tagInterracial LoveRelocation Ch. 05

Relocation Ch. 05


Brooke walked into the suite looking around but there wasn't any sign of Kevin or Alice. Rose was waiting for her in the bedroom and the first thing she did was give a birth control pill to Brook.

Brooke could always depend on Rose to be there for her for everything she needed. Rose helped Brooke and removed the shirt that belonged to Kyle and looked at Brooke's breasts and saw the red bit marks.

She smiled at Brooke saying. "It appears to me that you had a good time last night with Kyle. Let me get a tube of ointment and put some on your breasts for you."

Brooke followed Rose into the bathroom where she got a tube and pushed out a little of the cream and started to rub it into Brooke's skin. She leaned down and saw the way Brooke's pussy had become swollen and said. "I think your just going to have to wait until the swelling goes away down there. This cream isn't supposed to be used internally."

Rose applied a little lotion around Brooke's pussy mound and said. "You're late for your workout at the gym today. They called for you and I told them you would be there as soon as you got back."

Brooke had a look of disapproval in her eyes as she replied. "Oh. Rose. I'm so tired from the workout I got last night. Can't I skip maybe one day?"

Rose smiled at her and said. "You better go and work out, it will do you some good and make you feel a lot better. When you come back, you can go in there and lie down for a while."

Brooke remembered what Kyle said about moving some of her things to his suite and said. "Oh. Kyle wants me to move some of my things over to his suite and I was wondering if you could help me?"

Rose just smiled as she replied. "Don't be silly. I'll have your things moved for you today."

Brooke replied. "Maybe we'll take just a few things."

Rose said. "If Kyle said he wants your things moved than he was referring to everything. I'll leave a couple things here for you but we'll take everything you need with you."

Brooke changed into her workout clothes and went down and spent the next two hours there. Rose met her down stairs when she finished and walked back to Kyle's suite with her saying. "I had all of your things brought over to Kyle's suite while you were working out. I'll help you pack everything away once you take your bath."

Brooke had a shocked expression on her face and Rose knew what she was worried about and held her hand as they walked up the stairway.

Rose opened the door to Kyle's suite and said. "Honey. Kevin is going to find out your staying here so it really doesn't matter how much that you leave at your suite."

It had been two week since Brooke had moved into Kyle's suite. She worked out every day, and Kyle screwed her every night. Kyle had sent Kevin on so many day errands that she hardly saw him and when she did it was only at the dinner party's or from a distance.

Kyle had made one change since she had moved into his suite and that was having Kevin check her pussy each day.

Brooke had spoken to Alice several times since that last night she witnessed her and Kevin fucking. They hadn't been able to discuss anything intimate because they were always with people who worked at the mansion.

Brooke felt she really didn't have to know any more about Alice's relationship with Kevin because she felt she had heard enough that night when Kevin told Alice he loved her.

Brooke finally went back to the suite she shared with Kevin to get a few things that were left behind and found the place empty. She looked in Kevin's room and saw a pair of heels along the bed and she was sure they belonged to Alice.

She returned to her old room and found a box sitting in the corner on the floor. She opened the lid and saw the things she came for neatly packed inside. She thought to herself. "Looks as if they expected her to stay with Kyle."

She stood and walked into the closet and saw all of Alice's things hanging neatly with shoes along the floor. Brooke's hearted raced as her thoughts about Kevin and herself kept circling her head.

She started to turn to walk out of the closet and was scared out of her wits only to find Kevin standing in the closet doorway.

Brooke said. "I just came back to get the rest of my things. I see that someone already packed everything for me."

Brooke tried to walk past him but he grabbed her shoulders and she began to cry. Kevin tried to hug Brooke as he said. "Everything happened so fast that I didn't stop to realize what was happening to us."

Brooke continued to cry and get around him as she said. "Please. Just let me get my things so I can go."

Kevin kept holding her and trying to get Brooke to listen to him as they struggled for several seconds until she finally just stood crying as Kevin hugged her tight.

Brooke was still trying to get past him but Kevin insisted they talk but she was so intent on leaving that she started hitting his chest and did so a few times until she began crying than responded by wrapping her arms around him

They both broke down crying as they hugged each other for several minutes as Brooke cried as she said sobbingly. "It's my fault that we're not together. I only wanted us to have something we could never afford. I wanted us to be happy and now all this. What are we going to do?"

Kevin kissed her face as she sobbed saying. "I know. We were both at fault. I didn't want to lose you to anybody."

They kissed several times and kept hugging each other as they tried to figure out what had gone so wrong in their marriage that they both turned to other lovers.

Brooke and Kevin talked as they tried to figure out their lives and discussed everything that had happen since they moved into the mansion to work for Kyle. They had mixed emotions toward each other and both felt betrayal in their marriage.

Talking soon turned into arguing and Brooke finally had enough saying. "I better get my things and leave."

Brooke picked up the box and started for the door but stopped short of leaving and sat the box down and hugged Kevin one last time and said. "We'll talk about this later. I still love you."

Kevin kissed Brooke as he replied. "Honey. I love you to and miss you. When can we see each other and talk again?"

Brooke replied. "I'll let you know. I better leave before Kyle begins to wonder what's going on in here."

Brooke hurriedly picked up the box and walked out the door and it was apparent that she was concerned about getting caught talking with Kevin.

Brooke was combing her hair at her vanity getting the tangles out of her long blonde hair. She was starring at the little jewelry box that sat next to her perfume. That was the box where her wedding rings were stored and every other day she opened it when Kyle was gone.

It had been nine months since she last spoke to Kevin when she picked up the last of her things from her old room. It almost seemed as if Kyle kept Kevin away from her because it always appeared that he was either coming or going when she saw him briefly each time from a distance.

It didn't help the matter any when Kevin moved out of the mansion and into Alice's apartment soon after she had gone. It had been so long since their lives where changed and Brooke had cried for several weeks when they split up.

Brooke had never considered a divorce because she always had the thought in her mind that they would get back together. Maybe it was something she would have to reconsider.

Alice kept her distance as well and she never tried to contact Brooke after Kevin moved in with her. Brooke felt she must feel guilty about the situation.

Brooke was trying to hold on to the only life she had for the past few months. She blamed herself for allowing her marriage to crumble. Why did she allow Alice to steal Kevin away from her? Brooke seldom thought about it unless she starred at the little jewelry box.

She had a new life now and had to stop thinking about the past and about any possibility of her and Kevin getting back together. Her relationship with Kyle had grown the past few months and Kyle gave her everything she had ever dreamed of having. They were things she wanted to share with Kevin.

It was still morning and getting late as Kyle walked up behind her as she sat naked combing her hair and slowly encircled her with his big arms and he cupped her tits in his hands and said. "You are so beautiful sitting there, like a white Goddess."

She leaned back kissing him on the lips feeling his tongue probing her mouth and waiting for her response. Brooke never disappointed Kyle as their tongues mingled until she broke the kiss saying. "You taste like coffee."

Kyle continued to massage Brooke's large white breasts as he replied. "I have to have my coffee in the morning along with my vanilla desert."

Kyle adored Brooke and there wasn't anything he wouldn't give her. Kyle even allowed her to make her own decision on what she wanted to wear. It was a completely different approach than what he had first demanded.

Although Brooke still dressed sexily, she had her own style and Kyle respected and encouraged her to buy the things that she wanted. Brooke also made the decision about sex and still carried the key for his chastity tube. Kyle still wore the tube almost daily and kept insisting that Brooke allowed him to wear it.

Brooke ruled the nest when it came to having sex with Kyle. Brooke wouldn't admit it to Kyle but he had spoiled her with his method of making love. He was so considerate making sure she was comfortable and fulfilled. Brooke would never admit to him that she was in control but she knew she had Kyle wrapped around her finger with her sexual power.

She had become very accustomed to his huge size and was able to take him inside her now without any pain or discomfort. Her fascination for interracial sex intensified their love making and just like on their first night, she loved watching his black cock entering her white pussy.

Kyle kissed Brooke once more before leaving on a business meeting leaving Brooke but just before leaving said. "One of the men are coming up here to fix the shower door later this morning. It might be a good idea to put something on before they get here."

After all these months' Rose finally left for another job out west and Brooke was without a good friend any longer. Rose had taken care of most of Brooke's personal things for her.

Brooke laughed to herself as she remembered how Rose would make sure that she took a birth control pill each day. As a matter of fact, the pill pack was sitting right in front of her next to a little glass of orange juice she had poured before sitting down to comb her hair.

There was a sudden knock on the door which startled Brooke as she yelled. "I'll be right there."

Brooke hurried and picked up a satin red teddy that was laying on a nearby chair and slipped it over her head. She looked for her robe but decided the teddy was going to have to do right now and walked over and opened the door just enough to see who it was.

Brooke was stunned when she saw Kevin standing in the doorway and smiled at him and said. "Kevin . . . How are you doing? ....Ah . . . I . . . Yeah . . . I haven't seen you in so long."

Kevin returned a smile at Brooke saying. "Yeah . . . Nice to see you . . . You look wonderful . . . How are you doing."

Brooke kept smiling as she said. "Kevin . . . Come in and sit down. It's really nice to see you."

Kevin was embarrassed as he replied. "Actually. I'm here to fix the shower door for you. I won't stay long or get in your way."

Brooke closed the door as Kevin walked on and said. "Don't be silly, please come and sit down and talk to me for a while."

Brooke walked toward the vanity where she had been combing her hair and pulled up a seat near the stool she was sitting on and said. "Come here and sit down with me."

Brooke was sort of surprised that Kevin sat down with her as she sat down on the stool in front of him and realized that her teddy was barely covering her pussy and crossed her legs as she smiled at Kevin.

Brooke asked the first question saying. "So. How are you and Alice doing at your new place?"

Kevin replied starring at Brooke's tits which were barely being covered by the thin material of the teddy. "Alice is doing well, and she has a job working at a jewelry shop in South Beach."

Kevin was glancing at the glass of orange juice sitting on the vanity and mentioned. "Alice mentioned to me that she wants to have children someday."

Brooke looked embarrassed as she picked the little pill up and put it in her mouth and swallowed it down with the orange juice than smiled at Kevin saying. "I was supposed to take that pill first thing this morning and it's just been sitting there all this time . . . "

Brooke, hesitantly smiled and sort of reluctantly added. "Kyle wouldn't give it a thought to pull out before he . . . He . . . Well . . . You know what I mean . . . "

Kevin starred down at Brooke's legs as he nodded his head knowing what she meant. Brooke was nervous and didn't know how to really follow up as to what she had just said to the man who was still her husband.

Brooke said. "So. Alice has been talking about children? Does this mean that you want a divorce?"

Brooke really didn't know why she said it but had a look of panic in her eyes as she saw the reaction that Kevin had just given her. He was wiping his eyes and stood up saying. "I better take a look at that shower door now before Kyle returns."

Brooke stood and said. "Kevin. Let me go in there with you and see if I can be of some help."

Kevin was nervous being alone with Brooke especially the way she was dressed in the skimpy little teddy.

Kevin moved the shower door along the track and pulled a screw driver from his pocket and found something broke and said. "I'm going to have to come back up here with a new bracket for this."

Kevin was holding the little thing in his hand and Brooke reached out and took his hand in hers as she looked at the tiny bracket and said. "Oh. It's so small. It must have worn out or something."

Brooke was looking into Kevin's eyes as she held his hand and slowly leaned forward until they kissed. The tiny little peek lasted for a second than their lips were locked together as they wrapped their arms around each another.

Kevin's hands had lowered to Brooke's bare ass and he squeezed her gently as they continued to kiss. Brooke's hands were holding him tight as they finally broke the kiss as Kevin said. "I better get going now."

Brooke kissed him agin as she said. "Kevin . . . Wait . . . I don't want you to go yet."

Kevin was holding her hips with the palm's of his hands as he admired his wife's body. He had almost forgotten how beautiful she was with her large full breasts followed by her tiny waist which flared out into nice hips and round ass and last were her long shapely legs.

Kevin finally insisted on leaving saying. "Brooke. I better go and get that bracket and fix this door before Kyle gets back and wonders what is going on."

Brooke didn't want him to leave and Kevin was trying to hide his feeling toward her and walked out of the suite but turned to her as he held up the bracket and said. "I'll come back as soon as I find one of these things. If you're not here, I'll use my key to get in."

Brooke was still standing there as she watched the door shut behind him. Her thoughts drifted back to what he had said about Alice talking about children. Brooke hadn't experienced these feelings in months but her mind seemed to be bouncing around at the moment.

She and Kevin really didn't have any closure to their relationship and it still hurt when it was brought back up into her face. She knew that Kevin had to be experiencing the same feelings that she was.

Later that afternoon, Brooke was returning from shopping and met Kyle as she walked through the front door. He immediately helped Brooke with her packages and gave her a kiss saying. "You must have bought out the store again?"

Brooke smiled as she hugged Kyle pushing her tits into his chest. Kyle loved the way she teased him throughout the day. Most of the teasing resulted in spontaneous sex. They kissed more passionately as Brooke whispered into Kyle's mouth saying. "Why don't you meet me upstairs in fifteen minutes?"

Kyle rubbed his hands on Brooke's nice round ass and replied. "Go ahead and get ready for me and I'll be up there in a few minutes."

Brooke returned to the suite carrying her packages and managed to open the door but found it ajar and wondered how it got left open. She was sure she had closed the door tight before she left this morning.

Brooke figured that Kyle must have been up there and didn't close it tight as she hurried and laid everything down on the chair and kicked off her slip on heels and pulled her shorts down her hips and pulled off her top.

Brooke opened a drawer and found a black thong and stepped into it and wiggled her hips until she had it adjusted covering her bare pussy. She fluffed her hair and stepped over to a mirror and checked her face.

She sat in the stool in front of the vanity mirror and applied red lip stick and frantically searched for Kyle's favorite perfume.

Brooke had remembered that she had left it on the bathroom vanity and stood and ran into the bathroom trying to get ready before Kyle came in.

Brooke's tits were swaying as she ran into the bathroom and quickly found her perfume on the vanity and squirted it around her navel and neck and looked into the mirror and screamed. "Oh my God . . . Kevin . . . What on Earth . . . You can't be in here right now . . . You have to get out before Kyle catches you in here."

Kevin starred at Brooke's naked tits and glanced down at her thong and began to reply as the door shut coming into the suite.

Brooke panicked and said. "Kevin . . . Stay in here and be quite."

Brooke immediately ran out to greet Kyle leaving Kevin in the shower. He had come back to finish repairing the shower door and was just about ready to leave when Brooke walked in.

Kevin could hear Brooke talking to Kyle as he stood in the shower stall hoping the man wouldn't come into the bathroom and find him there. All he could do at the moment was to wait until they had gone.

Kevin thought that Brooke would need a few minutes to get dressed and they would be on their way. He would think that she would be smart enough to keep him from using the bathroom. He stayed very quite in the corner of the shower stall and unlike what he had hoped, Kyle walked into the bathroom and stood in front of the toilet.

Kyle began to pee sending a huge stream into the toilet as Kevin stood very still listening to the tall black man pissing. Kevin thought to himself that it sounded like a garden hose shooting water into the bowl.

Kevin moved his head an inch around the corner and saw that Kyle was standing naked in front of the commode and saw Kyle's huge cock squirting pee from the very tip. Kevin thought the head resembled a small door knob and the entire shaft was thick.

Kyle had finished and was washing his hands and walked out of the bathroom relieving Kevin as he took a deep breath. Kevin was thinking that they must be getting dressed to go out to an early dinner so he slipped himself down and sat at the bottom of the stall and looked at his watch.

Kevin sat thinking how nicely his wife's large tits stuck straight out without any sagging. He could hear them talking and heard Brooke laughing for the next several minutes. He could still hear some movement out in the bedroom as he looked at his watch again.

It had been fifteen minutes and he could still hear them so he sat very frustrated on the bottom of the shower floor for another twenty minutes until it seemed very quite. Kevin slowly stood than gently slipped the door open and walked out of the stall.

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