tagNonConsent/ReluctanceReluctance: Peeper's Paradise

Reluctance: Peeper's Paradise


The freezing wind whips through his jacket as he walked the back alleys of Times Square. Mind full of his surrounding his insomnia was acting up again forcing him out into the winter nightlife. Bored with the clubs in Chinatown he wondered down to the bright lights of Broadway. Even in this late hour he had to avoid the large crowds. Crossing the street passing a peep show the doorman, if you can call him that, yells the wares of the sleazy place.

"Live girls, folks! Fat ones; short ones, blondes and brunettes. One to fit all your taste cum on in!"

Curious, Mateo stops then turns back, something to do for about five minutes and warm up. Looking the place over he was right from the start, sleazy. A dark, cramped admission booth complete with Christmas lights with a turnstile and buzz in door, not very promising at all. Entering the main room stale cigarettes and liquor assaults his nose, typical go-go music blares into his ears. On the stage a gothic chick slides into a split then slithers up the stage. Many of the patrons ignore the girl on stage as a private dancer gyrates directly in their face. Indifference beings to settle within him; this place was quickly becoming a waste of time. Looking up he sees the signs to the private booths, by passing the scene going directly to the back.

Down another narrow hallway he finally finds an unlocked door. Checking the room for any unwanted visitors he settles into the cheep chair. To his right he sees the machine to open the window. Per the instructions a dollar a minute, singles only, smirking he could easily guess it was rigid to short change the customer. Sighing he feeds the machine, loudly creaking the door opens revealing three women in the middle of their act, playing hospital.

A voluptuous blond bends over the patient, a light skinned black girl, pretending to take her temperature, rectally. Ass in the air the hospital gown gives a great view of firm flesh; a small Asian girl in a lab coat begins to disagree with the nurse. For the remaining four minutes the poor patient is placed into several disadvantaging positions and they all lose their clothing. Just as the naked confused and pouting patient opens her full lips for more abuse the door closes. Chuckling he admits he's hooked and feeds the machine more money.

An hour and seventy dollars later the act breaks. Over the loud speak the new act announced, "That was gentleman, the voluptuous Snowflake as the nurse, Budda as the innocent patient and Lotus as the doctor. Now the lovely Sister Ann and Henna."

The lights dim for a moment and each occupant could see the other across the closed stage. Pulling back his eyes narrow just as his annoyance beings to reach its peak the stage lights come one. The new prop is an old scared desk with a pale strict looking nun. As the music blares a she seemingly screams turning pink. Moving back she to franticly waving her arms around pointing to the desk. Slowly a pink haired woman crawls from underneath, bashfully wiping her face. Complete in a sexy school uniform her head is bowed hands clasped in front. The Sister Ann tries to clothes her habit instead it inconveniently falls off reveling a tiny leather bra and panty set. Roughly bringing Henna to her knees they both begin to pray. Both cross themselves demurely, Henna seems to plead with Sister Ann.

Evilly she smiles forcing poor Henna to brace her hands on the desk then as if to hear the other side of the stage she nods then raises Henna on top of the desk. Annoyingly the door slides down. Quickly feeding the machine Mateo finds them in the middle of a spanking scene. After four spanks Sister Ana makes Henna move to a different position for each side of the room to see Henna's flaming ass. Sobbing the pink curls bounce with each hit, then she winks. After a time the Sister Ann seems to become exhausted and leaves the poor girl on top of the desk. Slinking partial up stage she drops to her knees pleading to the heavens then begins to simulate as if masturbating. Playing with what seems to be rosary beads she crouches tangling the beads around her wrists and withering.

Henna begins to work the back stage of the crowd, slowly stripping showing the marks of discipline to the audience with a smirk. Skipping to each window she give a quick personal peek of her firm ass with multiple handprints. Licking his lips she turns to blow a kiss. Reaching down he begins to stroke himself. Using the chair she slowly strips, with each article of clothing she bounces with such an innocent naughty smirk playing with her audience. At one point curling up to lick her thighs, he moans. Arching back she brings her ample breasts together. Counter balancing on the chair the lights catches the sparkles on her legs slowly opening wide then wrap around the back locking her ankles. Her sweet pink curls brush against the floor as she gyrates. Heat begins to flare in his booth; opening his collar he leans forward. Glancing at the machine he fed more money. Then snatches a tissue from the low shelf to wipe the sweat from his brow.

The tempo of the song began to pick up eyes closed in bliss she follows. Her sweet tanned skin begins to sheen as she works the chair. As if someone was fucking her from behind she bounces. For another twenty minutes she bucks, licks and bites the chair. Breathing heavily his body is locked in a war to release. Groaning he cusses, his balls feel tight shifting further back his hand begins to work faster. Finally Sister Ann appears behind her grabbing Henna's thigh she rams the chair into her. Looking closely Mateo see Henna's stomach jump. Biting her bottom lip she seems to convulse as the nun dry humps her against the chair. Opening her mouth he comes. The door slides closed.

Settling down he scowls, she was good. She played him well too well. He gave her credit she wasn't sleazy just decadent with a hint of twisted humor. Maybe this evening won't be such a waste after all. Looking down in disgust he wiped his hand clean. At least this place gave free napkins as he tossed them into the trash bin in the corner of the room. Straightening his clothes he turns to leave. He needed a drink now. Passing some doors they begin to open. He was glad it was dark; he could only imagine what else went on within these closed doors. Settling down on a warn stool, carefully leaning over he catches the bartender's attention then inquires about a personal show and a drink. Smirking the bartender shakes his head.

Grabbing payment for the drink he leans near Mateo's to be heard. "Sorry buddy she doesn't do lap dances anymore."

Intrigued his left eyebrow lifts. "Isn't that how they make their money?"

Shaking his head in agreement "Yeah but she brings more to the table than just a piece of ass." Now his curiosity was further peaked.

Back stage within the women's locker room, Delia Salerno aka Henna starts to wipe the makeup off her body. Another night will be coming to a close and she will go back to her daily routine of an auto claims processor. Chuckling if some of co-workers knew her part-time job they would faint. Many of them are recluse and boring. She on the other hand liked revealing in her true nature. Laughing at Minx's joke she turns to someone calling her name.

Heathcliff Anderson, the aging overweight, bold the owner of Peeper's Paradise beckons her over. Ten years ago this place was barely a quarter full. She came in full of herself but she could work a pole. Sensing an opportunity she began 'sharing' her ideas and not taking 'No' for answer. Finally giving up he agrees to one idea, since then the Paradise began to pull good money. Shifting side to side he regards her. Big mouth female mutt with too many ideas, good ones but he would never admit it.

"There's a guy out there who wants a dance."

The guy wanted a personal session with her. Heathcliff tried to explain Henna doesn't give private shows of any type. The guy just looked at him, after a few seconds Heathcliff began full uncomfortable then suggested Minx, for at least a couple of hundred. He wasn't a bad guy but business was business. The stranger shook his head he saying no he wanted her and if she had conditions fine with him. Flashing his gold card made Heathcliff's mind quick to at least persuade Henna.

Her face was frosty; slowly her eyes roamed his face giving him her full attention. Slight chills began to climb his spine. Sometimes she could give a look and a guy didn't know to back off or stroke his dick. Sometimes he thinks she has a side job of a Dom.

Supressing a yawn she listens to him give all the reasons it could be good for business. Leaning against the wall her eyes become colder. Shifting her robe flutters then coldly smiles. Inwardly he cringes; she wasn't going to do it.

Quickly he utters out, "He said if you had conditions it was ok with him."

Now her interest was piqued.

Slowly she rubs her hand on his arm and purrs in a proper English accent, "What is your cut?"

Licking his lips his mouth goes dry. Shit, her English schoolmarm act. His dick stirred, "Two hundred."

Her eyebrow arches. "Heathcliff?" Her voice held just enough force.

Waving his hand in exasperation "Fuck, alright two fifty. I was gonna take two fifty. He's willing to pay."

Carefully averting her face from the chaos of the music and rushing dancers she instructs him what to tell the stranger. She must at least give the impression he owns the place with authority.

Quickly he nods, pushing the thought of him needing one of the girls suck him off tonight to the back of his mind.

Twenty minutes later Mateo sits in a lone room with an elevated stage.

The speakers flood the small room with the music of Enigma, "Principles of Lust". As the intro dies she demurely comes through the curtain. Clad in a fine yellow dress, matching gloves and floppy hat she looks as if she was going to church. Enchanted he watches her act.

Looking around worriedly she clutches her bible as she fiends heat building within her. Slowly article of clothes slip down as she climbs the pole. Soon her glistening body is exposed. Stretching the light glints off her tone calf and abs. Her rosary swings precariously from her hips as she dips provocatively for him. A lacey hand caresses her skin then dip between her legs, the white mesh thong does hide the sparsely covered snatch. Gasping in wonder she moans for him. Leaning forward he watches her. One of two rules he does not touch her, she can touch all she wants. Two he can't openly cum on her. Laying money on the stage he smiles as she turns and bends over then slides down to a perfect Russian split. Giving him ample time to view her from back to front. As the song slips into another she comes down by stepping between his legs and sliding on his lap.

For a mere moment he thinks he recognizes her but the thought is fleeting as she braces her weight on his crouch. Her eyes are chocolate and her breath smells of mints. Coyly she plays as her body grinds and dips against his. Around she dances touching him from behind teasing him her fingers steal into his hair slightly pulling controlling him. Several times her full breasts skim his face. Each time he forces himself not to lick her delicately dark and large nipples. His dick strains against his jeans. Slowly she finds his buttons to tantalize him. Even to the point that she smiles and feeds him a sip of his own beer then rolls it against her skin arching. Pulling him up she moves the chair slightly back. She finds they are the same height, wickedly she smiles. Slowly she pulls his shirt from his jeans and unbuttons it. Her breath fans his neck as she caresses his chest. Then dips low just to undo the belt and two buttons of his jeans.

Her words caress his ear as she asks for permission. Not trusting his voice he just nods. Her hand dips lower scrapping against his torso staying just a mere inch away from him. Rules are rules.

She whispers, "What do you want?"

Turning his stormy gray eyes looks directly into hers, and then steps close causing her to sit. Dropping heavily on his knees his face is taunt with lust, moaning helplessly he presses his face into her lap. Startled her hands grip his hair; just as she begins to pull his own hands pull her legs apart from underneath and licks her through the thin material. Gasping her body jumps pressing her sensitive flesh against his lips.

Half heartily she struggles. He broke the rules, then he nips against her. The slight pain causes her thoughts to scatter. Her head drops against the chair. Painfully his nails sink into her skin, hiccupping a breath she almost tells him he doesn't have to worry about her leaving. Lapping against her she moans in encouragement. Quickly her body hums close to a climax.

Pulling up he watches her; the lust and surprise in her eyes was unmistakable. His male pride causes him to grin. In response she smacks him. Now it is him whom is surprise. He liked it.

Breathing hard she is beautiful. "No mouth. No penetration. I have no idea what you have."

Grinning he lifts her high on his chest he switches places with her. Securely seated he grabs her ass helping her grind harder against him. They make no move to kiss or caress this was a dry fuck and both were going to make the best of it. As they bucked against each other she stuck her fingers into his mouth so he taste her skin. He blood was on fire watching her lick and bite her lips trying to contain her moans. Just watching him suck her fingers almost brought her to cum. Dragging her finger reluctantly from his mouth he watched them tug on her nipples then rub her clitoris through the sodden material.

Lighting struck straight through him. Slamming her against his chest he came. Squeezing his eyes shut, he murmurs "Oh, fuck!" Out lasting him she grins then allows herself to follow.

Resting her head on his shoulder they pant in unison. Stroking her back an idea forms in his head.

Looking down he smiles, "Have breakfast with me."

Pulling away she smiles coolly, "No touching the dancers sir. And no thank you."

Quickly pulling away she gathers her things, then disappears behind the curtain. Dumbfounded he stands she just dismissed him.

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