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John was disappointed to be sure. He watched as his family headed away from the dock on a speedboat to go waterskiing. It had been a tough decision to stay behind. His recently broken arm prevented him from participating in the excursion (as it was called on a cruise ship) but it would cost the same whether he watched or participated.

He had decided to save the money for other purposes rather than just watch everyone ski. There had still been room on another excursion that was much cheaper that he decided to attend. It was simply a drop off on a beach island. Having never been on a beach and needing to wind down from all the excitement over his broken arm, the beach trip really appealed to him.

His arm throbbed in pain as if to remind him of his condition. He had broken it on the last excursion. It had been a beautiful hike up a Mayan temple. The view from the top had been breathtaking. On the way back down he, and his boys, had gotten silly and raced down the massive stairs. He slipped on a loose stone and landed his full weight on the arm. He had never broken an arm before and was surprised at how limiting it really was. Luckily it was his left arm but even so, the pain and weight of the cast was a constant reminder of his foolishness.

Now watching the boats load up with excited, and oily, people he felt a little down. It was made even worse as all the boats filled and there was no room left for him. He had a ticket so he was sure they would fit him in. But soon the boats began departing the docks. He stood there wondering what to do when a local man told him in broken English that they were getting another boat and he should not worry. The boat came idling around the ship just then. It was a not at all like the other boats. It was clean enough but obviously a personal boat brought into service for this "emergency" rather than the normal passenger excursion boats that held fifteen each. This one barely had room for four people including the "captain". The captain was an older man who seemed a little nervous about something.

He apologized for "the oversight" and helped John aboard. It took a little while for John to realize that the oversight was the excursion had been overbooked. The operator had quickly grabbed his own boat to pick up the last two passengers. The second passenger that had been left was running up the dock now. Obviously panicked about being late, she gushed on and on thanking the captain for waiting. Soon everyone relaxed and the captain promised they would not be sorry for being the smaller boat. He told them he would take them to a much less crowded beach if they would prefer. The rest of the excursion would be fighting for their blanket space all day while John and Lyn (he learned) would have wide open spaces, white sands and tranquility.

The only downside, the captain explained, was that there were no food and drink vendors. To make up for this downside, the captain's wife had packed a large cooler for whomever he took there to use. He would leave it with them if they would like to go. John looked at Lyn and said, "I would love some quiet time so it's up to you". Lyn nodded enthusiastically; all she really wanted was to work on her tan and to get some time away from the ship.

It was agreed then, the captain smiled broadly and they were off. The trip there was breathtaking. The captain knew the waters very well and his boat was considerably faster than it looked. In no time at all they were away from the busy port and working their way to a secluded inlet. The captain arranged to pick them up in four hours right here or he would find them if they moved down the beach. He said he would simply look there first then circle the island until he spotted them. That way they would not have to hurry back to a particular location. After all, the island was small and had very few visitors; the big red cooler would be easy enough to spot.

John and Lyn said their goodbyes to the captain and started to get to know one another. John, it seems, was from a small town in Wyoming while Lyn was from Ohio. John had never set foot on a beach before and Lyn had been to many. Soon they learned how much they had in common, both were married and their spouses were on the cruise. John's wife was on another excursion while Lyn's husband was in the casino. It seemed her really enjoyed that aspect of cruising and frequently left her to fend for herself on the excursions.

They continued to get to know one another as they followed the signs from the pier to the beach. John's held one cooler handle with his good hand while Lyn took the other. They soon had a rhythm and could walk quite well balancing their towels and bags on the cooler as it swayed between them. Their first view of the beach was spectacular: waves rolled onto the white sands. The only other people were a bunch of local high school aged kids playing soccer on the beach. As they looked around for a place to stop they realized that most of the beach was the soccer field for these kids. They could either break up the game or move further away. In the meantime they had stopped the game by standing on the "field". The kids all just stared at them while they made up their minds.

Soon they decided to just move on and without a word they continued up the beach in search of some place else. The beach curved towards the ocean with trees almost to the water on the further down the way. It looked like there was more beach beyond so they headed that way. After working their way beyond the trees to this second beach they spotted a dead sea-lion on the shore. Its massive carcass was bloated in the sun and covered with scavengers. Most of all, the putrid stench filled the little cove and made the idea of stopping there unbearable. They continued on.

The next beach was wide and beautiful so they decided to stop there. The waves rolled into the sand in a perfect view. As they set their things down they looked around and walked a little closer to the water. Lyn warned John and pointed to the hundreds of jelly fish gathered in the cove. While the beach was beautiful the water could be very painful if they swam there. They decided to move to the next beach.

This one was surrounded by what appeared to be a man-made hedge. It was obvious that they had come in a way not normally traveled but the view was breathtaking. The beach was perfectly clean without the slightest trace of jelly fish or dead things or anything. In fact it looked like someone had recently raked it clean. It was perfect.

They set their cooler down and laid out their things around it. They both were hot from their hike so they decided to go for a swim. John removed his shirt and applied sunscreen while Lyn removed her buttoned up shirt to reveal a white one-piece. Then she took off her shorts showing her long tanned legs and the matching bottom. John peaked at her through his sunglasses; admiring the shape of her ass. But as she stood up he almost gasped getting his first full view of her breasts barely confined in her top. Even though he did not actually gasp he was caught ogling her openly. Luckily she only smiled and began to walk down to the water.

John liked his swim trunks a little loose but always had to fiddle with the string to keep them up while swimming. This was made all the more difficult with his recently becoming unable to use one hand. Somehow he managed to tighten the string and just for good measure double knotted it. "No embarrassing mishaps would happen now" he thought as he waded into the water.

There were no mishaps at all. Lyn and John swam in the water and looked around for a while before finally tiring and both waded back up the beach to the blanket where they finally took a look at what was in the cooler. There were cold beers and cheese and crackers of a wide variety. Even fresh fruits and water were in there. There was plenty of everything they could want; they ate and drank their fill.

Soon Lyn spread out her blanket and lay down in the sun. John did likewise after making sure his all-too-white skin had enough sunscreen. They laid side by side for a few minutes when they heard the sound of a four wheeler coming slowly up the beach.

John and Lyn both sat up on their elbows to watch just as the constable got off of the four-wheeler and began walking towards them. He was dark skinned and wearing tan shorts and crisp shirt with a badge. He smiled broadly and said hallo with a strong French accent. It came out as "allow".

"He said something in French and much to Lyn's surprise, John just nodded and replied back to him in French. The officer nodded and said "I will speak English then if you prefer. Are you from the ship?"

"Yes" John replied for them both. "The excursion was overbooked and the owner brought us here as a favor. It's a beautiful island and this beach is perfect."

"Yes, it is" the officer agreed. "However, this particular beach is privately owned. I saw from your footprints that you came up from the seaward side. The signs are on the other end by those bushes."

Obviously disappointed, Lyn and John looked at each other. John spoke first "I'm sorry, we did not know, we'll pack right up."

"As they started gathering their things, the officer spoke up "Well the owner does not mind visitors but I'm afraid if you wish to stay you would have to obey their rules."

The officer looked uncomfortable as he continued. "Well, this land is owned by an exclusive club. They practice naturalism." Seeing their puzzled looks he added with a conspiratory whisper "Nudists".

They looked at each other in alarm as he added. "They would let you stay but you'd have to agree to the 'no clothing' rule in case one of their guests wants to come here. I rather doubt they will as I hear they are having a big luau but if one of the owners sees you dressed here they will have my head.".

"I'll give you about ten minutes to think it over. If you want to go, you need to go back the way you came or you can stay and I'll have the excursion captain give you a horn honk as he rounds the bend to give you time to get together. If you decide to stay just hang your suits on that tree. That'll be my clue to stay clear. Thanks for understanding and welcome to he islands." He smiled broadly as if relieved to be done with his task and headed back to his four-wheeler.

On the other hand, Lyn and John were exchanging nervous and embarrassed looks as all of the possibilities played out in their minds. "Well," John began "we could go back to the jelly fish place and just avoid the water." His look suggested what she felt, that staying out of the beautiful water was hard to imagine since it was so hot. Lyn spoke up, "I love this beach" she said, "I have been on a lot of beaches and this is the most perfect one I have ever seen. This is a perfect day, on a perfect beach and the only thing holding us away from it is our own modesty." "So really" John replied "it's all in our head?" He nodded as if answering his own question.

"Sure" she said "we can leave the perfect time and place or stay here and let the sun and air cover our bodies like never before. I can deal with it if you can." Her look was somewhat of a challenge. It made him feel like he was just a coward if he backed off. "I can deal with it" he answered, "Let's stay."

As if by unspoken agreement, they both turned their backs. John began to fiddle with the string on his shorts while Lyn unzipped and took off her swimsuit. When she turned back, she saw that he was still in his shorts struggling with the string. He obviously was having difficulty with one hand. "Having problems?" she asked. "Yeah" he said, "it's knotted and the water swelled the string now I can't get it undone. Do you have a knife?"

"If you cut it, how will you get back to the ship? Won't they just fall off? You can't very well hold them up with one hand since you only have one good hand anyway." She explained. "Let me try". Slowly he turned around and tried not to stare at her naked body but failed miserably. Even worse she kneeled down in front of him to try and untangle the knot the vision fit into her most frequent fantasy. A big busted naked woman kneeling in front of you and the mind begins to take it someplace other than she is trying to help with a knot in your swimsuit string.

The sight of her working on his string was almost something he could overcome and keep from causing a "hard problem" but the harder she worked on it the more frequently she brushed his cock just beneath the damp fabric. He could not help it. His cock began to twitch and grow. She seemed oblivious to it as she struggled to get the knots loose. She had succeeded in getting one undone but the last was really proving difficult. She pulled the band of his trunks out to get a better angle on the knot. This gave his cock the freedom it needed to grow even harder.

Lyn seemed not to notice the head of his cock beginning to poke out of the room between his shorts and his body as she continued to work on the knot. Suddenly she began to chew on the knot with her teeth and began to get it to loosen up. Unfortunately for John, her chin began to rub the tip of his cock while she freed the knot. There was no stopping it now. His cock jumped to rock hard in seconds at the soft, if unintentional, touch.

Finally the knot came free. Lyn slid pulled the band looser with the now untied string and just yanked them down for him. His cock was now standing straight out with Lyn on her knees in front of him. She smiled up and him and with a sly grin kissed the tip. He moaned allowed as she decided to continue on. She liked the tip of his cock catching the drop of pre-cum that had formed before slowly taking it into her mouth.

John moaned in pleasure as his knees nearly buckled. She took him fully into her hot mouth cupping his balls with her hands. She sucked him with an expertise John had never known and between the teasing of his balls and the rhythmic sucking of his cock. Soon he was feeling a buildup that would not be stopped. She sensed his cum building and increased her efforts squeezing his balls with one hand while using the other to stroke from his ass up the base of his shaft he really had no hope of holding off. He tried to warn her but could not form the words before the first shot of cum filled her throat. She swallowed and sucked him clean. Then she stood up and said. "I thought we should probably get that sexual tension out of the way right off the bat."

John smiled back at her and asked "Did we take care of ALL the tension? Or was it just half?" She looked at him as a slight blush crept up her face. "Well it WAS only half after all." Lyn said. "Better get read of it all then." John replied, "Can't have any left messing up things."

John laid down on the blanket and looked up at Lyn. "Why don't you have a seat right here?" he said while laying his head down and pointing to his lips. Lyn grinned and walked over. She straddled his head and squatted down above his face. "Here? She asked. "Yes but a little lower" he replied as he gazed at the sites.

Her shaved pussy was glistening with desire as she lowered herself onto his lips. Soon he was licking away ate them while she squirmed on his face. His eyes open and watching her huge breasts swaying to her movements. He nipple hard as rocks jutting out in excitement.

The taste of her juices was better than any he had ever had. It was almost like candy . He could not get enough of it licking and lapping created more and he became lost in the chore of trying to savor her every taste. All the while his attempts to lap her up were having their desired effect on her. She began to gyrate and moan aloud as he licked and almost screamed when he remembered to pay some attention to her clit. His expert tongue was every equal to her mouth and she could feel the orgasm rising in her faster than ever before.

She moaned in pleasure as she rode his mouth. His tongue first diving into her hot opening then lapping up the moisture on her lips and finally licking her clit fast and furiously before starting the cycle allover again. Almost without warning the flood of her orgasm rose inside her. It was all she could do to stay on his face as she was overcome by the flood of orgasm. She screamed out "cummmmiiinnnggg" as her thighs clamped his head in their viselike grip. All the while he continued to lap away greedily sucking the nectar from her lips until she could take it no more and fell off of him panting.

She lay down beside him for a short while before standing half covered with white sand. I'm going to was off she said as she walked towards the water. John watched her naked form before getting up and following her into the water. They played in the water for a while enjoying each others company before returning to their blankets. They each grabbed a beer from the cooler, and sat down, drinking.

"This is nice" John said. "I really enjoy your company and being naked makes it all the more fun." Lyn just smiled and blushed at being reminded she was naked in front of a stranger. She felt extremely self-conscious now. She had long ago ceased enjoying the sight of her body. It had certainly been years since it had done anything for her husband. Now to have this stranger openly staring at her naked form was almost too much to bear. Rather than turn away in shame, she looked at him in return. Her gaze fell to his cock

It was rising swiftly just from looking at her. She found herself staring incredulously as it rose. On one hand she was embarrassed by his gaze but on the other it was turning her on knowing the effect her naked form was having on him. She could not have been more flattered by any words spoken. The silent rising of his cock in response to her body was greater than applause or accolades shouted from the roof tops. She became nearly euphoric in her joy and excitement at what she was causing.

Perhaps that is why she jumped up and ran to him; bowling him over with her enthusiastic embrace. She kissed him hard on the lips crushing her breasts into his chest. Then she slid backwards and pushed her wet opening onto his cock. They made love. Slowly, tenderly and without breaking their kiss they pleased on another.

She relished the fullness of his cock inside her and consciously clamped her muscles to feel its every movement. The ridge of his cock head was pleasing her exactly the right way while his pubic hair rubbed her clit deliciously. She knew she would soon be over the threshold.

For his part, she was incredibly hot and tight with the ability to squeeze him in a way that was like milking his cock to cum. He knew he would not last long in spite of his recent cumming. This woman truly was talented in the art of lovemaking.

They continued bringing each other to incredible pleasure; each hoping to hold out long enough to pleasure the other. Inevitably both failed yet in doing so they both succeeded. Just as the throbbing of John's cock began its signal of the orgasm Lyn's vagina clamped in a final spasm of her own orgasm. Together they came yet never did their kiss stop until the very end when they both gasped in their pleasure just before collapsing.


They held each other in the warm sun for a long while. Once again they got up and cleaned off in the water. Hearing a horn, they scrambled to grab their swimsuits. No sooner had they gotten them on than the boat rounded the bend. The captain helped them load their gear and slowly backed the boat out and headed towards the pier. They thanked him and his wife for the food and drink. John asked the name of the naturalist group that let them use the beach so he could thank them with a note. The captain got a very puzzled look on he face and indicated he did not know what they were talking about.

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