected him but smiled knowing that Alice must have persuaded her into going in that direction.

They were in a special room at the restaurant which Kyle had reserved for this special occasion with Brooke. They were alone except the waiter coming to check on them every few minutes.

Broke had gone to the ladies room and when she returned she walked next to Kyle and leaned over and kissed him with a wet open mouth kiss and took his hand placing it under her dress and allowed Kyle to feel her bare pussy.

He massaged her skin with his fingers looking into her eyes as she said. "I'll have a little present for you later this evening."

Brooke slowly moved away letting Kyle's hand slip out from under her dress and it was just in time because the waiter had just walked back into the room to serve them dinner.

They were eating and smiling at each other when Kyle noticed that Brooke had removed her wedding rings while she was in the ladies room a few minutes ago.

He saw her wearing it when they were in the limo together and thought that she wasn't ready but this was an indication that she wanted to fuck Kyle because she came back and put his hand on her pussy and said that she had a present for him later that evening.

Kyle was trying to read her expression on her face and knew she was trying to hide her feelings about her problems with her husband. Kyle hadn't talked to Alice so he wasn't aware if she had told Brooke that she screwed her husband or maybe she was still guessing.

They finished dinner and got into the limo and traveled back to the mansion. Brooke allowed her dress to hike further up her thigh as she crossed her legs. She was leaning down into her seat with Kyle on the other side of the wrap around seating.

Kyle moved to the seat next to Brook and put his arm around her and kissed her passionately on the lips. Brooke had put her hand down near Kyle's crotch and was massaging his hard shaft through the material as they continued the long kiss.

They arrived at the mansion and had to stop kissing while the driver opened the door and Kyle helped Brooke to her feet.

Kyle's master suite was on the second floor completely on the other side of the mansion from Brooke's suite and they had to walk the same stairway than they walked across a catwalk over the large room to get to his suite.

Brooke glanced down the hallway that went to her suite and wondered if Kevin and Alice were still there screwing.

They finally reached the door and she allowed Kyle to open the door and walked inside when Kyle took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. Brooke circled her arms around Kyle's neck returning the kiss and rubbing her pelvis against his pants. Since he was much taller than Brooke, his cock was poking out near her belly.

Kyle was holding Brooke's ass in his hands as he squeezed her flesh and pulled her closer to his crotch. They stopped kissing and Kyle said. "Let me pour us a drink."

Kyle got them a drink while Brooke sat on a sofa and waited and positioned her self so that her dress was lifted up along the split so her pussy was clearly visible. Kyle gave Brooke her glass and smiled as he saw watch she had done and sat down next to her and put her arm around Brooke.

Kyle took a long swig of his drink and told Brooke to drink hers all down and waited for her to finish and took the glass and put it on the table next to the sofa. Kyle wrapped his arms around Brooke and began to give her a passionate open mouth kiss sending his tongue deep inside her mouth where it mingled with her tongue.

Brooke had put all thoughts of her marriage aside as she boldly put the palm of her hand on Kyle's bulge and massaged his cock. Brooke whispered to Kyle and said. "I really wanted you to fuck me that night at the party and feel how big a black cock felt inside my pussy."

Kyle was gently kissing her lips as he replied. "Honey. I know you've had a lot on your mind concerning your husband and when its time, I want you to be ready for this black cock and take it willingly and worship it as much as I'll worship you."

Brooke was listening to Kyle as he kissed her lips with his and continued saying. "Honey. You have such a beautiful white body that any black man would worship and obey."

Kyle was slowly slipping his hand under her neckline of her dress and began to massage her tit saying. "I just love how full and natural your big white tits are and how soft they feel when I touch them. I want them to belong to me. Brooke . . . I want to be able to touch those wonderful large tits anytime I please because you want to please me."

Brooke was breathing very heavy as she listened to his words and half closed her eyes as he continued to gently kiss her lips.

Kyle kept speaking. "Honey. My big black cock will be yours for your pleasure only and no other woman will ever touch it. It will worship your white pussy and bring you as much pleasure as you desire. It will stretch your pussy and soon your pussy will be mine and my cock will only belong to you."

Kyle tilted his head lower so he could gently kiss her tit and flicker his tongue around her nipple as she pulled his head down into her chest. Kyle shaved his head and her fingers were placed on the very top of his head as she felt his tongue moving around her tit and gently biting the soft skin causing Brooke to stiffen.

Brooke remembered something and casually said. "Kyle. I had something that I wanted to wear for you tonight. Would it be all right if I go back to my suite and put it on for you?"

Kyle moved his face up to Brooke's and kissed her passionately and very wetly pushing his tongue deep into her mouth as she sucked his saliva

Kyle let go of Brooke's tit and looked into her eyes like a little boy begging for candy and said. "Honey. I want you to get anything your little heart desires but first I have a surprise for you that I want to share with you. Please understand that this little present is for you and will insure that I belong to you."

Kyle reached behind the sofa and grabbed a small box and gave it to Brooke and said. "My darling. I bought this for you to use on me because I want to remain faithful to you at all times. I want to be your black stallion. The black stud that will service you and be at your service when you desire me."

Brooke nervously took the box from Kyle and opened the lid and saw shipping paper packed in the box. She slowly put her hand into the box and picked up the object that was wrapped inside the paper and began to unwind it.

Kyle held the box and helped her unroll the paper until the shinny metal object was exposed and resting in Brooke's hand. She smiled at Kyle and asked. "What is this thing and what do I do with it?"

Kyle spoke in a soft voice saying. "Honey. This is a chastity tube and as you can see it has a large metal tube that has been sized for my cock and a loop that will fit around my ball sack with a lock. Here is the Key which you will hold around your neck on your new neckless."

Kyle had a kinky side and Brooke was very surprised and a little stunned with this metal contraption that Kyle had bought.

Kyle took the little Key from Brooke's hand and unlocked the tube than asked Brooke to move forward so he could unsnap her neckless. Kyle gently slipped the key on the chain and fastened the neckless and took her hand and kissed it.

Kyle stood and slipped his pants down leaving himself naked and pointing straight out and turned to Brooke saying. "Honey. Go ahead and put the tube on my cock and I'll show you how to lock it."

Brooke had her own idea and gently took hold of his massive black cock and began stroking it as she looked up into his eyes and said. "I will only be gone a few minutes and than I want to play with this when I get back."

Kyle began to whimper like a little boy saying. "Please. Put it on me so I can show you my devotion for you . . . Please. I'll help you put it on."

Brooke smiled at Kyle and said. "OK. Let me try and get this on you."

Brooke was able to slip the tube onto Kyle's big cock and slipped the tub all the way down and Kyle showed her how to snap the loop around his ball sack and took her fingers and helped her snap the lock in place.

Brooke smiled at Kyle and stood next to him and said. "Is that what you wanted for me to do to you? You're all mine now."

Kyle kissed her lips than her shoulder and picked up her hand and kissed her fingers saying. "Honey. This is getting me so excited knowing that I belong to a beautiful white woman to be used for her pleasure as she desires."

Brooke rubbed her fingers around his confined cock and rubbed her thumb over the large mushroom head sticking out of the metal tube and gave Kyle a passionate kiss and said. "Let me go and change into something more appealing for you and I'll be right back."

Brooke gently pushed Kyle back onto the sofa and slipped his shoes along with his pants off his legs and tossed them on the floor and leaned over and kissed him again saying. "Mommy will be right back for you."

Brooke walked out of the room and down the hall crossing the open stairway leading to her suite. She smiled to herself as she thought about Kyle and how kinky he was turning out to be. She didn't mind and in fact she thought it was very exciting and arousing.

Brooke unlocked her door and saw Alice and Kevin seated naked on the sofa drinking wine. Brooke shut the door and walked past them not saying a word.

Brooke took her dress off and hung it in the closet and opened a drawer and pulled out a black corset and started to slip it on when Alice walked into the closet saying. "What's wrong? Why aren't you with Kyle? Is something wrong?"

Brooke only said. "Help me put this on."

Brooke held it up to her chest as Alice hooked the tiny eye hooks at the back of the corset and when she finished, Brooke took a pair of black stocking out of the drawer and walked over to a chair and sat down and slipped out of her heels.

Brooke slipped the silk stockings onto her legs and fastened the garter belt hooks until she had both legs finished and slipped her heels back on and walked over to her dresser and squirted a dab of perfume around her cleavage and pussy.

Alice touched Brooke's shoulder and said. "Please talk to me. I'm really sorry you saw me fucking your brother. I didn't think you would mind."

Brooke turned and gave Alice a hug and kissed her on the cheek and said. "Alice. Don't worry about it, just take care of him. I'm late. I have to get back to Kyle before he wonders where I'm at and gets worried."

Brooke walked out into the living room and directly in front of her husband and said. "Kevin. It's your job to make sure that all the women here are clean shaven and taking their birth control pills. I need you to check me."

She moved close enough for him to touch her pussy and waited for Kevin to inspect her. He leaned forward but didn't respond to her order and repeated herself saying. "Kevin. I need you to check my pussy. Kyle is waiting for me and he is going to be upset if I'm any later."

Brooke had to finally take hold of his hand and placed his palm on her mound and moved his fingers across her soft skin and said. "Well? ....Does it meet your standards? ....Does it feel nice and smooth? .....Do you think Kyle will enjoy it . . . Kyle doesn't like to fuck women with stubbles?"

She leaned forward looking into his eyes and said. "Kevin . . . Do you think Kyle will like me? ....Are you going to ask me if I'm taking my birth control pills? .....Yes . . . Kevin . . . I'm taking my birth control pills so I don't get myself pregnant with a black baby . . . "

Brooke took both her hands now and moved Kevin's finger to her wet pussy slit and said. "Take a look . . . I'm already wet thinking about Kyle's black cock stretching me open . . . Feel it Kevin . . . It won't feel that tight in the morning . . . It will look all red and puffy when you see it next time and it might even be gaping open after taking Kyle's huge black cock in me."

She pushed his hand away and said. "Now if you're done, I have to go and take care of my man. He is waiting impatiently for me to return so he can please me."

Kevin didn't say a word but only looked at Brooke in shock and hurt as Alice sat down next to him as Brooke walked out the door. Brooke had made her point to Kevin and hoped he spent the rest of the night thinking about it while he is screwing Alice. He better like that black pussy because that was all he was going to get from now on.

Brooke approached the door of Kyle's master suite and adjusted the corset around her tits making sure they looked even and opened the door and walked inside. Kyle was standing totally naked with the metal chastity tube shining in the dim light.

Kyle smiled saying. "Honey . . . You Look fabulous in that corset . . . I love the black stockings and the garter straps."

Brooke smiled as she walked closer to him moving very seductively and spun around slowly so he could get a good look at her. She was close enough to rub the palm of her hands on his chest and kissed his nipples licking little circles and leaving them wet with saliva.

Brooke looked into Kyle's eyes and held his chin with her fingers saying. "You're my black stallion and I can do whatever I want with you. Get down on your knee's and kiss my pussy."

Brooke was having fun playing with Kyle as she watched him obey her and got down on his knees and put his nose on her mound and sniffed her before he began licking her soft skin and as much of her pussy slit as he could from this angle.

Brooke moaned. "Oh . . . Yeah . . . Good . . . Boy . . . That's it . . . Lick Mommy really good . . . I love to feel your tongue on her pussy."

Kyle was moaning and whining like a little boy enjoying candy as he expertly moved his tongue Brooke's slit. He looked up into her eyes to see how she was enjoying it and said. "Is Mommy pleased with the why Kyle is licking her nice white pussy?"

Brooke smiled saying. "Yes . . . Darling . . . Kyle is doing a really good job on Mommy's pussy. Take me into the bedroom and Mommy will let you like her some more."

Kyle stood and Brooke held her hand out as if they were going to walk but Kyle quickly picked Brooke up and carried her into the bedroom and laid her gently on the bed making sure her head reached the pillow and said. "Mommy . . . May I lick your nice white pussy again?"

Brooke smiled and decided to tease him. "Have you been a good boy for Mommy while you were gone?"

Kyle replied. "Oh. Yes . . . Mommy's black stud was a very good boy while I was gone. I thought about Mommy ever minute of the day and how badly I wanted to put my black cock into Mommy and fuck Mommy and make her feel really good."

Brooke responded. "You'll have plenty of time to fuck Mommy as long as you're good and you show Mommy how much you love her."

Kyle leaned over and kissed Brooke's face and traveled around her neck giving her chills as he licked his way down to her shoulders and where her tits were poking out above the corset.

Brooke said. "Unhook my garter hooks and remove my stockings and shoes so you can like my feet."

Kyle slowly unfastened the hooks and slipped each stocking down and unbuckled her heels and took them off putting them along the floor next to the bed. Kyle licked Brooke's thigh and moved to the opposite thigh and traveled down past her knee licking his way to her ankle and lifted her foot and began to kiss her toes causing Brooke to giggle.

Kyle took his time licking Brooke foot kissing her heel and gently licking the entire bottom until he reached her toea and poked his tongue between the little toe and sometimes it caused Brooke to laugh but she tried to restrain herself as too not distract Kyle.

Brooke was watching the expression on Kyle's face knowing he was enjoying himself to the fullest. She was also looking how handsome he was with his shaved head and the extremely black shade of his skin was such a big contrast to her pale white skin.

Her body got a tingling sensation causing her to get little bumps throughout her body as she concentrated on the difference of their skin color. Brooke got really excited when she was at the party a couple weeks ago watching the other interracial couple screwing on the floor.

From that moment Brooke wanted to know what it would look like watching a large black cock entering her pussy for the first time. She wanted to experience this for herself and knew it wouldn't be very long before she found out what a good lover Kyle would be tonight.

Kyle was twenty-five years older than Brooke but he was in such great shape with rippling muscles and a flat stomach and large masculine legs. His shoulders were broad and his arms were huge and almost as thick as one of her legs. He dwarfed Brooke in size and his extremely dark shade of black enhanced her excitement.

Brooke relaxed as she watched Kyle work on her other foot now and smiled at him and said. "You're such a good boy for taking care of Mommy. I'll have a big reward for you later if you do a really good job."

She allowed Kyle to lick her feet a little longer than sat up and said. "Why don't you unhook these little clasps on the back of my corset and you can like my tits and belly?"

Kyle moved himself around so he could unhook the clasps and he gently gave them a tug until the corset sprung free and she helped him remove it allowing her large tits to fall free.

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