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Reluctant Enema Slave


I blindfolded her. She was completely naked. I cuffed her hands together and then cuffed those to the headboard. I stood for a second to admire her body. She had long sandy blond hair and a brown bush. She didn't shave her snatch but it was nicely trimmed. Nice legs, she stands at about five six and she runs so her legs look great. I licked her from the inside of her foot all the way up to her cute tits, she moaned slightly. I gently nibbled on her ear while I plunged my fingers in her pussy. A few gentle sobs came from her mouth when I sucked on her nipples. Down my head went between her legs and I started to drink her juices. She said yes and I put my tongue into her snatch. I lapped and licked then used my fingers to widen her hole. She was quick down there; I knew that after a few moments she was going to cum. I just went at it and buried my face into her sweet snatch. I loved hearing her scream and she bucked and came. I licked gently, quietly. I snuggled near her ear and asked if she liked that. "Yes sir."

"You look really beautiful now."

"Thank you sir. Would you like to see me wiggle my ass?"

That stirred my cock. She had a stripper fantasy and liked shaking it for me. I loved watching that gorgeous ass swing. She was shy though. She'd only do it with her eyes forward and no matter how much I begged she'd never turn around and jiggle her tits. I accepted it with good humor. She was beautiful.

"Not yet slave girl, not yet." My finger brushed her cunt and she gasped. Without warning I buried my head where it was a before and her sweet juices drenched my mouth and tongue. She was fresh and ready and screamed as she came. I mean she yelled and her body started twitching. The handcuffs rattled as she pushed against them. I put my tongue in her mouth and she couldn't stop kissing me. In one motion I un-cuffed her hands and she wrapped her arms around me tight. The sweat from her body dripped on my shirt. I was still dressed.

"Are you going to take these things off?" I told her in good time, in good time. In the bathroom I left a pair of black thigh highs. her instructions were to put them on and strut on out for me.

"I mean strut on out for me. I want you to walk like a slut. Slink your hips, lean back and show me your tits. If I don't like your performance I will spank you, now move!" She scurried off down the hall. In a few minutes she strolled into the bedroom. She was trying her hardest to strut but I purposely set the bar very high. Her eyes went down when I ordered her over my lap. I just started wailing on her ass. After about six her cheeks were red and she was gasping for air. I reached into the nightstand and I grabbed the ky. I smeared it all over her tight little butthole and let the moisture sink in. I wanted to give her something to think about. I told her to get on her knees and read a letter I wrote. She was confused but got on her floor. She unfolded the letter and haltingly read.

"Master, I know you like me to talk dirty and say embarrassing things. This letter is my way to bridge the gap and satisfy you. I'm embarrassed to tell you but I've been constipated lately. It's really unbearable. It's been days since I've been able to shit. Would you please give me a small Fleet enema?" her voice broke. Her eyes looked away from the page and she broke out of her slave mode.

"You really want to give me an enema?"

"Yeah I do. Do you mind?" She sighed really deeply.

"I don't know. I don't think I could shit in front of you. I mean, enemas give you all those farting noises. I don't think I can do that."

I didn't want to push her past her limits. I didn't want to do a scene that would make her feel ashamed later. I brushed her hair and smiled. I pulled the dirty letter out of hands and kissed her. I pulled her up on the bed next to me and we started making out, my hands liberally running down her stockings. I told her that it turned me on hearing her talking dirty, saying embarrassing things.

"I know it does." She was stroking my cock as she spoke. My fingers were in her pussy.

My words came tumbling out. "I just love seeing you do such personal and private things for me. It's just so intimate. I get so hot embarrassing you. I can't explain it. I just get so hard hearing you say the dirtiest things." I interrupted her with my tongue. She pulled away and abruptly stood up. She placed her hands on her knees and turned her head, her gorgeous ass and pussy lips in my face.

"Master, do you see anything you like?" Her face looked eager, her pussy looked wet, the ky on her asshole shined. Before I could answer she got on her knees and looked me straight in the eye.

"Master, I've been constipated. I'm having trouble going. I need, I need an enema." Her eyes quickly went to the floor. I asked if she was sure and she said she was, "please let me go by myself though." Go where?

"To the bathroom." The words hung in the air as she draped herself over my lap. I pried her cheeks apart and inserted a disposable enema bottle. I waited a second and squeezed, she flinched and I crushed the bottle empty. Now it was time for the second enema bottle. This time she slightly moaned as I emptied the bottle up her ass. I gave her a slap and told her to get on the floor. She was on her hands and knees like a dog. Her eyes were glassy and her mouth slightly open. I asked how she felt and she said she felt full. I positioned my self to the edge of the bed and motioned for her to suck me.

"Now, you're full slave." My cock was in her mouth and she was slowly bobbing her head up and down. I told her to lie on the bed next to me face down. I ran my hands down her back and around her ass. My tongue nibbled on her ear and I whispered in her ear.

"You're such a good slave. I'm going to allow you to use the toilet by yourself on one condition."

"Yes master." She looked so eager and submissive. I whispered to her some instructions and she promptly obeyed. She was such a good slave and her she jumped to her knees near the bed. She looked up and spoke softly. So softly I asked her to repeat herself in a firm voice.

"Master, I'm a big titted whore with a full ass. May I please take a shit?"

I agreed and watched her gorgeous set of legs run down the hall.

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