tagNonConsent/ReluctanceReluctance Ch. 01

Reluctance Ch. 01


"You are incredibly beautiful," I say, my eyes roving over your form. I have been with you all evening, but everytime I look at you it is like I am seeing you for the first time. I appreciate the way your green dress frames your positively succulent ass. Your high heeled boots make your legs stick in my mind. My mouth waters at your bountiful cleavage. My nostrils fill with your scent, making me light headed, as my hand runs up the back of your neck massaging the back of your scalp as they play through you strawberry blonde locks.

"Don't be stupid," you mutter with a slight moan at the movement of my fingers through your hair. "I am far from beautiful." You spin around a lock me with your steely blue eyes. They have their usual effect, and make my knees into jelly. This time for some reason they also fill me with an inconceivable lust.

My hand now behind your head slides down to your throat. I push you roughly against your door, and take a step towards you. Your eyes show your confusion as I press my lips to yours with a passion you haven't felt from me before.

You return my kiss with a moan, as your arms wrap involuntarily around my neck. I feel your breasts press into my chest, and I know you want me.

I break the kiss, and my free right hand moves down your stomach to the edge of your dress. Your eyes open wide as you suddenly realise what's happening as my fingers find their way past the edge of your panties.

"What are you doing?" You ask breathlessly, as your arms come from around my neck and push away at my shoulders.

"Making you mine." I say in a voice you don't recognize.

"You can't! What about my boyfr... Oooooh" Your thought cut off as my fingers dance their way past your squeezing legs. They bury themselves in your wet pussy, as you moan and try to push me away.

"Do you want me to stop? All you have to do is say 'stop' and I will leave without another word." I whisper low in your ear.

"We shouldn't do thii... Ohhhhh gggggod.... but I have a... mmmmmm..." you try to form a protest as my fingers push into and pull out of you.

Your arms are still pushing at my shoulders, and while they are having very little effect on my seduction, I find them less than ideal. My hand on your neck takes first one and then your other hand, pushing them above your head and pinning them to the door with a soft thud.

Your mind keeps struggling to find a reason not to let me take you, but your body and I whisper sweet seductions, as the pleasure has its effect.

"I am going to make you into my personal slut. Would you like that?" I rumble softly in your ear.

"Yesssss... I mean no! We shouldn't... oooooh yes!" You groan as I push a third finger into your tight cunt.

"Mmm you are so tight, I'm going to enjoy feeling you stretch around my cock." I intone softly your ear.

"We ca... aaaah... I mean we must no... oooo... sooo good..." You as you grind yourself on my hand. My fingers meanwhile have found your most sensitive g-spot and rub it sensuously.

"AH! OH ggggod... sooo GOOD" You scream as I do my best to turn you on.

"Maybe we should take this inside So I can give you my full attention." I say with a smirk as I notice you have stopped struggling quite so fiercely.

You nod, as I release your hands and turn the knob on the door. It swings inward and I grab your ass and lead you quickly into your bedroom. I help you unlatch your bra as you drop your wet panties fall to the floor. I help you out of your dress and push you onto your bed. You are now lying on your back with your high boots still clinging to your legs.

I stumble now, as your body is simply breathtaking. Your figure makes my pulse quicken, and my My breath does it fact catch in my throat as I see you lying there, with a look of confused horniness on your face.

I don't let you stop to think, as you might make a poor decision and ask me to stop. That is the last thing I want, I simply must have you. I get on my knees on the side of your bed and pull your hips to meet my face. I drape your booted calves over my shoulders and move in closer. My left hand remains on your hip as my right finds its way back to your cunt. I look up with my fingers between your lips and my breath on your clit.

"Its a good thing your 'boyfriend' is away, otherwise this could have been awkward." I tease with a smirk.

Sudden memory floods your mind and I relish the look of confusion leave, as you almost have time to think about stopping me before I plunge two fingers into your warm, tight, pink center.

"OOOOOH GOD!" you moan as you feel me take your hard clit between my lips. Your hands try to push my head away for a moment to think, but this just drive me onward.

I hum a deep low bass, and you feel it in your clit, as my tongue circles it. My fingers inside you find your g-spot and resume the small circles they left outside. I like the sounds you make as I pleasure you, but I simply love the effects your moral indecision produce. Your legs pull me in, while your hands push me away. Your rational mind tries to form the words necessary to stop me, while your body relishes the pleasure.

"Oh please! aughhh... We should really ... mmmmm OOOH... OH... YES... JUST... LIKE... THAT" You scream as your mind realizes it wants this too.

"Do you like me buried between your legs?" I ask from just above your pussy, my face wet with your juices.

"FUCK yes! It feels... AAAAMMAAAAZING!"

I resume licking and sucking your hard little clit, finding the best patterns to push you over the edge. I feel you getting close, your back arches and fingers dig deep into my hair. I hum again as you reach the peak of your pleasure.

"Yes! just like that! I'm going to... I'm COMING!!" You let out a piercing scream as you begin to trash on the bed. I keep up my tempo and do my best to extend your momentous orgasm. You thrash for what feels like an age, but as you slow so do I. My fingers moving slowly in and out as I release your clit.

I stand up and let my pants fall to the floor as you hungrily pull my shirt over my head. My rock hard erection is now staring you full in the face, its tip glistening with precum. I see you lick your lips as you lean back and shoot me a 'come hither' stare.

"Are you ready to become my cock-slut?" I ask with a truly wicked grin

I keep your booted legs over both of my shoulders as I climb onto the bed. I position my cock at the entrance of your pussy.

"YESSS.... Make me yours! Make me your dirty little cock-slut" You moan as you try to pull my cock into your pussy.

I push slowly in, just a bit as a time, I savor the look of fear as you begin to feel its girths spreading you out. I work it in slowly, letting your juices coat it thoroughly as I stretch you out.

"ohhhh YES!" you cry out. Your legs wrapped around my neck, your nails diggin into my buttocks, pulling me in deeper. You moan as you feel every inch of me push into you, slowly but surely. You feel me push in until my cock is pressing against your cervix.

"So what does my little cock-slut think? Does she like my cock?" I ask when I am fully in.

"mmmm OH yessss... I LOVE it" you say as your hips roll and you explore the way my cock fills you.

"Beg me to pound your pussy. Show me how much you want it." I growl as I pull all the way out.

"Please FUCK me. I want to feel you THRUST into me. Fuck me like the animal I am." you practically roar at me with a ferocious look in your eyes.

At that I proceed to screw you, slowly and surely. I push into you inch by inch and withdraw the same way. You moan and writhe as you push against me trying to get me to fuck you faster.

"Ohhhh what does my little slut want?" I tease.

"I want you to fuuuuuck me. Fuck me like the animal I aaaaaaammm" You say as my slow fucking continues.

"Oh like an animal?"

I pull out to your sound of disappointment. But I am rewarded to your purrs of pleasure as I flip you over and force you onto your hands and knees. Without ceremony I push into you from behind. I grab onto your hips as you bite your lip in an attempt to contain your moans as I fuck you like a dog.

"OH fuck... yes... I love getting taken from behind... FUCK ME!!" You let out with a low moan while I take you from behind. You roll your hips getting the most out of every thrust as I move a hand up and take your hair pulling your head back and exposing your throat.

"You are my slut now. How does it feel to get fucked like a bitch in heat." the growl comes from deep in my chest.

"It... feelss... so... GOOOD... OH... YESSSS... FUCK ME... like an ANIMAL!!! AUUUGH." You moan as a shudder indicates you are closing on another orgasm.

"MMM you want me to come with you?" I ask, "Fill you like the slut you are?"

"OOOOH... yesss... come with me!... I want to feel you... as I come on your COCK!" You shudder and moan as I fuck you all the harder.

I release you hair and grab your hips once again, fucking you with as much as you can take. Every moan you make, the sound of every thrust build into a crescendo and I feel myself following just behind it.

"Oh yes... I'm going to come... AGAIN... OOOOOOH GGGGOD... come with MEE... AAAHHH... I'M COMING!" You shout and scream as I feel your cunt clench down around my cock. I push into you one final time as my orgasm overtakes me. You feel my climax within you and my hard jerking cock stimulates you. Your wave crashes and your moans begin to die down.

We are both breathing heavily as I withdraw and pat your ass. I lay down next to you as you collapse, your head on my chest.

"I think we both needed that." I grunt as my eyes begin to close. I hear you mumble something unintelligible as we both drift off to that deep sleep that follows a good fuck.

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