Reluctant Maid


Her Mistress eyed the girl, accepting the gratefulness and the sincerity in her voice with pleasure. Her maid seemed then like a lost child who has had her hand held and been given a first, guiding touch. Ms Hammond relished the emotion and realised the potential in her maid. She smiled a comforting smile to her maid and nodded. "Find me at 7.30." She said, and closed the door behind her.

As she descended the staircase she wondered at her choice of maid. The girl was intelligent and thoughtful, something very much required, but she was also beautiful. The Mistress remembered the sight of her body as she had poured coffee, the feel of it as she pulled the girl to her. She relished the excitement of being able to control her employee, to watch and feast on the maid's reaction. The power was a drug, sexual in its intensity and abandoned in the limits to which it could reach. The fact that she was also excited by the girl herself just added another perspective to an already wonderful picture. Reaching the drawing room she sat, gazing through a window but seeing nothing except her new employee, dressed in her uniform, attending to her needs. Her thoughts were not restricted by conditions and agreements and normal limits and so they pictured her maid bathing her Mistress. Gently soaping shoulders, breasts, pussy and legs. Her nipples hardened as her imagination made her feel soft hands playing with her nipples and sliding, teasing along the wet lips of her excited pussy. She saw her maid lower her head and a tongue gently caressing the hard bud of her clitoris and then, then the tongue slid inside her, hands pushing her legs wider to enable that gentle tongue to explore the depths of her aching sex, bring her closer and closer to the wonderful orgasm that she knew would be offered and accepted as her right.

"Mistress?" Her reverie was interrupted by a quiet voice.

"Andrea." Ms Hammond replied, immediately shirking the fantasy. "Did you want something?"

"I have unpacked. You said you wanted to select some evening clothes." Andrea replied.

Ms Hammond inwardly congratulated her maid at following the instruction but outwardly she accepted it with a nod. "Good. Come then my dear. Let's go and find something suitable." As she stood she noticed the dampness between her legs, enjoying the sensation that her daydream had caused. This time she let Andrea lead the way, enjoying the sight of her long legs ascending the staircase before her. Her eyes travelled slowly up the girl's legs, admiring the firm calves and glimpses of thigh that she was able to steal. Reaching the hem of Andrea's dress her gaze took in the firm cheeks of her maid's arse as the dress clung to each in turn. The dampness between Ms Hammond's legs grew to an ache as she lusted after the girl's body.

It was with regret that Ms Hammond followed Andrea onto the landing for now her maid's dress clung less. The girl's elegant walk, however, was still something to be appreciated and the Mistresses' eyes took in every small movement that the young lady made.

They entered the bedroom and, as Andrea stepped aside, Ms Hammond noted the orderly way that she had arranged the empty cases. Andrea moved over to the wardrobes, opening one door to show her employer. Ms Hammond trailed her hand lightly amongst the clothes, quickly dismissing any bright fabrics and dwelling longer on the dark, and especially black, garments. After a few minutes she took a pair of hangers from the wardrobe each holding a black dress. The first was a gown of fine fabric. One, Andrea knew, that clung to her figure and flowed with her as she walked. The shoulders of the dress were conservative and the neck was cut high. The Mistress knew that this was not the dress that she wished Andrea to wear but the temptation of having her maid change twice was too much to ignore. The second dress was short, off the shoulder and low cut. The material was fine, almost transparent. The skirt, having little flair, was slit at each side to allow movement.

"Try this." Ms Hammond handed the gown to her maid.

"Yes Mistress." Replied Andrea. "Shall I call you when I have it on?"

The question was replied with a statement that would brook no further query. "I shall sit here in case this one doesn't suit. I suppose I could always help to do you up as well."

Ms Hammond sat on the edge of the bed. She saw the question in her maid's face and hoped that the girl would be able to accept the response that had been given. Ms Hammond knew that she must be a little shy but needed to break down such barriers, and the ability to question, in her maid.

In fact, Andrea's response had been one of shyness but also one of embarrassment. The memories of how she was held against Ms Hammond's body, and the feelings they incited, had returned as she was hanging up her clothes. She seemed not to be able to banish the thoughts and knew how her body was reacting to them. Keeping her back to her Mistress the girl slipped off her shoes, unzipped the back of her dress and let it fall at her ankles. She bent, aware of the tidiness that Ms Hammond expected, and picked up the dress. As she did so her Mistress admired the firm buttocks stretching against the white fabric of her panties. How she would like to pull them down, exposing the sweet, white flesh to her touch or, perhaps, to punishment. In a second her imagination had grasped and fondled each globe of the girl's ass, squeezed it, inflicting a little pain and enticing a little pleasure, before slapping it once and ordering her maid to dress again.

The Mistresses' thoughts were focused again by the girl as she turned. The gown lay on the bed next to Ms Hammond and, though Andrea had tried to hide this side from her employer, she had no choice in order to reach the dress. Ms Hammond stared blatantly, enraptured by the sight of two hard nipples pushing out against Andrea's bra. Her pussy clamoured for attention as she felt the wetness grow with her excitement at the girl's had a lovely body, knowing that it could only be her presence that had made it that way. The Mistress smiled, looking directly into her maid's eyes.

"I'm so sorry my dear. I didn't realise it was so cold in here. I must remember to adjust the thermostat."

"Er...yes...I..." The girl's embarrassment allowed no sentence to be formed and her Mistress played on her advantage.

"Now." She said, businesslike. "The gown I think. Let me help." She stood, placing the gown over Andrea's head and gathering it to take each arm. "Stand still, my Dear. I shall have to do the work for the moment!" She smoothed the fabric over Andrea's body, taking care to remove creases and straighten lines. Each motion, she knew, was a touch of excitement to the girl, and a touch of power to herself. Fastening the catches on the bodice she came around to face Andrea. She stood, critical, taking her time to admire the dress as it moulded itself around the girl's upper body. She made Andrea wait, wanting her to know that her Mistress was not just being critical, but taking pleasure from the sight of the lithe form before her.

A final look, dwelling on the girl's ample breasts, their nipples still prominent even through the dress. "No." She said. "Far too formal and definitely not for a maid in service. I would like something pretty and understated. The other one I think. Turn around please, my Dear."

"Yes, Mistress." The command was obeyed and Ms Hammond noted the lowered tone and easy compliance. From behind she undid the catches on Andrea's dress and, grasping the hem, started to slide it up the girl's body. Andrea held her arms up to aid her Mistress, understanding that Ms Hammond had control of the situation and, in truth, she was happy for that to be the way. As Ms Hammond reached the girl's waist her hand moved under the front of the dress, as though to ease the garment over Andrea's breasts. As she did so her hands slid against the firm orbs, grazing each hard nipple jutting through the smooth bra, as she the dress was raised. Andrea caught her breath, glad that her face was momentarily covered by the dress as it was pulled over her head. The touch on her breasts was like an electric shock, sudden, sharp but intoxicating.

Ms Hammond acted as though her touch was neither deliberate nor noticed but, inside, her mind raced, reliving the pleasure of that fleeting contact. "Now, Andrea, try this one on please." She took the shorter dress from the hanger and then stopped. "Oh no, that won't do!" She exclaimed. "You're underwear is white and will show through badly through this material. Where have you placed your clean underwear?"

"Mistress?" Questioned the girl, surprised by the request.

"Your underwear. Which draw have you put it in? I do not expect to repeat myself!"

The abruptness of the statement shocked the Maid into stepping to the dresser and opening it to reveal a neat selection of lingerie.

"Here, Mistress. Sorry, Mistress." Andrea's head bowed in deference to her employer.

Ms Hammond nodded, accepting the apology. After a moment of consideration she chose a pair of black satin briefs, matching strapless bra and sheer, black hold-up stockings. "Put these on please, my Dear." She handed the garments to Andrea as the girl blushed crimson in anticipation of her task. The thought of exposing herself so intimately to her new employer embarrassed her. Fearing a further displeasure, though, at such an early stage in their relationship, allowed Andrea to ignore her worries and she turned away from Ms Hammond in order to undress and don the chosen underwear.

"Andrea!" The Maid's head turned at the sharp utterance. "Andrea, I understand that you are not fully conversant with what is expected of you. In view of this I am willing to make allowances and this breach of requirement will therefore be ignored. However, " Her voice took on a sterner and more forceful tone, "you will at no time turn your back on me unless specifically required in the execution of your duties." The Mistress paused to let her words sink in. "Is that clear?"

Her Maid's voice was strained. Andrea felt daunted by the dominance portrayed in her employer's voice. "Yes, Mistress." She acknowledged. Turning quickly she felt indignant at being chided like a misbehaved schoolchild. She was about to object at the way she had been spoken to when she realised that this job was unlike those she was used to. Perhaps she ought to accept the rebuke and the way that it was delivered in a manner befitting her position. She lowered her head, looking to a point in front of Ms Hammond's feet, attempting to convey her submission.

Andrea stood for a moment to allow Ms Hammond to see her respectful action before raising her hands behind her back and unclipping her bra. Freed of their restraints her breasts swung forward a little as Andrea shrugged off the shoulder straps. She could feel her nipples standing firm, her body excited by her state of undress and the nearness of her Mistress. Her thoughts were a confusion of embarrassment and arousal; half-naked in front of a woman she hardly knew who had stirred wanton, sexual thoughts in her head. She glanced up briefly at her employer and with surprise registered the distant look in the other woman's eyes. Ms Hammonds red lips were parted slightly and her gaze riveted on Andrea's half naked body.

Suddenly aware of the sexual attraction that she had engendered the Maid turned a little more, not impeding her employer's view but enhancing it with a view of her pert ass. Not normally an exhibitionist the heat of arousal that seemed to infuse Andrea urged her to feed Ms Hammond's blatant voyeurism. Bending at the hip the girl discarded her tights and then, slowly, her hands slid under the sides of her briefs. Bending again at the hip, blatantly pushing her ass out, she slid the underwear unhurriedly down her long legs.

Ms Hammond watched as her Maid dressed again, this time in the black underwear. She watched every slow inch as panties were drawn up over feet, calves and thighs to cover the soft thatch of pubic hair nestling at the top of the girl's legs. The tightness of the material clung reverently to her Maid's full, round buttocks and outlined the lips of her pussy. The sight was powerful and erotic and the heat in Ms Hammond's own pussy was raging. The need to touch and play with this picture of sexuality was as great as the need to touch her own pussy; to slide fingers inside its wet depths, to use her thumb to engorge and stimulate her clit, to use her hands to maul her own hard nipples and heaving breasts and bring herself to a frenzied climax.

But Ms Hammond, always in control, did neither. Tantalised by the way her Maid had put on the lingerie, frustrated by the unquenched fire deep inside her pussy, Ms Hammond passed the remaining shimmer of material for Andrea to put on. Desire would have cleared the edge from the Mistresses' voice had not she been so aware of the position that she needed to maintain.

"Andrea." She said. "Once you have finished dressing please follow me to the dining room. Dinner should be ready now. No more than five minutes please." Without looking back she exited the room, urging her heart to rest its constant pounding. Thoughts of the girl's body, her full breasts, her bottom ripe for punishment and lips so ready to service filled Ms Hammond's mind. Every thought of her Maid's labia outlined in the soft fabric, of nipples that jutted out and begged for attention brought fresh waves of desire in the woman's body. She felt the heat in her face and the wetness between her legs as she descended the staircase.

Ms Hammond entered the dining room taking note of the two settings immaculately placed on the long mahogany table. She walked to one of the many tall windows overlooking the grounds and surveyed the trim lawns whilst her mind still dwelt on her new Maid's undressed form. She turned to see Andrea walk into the room. The girl's short dress exposed a deep cleavage and a sliver of thigh. The material clung like a second skin to the upper part of her body. Her Mistress eyed the girl, wondering if she was aware of the sexuality exuded by her body and its frail apparel.

"Come, my Dear." Her Mistress pulled a chair away from the side of the table. "Please be seated." Andrea moved towards her, her legs escaping from the slits down each side of the dress as she walked. The movement showed the whole of the girl's leg and a length of thigh atop the sheer black stockings. She wanted this girl so much, kneeling before her, head bowed, those gorgeous thighs emerging from the sides of the dress.

Andrea's eyes did not meet hers, assuming that subservience was required. The thin material of the dress brushed her skin in feather touches as she walked. She felt the eyes that followed her movements and was conscious of how much could be seen of her legs and ample breasts. Her cheeks were a little flushed, excited by knowing that the contours of her body were open to her Mistresses' long inspection. She sat in the proffered chair, upright, legs together, hands on lap.

"Such a gorgeous creature." Mused Ms Hammond as she sat in her place at the head of the table.

They talked for a few minutes, Ms Hammond dominating the conversation with details of Andrea's duties but with her Maid asking appropriate questions. In time a woman entered the room. Petite and with blonde hair that reached to her shoulders she wore a Maid's uniform and pushed a trolley before her laden with covered dishes.

"Ah, Stephanie." Ms Hammond smiled at the newcomer. "Stephanie, this is Andrea. She is my new maid. Andrea, this is Stephanie my cook and housekeeper."

Stephanie smiled warmly across at the girl. "Pleased to meet you, Andrea." She said. "I hope you will be very happy here."

Andrea returned the smile. "I'm sure I will. But it may be a struggle to learn all the duties that Ms Hammond has been setting me."

"Oh, I'm sure you'll be fine. Just don't make too many mistakes otherwise you'll have to face the consequences!" The cook smiled broadly and it seemed to Andrea that her Mistress was trying not to laugh. Andrea smiled too, unsure as to the joke.

"Now, Stephanie, don't scare the child. Would you serve, please?"

"Certainly, Mistress." The cook began to take the metal covers from the dishes speaking as she did so. "Dover sole, sauté potatoes and a choice of vegetables as you requested, Mistress." Walking around the table she placed a plate of fish in front of each of them and then offered the vegetables. Andrea watched as the curvaceous lady placed spoonfuls of food on the plates. As she leaned over Andrea the girl could smell Stephanie's light perfume and was treated to a glimpse of the top of her large breasts in the low cut dress.

"Will that be enough, Andrea?" She asked. The question drew the maid's stare and she smiled.

"Yes, thank you. It all looks delicious."

"Thank you. I hope you will enjoy it all." The cook's smile and laughing eyes had returned and Andrea was sure of the double entendre that had passed between them. Stephanie took a bottle of uncorked white wine from the trolley, poured into the glasses of the two women at the table and then placed it in an ice bucket.

"Will that be all, Mistress?" She enquired.

"Yes. Thank you, Stephanie."

"My pleasure, Mistress. Goodnight to you both." They both said goodnight and Andrea followed her with her eyes until she had left the room. Her mind was imprinted with the thought of the cook's body, it's curves accentuated by the tailored fit of the uniform. She could only admire the way that the shape of Stephanie's bottom could be seen, brushing against the black material as she walked.

"She's very lovely isn't she?" Her Mistresses' question regained her attention.

"Yes, Mistress she is. I do like her uniform. Someone must have taken a lot of care to fit it so well."

"The same lady who will fit yours tomorrow, my Dear. She is an excellent seamstress and I do like my staff to look their best. It makes wearing the uniform more of a pleasure and conveys the right impression. Now, you must be hungry so please eat."

They ate amid easy conversation and glasses of wine. The dinner was excellent and more than once Andrea paid compliment to the absent Stephanie. She was told that, once dinner was served, Stephanie's duties ended for the day.

"However," Ms Hammond added at one point, "I'm sure you will see a lot of Stephanie when you both have some free time. You both have lovely, warm personalities and no doubt you will become good friends." Had she been able to see Andrea's thoughts then she would have realised that "good friends" was the very least of her maid's desires.

Fuelled by her earlier arousal in front of her Mistress and by the light wine clouding her mind, Andrea's thoughts were of Stephanie's breasts, the shape of her bottom and the smell of her light perfume. Attempting a normal outward appearance, visions of Stephanie coursed through her head. She imagined herself slipping the cook's dress from her shoulders to feel their soft breasts and hard nipples pushed together as they embraced. She felt the feel of Stephanie's lips pressed against hers as her hand lightly stroked her companion's ass. As she daydreamed Andrea could feel, again, her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She was amazed at how excited each of the women that she would be working with had made her. In such a short time she had had so many wonderful thoughts. She wondered, and hoped, at the possibility of their fulfilment.

Andrea looked up to see her Mistress smiling at her. "You seemed very far away, my Dear." Said Ms Hammond. "If you would be so kind as to stack the dishes on the trolley, Stephanie will clear them away in the morning."

"Certainly, Mistress." Andrea replied. "Sorry, it's been a long day."

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