tagLoving WivesReluctant of Sharing Her Pics

Reluctant of Sharing Her Pics


First off, two things:

1) I'm terrible at writing my own stories, but I hope you enjoy.

2) This story is about an already cheating wife and contains infidelity. If you don't like that sort of thing, please continue on to another story.


It was several years ago. She was a friend with benefits, married to another guy who was unaware of our arrangement. We'll call her Jill for the sake of this story. As for a description of us, she is around 5'2", 115 pounds, dirty blonde hair, 34b breasts, a completely bare pussy, and very tan skin, showing her preference for skimpy bikinis outside rather than the artificial effects of a tanning bed.

Sneaking around made it all so hotter when we were fucking one another. In the back of a car in a crowded parking lot, hotels for work trips, whenever and wherever we could get together privately, we were on each other constantly! When away on business, where no one knew us, we would often be able to go out to more public areas. During these outings, it always turned me on greatly when Jill would "accidentally" show off to other guys. A quick flash down her shirt while she bent over, short skirts flashing her skimpy thongs, or acting completely oblivious that her whale tail was showing while getting dinner would drive me crazy, often ending up with us fucking like mad shortly thereafter.

Jill's married friend (we'll call her Susan), started hanging out with her more often. Often while over at Susan's house, Jill would seemingly gain the admiration of Susan's husband (Bill). This admiration very quickly turned to the two having text message conversations that started to get decently flirty. Often, I would either be with Jill while she was having these conversations, or she would send me screenshots of what was talked about. However, even though it was mildly flirtatious, it was never dirty chat.

One day, Jill sent me a picture. The picture was of her in her pink and white striped matching Victoria's Secret bra and panty set while she was cleaning her house. Jokingly, she asked if she should send the picture to Bill. I encouraged her but suggested that maybe she should start a bit slower. Minutes later, I received another image of her wearing the same bra, but this time wearing some khaki shorts, unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled open to give a peek at what lies beneath. "Perfect", I responded.

Minutes went by without receiving any message back. Once I did receive a response, it was another image, a screenshot of her conversation. She had sent Bill the image, with him responding as expected, complimenting her on her amazingly toned body and saying that he hoped that there was more where that came from. Throughout that evening, she continued the flirtatious chatting, but nothing much more came from that evening. We discussed her sending further pictures, but I told her that I'd rather keep the rest to myself (and her husband) and she agreed.

Several days later, Jill sent me another picture. This time, she was in her bathroom wearing a pair of navy blue, cotton shorts and nothing else. Her perky breasts were visible, along with her thin waist. The message that accompanied the picture made me sick to my stomach. "Tits have been sent", it read. But, surprisingly, my heart was about to beat through my chest with excitement, and my cock grew hard, knowing that she had shared her bare breasts with another man. Although we were not "dating", it was always an unspoken arrangement between us that we were monogamous, except for her failing marriage. Deep in my heart, I knew she would probably "cheat" on me, since she was cheating on her husband with me. But maybe that was always an exciting thought, unbeknownst to me at the time.

Jill continued sharing pictures with Bill (and always letting me see the chats and the pictures) for several more weeks. Then, one day, I received a text message from her: "he's such a good kisser". Once again, heart rate goes through the roof and I get horny as hell.

"Oh, really?" I ask?

"Yes, he visited me at work to drop off some things from Susan. We were in the back and he pushed me against the wall and kissed me" she responds.

As I typed my next message to her, I was unsure what I was hoping was the response. My hands shook as I typed "was that all?"

"It feels like he has a huge dick!"

I felt weak, my heart beating so hard and fast, I could hear it.

[The end of this episode. If you like this, please let me know and I may post more. Also, I will not share pictures of her, but I will answer questions as best I can without divulging anything personal.]

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/16/19


Quit while your ahead.

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by dunmovyniv03/25/19


It’s like staring into two mirrors, reflecting into one another. Cheating on your lover with whom you’ve been cheating on your husband. The writing itself is good, but the premise is far reaching

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by boredhubby203/23/19

Hope we get to read more!

Nice situation. Hope this continues

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by lpguy69203/22/19

Go a bit easy?

It would be great if y'all could go a bit easy. I'm trying to write as best I can and I'm trying to contribute to this. If you: (a) don't like this type of story, or (b) don't have some constructivemore...

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by 26thNC03/22/19


I wouldn't call her just a slut. But just a whore is about right.

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