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Reluctant Call Girls

bydeputy duffy©

Jenny and her cousin Zana sat in front of the large steel gate that surrounded a hillside estate.

"This is it Zana," Jenny said as she held her cousin's hand. "It's now or never."

Zana instantly wished her cousin didn't just say that, cause she was leaning to the never side. She didn't even know how she had made it this far. She loved her cousin and all, but her idea sounded so, dumb, dangerous, and foolish. She had all kinds of reasons not to be in this position, but here she sat, contemplating the biggest decision of her life.

It all started on the first day of summer break, when Zana received a phone call from her cousin Jenny. It had been a year or so since the two last saw each other, at their respective high school graduation parties, so Zana was thrilled just to hear from her cousin again, as it was harder for the two to see each other as much as they did growing up, because Zana went on to college on the East Coast while Jenny attended a local community college on the West Coast. The duo, who had grown up as close cousins in their early years, as they only lived in neighboring cities, were still close, but the powers of different high schools had pulled at their bonds, and college seemingly snapped it. So when Zana heard the seriousness in her cousin's voice as the conversation expanded, she immediately knew something was wrong.

She rushed over to meet with Jenny. Once in her arms, the story she presented her that day hit her like a tone of bricks. Zana, who had grown up in a seemingly perfect white picket fence home, wasn't prepared for it, but comforted her the best she could. Jenny told her how her older sister Kelly had vanished from site, shortly after they last met. She went to the police for help at first, and then to a private investigator, but to no avail.

The private investigator did find out one startling fact about Jenny's sister, it was that she worked as a part time call girl, before she disappeared. The P I even talked with the madam and found out that Jenny's sister apparently stole some money from the madam before she disappeared, but that's all the madam would tell him.

The news floored Jenny, and sent her mother into a tailspin, right back into a emotional haze that she had seemingly recovered from when she lost her husband, Jenny's dad, some five years earlier.

Jenny dropped out of school and went in search of her sister, using some of the things that the private investigator found out, before they ran out of money. Jenny retraced his work and focused on the bar where her sister hung out at, before she disappeared. Jenny, using her fake Id to hang out at the bar, finally won the confidence of the night barmaid Penny who was also rumored to be the chief recruiter for the madam that her sister went to work for.

Late one night Penny finally asked Jenny if she was looking for a summer job and then gave her the part time call girl speech that Jenny had been waiting for and her sister must have also received. She gave her a card with the madam's address on it, but there was a small catch, she had to bring a friend along. Penny then gave her two old pennies, it was her calling card, and it would get her a date with the madam.

Jenny tried for days to talk some of her friends into coming along, as she had a simple plan, meet the madam posing as a call girl wannabe, try to win her trust and ultimately find her sister, like out of some late night movie. Jenny finally, in an act of desperation, called her cousin Zana, and used all her cousinly pull to talk her into it, or at least to the point that they now sat.

"Jenny I still don't know, maybe tomorrow." Zana moaned as the reality of the task in front of them was now setting in.

"Please Zana I can't take this one more day. I just need to know, my life is falling apart." Jenny begged, as she also did with her baby-blue eyes.

The two were still trading reasons, pro and con, when the large steel gate that they had been staring so intently at, slowly opened and they saw a large man waving them in. Jenny, following his hand signal, slowly drove past the open gate as Zana's heart sunk. She made one last passionate appeal, before they past the line of no return, but Jenny just pulled up to where the large man was standing.

Zana trembled as the large man approached the car and opened her door.

"Come on in here, you can't be sitting out there all day, it attracts attention," he said, before he went around and opened Jenny's door as well. He grabbed her car keys and hopped in and quickly drove Jenny's car around the side, and just like that he was gone, as well as the girls last chance to turn back.

"C'mon just let me do the talking, everything will be fine. I also left this address with a friend, and if she doesn't hear from me, she is going to the police with it." Jenny mumbled, as she pulled on her cousin's arm.

"That really doesn't help much Jenny," Zana cried out.

"C'mon," Jenny moaned, as she pulled on Zana's arm again.

"Wait a sec, I have to tell you something, I never done anything like this, I mean I'm even still a virgin!" Zana moaned.

"What?" Jenny cried. "You told me you lost it on prom night."

"I'm sorry I lied, I mean you seemed so happy when you lost yours, so I just figured."

"It's ok, really I understand, I guess, but maybe we won't have to do anything anyways, maybe one of the other girls knows something, it's not like I'm a whore either." Jenny said, as she interrupted her obviously embarrassed cousin.

"I didn't mean it like that!" Zana snapped.

"No I know, but like I said before, this place is different, they want good girls, that's why were dressed in our Sunday's best and not in leather skirts and tang tops." Jenny mumbled, as she fixed Zana's make-up.

"But," Zana started.

"But Zana even though Penny said they wanted good girl types, who can be bad only when needed, I think we better skip the virginal part," Jenny interrupted again, as the two shared a nervous giggle, before they made their way up the marble front stairs. They didn't even knock on the door when it swung open and a monster of a man met their stare.

"State your business," he bellowed.

The two were shaking with emotions, as they just stared at the man-beast.

"State your business!" He bellowed, this time with fire.

"Ah I think I'm supposed to give you these," Jenny finally mumbled, as she pulled out the two pennies from her purse.

"Nope not me, but follow me," he bellowed, as he shut the front door behind them. Zana shuttered from it's sound as to her it was eerily similar to a jail cell slamming shut.

He led them through an impressively lavish Fourier and then down a long hall into a small homey office that looked out onto the pool area.

"Have a seat and wait here," he said as he left them in the office. Jenny immediately went to the window, scanning the pool area, as she saw that there were a couple of women tanning there.

"Ah no blondes, she moaned, as her sister also shared her hair color. She was also still holding out hope that her sister was here all along. "God she has to be here somewhere."

"Who my dear?" A sultry voice filled the room.

"Ow hi, ah I mean you, I think." Jenny nervous mumbled, as it wasn't exactly the first impression she wanted to present.

"Please have a seat, and try to relax my dear," the older women purred.

As they did, Jenny checked out the madam who was talking on a cell phone. The madam was an elegant older looking, platinum blonde women, who still wore the same hairdo that Farrah Fawcett made famous in the 70's. She also wore a glittery red dress that seemed to sparkle in the sunlight, or maybe it was her impressive diamond jewelry collection that she seemed to be wearing all at once.

"I see you have something for me," the madam said after she snapped her cell phone shut and took the pennies from Jenny. "So my darling Penny has sent you in search of work, no."

"Yah I'm Jenny and this is Zana," Jenny nervously mumbled.

"Zana oh how lovely, no need to change that one," the madam oozed.

"Well since we are doing introductions," the madam said, as she sat on the desk and crossed her legs.

"This is my nephew," she said, and as if on cue, a tall yet rugged looking; young man walked into the room, dressed in a black silk suit. The young man shook hands with the two girls, but didn't say a word, before he slid into a barstool that sat next to the desk.

"Now before we go any further, you realize that I have to take a closer look at you both," the madam said. "So why don't you girls stand up for me?"

The two girls' shared a nervous look as the rose off their seats, as they both expected another sales pitch.

"Ah very nice," the madam purred, as she slid off the desk, and with her high heels, she had to stand nearly six feet tall, which was about six inches more than the two girls' stood, even in their pumps. She moved in front of Jenny, taking her face, in her bright red finger-nailed hand.

"Nice eyes," she said, referring to Jenny's baby blues, and Jenny couldn't help but bat them.

The madam then used her fingernail to trace Jenny's pink colored lips before she moaned, "Open please," as she proceeded with a zealous inspection of Jenny's mouth. "Nice teeth too."

She moved over and Zana received the same treatment, only her eyes were brown and she wore glasses that the madam said gave her a sophisticated look, while Zana always thought they made her look like a geek, but then again she never sported blonde hair like she did now, as Jenny had persuaded her to bleach her hair, saying that the madam was looking for blondes. Jenny also styled it like that chick from Friends.

The madam finally stepped back and had the girls' do a slow 180 turn.

"Yes very good, you certainly look like proper young ladies," the madam said as the girls' sighed.

"And now Jenny my dear, would you disrobe please?" The madam said rather bluntly.

"What right here, and in front of him?" Jenny quickly snapped.

"Oh my," the madam moaned, at the suddenness and volume of her plea. "You do realize that I have to see you naked first, as we have a reputation to uphold, and he is here to give me a male point of view."

"Oh yah, I guess so, I just wasn't prepared yet," Jenny mumbled, trying to cover her inexperience.

"Well why don't you two come back when you are prepared?" The madam said, as she sat on the desk and reached for the phone again.

"No I'm ready now," Jenny lied, as she started unbuttoning her silk blouse. She knew if she left now she would never get Zana to come back, and she wasn't sure if she would either.

"Just put it on the couch," the madam said, as Jenny looked confused as what to do with her blouse when she took it off, "and now the skirt."

Jenny took a deep breath and slipped her skirt off and placed it on top of her blouse and then turned back around. She instantly felt the eyes of the madam and her nephew burn her skin. She was now left standing in a red strapless bra and matching panties, while her outfit was rounded off by thigh high white stockings and black steel tipped pumps. She fought her natural instinct to cover herself, as she stood with her hands on her hips, in a false show of bravado.

"And you my dear," the madam purred, now looking at Zana.

It was now Zana's turn to shed her suit jacket, blouse and skirt, which she did with trembling hands. She had similar underwear on as her cousin, only it was her usually favorite color purple. Zana couldn't help but cover her ample cleavage that threatened to burst from it's captor, with her hands, when she turned around to meet their glare, causing the madam to chuckle at her shyness, which was rare in her profession.

"And girls now the bras," the madam said almost teasingly.

The two girls shared a long look, as Jenny tried to apologize to her cousin, with her eyes, as she slipped off her bra first, and Zana's followed, but only after her cousin elbowed her. When they turned around, both girls now used their hands to cover their breasts.

"Now, Now," the madam oozed, as she motioned with her finger for Jenny to come closer. Jenny took a deep breath and then moved closer to the madam, who reached up and slowly removed her hands from her breasts, and then she used her fingernail to trace a continuous line around Jenny's perky breasts, as she admired their freshness.

"Very nice, I would say a full B cup," the madam said, as she cupped both of Jenny's newly formed breasts in her hands, and gave them several soft squeezes. Jenny could only nod as she never imagined this happing today, or any day, and it was also the first time another women had caressed her breasts.

"Nice nipple's too," the madam said, as teasingly rolled them in her fingers, she leaned back to admire the girl's reaction to her touch, as her nipple's now stood high and proud off the girl's chest. Jenny's face flushed as she glanced at her headlights, as the boys called them.

"These were just made for this," the madam oozed, as she leaned forward and took one of Jenny's hard pinkish nipples into her mouth, bringing out an instant gasp from its owner. The madam teased it with her tongue, before bringing her full red lips down on it, lustfully sucking on her nipple for several seconds, before pulling back on it until it finally snapped away from the madam's lips. Jenny's other nipple received the same suckling treatment, which brought out another gasp, only this time from her cousin, who stood arms folded over her chest, watching in horror, as she figured she would be next. She also didn't think she could be as brave as her cousin had been. She was also wondering why she wasn't running away as she was screaming at her body to do so.

"Now let's see the rest," the madam oozed, as she slid off the desk. She spun behind a surprised Jenny and ran her fingernail lightly down her back; purring like a kitten as she did so. The madam's actions caused Jenny to put her hands on the desk and arch her back.

The madam seductively rolled her stockings down, before she slowly grasped Jenny's red panties and slid them down her smooth skinned legs. Jenny moaned as the cool air rushed in to meet her newly exposed flesh. The madam held them over her shoulder, braking Zana out of her horrific trance. She finally got the hint and took them from her and placed them with the rest of Jenny's discarded clothes, she cried inside, as she also knew that hers would soon follow.

The madam cupped Jenny's ass in her soft hands and slowly kneaded the silky smooth flesh, before she whispered into Jenny's ear, asking her to relax. The madam starting sliding up and down her body, her fingernails causing Jenny's body to tingle with some reluctant excitement. Jenny's own fingernails were now digging into the desk, as Jenny was desperately holding her ground. The madam's next whispered command was for Jenny to place her right knee up on the desk. Jenny nervously gasped at this request, but she slowly complied, although she realized how exposed this position would leave her.

The madam slid down Jenny's back again, her tongue weaving a silky trail, before her face came to rest on Jenny tight backside. The madam kissed Jenny's ass cheeks, leaving matching red lipstick impressions on each one, before slowly spreading them apart. Jenny could now feel the madam's hot breath blowing on her seemingly hotter pussy. Jenny let out a quick whimper when the madam's wet finger found her shaved pussy. Jenny tried to relax, even though the madam's fingers were now pulling on her exposed pussy lips, effectively fanning the two pinkish lips apart.

Jenny, still trying to relax, felt herself gap open next, as the madam pulled her pussy lips in opposite directions, and relaxing went flying out the window. The madam spent several seconds admiring Jenny's pinkish splendor, before the madam stood up and pulled Zana over to the desk, quickly pulling her panties down. Zana now found herself in the same position as her cousin. The nephew suddenly slid off the stool to get a better look at the two girls' compromising positions.

Zana, while thankful to have avoided the breast assault, cringed as the madam crouched down, and began to examine her pussy. She also cursed herself now for letting her cousin talk her into shaving her pussy bare, as Jenny said all the working girls did that. She almost laughed out loud at the thought, as she really couldn't understand how she let Jenny talk her into any of this period. She was supposed to be the smart one of the pair and now she was being displayed like a common whore, to a whore broker and her nephew.

Much to Zana's relief, the madam suddenly stood up, as if she seemed eager to get to the next part. She told the two to drop their knees from the desk and turn around and stand shoulder to shoulder, which both of the girls were happy to reply with. The madam quickly brought her hands up to their lips, her fingers still shimmering with their juices, a sly smile on her face.

"Suck my finger like you would a man," the madam said, as she pressed her finger into Jenny's mouth and then into Zana's, before they could even protest at the perverseness of the act, their brief happiness instantly over.

Once they got over where her fingers had just been, they did their best to fake their way through it, as neither had ever given oral sex before. Jenny used the knowledge she got from spying on her sister with her boyfriends and some of their late night talks, while Zana just sucked it like a Popsicle.

"Ah very good girls, but now lets try the real thing," the madam said, as she motioned to her nephew. Jenny and Zana both gasped loudly, seemingly for two reasons, one at the request and two because they didn't even notice that the nephew had stripped to his boxers, his erection fighting for its freedom. Zana gasped again when the madam pulled down his boxers, and his rather impressive erection sprang into view, a first for the sheltered Zana.

"Impressive yes," the madam teased, seemingly misunderstanding Zana's stunned expression.

"Now if you can handle him, you're all set." The madam said, as she hopped on the desk again, her proud nephew standing next to her.

Jenny looked at her cousin, whose eyes were already welling up, and mouthed the word sorry, before she dropped to her knees in front of the nephew. Jenny sheepishly took his cock in her small hand, and marveled at its size, before she slowly stroked it back in forth in an erotic disguese, as she plotted her next move. Jenny used her tongue first, licking in long strokes, before she finally she took the large purplish head into her mouth, her lips stretched to their limits.

"That's fine dear, but we don't kneel, we squat, like a baseball catcher," the madam oozed.

Jenny awkwardly moved into position, but she didn't get the difference, sucking cock was sucking cock in her eyes, as she was now doing something she swore she would never do. Jenny began slowly moving her head back in forth, with a little assistance from the nephew's hand on the top of her head, as she also struggled with her gag reflex.

"Now my dear help her out," the madam said, as she motioned to a stunned Zana.

Zana's heart was pounding, she was still cursing herself for every action she took as she squatted next to her cousin. She looked to the madam with pleading eyes, but she just told her to show her, her technique. Zana almost laughed at the statement.

"Would puking be a technique!" She screamed inside.

Jenny pulled the nephew's cock out of her mouth and held it in her hand as Zana squatted down next to her cousin and examined the nephew's throbbing cock, as it was the closest she had ever been to one. She almost gagged at the site, and her cousin's saliva dripping from its engorged head certainly didn't help.

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